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In the grassland area.

“Onii-chan, it feels good~.” (Illuna)

“Yes, it does!” (Yuki)

“Master, look, look, a flower’s stalk…” (Enne)

“Oh, that’s good. You’re doing a good job.” (Yuki)

“Oh, you know, Lyuu onee-chan taught me how to do that! She is good at this kind of thing!”

“…hmm, Lyuu knows a lot of stuff.” (Yuki)

“Oh, really? I see.”

“Kakaka, I can’t imagine that she knows so much. I wonder if she learned it back home.”

The young girls were playing energetically around us, who were lying on the leisure sheet on the grassy field.

We didn’t come out with the clear intention of having a picnic, but we had somehow decided to go to the grassland area together today.

Nell, Lyuu, and Layla were preparing lunch boxes and would come later.

At first, I was going to help them, but Lyuu was unusually enthusiastic and said, “I’ll do it today! But…I’ll feel safer if Layla and Nell are watching over me!” So I left the three of them in charge and went outside first.

–I looked at Lefi, who was standing next to me, her hair blowing in the breeze, her eyes narrowed.

“This meadow is comfortable…you’ve made a good place.”

“Oh, when I was thinking of the next idea, I was thinking of making it more horrifying, like something appropriate for the Demon Lord’s castle. I’m glad I decided against it.”

Incidentally, the grass in the meadow, the flowers in the courtyard beds, and the trees in the dungeon, while they did not wither without any watering and remained lush, they were not artificial flowers.

It seemed that they too were sustained by the magic power of the dungeon and continued to exist as long as the dungeon existed, even without human care.

I was grateful for that.

Still, I might occasionally set it to rain here for a change of pace.

Well, our weather forecasts have a hundred percent chance of being right.

The Demon Lord was also a first-rate weather forecaster. Only in dungeons, though.

“I’m glad that the stupid part of your mind – or the practical part of your mind, not the hobbyist part – has come out.”

“You don’t understand, Lefi, that invention and creativity exist only beyond romance.”

“Yes, yes.”

Lefi replied casually as she lay down on my stomach while I was lying on the leisure sheet.

We could hear the joyful laughter of the little girls.

After savoring that peaceful moment for a while, I suddenly thought to myself and said, “…I feel strange…”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“Well…I’m thinking that this world must have been in a cycle like this for a long time, and now the cycle continues.”

When I said this, she adjusted her body on my stomach to look at my face.

“Are you talking about the Gods?”

“You really know my way of thinking quite well, don’t you?”

“Kakaka, I am your wife. I know what you’re thinking.”

“Hey, guys, lunch is ready!”

“Here’s a delicious lunch box with Lyuu’s seal of approval.”

“It’s freshly made!”

“Ah! Oh, hey, ladies!”

The three of them arrived.

“Lyuu onee-chan, what do we have for lunch?”

“What do you think?”

“She has evolved, Shii and Enne, from the clumsy wife Lyuu to the smart wife Lyuu!”

“Actually, I think it turned out just fine this time. Lyuu has become so good at what she does that she doesn’t even need us to watch her anymore.”

“Hey, I can’t lose either.”

“Eheheh, I’m very happy when you say so!”

“Well, then, I must try not to be outdone. –And Nell, you are starting work tomorrow, right?”

“Yes, I’m leaving this evening. I’ve been here a little too long, so I may be home a little later next time.”

“Well, I guess I’ll have to splurge a little on dinner tonight, then.”



The wind, along with the surrounding trees and flowers, swayed as if they were also happy.


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