Chapter 101: The Real Murderer Was Captured


The thin blade that was bright and clean was wandering on the skin, the cold sharp knife was playing across the chest, the pretty red color was following along the incision, playing across the waist, then falling into the silk cover…… As if he was used with this kind of knife, the man slowly stretched his hand to explore to the thoracic cavity. Soon, the man’s hand clasped a heart that was still thumping and pulsing and handing it over in front of Zhuo Qing. Waiting to see her frightened and painful expressions, this made him to get the most excited moment. When he was facing towards Zhuo Qing’s eyes, his mind was actually panicky, and when he was facing the calm looking eyes that were serene, there was no frightened and pain on her face even more.

The demonic charm’s smiling expression that was on the side of the man’s lips was rigid now! Staring blankly to look at her own heart that was scooped out, how could she have this calm expression?!! What was going on?

“What is going on?” This question was not only in the mind of the man who was incessantly and foolishly sitting on the bed, apart from Gu Yun, the other three men who were inside the room were amazed when they were looking at what happened near the curtain!

Afterwards, the man and Zhuo Qing who were laying on the bed a moment ago, looked face to face for a good moment, then he sat up and was in his own mind. Zhuo Qing immediately shifted towards the other direction, and then a strange thing happened. The man looked at the empty bed, removed someone’s clothing and reached into his clothing, then took out a sharp and thin knife from his waist. Very skillfully and agilely, he slashed the knife, his hand also stretched into the knife incision, his hand looked like he was clasping some stuff and taking it out. His face was carrying an excitement and zealotry from beginning to end, and he just looked like he was demonstrating how he removed the heart to all of them, it was weird regardless how one saw it…… Gu Yun slightly smiled, calmly answered: “Continue watching and you will understand.” It looked like Qing was successful in reversing the hypnosis.

“You……” The man was staring at Zhuo Qing’s serene eyes, afterwards, he only felt a burst of dizziness, he discovered with shock that the heart that was in his hand unexpectedly disappeared without a trace. A handful of blood was also obliterated completely, he became aware that the bed sheet was white, there was nothing, Zhuo Qing’s sharp eyes were watching attentively and coldly at him.

“This…… is impossible!” The man was staring at Zhuo Qing, the domineering demonic charm that was on his facial expression changed surprisingly and disturbingly.

Zhuo Qing straightened up immediately, her red lips lightly opened, with a cold voice, she said: “In this world, you are not the only one who can hypnosis!” She admitted that at the very first beginning, she almost lost in his eyes, if she did not have any preparation, he would probably succeeded hypnotizing her.

The man’s eyes flashed through a trace of ruthlessness, Zhuo Qing was startled, her body fell down rapidly, her hand obstructed her chest subconsciously. The knife that was on the man’s hand played across the back of her hand, the man’s body appeared to move. Lou Xi Yan’s anxious voice echoed at that time: “Mo Bai, Ao Tian, capture him!”

Mo Bai jumped down from the top of the beam and attacked towards the man’s arm, the man agilely turned to kick his foot. The hand that was holding a knife was still not giving up and trying to pierce Zhuo Qing who was already retreated to the most distant area of the bed. Just before several hits would blow Zhuo Qing’s chest, there was a big palm that was extended from the back of the bed curtain to intercept the man’s wrist, hence, the inner strength jolted the man’s attack. Zhuo Qing only felt that her shoulder was tight, an enormous power threw her out of the bed, the power was big, she almost knocked against the screen. Fortunately, Lou Xi Yan and Gu Yun caught her body promptly, so she did not injure herself.

Mo Bai and Ao Tian, both of the great masters, surrounded to attack, the man’s movement was somewhat frenetic, but after ten attacks, he unexpectedly did not appear to be defeated either. Gu Yun looked one glance at the window, her eyes slightly flashed out, then she shouted: “Mo Bai, Ao Tian, do not let him escape out of this room!”

Her speaking voice was barely left out, the man immediately retreated towards the window, with one dodge, he already went out of the room. Mo Bai, Ao Tian, also bent over to go out powerfully.

Gu Yun was relaxed secretly, there were Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing in this room, who did not know martial arts, if they continued to fight inside and one of them was caught by the man and became a hostage, that would be bad. Since he went outside, it was impossible for him to escape.

As expected, when the man went outside the courtyard, he was met with Ye Mei’s raging and long whip. Around the small courtyard, the hidden archers were also showing themselves completely, their bows were targeted at that person with a gray clothing.

Gu Yun turned around to look one glance at Zhuo Qing who was in Lou Xi Yan’s embrace, there was him to take care of Qing, so it should be alright, Gu Yun also went to the outside courtyard.

Sizing up Zhuo Qing’s whole body up and down, Lou Xi Yan urgently said: “Where did you hurt?” When he looked at the dagger that was waved towards her, he totally forgot to breathe, and was afraid to wink, if he would lose her!

Just liked when she lost consciousness by the side of the lotus pond last time, she only heard Lou Xi Wu’s realistic saying, she finally saw Lou Xi Yan’s face that turned pale today, but her heart was very hurt. She liked his faint smile, and his manner when he was planning his strategies!!

Zhuo Qing shook her head strongly, with a trembling voice, she said: “I am alright.”

“Let me take a look.” Grabbing Zhuo Qing’s hand, there was about three inches length of slash on the back of her left hand, the blood was hashing. Fortunately, the wound was not deep, it was merely sept out a bead of blood, it was not a lot of blood.

Lou Xi Yan was finally at ease, tearing the cuff of his cloth, and lightly wrapping her wound, Zhuo Qing did not dare to move either, she could only say: “Xi Yan, I am really alright, only a little cut, really.”

