At Night

The moon was bright but the star was sparse, the plants on the mountain rock could be seen clearly from the inside courtyard, tomorrow was approaching but they still did not have time to remove the red silk lanterns that could be seen clearly everywhere. It was a pity that the quiet and desolate courtyard, and the glaring and captivating of the red reflection, they appeared to have a trace of indescribable sadness. The low crying sounds of some animals echoed just like in the past, the gentle night’s wind was brushing away the face slowly. The scenery was never able to change and the change would be the one who saw the scenery and appreciated it in one’s heart.

Inside the main hall, the family servants did not dare to disturb this new Madam and only lit up two lanterns on the porch. The soft lightning shone into the middle of the hall, Zhuo Qing was still sitting on the same seat since noon. She understood that she had been sitting for a long time, but she did not want to move at all.

The sound of a gentle footsteps sounded, a meager shadow of a person flashed through, a low sound of a male voice came through in her ear slightly: “Go eat stuff first, ok.”

His one speaking’s voice just left, a warm bowl of meat congee was already handed over slowly into her hand, Zhuo Qing raised her head and the reflection that entered into her eyes was that innocent and pure face that was like an angel. What was different was this face was laughing and playing in the past days, his bright eyes were looking at her worryingly.

Seeing clearly the person who came, Zhuo Qing reacted afterwards, then she asked quietly: “Why are you not leaving?” He should leave a long time ago and that would be right.

“Leave?” Bai Yi’s brows wrinkled tightly and leisurely: “Where am I going?”

Using her hand to put the congee by the side of the tea table, Zhuo Qing answered with a somewhat tired voice: “The nobleman can not stand under any danger wall, you as a country’s apparent heir to the throne should know this principle. The current Prime Minister’s manor is not suitable for you to continue to stay now.”

“I definitely do not care about this being under any danger wall?!” Bai Yi was somewhat excited when he called out lowly, and did not care about this male and female’s separation etiquette, he was pulling Zhuo Qing’s hand, and said with a clear voice: “How can Prime Minister Lou plot a rebellion, there is surely someone who sets him up! I will not leave you and the Prime Minister’s manor just because of the crisis!! You can be at ease, in any case, I am also a country’s apparent heir to the throne. Prime Minister Lou is not here, I will protect you!”

Bai Yi’s hand and his own person were the same, very thin, but they were warms, his young face was filled with anger. Zhuo Qing was smiling, this was the first time that she was smiling since noon, right. Slowly pulling out of her hand, Zhuo Qing sighed and said: “Fine, I receive your kind intention, leave quickly, ok.” He was a foreign Prince, it was somewhat funny when he was talking about wanting to protect her, but he was only a ten years old child after all, and due to his good intention, Zhuo Qing was still thankful to him.

“I am not leaving!” Speaking that he was a child, he unexpectedly and really displayed his temper, he moved his footsteps and sat down next to Zhuo Qing. Bai Yi groaned and said persistently: “Not only will I not leave, I will also think of a way to help Prime Minister Lou to wash away his guilt!”

“You?!” His childish behavior made Zhuo Qing showed a look of distraction, in any case, he was also a Prince, how could he put on this kind of naughty and hoodlum’s attitudes. She would really receive his kind intention, but she did not need this one person who would cause her trouble!

Zhuo Qing was glaring at him, he was also staring at Zhuo Qing, these two people, her big eyes were staring at his small eyes like this for a good while. Bai Yi finally softened up a little, and moving closer a little bit, and he said with a pretentious mystery: “Do not look down on me, I have already assigned some people to go and investigate, can you guess what I have found out?”

Zhuo Qing answered unhappily: “What did you find out?” She did not believe what he could find out anything within half a day (the actual words are one afternoon and 1/2 the evening)!

Bai Yi proudly handed over a piece of paper that he took out from his bosom and gave it to Zhuo Qing, Zhuo Qing opened it suspiciously. There was unexpectedly a transcript of inquiry stuff on it, it should be a record of the interrogation from the traitors. Looking at the date, this inquiry must have been conducted just before they returned to the capital.

Zhuo Qing looked at it while she was lost in thought, Bai Yi’s hands were on his bosom, and he analyzed and said voluminously: “When the Su’s family army caught the traitors, they had already interrogated it once. They were saying at that time that they were colluding with the Ministry of Treasury and Revenue during that year, and they already signed the confession. For the whole journey during the escorting of the traitors, there should not be any other person who could approach the criminals except for the General manor’s people, right. Who would have thought that when they returned to the Ministry of Justice, they would assert arbitrarily that Prime Minister Lou, father and son were the masters behind the plot, was this not strange? Why would they want to set Prime Minister Lou up, there would surely be some people who had incited them to do this!”

