The bearded man was already met with desperation when the smell of the blood forced him to be on the verge of being mad. The blue veins on his forehead raised violently, the scarlet red eyes were staring at the man, his mouth shouted: “It is you who force me! You force me!!”

On one side, he was shouting and on the other side, the large knife on his hand was wiping toward Zhou Qing’s fair neck. Darn, Zhuo Qing’s heart was tensed, the other hand of the bearded man was continuously sticking closely to her shoulder. Zhuo Qing was unable to move a single step, soon the point of the knife would close in on her and she also could only wait to die.

Just when the bearded man was in between raising his knife and lowering it, the man with the blue garment and tiny phoenix eyes raised to capture a split second of the time when he was raising hand, one knife as a cicada’s wing, the tree leaves size of a throwing knife caused the man’s finger to crack with flying speed. Zhuo Qing only felt one extremely powerful strong wind had swept on her neck, after that the neck suddenly felt hot and the blood splashed on the top of the neck.

“Ah!” A similar yelling as if a pig was being killed was heard, the bearded man’s large knife fell to the ground but his other hand that was tightly grabbing Zhou Qing did not release her. Darn it!

Feeling less of a threat from the blade, Zhou Qing grabbed the opportunity, grasping the elbow with her left hand, grasping the shoulder with her right hand, fastening on a steady horse stance to lower the central core (I think this is one of the martial art moves when you make sure that your feet positions were steady before you do any other move), lowering her right shoulder, twisting her left waist, vertical downward force and throwing her mind to read silently the shoulder throw (judo move) formula that Gu Yun had taught her. Zhuo Qing closed her eyes and used up all her strength to throw down the bearded man. Bang, bang! After one beautiful judo move, the bearded man felt that his body was light, dizzy and he was somehow thrown to the ground. His back ferociously smashed the bluestone on the road and he was in endless pain.

Zhuo Qing herself was also not as good either, just now she did not fear for her life and used up all her strength. She seemed to twist her waist, was grimacing in pain and with great difficulty, separated from the bearded man. Braving her pain, Zhuo Qing stumbled toward the blue garment man.

The man raised his shoulder, lightly shook his head and he had a contrived extremely exaggerated facial expression. His mouth muttered a sound: “Jiang Hu is dangerous, Jiang Hu is dangerous ah…”

Boy, no wonder the old man said that Jiang Hu was the most dangerous, the scariest woman! She just had thin arms, legs and small physique, unexpectedly, could take a hold of almost twice the size of a man’s strength and threw him down…. The old man indeed had the highest insight…. This person could still have a little contrived!! Zhuo Qing ferociously stared to glance at him.

At this moment, the bearded man who was on the ground was also having a hard time crawling to stand up, with messy looks, he moved forward to run away, leaving a thin trail of blood on the ground. It could clearly be seen that the knife hit the right target a moment ago.

“You want to run!” The blue garment man shouted loudly. He unloaded a strip like a thumb size rope, made a harness and effortlessly trapped the bearded man to stop. Exerting his strength to pull, he knocked down the bearded man one more time. Maybe because of his injury that was extremely serious, the bearded man groaned on the ground and did not crawl to get up anymore.

Using the other rope that was fasten on his waist, the blue garment man proudly laughed: “I want to see where you can still run this time!” He had a value of 500 liang! Chased him for 3 months, if the man ran away, this deal was certainly a big loss.

Pulling the bearded man to turn around, the blue garment man saw Zhuo Qing was still leaning against the stone wall, her complexion was extremely wrong like she was gasping for air. Walking to her side, the man embarrassedly asked: “Hey, are you ok?”

“No.” Still rubbing a muscle cramp on her waist, Zhuo Qing was in pain and sweating profusely. Her complexion was exceptionally pale and the bloodstain on her neck was also particularly obvious for the eyes to see. She was after all a woman and also because of him, she sustained an injury a moment ago. He was somewhat a little bit responsible for her injury so no matter what, he should not leave her?!

Looking for countless of reason to convince himself, the man seemed to achieve an enormous general resolution. Cautiously and solemnly pulling a small bottle from his chest, he turned around after fiddling for a long time and said: “For you.”

Zhuo Qing raised her head, the man grabbed her hand and put a black shelled peanut size pill on her palm with a reluctant face.

Zhuo Qing was puzzled: “What is this?”

The man excitedly replied: “I tell you, it is to staunch a bleeding, frightened repose, detoxify fever/cold, a good elixir medicine! Hurry up and eat it.”

