Chapter 104: Picking Up The Bride


Qiong Yue And Hao Yue Guest House

The sunshine was very calm, the cool breeze was blowing in to people, the simplicity of the wooden room was not too big, but it was already covered with a red silk candle and decorated with jubilation. There were five to six married women inside, three to four young women, Zhuo Qing was having a hard time breathing. What made her gloomier was that they were still incessantly putting on makeup on her face, adding pearls, and their mouths were still chattering and saying things that were not important!!

According to the marriage tradition, Lou Xi Yan already sent her to the guest house yesterday evening, but in reality, according to her way of thinking, it was absolutely not needed to be that troublesome. They could hold the wedding ceremony (the actual words were the ritual kneeling to heaven & earth by the bride & groom) tomorrow, and it would be done. Who would have imagined that Lou Xi Yan who usually listened to her suggestion, insisted about sending her to the guest house this time!

So she was here! Being turned upside down by this group of older women!! These people were the Qing family’s close relatives who were being invited based on Qing Feng’s list, they were very familiar towards her, but she did not even recognize any of them!

Closing her eyes, Zhuo Qing decided to be ignorant! (An idiom saying what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over).

“Ling-er, all the three sisters’ fates are good like this, you are so fortunate to be married to Prime Minister Lou today, and nevertheless, to be an official wife, our Qing’s family ancestors have really accumulated a lot of merits!!” The married woman who was combing her hair, they said that she was her second paternal aunt, her tone of speaking was full of congratulation.

“Yes ah, Ling-er is getting married to Prime Minister Lou, Feng-er has become an Imperial concubine Qing, I have not really anticipated that there is a day that our Qing family can bring honor to the family like this!!” Zhuo Qing could not remember clearly who this person was, in short, in other words, in their hearts, it was not only because she or Qing Feng were married to good families and happy, but the Qing’s sisters were married good, so that it could make them well regarded in Hao Yue.

Zhuo Qing felt that she was being pulled by someone, so she opened her eyes, only to see one tall and beautiful girl who was standing by her side, her eyes were looking up and down to her simple wedding dress, sneeringly said: “This wedding dress is very ugly, ok, will Lou Xi Yan regret it?!” She thought that it would be so grand, but this wedding dress might as well come from the ordinary and small household family!

She always thought that her three older female cousins looked pretty at most and could only be regarded as delicate and pretty, the common people were exaggerating these ‘Hao Yue’s three pretty women’ reputations. Their faces were all destroyed now, what could be said about fascination anymore?! That so called Prime Minister Lou must be a country bumpkin, and had never seen a beauty, so he wanted to take her as his wife!

The second paternal aunt hurriedly and lowly scolded: “Li Shu, what are you talking rubbish for!” This brat, she could eat anything discriminately, how could she make irresponsible remarks, could she just call out Lou Xi Yan’s name without thinking it through?! Not to mention that even though this wedding dress was simple like this, people who had eyesight could see that the materials, embroideries, were absolutely from quality goods!!

She had known earlier that Li Shu had always been compared to the Qing’s family three sisters since she was a child, but she should watch what kind of situation this was!!

Carefully looking one glance at Zhuo Qing, the second paternal aunt smiled and said: “Ling-er, you do not need to take offense, she is still young, and is not thoughtful!”

Zhuo Qing would naturally not bother with this young girl either, but her ears really could not stand the noise anymore. Lightly raising her hand to keep her off from putting a pearl on her neck, Zhuo Qing said with a cold voice: “All of you leave, ok, I want to speak with Qing Mo.”

Zhuo Qing’s complexion was cold and firm, everyone thought that she was angry because of the matter from a moment ago, and did not dare to say many things. Second paternal aunt could only oblige and take the opportunity to laugh and say: “Fine, fine, fine, you and your sister can chat! But you can not chat for a long time, the people from the Prime Minister’s manor who are coming to pick up the bride, should come here quickly.”

A group of people finally retreated out, the world was also quiet finally!