Staring fixedly at Bai Yi’s young and elegant face with her sharp eyes, Zhuo Qing asked: “Where did you find this stuff from?”

This kind of stuff, if it was not at the Ministry of Justice, it would be kept at the General’s manor. He was a foreign Prince, how he could take a hold of this in such a short period of time, or she really looked down on him, or everything was simply related to him?!

Facing Zhuo Qing’s inquiry, someone with discerning eyes could see that she was on guard with the meaning of her question. Bai Yi’s eyes were actually flickering and shining, and he had an appearance like someone who just took credit for his own achievement, he smiled complacently and said: “I naturally have my own way lo! You know that I am very good, right!! I have just said that I can protect you, you still do not believe me!”

Zhuo Qing’s hand was still holding that thing that an average person would hard to find, this reminded her not to look down on the boy who was in front of her, he did not look as simple as what he was showing! But looking at that bright and pure pair of eyes, and with a simple face that was taking credit on his own achievement. Zhuo Qing felt that she, herself, was somewhat unable to tell good from bad and too nervous, perhaps, he really thought of helping her. And being able to get a hold of this information, it could be proven that Liao Yue already hid someone in the Imperial court.

Thinking at this point, Zhuo Qing appeared to have more trust in this boy who was next to her, he did not hesitate to expose his own country’s Intelligence gathering. He also wanted to show the inquiry record for her to look at, he should be sincere in treating her, right!

Thinking about the words that Bai Yi just said a moment ago, Zhuo Qing frowned again: “Your meaning was that Su Ling set Xi Yan up on purpose? Impossible!” Su Ling was not this type of person!!

Bai Yi curled his lips, and answered: “I did not say that it was surely General Su! But I can also say that he has the biggest suspicions!”

She did not have any evidence at the moment, so Zhuo Qing could not refute his words, Su Ling should really be suspected.

Zhuo Qing did not refute it any longer, so Bai Yi was simply sitting with his cross-legged, he analyzed privately and said: “I think the most important thing now is what kind of evidences that those traitors have spoken off, to frame a loyal and good person! As long as we can prove that Prime Minister Lou is the person who is accused wrongly, we can take him out of the Imperial prison first. As far as who is the black hand behind the scenes, Prime Minister Lou, himself, can investigate and it will be more appropriate. He is very wise, farsighted and multi-talented, and he will think a better strategy exquisitely than ours!!”

Zhuo Qing was shaking her head wearily: “It is easier said than done!” She naturally and clearly understood Bai Yi’s arguments, but Lou Xi Yan’s criminal charge to be sent to prison was plotting a rebellion at the moment, this was a serious crime in every Imperial dynasty! How was it possible that the person who had set him up, would leave behind a loophole that could be used by them easily!

Lightly waving to Zhuo Qing to hint her to come over, Bai Yi craftily smiled: “Actually, it is not difficult either.”

Not difficult?! Zhuo Qing was looking suspiciously at the weird boy who was in front of her, with a doubtful mind, her body could not help to bend down.

Looking at his left and right, and after making sure that there was no other person in the surroundings, Bai Yi only whispered by the side of Zhuo Qing’s ear: “We only need to forge some evidences to prove that those traitors were forced by General Su to set Prime Minister Lou up, that can prove that Prime Minister Lou is accused wrongly! Wait until Prime Minister Lou comes out, then he can investigate it quietly. Then we can find out naturally who is the black hand behind the scenes, at that time, if it is not General Su, he can still have his innocent!”

“Out of the question!” Zhuo Qing lowly shouted, and was glaring at Bai Yi, and she lowly scolded: “This is setting another person up!!

Bai Yi already shrank his nose, refusing to comply and he lowly mumbled and said: “Is Prime Minister Lou not the person who is being set up, they can forge the evidences, why can we not forge it ah?! Moreover, this is only to expedite to get him out of the Imperial prison and it is quite proper!!”

Zhuo Qing was furious quickly, if she was doing it like this, what was the difference between her and those people who set Xi Yan up?! Moreover, he seriously thought that Su Ling was this easy to be lied to ah, wanting to set him up!! She slapped Bai Yi’s head angrily, Zhuo Qing groaned and said: “You are still a child, and want to do this kind of child’s play thing?”

Stroking his head, Bai Yi rubbed it while he insisted and said: “I do not think that this is a child’s play, this is exactly what is called to create a diversion, to steal the sorghum and exchange it with the pillar. We only hide the facts, it will not have any big influence to General Su, we can only make those so called evidences to set Prime Minister Lou up, so they appear to have loophole. Is it not good like this?”

Facing the stubborn child who was in front of her, Zhuo Qing did not really know what to say, her head began to hurt again, she was distraught with anxiety at the moment. Lightly rubbing her temple, Zhuo Qing was waving her hand towards Bai Yi, with somewhat impatient, she muttered and said: “Forget about it, you go out first, ok, I want to calm down a bit.”