“Elixir medicine…?” Zhuo Qing bowed her head to see her palm that had this extremely dark pill, the pill was still emitting a strange smell. This one thing could really take care of 3 sicknesses, how very unlikely?! Zhuo Qing would definitely not eat this thing.

Zhuo Qing’s face snorted disdainfully, the man was in a bad mood. One side reaching out to grab and the other side scolded: “Return it to me if you do not eat it, if it is not to see that you are a young woman, I will definitely not give it to you. You are unable to recognize other’s good intention! Just this one drug, it is valued at 50 liang of silver!!”

Even though she would absolutely not eat it, but looking at the man’s love for money as if it was his manner of life, Zhuo Qing suddenly clenched her palm tightly, hid it behind her back, the man still wanted to step forward. Zhou Qing evilly raised her head to laugh while she was throwing it away. Along with her beautiful gesture, the pill disappeared among the debris.
She, she, she unexpectedly threw it away?! The man was glaring at Zhuo Qing, his young face was full of heartache, 50 liang of silver ah! 50 liang… In theory, just can not be a good person!

Her face was no longer so pale, in addition the neck was cut by a knife and dripped out some blood, nothing serious. Furthermore she also had the mood to argue, he simply should not meddlesome to take care of her.

Walking back to the side of the bearded man, he vented and ferociously kicked his two legs. Then, the man once again was pulling and dragging the bearded man while whistling and walking toward the outside of the alley, no longer giving a glance at Zhuo Qing.

This man was really somewhat interesting, slowly opening up her other hand, that pitch-black pill was still on her palm. As early as when the hand was on her back, in the split second, the drug was already changed hands. Conveniently stuffing the pill inside the pocket of the belt, Zhuo Qing turned around to look towards that swaying rear view of the man, with a loud voice asked: “Hey, what is your name?”

“Qian Jing…” (The Chinese character for his name is 乾荆, 乾-Qian as a surname & 荆-Jing as a chaste tree for herbal remedy). From the winding alley, the man’s distance shout was floating over.

“Qian Jing?!” (These are using different characters, 钱-Qian as money & 精-Jing as extremely (fine) – essentially Zhuo Qing thought since his name has a money character in it so that’s why he loves money). Zhuo Qing was startled, filling her head with sinister line, just how much love he had for money… Thinking of him a moment ago, he kept on saying about money as it never left his mouth. Zhuo Qing had no choice but to sigh in admiration, his parents indeed had excellent foresight ah…!

Sitting at the corner for a moment, her strength finally came back slowly, propping up on the stone wall, Zhuo Qing was walking at the alley slowly. However, after walking for a while, her waist began to ache, leaning against the stone wall, Zhuo Qing forced a smile. She really had too much bad luck!! After living more than 20 years, these two days were probably the most exciting time!

Supporting her waist, Zhuo Qing moved to go towards the entrance of the alley one step at a time. Suddenly, a bright black chariot appeared at the narrow roadway, the wide body of the chariot almost blocked the whole road. The chariot had a quiet and delicate canopy, tall dark horses, really showed the social status of this chariot.

Zhuo Qing looked around in a glimpse, there was no coachman, also did not see who the other person was. Anyway, the chariot was blocking the road. She also could not walk to pass through and her waist was tremendously painful. Zhuo Qing planned to go to the chariot to rest for a moment and to stretch her waist a little bit before walking again.

Zhuo Qing immediately decided to take action, tying her long skirt up to her waist, with one hand, she was grabbing the chassis of the chariot, the other hand propping up the shaft of the chariot, her foot was also kicking. With great difficulty, Zhuo Qing climbed up to lift the curtain open.

Unexpectedly, there was someone in the chariot? Seeing clearly this person’s looks, Zhou Qing was extremely regretting! A pair of thin and soft eyes that she had already disliked just shined lightly with a faint smile, raised thin lips, even more annoying!

Lou Xi Yan, this person whom she anxiously was trying to free herself from, was just calmed and unruffled at this moment. Seeing him so relaxed and at ease and by contrast, she ran a big circle, put herself into a difficult situation, unexpectedly came around to walk right into the same trap at the moment…

“What a coincidence, we meet again.” A clear and shallow’s male voice with a trace of repressed emotion and smiling expression echoed faintly.


Zhuo Qing wished to cry but had no tears, she was really not having too much fun…


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