Zhuo Qing stepped forward for one step, smilingly said: “Su Gongzi.”

Su Mu Feng answered with the same calmness and smile, he spoke bluntly:: “If you want to ask anything, just ask, ok.”

Zhuo Qing did not exchange any more greetings either, and asked: “Did you know what happened last night?”

Slowly shaking his head, Su Mu Feng calmly answered: “They said that I attacked you last night, I am that crazy person who has been stealing people’s hearts.” He said it very serenely, this kind of serene emotion made people really amazed. If you said that you did not know what happened, but you suddenly said that you turned into a murderer, even if you were a calm and indifferent person, you should also want to protest, right!

Zhuo Qing remained calm and collected, and continued to ask: “What do you think?”

“Maybe I am. I did not have any impression on the matter from yesterday, but when I was awaken, I was at the Ministry of Justice’s prison and this was an undeniable fact.” These past few years, he did not remember anything that he had done frequently. When he was awaken, not only that he would be at some strange places, but also some indescribable scars would appear on his body. He thought to himself that he had some problems, but he did not know that he was unexpectedly that crazy murderer devil.

Suddenly thinking of something, Su Mu Feng looked towards Gu Yun with a somewhat anxious look, and the serene look on his face was finally removed: “Since you all believe that I am the murderer, can you release Aunt Xin?”

“Out of the question.” Gu Yun firmly answered.

“Why?” Since the murderer was actually him, Aunt Xin was just an innocent person!

Gu Yun lowly sighed, realistically said: “She already knew from the beginning who was the murderer, but she insisted on taking the blame for you, she already violated and covered up the crime.”

“Covering up the crime?” Su Mu Feng muttered to himself for a moment, and leaned against the stone wall, softly and lowly mumbled to say: “Good, ok, at the very least, she does not need to die.”

His face showed an extreme relax expression that made Zhuo Qing felt a trace of restlessness, urgently said: “Did you not want to say anything?” It was not his own fault having this double personalities, did he really not plan to fight for himself?
“No, however you want to convict, I will comply with you all, ok.” Finished speaking, Su Mu Feng slowly closed his eyes, he was not willing to speak with them again.

His answer really made Zhuo Qing disappointed.

The two people were looking one glance at each other, then they withdrew to the outside of prison. Zhuo Qing already had premonition last night that this thing would develop like this situation now, but she did not think before that Su Mu Feng was unexpectedly willing to undertook all the guilts even though he did not know anything himself. She really did not know whether to admire him or scold him. Being silent at the prison gate for a long time, Gu Yun put her hand on Zhuo Qing’s shoulder, she sighed and said: “We will look for Gu Yue Xin first, once we know the reason of this matter clearly, we will discuss it again.”

“En.” It could only be like this, from Su Mu Feng’s side, she was afraid that he would not give any answer to them.

Sweeping one glance at the bandage on Zhuo Qing’s hand, Gu Yun anxiously ask: “Your hand is really alright?”

Last night was a thrilling situation, not only Lou Xi Yan was really frightened, she was also scared until her whole body was sweating!

Shaking her fingers freely and flexibly, Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “Is there something wrong with me? I am still here?”

Gu Yun shrugged her shoulders: “That is right.” Lou Xi Yan was still more nervous than her! After all, their wedding ceremony would be here in a few days. Speaking of which, Lou Xi Yan could be regarded to indulge at Qing. Their big day was coming quickly, but he still allowed her to run around outside all day long.

Both of them were chatting all the way, until they arrived at Gu Yue Xin’s prison. Looking towards them, Gu Yue Xin did not give any look to them either, only half sitting on the stone bed, she coldly asked: “What are you all coming here for?”

Gu Yun took the lead to stride into the prison, slowly said: “We come to inform you one good news, we have finally captured the real murderer last night, you may not need to……”

Sure enough, Gu Yun’s speaking voice had not left, Gu Yue Xin hurriedly stood up from the stone bed, she was staring at Gu Yun, calling out impatiently: “Whom did you capture?”

“Su Mu Feng.” Gu Yun meticulously said it slowly and clearly.

“No.” Gu Yue Xin rushed towards Gu Yun, Gu Yun flexibly dodged her hands, Gu Yue Xin was clearly already panicky, she urgently said: “You captured the wrong person, Mu Feng, he was not the murderer!! He was innocent!” Mu Feng, this child, why did he not go!! Why did he not go ah.