Zhuo Qing turned around to look and see Gu Yun who was sitting at the furthest distance on the small window frame, her feet were swaying boringly, her face also had an impatient face! She was wearing a simple and light purple color of cheongsam, her long hair that was always put on a pony tail, was let down on a bun today, a dangling jadeite ornament was inserted in the hair. This was already the most gorgeous adornment that she had ever seen on Gu Yun, if she was not sitting on the window frame, she could be regarded as a girl from a wealthy family!

Zhuo Qing stood up, only then she discovered that there were five to six jade pearls on her neck, pearl, her wrist had three to four bracelets, she could not lift her head up even more with the golden hairpin!

A bursting of laughter could be heard near the window, Zhuo Qing looked one glance at Gu Yun grievingly, forcing a bitter laugh, she said: “Very amusing, is it or is it not?”

With a great difficulty to stop her laughing, Gu Yun lightly coughed, she answered with a fake seriousness: “No, quite good looking. But originally, I believe that I will see you wearing a white cotton dress, drawing a prince to enter a church. There are rose flowers by your side, champagne bottles are all around, who can think that you will have this kind of wedding ceremony. Anyway, I have never seen this so it is also good.”
This so called applauding, if Yun did not smile, the wrinkles on her skin would come out, she could still pretend to be naive to believe this! Pulling out the layers of pearls, Zhuo Qing answered unhappily: “Wait until you are getting married to Su Ling, and you can experience it for yourself nicely!!” She could guarantee that it would be unforgettable in all of her life time!

Gu Yun whose face appeared to be smiling, suddenly was rigid, coldly groaned: “It is impossible for me and him!”

Ck ck, it sounded like a complete gunpowder! Zhuo Qing continued to smile and say: “You must not say any big word! Be careful to beat your tongue!”

Agilely hoping from the window frame, Gu Yun’s face did not dare to have the same appearance: “The only reason that I am staying at the General’s manor is completely because of the golden bagua plate, otherwise I have already gone!”

The golden bagua plate……

Recalling the weird time when they came here, Zhuo Qing was also extremely interested with it, she asked: “Did you find any clue?”

Walking to Zhuo Qing’s side, Gu Yun grabbed a copper mirror that was on the side and threw it to Zhuo Qing, firmly answered: “Do not mention it, I do not know whether or not I can get along with him naturally. I am unable to talk several sentences to him, if he is not turning around and leaving abruptly in anger, then I will be angry until I vomit blood!”

Zhuo Qing took the copper mirror, lowered her head to look, frighteningly and lowly shouted!

Was this relative causing trouble to her? Putting her make up like this, could she even want to see other people! They were wishing to wait until the time when Lou Xi Yan uncovered the veil and divorce her immediately, right!!

Fortunately, Gu Yun was not totally heartless, and actually letting her know, grabbing a silk fabric and immersing it in the water, with great difficulty, she could remove the powder and rouge that was applied in her face cleanly, then Zhuo Qing took a long and relax breath.

Considering that Yun was actually helping her timely, Zhuo Qing did not continue joking with her, she asked: “Su Ling must also come today, right?!”

Gu Yun shook her head and answered: “I do not know, when I left the house, I heard that Yan Hong Tian summoned him to enter the Imperial palace urgently, I estimated that he would be late, right!”

The two people were chatting leisurely, second paternal aunt’s voice echoed strongly once again: “Qing-er, Xiao Feng…… no, the Imperial concubine Qing’s people come to deliver the congratulatory gift!”

Qing Feng? Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun looked one glance at each other, Zhuo Qing lowly said: “Come in, ok.”

The door was opened slowly, one over 20 years old woman came in, her graceful, subdued, gentle and refined manners made people able to see her brightness. Standing behind her were two palace eunuchs, their hands were holding two trays that were covered by the red clothing.

“Pay respect to Madam.” The woman slightly leaned over, her every movement appeared to be simple and elegant in style.

Zhuo Qing’s impression towards her was not bad, smilingly said: “You are?”

