Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 19: Entering Prime Minister’s Manor


Inside the chariot, each Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing occupied one side of the area, in any case, entering the Prime Minister’s manor was already settled conclusively. Zhuo Qing also would no longer bring trouble to herself. She was always flexible in the past, in all respect, for a homeless, everywhere was a home. Tossing from side to side, Zhuo Qing’s head felt somewhat dizzy, but luckily the chariot was running figuratively smoothly. Propping her head, Zhuo Qing casted sidelong to glance at Lou Xi Yan. He was lowering his head to read a book, did not know if that was or was not his habitual facial expression. The corner of his mouth appeared to be always raising slightly. Speaking the truth, this kind of him was really good-looking. It was a pity that Zhuo Qing’s perception was not enough for her to properly and joyfully smile, just looked like… the same as professional smile, courtesy and estranged.

Lightly yawning, Zhuo Qing tapped her eyelids, she was extremely sleepy. Zhuo Qing’s breath gradually became even, Lou Xi Yan softly closed the book just now. He was gazing at this strange woman continuously. He did not even read one word a moment ago while she was watching attentively. He unexpectedly could be absent-minded… even more strange, he could watch attentively at her like this, until the chariot stopped. From the outside, Mo Bai’s voice echoed, Lou Xi Yan just recovered now.

“Master, we arrived.”

Mo Bai’s low call had also woken up Zhuo Qing who was closing her eyes to rest. Lifting to open the hanging clothing curtain, Zhuo Qing took the lead to jump down the chariot, completely ignored Lou Xi Yan, the owner.

Standing firm on the ground, Zhuo Qing was immediately overawed, before her eyes 5 to 6 meters tall and 7 to 8 meters wide of a bronze entrance gate. It was spacious and concise of a lintel door, the vermilion color of the 相府-Xiang Fu (Prime Minister’s manor), the two words embedded with a gold plaque that was hung in the middle of the door. Both sides of the entrance doors did not have guardian lion statues as Zhuo Qing had imagined. Nor were there formidable, well-built, arrogant and overbearing men who were looking after the house to protect the courtyard. Going into one section was a garden with stone and brick mountain, not only blocking the line of sight, but also revealing the master’s magnanimity. The entrance was already open unrestrictedly like this but faintly revealing the dignified air of the influential family’s manner. It would make people to sense an indescribable reverence, did not dare to rush in.

Zhuo Qing stepped across the inside of the entrance door, a suntanned person, Jing Sa just happened to approach to welcome, looked a quick glance at Zhuo Qing. His eyes flashed through in astonishment, but very quickly disappeared. Facing Lou Xi Yan who was behind Zhuo Qing, he slightly bowed and called out: “Master.”

Zhuo Qing recalled Lou Xi Yan at this moment, she seemingly should be waiting for the owner to bring her in and should not try to intrude on her own. Slightly retreating one step afterwards, Zhuo Qing naturally felt courteous and waited for Lou Xi Yan to come in.

“Master…” Jing Sa still wanted to ask something when a quiet and exquisite woman’s voice echoed in a distant: “Elder brother!” From the back of the stone mountain, a pink silhouette straightforwardly was facing the entrance door and ran to come over, her skirt looked like a meandering pink butterfly. Zhuo Qing was worried that she would step on her own skirt and fall down, but she thought too much. The woman safely rushed to the front of Lou Xi Yan in the end.

Watching attentively and gently at the woman, Lou Xi Yan who was practically spoiling and pampering her, with the same smile said: “What are you doing to go hurriedly like this?”

“Waiting for you.” The woman raised her head, slightly rosy lip was pouted, bright and beautiful big eyes with brilliant colors, she appeared to have grievance and was stubborn. Mixing a grief, resentful and low voice, she scolded: “Renjia, (courtesy calling for the Princess) Princess Chao Yun waited for you for half a day, second mother urged me to catch you at the gate, once you came back to hurriedly go to Hua Ting pavilion to wait upon her… Humph, a person with no bone!”

