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Illuna remarked to Shii and Enne, who were with her as usual.

“Hey, hey, I heard that Onii-chan made the grassland area bigger! Let’s go check it out!”

“The scent of an adventure!”

“…the scent of excitement. Since it’s made by the Master, I’m sure he’s also making something exciting with it.”

“Enne, sharp! I asked Onii-chan a bit, and he said, so I think it’s a sure bet that he made something.”

Illuna used to call Shii only , but she referred to Enne and the Wraith girls with “chan”.

However, when the adults started calling them by their first names, she also started calling all the girls by their first names.

“Oh! Then I bet something amazing is already in the works! Master, I’m so proud of him!”

“…hmm. No doubt.”

Incidentally, Shii really only vaguely understood the meaning of ‘formality’.

She always spoke from a rather questionable foundation of knowledge.

After unanimously deciding on today’s schedule, the girls started preparing for their adventure.


After changing into comfortable clothes and carrying backpacks, they headed for the Demon Lord’s Castle to join their traveling companions, the Wraith girls, in the adventuring party.

When they called out their names, the Wraith sisters Rei, Rui, and Ro appeared out of nowhere through the walls of the castle.

Each one of them conveyed their thoughts as if to say, “What is this?” “Adventure! Let’s go!” “It’s a beautiful day, it must be fun!”… but well, it was always a beautiful day around here, anyway. They then possessed their favorite high-performance adventure dolls and joined the trip.

The doll had the same joint structure as a human body and also had five fingers, which Yuki had specially prepared using a considerable amount of ⅮP.

Six members.

The usual members were assembled, and the girls, who had formed the “Young Girls Adventure Team,” set out on their way with great enthusiasm.

The goal was to reach the new place.

Since, they always played in the grassland area and knew every nook and cranny, next only to Yuki who basically created the place, they already knew where to go.

They soon arrived at an unfamiliar place, a thickly overgrown forest that reminded them of the Demon Forest outside.

Even Yuki, who knew the Demon Forest so well, could not have believed that it was the creation of someone else, and even him, who was usually so fearless, was a little overwhelmed by that forest.

Since ancient times, humans have instinctively feared the untouched wilderness.

In fact, the Demon Forest was also feared not only because of its strong monsters, but also because it was a place where normal people felt a primordial fear.

That alone made them call it a “Demonic Land”.

Yuki captured this characteristic well and reproduced it which was now right in front of the girls.

“Let’s go! This is the adventure we’ve been looking for!”

“Uh-huh! Okay, the start of the adventure!”

“…It’s okay… Enne always goes to places like this with Master.”

Enne said, trying to cheer them up.

“I see…you’re right! With Enne, we’re a hundred strong!”

“…hmmm. Leave it to me.”

“Oh, cool!”

Gathering their courage, the girls stepped into the forest.

Incidentally, as for the Wraith girls, there was no such thing as fear, and they watched the scene from above with wonder.

The forest was thick and overgrown, but it had been built as a playground for young girls, and so it had been modified in some important places.

The paths looked like pathless trails, but there was a path that was easy to walk on, and it was made safe for them.

The forest was a treasure trove of nature.



There were many places that were intentionally shaded or had small hollows in them, probably by design, and this made the girls feel more excited and thrilled.

“Hey, next time, I want to make a over here! Like, the throne room or something similar!”

“A secret treehouse base! That’s a great idea, Shii! I’ll have to talk to Onii-chan about it when I get back!”

“…Very good. I like the idea of having as many secret bases as possible, and a treehouse is romantic.”

After the three of them, Rei first conveyed her thoughts, “Let’s make a swing that hangs from a tree,” and followed by Rui conveying, “Let’s make a little hidden lookout, so we can find our friends easily!” and then Ro suggesting in gestures, “I want to connect the two trees with a bridge so that we can go back and forth”.

The girls, with their pursuit of romance ingrained in their thought process, were slightly distracted from their adventures and discussed their treehouse plans quite seriously.

The fact that they had already decided where to build the treehouse showed how much of a family they were.

–Then, something strange appeared behind the trees in the forest.

Intrigued, they continued on and found three doors and a stone monument in front of them.

It looked like an old, long-standing structure – of course, it had only been made a few days ago – and there was a short sentence carved on it.

“The gimmick that Onii-chan built, it’s definitely this one!”

“…hmm. It looks very similar to the atmosphere of the ruins we saw a while ago.”

“What is written on the stone monument?”

The text on the stone monument seemed to be a riddle…

“, it says”

Since it was intended for the young girls, the style of the sentence was simple, no matter how strict looking the stone monument was.

Below the sentence were three options.

The moment they saw the three choices, they looked at each other.

“”Option 3!””

“”…Number three!””

At the same time as the three of them, the Wraith girls also held up three fingers of their dolls.

“This is so easy!”

“…If you know Master, then the answer will be obvious.”

“Well, it’s only the beginning! Does this mean we have to go through door number three?”

They opened the door with a large “3” carved in the middle and proceeded inside.

–They told Yuki about it later, by the way, and all the wives got mad at him when they heard about it.


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