Zhuo Qing coldly said: “If he was not the murderer, then who was the murderer?”

Gu Yue Xin was shaking all over, her long mouth was already closed again, it was closing and opening up again. Several times afterwards, and as if her strength had been drawn out empty, Gu Yue Xin collapsed and sat on the ground. She was still not able to say any word, how could she start to explain? Even if she could speak out, how many people would be able to believe her anyway?!!!

She really knew!! Zhuo Qing was certain for a bit, entering the prison, and squatting down next to Gu Yue Xin, Zhuo Qing was leading her hand, and she quietly asked: “That person who was using Su Mu Feng’s body, the man who wanted to kill after he was being touched by a woman, who was he? How could I was able to see him?”

“You?” Zhuo Qing’s speaking tone just left, Gu Yue Xin immediately looked like she was being shocked by electricity and she withdrew her hands. Her bloodshot eyes were filled with amazement and they were staring at Zhuo Qing, how could she know…… how was it possible?!

Her reaction boosted Zhuo Qing’s morale, softly smiling, Zhuo Qing continued to say: “You do not need to feel strange, I know that there are two different souls inside Su Mu Feng’s body. The person who is not Su Mu Feng is the one who has been murdering people, who is he? What is his name, you have met him, is that right?”

Her eyes were flickering and lowering her head, Gu Yue Xin’s heart was still struggling, whether or not she could believe the woman who was in front of her? How did she know Mu Feng’s matter, how was Mu Feng in the end?!

Seeing that her thought was hesitating, Gu Yun said this one harsh sentence one more time: “If you are not willing to say, we are not able to help Su Mu Feng. He will be dead undoubtedly!”

Gu Yue Xin frighteningly lifted up her head again, her eyes were examining the two odd women closely for a good moment, finally, as if she had determined, she faintly sighed and said: “This incident, it was already a mistake from the beginning! Twenty years ago, my second elder sister and Mu Feng’s father, Su Zhan Yi, met and fell in love, but at that time, Su Zhan Yi already had a legal wife and two concubines. Dealing with the two people’s profound emotions, in spite of the strong opposition from the Gu’s family, second elder sister determined to enter the Su’s family, and become Su Zhan Yi’s concubine. Their emotions were really good, Su Zhan Yi extremely cherished second elder sister, not long after, she gave birth to Mu Feng. When Su Zhan Yi was at home, the legal wife and other concubines naturally did not dare to do anything to second elder sister, but when Su Zhan Yi went out, they were deliberately making things difficult for her. Second elder sister’s tragedy was also Mu Feng’s tragedy that happened when he was ten years old.”

Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun looked towards each other, guessed that she must want to tell them the actual situation, the two people was sitting cross legged casually next to Gu Yue Xin’s side, and quietly listening to her words.

“Su Zhan Yi went to the capital that year, and when he was not at home, several children from the legal wife’s family were playing around at the Su’s manor, Mu Feng was always extremely attractive and intelligent as a child until he grew up. That several children took the initiative to seek him to play with them, who would have thought that he was shy and had an indifferent temperament since he was young. His indifferent character offended the legal wife’s young niece, as she wanted Mu Feng to accompany her to play. Dragging the two people who were rolling together, their clothes were also in disorder, hearing the noise, the servant girls saw the two people who were laying on the ground, and they called out the legal wife to come in a rush.”

Speaking to here, Gu Yue Xin who originally had a sighing face, suddenly changed her tone of voice and she looked rather resentful: “Looking that the adults were coming, the small girl would not admit even if she died that she was the one who pulled Mu Feng down and not letting him go. She was weeping and saying that it was Mu Feng who groped her with an errant intention, the other kids did not dare to speak the truth about it either, they denounced Mu Feng one by one. Mu Feng did not dispute either, the legal wife finally got a reason with great difficulty, she would naturally not going to let Mu Feng get away with it, so he demanded to use the family’s law, and punish him with a 50 rod hits! A ten year old child, who would be able to endure a 50 rod hits!! Second elder sister pleaded for leniency for a while, the legal wife was still not letting go to dishonor the family tradition inflexibly. After being hit for ten times, Mu Feng was almost lost consciousness, second elder sister could only lie next to Mu Feng to substitute his other 40 hits punishment. Even though second elder sister’s medical expertise was superior, her body was extremely weak, she was gone after three days, when I came in a hurry, Mu Feng was still unconscious, in a fury, I took Mu Feng back to the Gu’s family.”

