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I carefully checked the surrounding area, and then I started to remove the [Hardened] ground, after that I set up an explosion trap, which I had used before, to wipe out the soil on the surface.

When I was done, I checked to see if Rir and Enne were ready, then detonated the explosives without hesitation.

The ground exploded, dust shot up into the sky, and then – was followed by a barrage of beams!

It seemed to have noticed us, and rays of light started shooting up into the sky, and a few moments later, the Golem’s hands came out from the ground and soon, its body began to emerge.

“Okay, let’s get out of here!”



After confirming this, we immediately activated the dungeon return device and fled the place.

When we eventually arrived at home, I felt a sense of joy welling up in me, and I started laughing.

Enne and Rir were also laughing happily, although neither of them were the type to laugh hard.


“…and that’s why I think it was the origin dragon that turned the forest into the current Demon Forest. However, I don’t have any proof of this.”

“…I see. It’s a questionable possibility, I suppose.”

Lefi nodded in agreement to my words.

“Well, even if it wasn’t true, it looks like the being there had lived as long as he could, and then died. What remained of the dungeon was only a testament.”

“…Hmm. Is that why you seemed so happy?”

I chuckled at the obvious sentiment, something Enne had said to me a while ago.

“Did I look that pleased, to you?”

“Well, I just noticed that you seem to be in a good mood and having more fun than usual.”

I thought for a moment before answering, “… I think it’s interesting to see how someone could face death, Lefi.”

Lefi looked at me, as if she knew I was being serious.

“We are a long-lived species. As such, we will be the last ones to continue living. Everyone else will die first.” (Yuki)

“…Yes, that’s right. As we are from races with different lifespans, it’s inevitable.” (Lefi)

“Yeah. But for me, it’s a problem I don’t want to think about. That my wife and her family will die before I do. That I will live longer than my children. It’s a certainty, and unless something goes wrong, it’s going to happen someday.” (Yuki)

Yes, that time would definitely come someday.

In the words of the Divine Spear and the Lord of that dungeon… it was inevitable for those that live to decay one day.

No one, not even those who were known as Gods, could escape it.

“But the Lord of that dungeon… did not lament over life, but survived until reaching its inevitable end.”


I smiled and looked at Lefi’s face.

“That’s what made me happy. I’m sure , lived for a long time, and probably died with a smile on its face, while there were many who died before it. It was like he showed me that it was possible to live life to the fullest in that way. So…”

I stopped speaking there when Lefi suddenly said in a serious voice, “Yuki.”


“I will always be with you…”

“Oh, but one of us is bound to die first, right?”

“Then I shall live longer. I’ll live longer than you, and I’ll see you die, and I’ll laugh at your grave and say, [Hey, idiot, I’ve lived longer than you!]“

Her fearless but compassionate smile made my heart warm a little, and I laughed as well.

“…I see. Well, we’ll have to see who can live longer. Or rather, I’ll be the one to live longer and laugh in front of your grave.”

“Fine, we’ll see. I’m looking forward to it.”

Lefi showed me a compassionate smile, which I loved.

I wondered how many times had Lefi’s smile had saved my life?


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