The woman answered with a soft voice: “This servant is Fu Ling, I am the Imperial concubine Qing’s personal servant. These, jade artifacts are specifically selected by Imperial concubine for Madam’s big wedding, to wish Madam and Prime Minister Lou a long and happy life together, and good health.”

Finished speaking, she lightly uncovered the red clothing that was on the tray, two pieces of jades, the carving was completely in a power and good fortune styles and they were filled with impressive green jadeites. That faint lusters were glossily brilliance, the greenish blue color penetrated from the jade quality, all of them showed their values.

Zhuo Qing did not know what to say either, and could only answered: “Please thank her on behalf of me.”

The men put the jade artifacts on the short table and then retreated out, that woman who was called Fu Ling, looked one glance at Gu Yun who was by Zhuo Qing’s side. Then she stepped forward for one step, she took out a block of thing that was wrapped with a handkerchief from her waist and handed it over to Zhuo Qing’s hand, lowly said: “There is this one, please, Madam must accept this properly.”

“This is?” Zhuo Qing touched the surface of that block thing that was wrapped with a handkerchief with her hand, the touch felt like a block of token.

“This is Qing Feng Imperial palace hall’s token, if you want to deliver a letter to the Imperial concubine or want to enter the Imperial palace to meet with the Imperial concubine, you can take this Imperial token with you, everyday between shenshi (3.5 pm) to youshi (5-7 pm), you can enter the Imperial palace from the North gate.” Finished speaking, the woman did not stay any longer, slightly leaned over and retreated out.

Zhuo Qing opened the handkerchief, there was really a block of greenish blue Imperial token, there was one character on its front, a blooming chrysanthemum flower was in its back, there was some command characters on its front.

Wrapping the Imperial token properly, and looking towards Gu Yun for a period of time, she could only see that she was staring at the thing that was on her hand and seemed to be lost in thought. Zhuo Qing asked: “What are you thinking?”

Slowly raising her head, Gu Yun shook her head, and smilingly said: “I am thinking, how is this woman can use half a year of time to accomplish this kind of circumstances today, when she is being isolated and without any help?!”
She had not met with Qing Feng, only heard a few words from Qing occasionally, so she did not care about it either, but it seemed that she actually could not help to be curious today!

Zhuo Qing was smiling: “I will take you to enter the Imperial palace to see her when I have a chance, ok.”

Gu Yun was thinking for a moment, she finally nodded and answered: “En. However……”

Suddenly, a bursting loud of firecracker’s sound echoed, nobody could hear clearly whatever words that one was saying, Gu Yun shrugged her shoulders, and closed her mouth, it was not anything important anyway.

“Ling-er, Ling-er!!” A group of people who just left not long ago, already came in again rushingly: “Hurry, hurry, hurry, the person who is picking up the bride has come!”

“Unexpectedly, Prime Minister Lou has come personally to escort his bride! Heaven ah! Ling-er, you really have a good blessing!!” Second paternal aunt’s face was anxious to see Zhuo Qing’s clean expression, the cosmetics were already removed from her face, urgently said: “Ling-er, why do you look so natural in appearance?!” She was helping her to look like a goddess a moment ago, how was it possible that her effort turned to be like this?!

Looking at her who wanted to put the cosmetics back on her face, Zhuo Qing hastily said: “Is it not too late?”

The firecrackers sound were echoing outside the door, the sound of the gong drumming echoed simultaneously. Second paternal aunt was unable to do anything either, she could only noisily called out: “Right, right!! Head covering!!” Anyway, it would already be in the evening when Lou Xi Yan uncovered the head covering, pitch dark, he probably could not see clearly, right!!

Zhuo Qing selected this transparent head covering at first, even though it was covered and hazy, she could still be able to see the road, so she was not like a blind person who could not see anything!

With the head covering, a group of people were escorting her to walk out, Zhuo Qing was puzzled: “Where are we going?!”

Second paternal aunt was holding her to move forwards while she was saying: “Prime Minister Lou does not say it, according to the the most traditional popular’s wedding custom, you have to enter a door, I am certainly sending you out of the door now la!” Speaking of which, this girl’s life was really good.