“Oh.” Looking at her painful appearance, Bai Yi did not insist on his suggestion, he stood up from the floor, patting his dress down, he walked to the outside door while he did not forget to make clear and say: “You remember to eat some stuffs lo.”

Closing her eyes, Zhuo Qing perfunctorily answered: “En.”

Finally, the sound of Bai Yi’s footsteps got further apart gradually, Zhuo Qing slowly opened her eyes, looking at the inquiry record that was on her hand, her original complexion that was not too good, became more and more haggard.

Bai Yi’s footsteps were light and graceful when he was walking to the furthest area of the Prime Minister’s manor that was spacious and empty. One black and strong figure appeared behind him, and followed him all the way, he actually wanted to say something but hesitating. Bai Yi’s mood appeared to be good, his thin lips raised lightly, smilingly said: “What is the matter?”

The big person hesitated for a while, but he still bowed his body slightly, he asked puzzlingly: “Master, forgive this subject to be so bold, why do you want to help Lou Xi Yan, so much that you do not hesitate and make your own self and Liao Yue to have this type of disagreement?!” Taking that thing to give it to Qing Ling, that definitely and undoubtedly exposed Liao Yue’s strength that was hidden within Qiong Yue. He could still understand Master’s conducts, deeds and plans in the past, this time actually made him to be puzzled. Moreover, this was regarded to the whole Liao Yue, so he dared to be so bold as to ask the question!

Bai Yi already guessed that he would have this question at an earlier time, so he was not surprised at all, instead, he turned his body around to look towards the nervous and strong man who was behind him, smilingly said: “Who do you think is the biggest enemy for Liao Yue, Lou Xi Yan or Su Ling?”

The big person was startled, after he pondered over seriously for a while, he answered realistically: “Lou Xi Yan is resourceful, Su Ling is heroic and good in battle, but Su Ling will be harder to beat in regard to Liao Yue’s domination!” The Su’s armies were harsh and unreasonable towards the six countries, they were invincible, these were the reason why Qiong Yue was leading the six countries.

Bai Yi nodded his head satisfyingly, and approached the big person, under the moonlight, his meager figure was almost completely sheltered by the strong body. Bai Yi slowly raised his head, his eyes flashed through some sophisticated chilliness, the corner of his mouth made a strange curve unexpectedly, the big person could not help to tremble in his heart: “If Su Ling can be made a friend with Liao Yue, how will the conclusion be? If both countries are going to war in the future, will Yan Hong Tian still dare to send the Su’s armies in the expedition to Liao Yue? Will he not afraid that Su Ling will change sides during the war? If we set him up today, even though the evidence will not be sufficient at all, but it will be enough to put a doubting seed in Yan Hong Tian’s heart, which sovereign king is not suspicious?! Even if Yan Hong Tian is finally able to balance the relationship between the Imperial courts, and stabilizes the political situation in Qiong Yue, nobody will be punished for a crime, but after this passed through, the Prime Minister’s manor and General’s manor are bound to be enemies, because of this, can both the civil and military officials live together in harmony again? How can my Liao Yue be mentioned in equal terms with this kind of Qiong Yue!?”

The clear and bright voice was still entirely quieted the night, the low sound was still echoing in his ear, the big person secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and immediately answered: “This subject is slow-witted! Master still thinks far-reaching. But…… is Madam Lou willing to cooperate to set Su Ling up? Based in this subject’s observation, she does not look like a foolish person!”

She was indeed not a foolish person, but she was absolutely an infatuated person!! Lightly patting the big person’s shoulder, Bai Yi quietly and smilingly said unhurriedly: “If during a normal time, she absolutely can not be fooled, but it is not necessarily like that now. Lou Xi Yan is already sent to prison, she is impatient as if she is burning earlier. I have heard that Prime Minister Lou’s body is always not good, he has an old illness, if at this moment, he is not careful and falls ill, he can die inside the prison. According to you, this Madam Lou who is loving and impatient, can she still be rational in that case?!”

“This subject will deal with it immediately!” The heavy force in his shoulder made the big person grasped it immediately, he leaned over to salute hurriedly afterwards, and advanced to the outside door to leave urgently.

Bai Yi nodded his head satisfyingly, his footsteps were light and graceful as before, but under the moonlight, the original eyes that should be glittering like sunshine, were wondering profoundly with extraordinary splendor.
It was already passed zishi (11 pm-1 am) inside the study room at the General’s manor, the candles were flickering inside the study room as before.

Under the tall bookcase, one lovable and small figure was busying and rummaging through to find something. During the early autumn night, her forehead unexpectedly had a thin layer of sweat.

Gu Yun was half kneeling beside the bookcase, and rummaging through to find some information, but it had already been 5-6 hours and she had not found anything.