Unexpectedly, the person was still alive after they were trying to beat him to death?! Gu Yun’s hand changed into a fist unexpectedly. On the other hand, Zhuo Qing was still undisturbed, she asked in a low voice: “Su Mu Feng had these double personalities from that time??”

Looking at her own mother who died helplessly because of him, this provocation could bring about the other split personality, and it was not impossible either. Especially, this was his experience when he was young, when his temperament was still taking a decisive function!

Suspiciously looking one glance at Zhuo Qing, Gu Yue Xin shook her head, and continued to say: “We did not know anything about this so called double personalities, we felt that this child was very strange at the beginning. He seemed to be normal and looked like his ordinary self and it was no different in the morning, even he did not remember how my second elder sister died. In order not to make him feel sad, we could only lie to him and say that second elder sister died due to illness. He would change into his other self during the night, he was violent, very shady, covered with vicious temperaments, his thought was filled with resentment. He tried to find all of the Gu Yue’s family martial art books, and went all out to practice them, he almost caught fire to become a member of the devil for several times (this is a saying that because he learned all these martial arts incorrectly so he became like a devil or bad guy). There was no one who could do anything about it, the family elders were afraid that he would take his young life out (kill himself due to learning the martial arts incorrectly) so they began to teach him the martial arts, he was entirely different during the day time and the evening. In order to differentiate them, we called him Mu Feng during the day, and Xi Feng during the night. It was like this for the next five years, this next five years, Xi Feng’s martial arts were more and more powerful, Mu Feng’s zither skill was also higher and higher. Later on, Xi Feng would appear less, we thought that this kid’s strange illness got better, so thus, when Su Zhan Yi was begging for him to come back six years ago, the Gu Yue’s family finally agreed to let Mu Feng go back.”

As it turned out, he was Xi Feng!! Double personalities were actually quite common where people had split personalities, both individuals could exist independently. In Su Mu Feng’s case, he did not seem to know Xi Feng’s existence, and Xi Feng was posing as Mu Feng’s protection?!

“Afterwards, so long as there was a woman who touched Mu Feng, Xi Feng would appear and kill that person at night?!”

“En, in Xi Feng’s heart, those girls from the wealthy families who were pulling Mu Feng aggressively, were all artificial and lowly women, and should be dead entirely!” Gu Yue Xin slightly closed her eyes, her heart was in pain naturally and evidently. Knowing perfectly well that he had this kind of illness, but she could not prevent him or help him, then it ended up with this kind of conclusion!

Thinking of that pair of eyes that she could almost unable to resist last night, Zhuo Qing asked: “I want to know, his hyp (from hypnosis but she stops her sentence)…… who was teaching the hypnosis method to him?” His teacher was sure to be a hypnosis master, why did he not discover and help Su Mu Feng with any treatment earlier?!

Mentioning this, Gu Yue Xin’s face looked more worry: “Mu Feng actually did not learn hypnosis, the one who could hypnosis was Xi Feng. In Gu Yue’s family clan member, every generation has one person who has silver grayish eyes naturally, their ability to hypnosis is a gift. This generation, unexpectedly appears on Xi Feng’s body, I do not know if it is a predestined affinity or disaster!”

Naturally?! Heaven ah! Unexpectedly, there was still this kind of thing!

Gu Yue Xin suddenly grabbed Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing’s hands, this woman was very proud and arrogant in the past, but her eyes were already blurry with tears at this moment: “I know, no matter whether it is Mu Feng or Xi Feng, you all think that they are still the same person. He is the murderer but they are very pitiful, especially Mu Feng, he absolutely does not know what has happened. Can you or can you not help him, ok!!”

Listening to the sound of choking and weeping made the two of them move emotionally, especially after they saw the person who was bound by a chain firmly a moment ago, nevertheless, Su Mu Feng was still able to smile tranquilly and calmly, how could they not want to help him? But here was not modern times, where they could give him a psychiatry diagnosis and he could be classified as having double personalities. Then, they could maybe spare him from a death penalty, but during this ancient times, would anybody believe them? Even if they would believe, he killed the daughters of the high ranking officials and noblemen after all, nobody would let him off!

Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing sank into contemplation at the same time.



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