The three beasts had merely been knocked to the ground—with the toughness of their bodies, they were naturally not injured by much. Bei Feng had clearly shown mercy when he attacked.

Otherwise, while the three beasts were slightly stronger than Dark Jing masters, they would still not be a match for Evolved Jing experts. And, with Bei Feng's current strength, even peak Evolved Jing masters would not be able to receive a strike from him and walk away!

While Evolved Jing experts had much stronger bodies as compared to normal people, their true strength lay in their control over the blood and Qi in their body. Their physical bodies were not the reason for their strength!

"Taking into account that cultivating this far was not easy for you, I will let you three go this time. If you still dare to attack again, the result will be death!"

Bei Feng wrapped his mental power projection around the three creatures and vaguely communicated with his spirit.

Normal communication might be restricted by language, but the spirit was not!
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Bei Feng considered the fact that these three creatures had lived and cultivated for god knows how long before reaching their current level of power. For mere animals to come this far with the pitiable resources on Earth was truly not easy! Based on this alone, he had gone easy on them.

Unlike the demonic beasts from the Myriad Worlds who had access to countless precious treasures and resources and roamed freely in the environment that was very suitable for cultivation, the difficulty the creatures on Earth had to go through to grow stronger was nowhere near as easy. Thus, Bei Feng could freely slaughter those demonic beasts without any hesitation.

The three beasts had been intimidated by Bei Feng and did not dare to approach anymore. However, the fragrance from the White River Rice caused them to be unwilling to leave.

Bei Feng could not be bothered about the three beasts any longer. He had already showed leniency once, so if they still insisted on charging over without a care for their lives, he would not mind changing the dinner menu tonight.

In the short moment when he had looked away, all of the leaves on the little tree had withered and fallen to the ground.

The originally green fruits were now gold in color. Each fruit was the size of a pomelo, and gave off a tempting fragrance.


One of the fruits fell off the branch and rolled to Bei Feng's feet.

He bent down and picked it up, weighing it casually in his palm. The fruit was not light. The insides should be full of flesh.

Bei Feng broke the fruit apart to reveal the golden pulp within. Every single grain inside was glazed with a golden yellow luster. They looked like fresh rice grains with the rice husk removed.

He pinched a single grain with his thumb and forefinger and brought it to his mouth. "Crunch. How tough! The texture of this is completely different from the previous White River Rice!"

The White River Rice he'd tasted before was like tender young rice. It was juicy and rather chewy. But the White River Rice this time tasted more like aged rice. The juice within the grains was solidified and condensed together.

But although the texture of the new fruit was tougher, its taste had still improved by quite a bit. A trace of sweetness together with a seemingly imperceptible aroma lingered in his mouth. The taste was very light, but it left him wanting for more.

Bei Feng closed his eyes and rubbed his tongue against the roof of his mouth, allowing the grainy crunched-up pulp to spread through his mouth. As the tiny bits of pulp melted, it turned into a starchy juice which sank into his tongue.


A savage hiss suddenly sounded out. It was the little red snake which had taken the opportunity to strike!

It pushed off the ground with its tail and flew towards Bei Feng like an arrow. In the blink of an eye, it had flew over five meters! The little snake opened its mouth to reveal two sharp fangs, dripping with venom as it aimed for Bei Feng's throat.

The greatest weapon this little snake had was its powerful venom. As long as it could inject a bit of venom into the bloodstream of any living creature, that creature would certainly perish within seconds! There were never any exceptions!


A light buzz sounded as a small golden ray shot out of Bei Feng's sleeves. The golden ray appeared right before the little snake in a flash, passing right through it before flying back into Bei Feng's body as though nothing had happened.


The little snake froze in midair as a tiny line appeared dead in the center of its skull. Then, it suddenly split into two sections from jaw to tail like a perfectly sliced piece of cake before dropping onto the ground.

Bei Feng opened his eyes slowly to gaze coldly at the dead snake before snorting with annoyance, "Reckless!"