During the afternoon, she already went to rummage through the Ministry of Justice, Dan Yu Lan was not present. Cheng Hang informed her that the main confession record of Lou Xi Yan’s case was kept at the General’s manor, they unexpectedly did not understand any specific circumstances.

This acknowledgement made Gu Yun felt very worried!

Her mood was increasingly jittery, Gu Yun’s action in rummaging through to look for the confession became more and more rough, darn Su Ling! Where would he put that information in the end?!

“What are you looking for?!” A cold voice of a man echoed strongly from behind her.

Su Ling!! Gu Yun was slightly startled, taking a deep breath deeply, she turned around calmly soon after. Looking one glance at him, she answered while she was still rummaging through like before: “I want to know what kind of evidences that the traitors have shown, that make Yan Hong Tian put Lou Xi Yan to prison at his big wedding day?!”

Su Ling’s black eyes slightly narrowed, this woman was really bold in her mind, the whole study room at the General’s manor was completely lighted on, the door was half opened, so the Imperial guards who were night patrolling believed that the person who was inside the study room was him. Looking at her standing position, if she had been trying to find it all the way, she was inside the study room for no less than two to three shichen (between 4-6 hours)!! Apart from having to keep the file outside, the rest was put in order intactly. If he did not come over tonight, he would simply not see that someone had been rummaging through his stuffs.

Moreover, she unexpectedly still dared to rummage thought to find the evidence in front of him now?! Looking that she was already discovered, but her petite figure was still rummaging through to find the evidence, the corner of Su Ling’s mouth unexpectedly and involuntarily raised up slightly. He found himself laughing, but he restrained the corner of his mouth immediately, lightly coughing, he groaned and said coldly: “You should not care about this matter!”

Su Ling was not nervous unexpectedly, it was very clear that the stuffs that she was looking for were not here inside the study room!! Releasing her hand off some stuffs, Gu Yun slowly got up, and she was confronting Su Ling who had always a black cloud looking panda on his face all the time. Gu Yun answered with not a slight uncompromising attitude: “That person who is being sent to prison is my brother in law now! I should care about it!” Qing’s feeling towards Lou Xi Yan, she could clearly see it even if she was a slow person, it was impossible that she watched with folding arms (not doing anything) about this matter!

The similar like eagle’s sharp, acute and firm eyes slightly raised his pupils to relatively fight, they should absolutely not need to continue with this dispute. Both of the people already understood it clearly that they could not persuade any of them!

“Someone comes.”

A cold, strong and imposing sound echoed, Gu Yun secretly shouted “Crap!”

Sure enough, his speaking voice was just left out, a group of the shoulders from the night patrols unexpectedly appeared from outside the study room.

“Lock her up in her room, without my order, she is not allowed to step out of the room.” His unquestionable voice was just like no one could disobey his every order, the soldiers looked one glance at each other secretly. Their feet did not dare to be stagnant, and went to the side of Gu Yun hastily and in a hurry, but they also did not step forward to detain her.

Clenching her teeth secretly, Gu Yun wished to fight with this opinionated man angrily, but she endured it because she still had not lost any rational!

“Su Ling, you want to house arrest me?!” Between these two people, their forever competing eyes would never cease, Gu Yun’s eyes was firmly cutting down on Su Ling’s body like a knife and Su Ling could hear the sound of her grinding her teeth. This made Su Ling felt a little relieved because of her untamed and jittery heart. Casted a sidelong glance at her fist that kept relaxing and tightening again, Su Ling said with a cruel and untamed smile: “I know that your martial art is not weak, your endurance is astonishing, and very smart. But if you really have enough sufficient knowledge, you should know that nobody will disobey my opinion at this General’s manor, do not ever think to leave the General’s manor!”

“Is it really?” This insufferably arrogant man!! He infuriated her! He infuriated her!!

Gu Yun smiled instead of getting angry, approached Su Ling slowly, her small and lovable figure was only reached to his chest. After stoping by his side, Gu Yun left this sentence with not light nor heavy voice: “General Su, we will wait and see (who is right).” He seriously believed that she was used to devote herself to embroider the butterfly during this half a year time?! Su Ling, if I, Gu Yun wanted to leave the General’s manor, it would be as easy as if I entered the food market!!

Rather than saying that she was detained in custody, it was better to say that a swaggering woman was escorted by a group of soldiers to leave!!

Darn it, how did she have this much confidence?

How did she have this much confidence inside the General’s manor, who was the master of the General’s manor in the end!!

“Peng–” (The sound of SL who was breaking the tables)

The majority of the people heard the loud sound inside the study room in the depth of the night. The young General who was tidying up the study room the next day, could only see that several tables were cut down in half and they were crumbling on the ground…… This…… who provoked the General to get angry again last night?!!


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