Was it like that?! Zhuo Qing could only follow a tide of people to walk out, she did not understand it anyway!

The more they reached the gate of the guest house, the firecrackers’ sound were also louder, there was also the sound of the drum. With great difficulty, Zhuo Qing was outside the door, and was stunned, the fragments of the red string of firecrackers filled the ground. The bridal sedan was big and exceptional, unexpectedly, there were eight people who were raising the big sedan chair! Wearing the red garment of the Prime Minister’s manor, the young family servants could also be said to have numerous people, several of them were surrounded the small guest house. The most frightening thing was actually not this, it was rather the broad viewing of the whole people!!

How could this possible, she remembered that the guest house was located at the suburbs of the capital city, how could there were so many people!!

Just when Zhuo Qing was stunned , there was a familiar man’s laughing voice and he said: “Wife, I give courtesy.”

Zhuo Qing recovered, looked towards the man whose deep eyes were looking at her, and could not help to be distracted.

Lou Xi Yan was wearing a red official robe today, a violet jade hat, his entire person seemed to be in high spirit, more prominent and elegant, the gentle smile on his face did not change, his happy appearance showed his excellent mood!

Was he Lou Xi Yan?! He really had an impressive appearance, gentle as jade!! Li Shu who was beside Zhuo Qing, felt that her heart was beating very quickly, just liked there was a small rabbit that would jump out of her heart!! Qing Ling was really lucky, and ran into this kind of good deed, unexpectedly! Humph!

Pleasing to the eyes and within the people!! Zhuo Qing was unable to endure and stepping forward one step, then grabbing Lou Xi Yan’s arm, next to his ear, she called out in a loud voice: “Fine, fine, the token of appreciation is alright, why are there so many people ah! Go quickly, ok.”

Lou Xi Yan bursted into loud laughter, deliberately mocking, he said: “Wife is more impatient than husband!” He actually did not anticipate that these ordinary people were enjoying and watching the bustling scene. Unexpectedly, the whole journey from the Prime Minister’s manor to the guest house, there were more and more people!!

Separating by the head covering, even though Lou Xi Yan could see her expression clearly, Zhuo Qing was still firmly glaring at him, lowly scolded: “Lou Xi Yan, less long winded talk, go quickly.”

Ok, the wife had already commanded, he did not dare to not listening ah! Dispensing the complicated etiquette to escort the bride, Lou Xi Yan was leading Zhuo Qing’s hand, taking her to the front of the marriage sedan. Zhuo Qing was just about to go in, but second paternal aunt suddenly grabbed her hand, and handed over a small bowl of food in front of her, urgently said: “Hold on, eat a bite of this ‘bride parents’ home food’, and do not forget to give gratitude to your parents.”

Finished speaking, she lightly raised a little bit of the head covering, and took a bite of the food to Zhuo Qing’s mouth.

What kind of tradition was this ah! In order to be able to hide inside of the sedan chair sooner, Zhuo Qing was not able to take so many of this, she swallowed a bite of cooked rice, thinking that everything was finally completed, right!!

Who would have thought that third paternal aunt and the other older women were suddenly embracing to hold her and crying, not right, it was bawling!

Looking at Lou Xi Yan who was already on the horse, he returned to give her a helpless expression, the mother’s family was sending off their daughter to be married, crying was a kind of etiquette, he definitely could not forbid them to cry, right!

Zhuo Qing filled her head with sinister lines, it was enough, ok!! Just when she almost exploded, a clear and cold voice of a woman echoed: “Alright, do not miss the time, go, ok.” At the same time, she felt that third paternal aunt and the other older women were thrown out for several meters away by Gu Yun, Zhuo Qing seized the opportunity to get into the marriage sedan immediately!

“Raise the sedan chair!”

The person shouted, and turned around, Zhuo Qing could finally started the journey to step into the Prime Minister’s manor.

Zhuo Qing sighed pitifully, this really put her into a test!


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