Everything within 300 meters of him was within the range of his perception. In his eyes, the movement speed of anything within this area were reduced by tens to a hundred times!

The current him who had acquired the flying dagger and sealed it in his body was even more deadly than before. As long as it was within his range of perception, he only needed to form a thought and the flying dagger could appear without warning anywhere within three meters from him!

Although he did not understand the various spell formations on the flying dagger and was unable to activate many of the strange abilities it contained, just the ungodly speed and quality of the weapon was enough for it to become the strongest killing tool in Bei Feng's hands!

With all his abilities, wanting to mount a sneak attack on him was simply wishful thinking! Unless the attack reached a speed where Bei Feng was unable to even react in time or had a large enough area of effect, it was not a threat to him.

Actually, Bei Feng had a question in his mind that he had been curious about for a long time. Why was the Thunder Pulse Pearl only classified as a Grade 2 treasure by the System when its destructive might was so big? Even with his current strength, Bei Feng knew that he would not be able to survive the blast if he was caught up in its explosive range! He didn't know if the System had only classified it as a Grade 2 treasure because it was only a one time usage item, or for other factors.

Following the first fruit dropping to the ground, the other fruits also began to fall from the tree one by one. The little fox on Bei Feng's shoulders was going crazy with happiness. Its tiny eyes had narrowed into mere slits as it grinned from ear to ear. Forty percent of the fruits was going to it, which was enough for it to enjoy for a long time!

When the last fruit fell to the ground, the little tree also lost all of its life force and died. It was like all the essence and energy of the plant had gone towards the formation of the fruits.

Bei Feng walked over and began to pick up the fruits, collecting them into his spatial ring. Finally, when there was only two fruits left, Bei Feng smiled lightly and flung them towards the two beasts nearby.


The green wolf and the large condor looked at Bei Feng with surprise. The green wolf walked forward with some hesitation and grabbed one of the fruits with its mouth. Then, it looked over at Bei Feng with a profound gaze for a moment before turning around and leading its pack back into the forest.

The large condor also grabbed a fruit with its claws and took off, flapping its wings powerfully. It ascended into the sky extremely quickly, and in a short moment, the mighty figure of the condor had turned into a tiny black dot in the sky.

'The opportunity had already been given to you two. How far you can grow will be up to each of your own fates,' Bei Feng thought solemnly as he watched the two beasts disappear into the distance.

Now that the White River Rice tree had withered and the fruits were all collected, the alluring fragrance had also disappeared from the area. The carpet of snakes also began to move.

Some of them were now fighting for the body of the little red snake, while most of the other snakes were slithering back into the forest.

Bei Feng left the scene quickly, no longer interested in their struggles. Back at the old mansion, the little fox had a front limb outstretched, palm facing upwards as it looked at Bei Feng with an excited gleam in its eyes.

Seeing this, Bei Feng remained expressionless as he directly took out a White River Rice fruit and placed it before the little fox.


The little fox bounded over with delight. It stroked the large fruit lovingly with its paws and sniffed at it enthusiastically.

Then, it stretched out its front limbs to hug the golden fruit. Pushing with its hind legs, the little fox began to move the White River Rice away. But despite it using all its strength, the large fruit only wobbled slightly on the spot!

"Meep?" The little fox stepped back and gazed at the White River Rice fruit before comparing it with its own size. Immediately, its whiskers dropped as a crushing, dejected look came over its face. Because it had been immersed in its own excitement a moment ago, it only noticed that the fruit was even larger than itself now! It simply could not move the fruit at all!

Truly, the little fox was even inferior to the mutated White River Rice fruit in size if it coiled itself into a ball! Other than its strong mental power and the overpowered innate misfortune skill, the fox itself was pretty weak. Thus, it was not a strange thing for it to be unable to move the large fruit.

"Little fellow, you saw it for yourself. You can't even lift the fruit, much less keep it yourself! There's no choice; I'll keep it safe for you, and you can just come to me if you want to eat it. What do you think?" Bei Feng smiled slyly as he said.

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