What is so amazing about the Princess?! A lackey appearance, they, the Lou Family, when and who do they need to wait upon like a slave?! Such a disgrace!

Looking at Xi Wu’s appearance, Lou Xi Yan probably knew what matter had occurred. Gently patting her shoulder, Lou Xi Yan smiled and said: “You spoke like this ah! Ok, I got it, you go to rest now.”

Lou Xi Wu was reluctant and unwilling to turn around to leave, Lou Xi Yan spoke to Jing Sa: “Jing Sa, tidy up Zhai Xing pavilion, find several intelligent servant girls to serve Miss Qing and be sure to invite the doctor to treat Miss’ wound.”

“Yes.” Jing Sa’s double-edged sword eyebrows wrinkled a little, the original black complexion was even somewhat darker.

Lou Xi Wu who already went to go back stopped her foot steps, Zhai Xing pavilion? That place was a two adjacent building with Elder Brother’s Lan Yue and in the same courtyard. At that place they could appreciate the star in the sky, it could even be said to be breathtakingly beautiful, therefore it was called Zhai Xing pavilion. However, on account that older brother liked to be quiet, that house was always unused in the past, who this big honorable person was to reside at Zhai Xing pavilion. Lou Xi Wu’s curiosity made her turned around, only to see a thin woman who was leisurely standing at the side.

Lou Xi Wu asked: “Elder brother, who is she ah?”

Lou Xi Yan serenely smiled and said: “Hao Yue country’s Miss Qing.”

“Qing Feng?! She?!” Lou Xi Wu bewilderingly shouted. How was it possible that this woman was Qing Feng?! Messy hair and did not know how to bundle her hair, furthermore, that clothes, even her family’s servant girls would be unlikely to wear green clothes. Even more the hideous scar from a knife wound on her right cheek, this woman was Qing Feng! It was a joke, right?! On one side, Lou Xi Wu was seizing up Zhuo Qing and on the other side, she snorted disdainfully and arguably said: “What was the meaning of Hao Yue’s country to give this ugly person to come over? As expected, the rumor could not be trusted, it was still saying that the 3 Sisters of the Qing’s family were devastatingly beautiful (the words used here were 倾国倾城, it was translated literally as a person who is so beautiful and capable of causing the downfall of a city or state or country) and graceful. What was this!”

Really ugly, right?! Zhuo Qing lightly caressed the cheek once that was already not giving her too much pain. Speaking the truth, she still had not had the chance to properly look at this face but if this young girl was thinking that she could provoke her this way, she was just too naive.

“Xi Wu, who taught you to be so undisciplined like this?”

Lou Xi Yan lowered his voice, Si Wu was somewhat afraid but thinking of this woman who was this ugly, nevertheless she was still elder brother’s woman. Inevitably annoyed: “What I said was a fact, she originally was just…”

“Sorry to disturb you.” A cold voice faintly echoed. Zhuo Qing’s hands were on her chest and somewhat impatiently smiled and said: “You, brother and sister can reminisce as I do not have any opinion, but can you take me to the guest room first? I am very tired. As far as my features, you can slowly discuss it.”

Lou Xi Yan stared blankly and afterwards chuckled, in all cases, woman put a serious importance to her face but she actually did not care about it at all. She was good now! At first, hearing that Princess Chao Yun came made his mood somewhat depressed, but he seemed to be a lot better now.

“Jing Sa, take Miss Qing to rest.”

“Miss Qing, this way please.”

Facing them to smile, Zhuo Qing indifferently said: “You can continue.”

“You!” She simply did not pay any attention to her!! Lou Xi Wu’s angry eyes were almost glaring to come out.

Zhuo Qing absolutely refused to acknowledge her and crossed over Lou Xi Wu. She just minded her own business and advanced to walk inside the courtyard. Lou Xi Yan smiled and also advanced to walk over to the other direction to Hua Ting pavilion.

“Hey…” Lou Xi Wu looked to the left side, then looked at the right side and angrily stomped. Elder brother was clearly favoring that ugly woman! She would not give up like this! Humph!


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