Martial God Asura - Chapter 2206

Chapter 2206 – All Out Recommendation

“Xiaoli, I naturally know that there is no one more suitable than him in our Red Butterfly Society. However, there are individuals that are more suitable than him outside of our Red Butterfly Society,” Liu Chengkun said.

“Master, I don’t understand what you mean by that,” the Red Butterfly Society’s President said with a confused expression.

“Chu Feng, the honored guest I invited here today, his world spirit techniques most definitely surpass Zhao Ruofan’s,” Liu Chengkun said.

“Chu Feng?” The Red Butterfly Society’s President revealed a skeptical expression. She said, “Master, you’ve seen that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques? It is not that this disciple does not trust you, rather, that Chu Feng seems to be truly young. He is no different from a child.”

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“For him to have his cultivation of rank two Half Martial Ancestor at his age, it would mean that he is very talented. However, it also means that he has focused wholeheartedly on martial cultivation.”

“How could someone who has wholeheartedly focused on martial cultivation like him possibly be a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist? How could his world spirit techniques possibly surpass Zhao Ruofan’s who has trained for thousands of years?”

“Not long ago, my illness had relapsed ahead of time.” Liu Chengkun said. “It was Chu Feng who stabilized my illness. As for the time it took him, it was a day and night.”

“A day and night?” Hearing those words, the Red Butterfly Society’s President revealed an astonished expression.

After all, she was the one who had been stabilizing Liu Chengkun’s illness every time it relapsed. Furthermore, it would always take her at least two days and nights to stabilize Liu Chengkun’s illness.

Yet, Chu Feng had actually only used a single day and night. As such, how could she not be startled? However, after being astonished, she became even more skeptical.

“Although you might not believe me, that is the truth. Huang Luo can bear witness to it.”

“Most importantly, Chu Feng is an Asura World Spiritist,” Liu Chengkun continued.

“Asura World Spiritist?!” Hearing those three words, the Red Butterfly Society’s President’s expression changed enormously.


…… To be continued.


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