Looking at her one glance grudgingly and helplessly, Lou Xi Yan sighed secretly, he discovered that after he fell in love with her, his heart did not have the original unyielding heart like before!

Taking her closely to his embrace, her warm body, the soft and long breath, all were showing that she was really alright, Lou Xi Yan’s heart finally returned to the original position after a while!

Zhuo Qing saw that his complexion was a little better, then whisperingly said: “Let us go out to take a look, is that ok?”

Lou Xi Yan nodded his head helplessly, pulling her hand that had no injury, they walked to the side of the door, and did not allow her to be any closer.

Mo Bai, Ye Mei, Ao Tian, the three people were attacking, the man did not have any opportunity to escape again. Mo Bai and Ao Tian’s were attacking from the left and right, Ye Mei was able to use the long whip to trap the man and bind him up. The other government officials were also seizing the opportunity to use a rope that was already prepared in advance properly. Using this whole plan to trap the man would definitely bear fruit.

Cheng Hang saw the man’s face clearly, immediately scolded disdainfully and said: “Su Mu Feng, you are unexpectedly the real murderer! You still make your own maternal aunt to take a blame for you! You are simply worst than a beast!” He was pretending that he did not know anything this morning, this dignified man was simply a wretched!!

The man was still struggling to get free, his ruthless eyes were staring at Cheng Hang straightforwardly, then he roared to say: “What happened to Aunt Xin!”

These pair of eyes were cloudy and very pungent, it did not resemble the original Su Mu Feng’s one bit, Cheng Hang’s heart could not help but get agitated. Swallowing his saliva, he scolded: “You are still playing dumb! Someone comes, escort him to return!”

The bailiffs were gathering around to pull the man away, Zhuo Qing lowly shouted: “Hold on, I want to ask him some questions.”

Cheng Hang turned his head around, looked at her hand that was wrapped by a cloth, he thought that her injury was very serious, he advised to say: “Madam, you should go to wrap up your wound, ok, what questions do you want to ask, you can ask as you please once he arrives at the government office.”

Turning around to face the bailiffs, he shouted: “Escort and return.” This was finally the real murderer this time, right, Dan Yu Lan did not need to be sent to prison in the end!!

Looking at the delegation of men who were walking out hurriedly, Zhuo Qing lowered her head, she sighed and said: “I am afraid that it will not be sufficient to ask him later on.”

She was whispering her words, Lou Xi Yan did not hear it clearly, and he asked: “What did you say?”

Lightly shaking her head, Zhuo Qing sighed and said: “Nothing.” She was hoping that her anticipation would not come true!
Unfortunately, the heaven did not comply with one’s hope, the matter that Zhuo Qing was anxious about, was still happened…… The sky was bright, Zhuo Qing was accompanied by Lou Xi Yan to arrive at the Ministry of Justice. Barely entering the study room, she already heard Cheng Hang’s loud voice that was shouting: “I am furious, once Su Mu Feng returned back to the government office, he was playing a fool, he did not know what happened entirely, we already captured him now, but he was still refusing to admit what he had done! Ridiculous!”

Zhuo Qing lowly sighed, the thing that she was anxious about, it still happened!

Both of them entered the inner room, Dan Yu Lan saw them first, slightly nodded and said: “Prime Minister Lou, Madam.”

Even though she already guessed what had happened, Zhuo Qing still asked: “What happened?”

Cheng Hang was angry and he lowly groaned and said: “Su Mu Feng was unexpectedly pretending to be naive, he said that she did not know what happened last night!!”

Gu Yun already arrived at an earlier time, half leaning against the side of the door, she said with a low voice: “He and the one from last night are not the same.”

The entire person was completely different, apart from that clothing, they were simply two different people!! It was possible that Qing knew where the problem came from!

Looking face to face one glance at Gu Yun, Zhuo Qing helplessly said: “I want to meet with him.”

Due to Zhuo Qing’s persistence, only she and Gu Yun went to the prison cell, once they entered the inside prison, she finally knew why Lou Xi Yan and Dan Yu Lan agreed to let them see the criminal alone even though it would be very dangerous. The inside of the prison cell was spacious, there was only a very small window, fortunately, the sunshine was glittering from the outside, so the inside of the prison cell was still bright. In the deepest prison cell, there was a gray’s clothing man who was sitting with his cross legged. His hands were locked up with two strip of chains, the chains’ thickness were almost like a woman’s wrists. One side of the chain was tied on his hands, and the other side was deeply inserted inside the wall, his feet were also like this.

If it was an ordinary person whose hands and feet were tied up with heavy chains like this, he would not be able to move, just trying to move one’s hand or foot, it would definitely be difficult, right.

The length of the iron chain was limited, even if he could really stand up to attack people, he could only reach to half of the prison cell, being bound like this, nobody could really do anything, ok!

Zhuo Qing was watching closely and attentively at the man who was not too far away, the way he was sitting cross legged like this, it looked like…… when she saw him for the first time at Lou Xi Wu’s courtyard, yes, even though the environment was completely different. There was no lovable flower and grassy area, no graceful zither sound, but his body was still flowing that sort of graceful and indifferent appearance. This man was exactly that Su Mu Feng whom they were very familiar with.

Su Mu Feng appeared to discover their arrivals, slowly opened his eyes to look, he was smiling slightly towards them. Lightly nodding his head, it seemed like he was not a prisoner, but he was still receiving them as visitors at his home. This side of his personality, where one could maintain his own steadiness, how many people could accomplish this?

Gu Yun lowly sighed, looked one glance towards Zhuo Qing, this kind of Su Mu Feng, how could people able to connect together with that violent one from last night?!


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