Chapter 22: Strange Illness 


“What!” Xue Xian Xin stared blankly, casted a quick look at Zhuo Qing, simply did not pay attention to her, unable to tolerate, she shouted: “Where did this mad woman come from to have the impertinence to behave atrociously at the Prime Minister’s manor, give her to me to throw out.”

“Stop.” Lou Xi Wu pointed at Zhuo Qing, and shouted: “She is elder brother’s woman, who dares to throw her out!?” Although she disliked this ugly woman but in contrast, Xue Xian Xin was even more hateful, she and her were just being acquainted today.

The people were looking at each other in dismay, Zhuo Qing used to follow with the flow, the first time she was known to be a certain person’s woman, this appellation was truly @@$@$….. For the purpose of using this Madam’s spirit, also to let her fulfilled her wish to go into the small storied building, Zhuo Qing softly sighed and smilingly answered: “I am…. Qing Feng, they said that your Emperor ordered to bestow me as Lou Xi Yan’s woman. In the event that there is no first wife, a young concubine is precisely the mistress, like this madam. The Prime Minister manor’s mistress already changed its owner now.”

She was the Imperial Beauty bestowed by the Emperor?! Xue Xian Xin snorted disdainfully, sneered and said: “A bunch of nonsense! You, this ugly woman was absolutely impossible being a beauty whom the Emperor’s order to bestow to Xi Yan.”

Frowning artificially, Zhuo Qing pretended to be alarmed and shouted: “Are you doubting Qiong Yue Emperor’s foresight ?”

“I, I… I am doubting you!” Who is this woman after all?!

Clearly nodding, Zhuo Qing with an innocent face threw out a question to Jing Sa: “Jing Sa, you can answer this question better.”

This time Jing Sa actually abnormally cooperated, coldly answered: “Second Madam, she is indeed Miss (actually the words used here were 姑娘 – guniang which should be translated as young lady, but it felt weird to write young lady QF so I used Miss instead) Qing Feng who was bestowed by the Emperor to Master.”

Xue Xian Xin was somewhat panicky, she absolutely did not expect, this woman was unexpectedly really Hao Yue’s beauty who was bestowed to Xi Yan. Regardless of her first appearance, watching this temper that was not meek and could easily deceive any individual, she could not let her to be arrogant. Waiving her hand, Xue Xian Xin disregarded the other person as if she had a lower status and said: “Ok, since you are the Imperial Beauty bestowed by the Emperor, I will not make things difficult for you, but I am Xi Yan’s mother, the West General’s Madam. As long as I am here, the mistress’ position will not go to you. Ok, ok, return to your courtyard.”

Was this second mistress giving her an obstacle? Zhuo Qing laughed, if it was not because she wanted to go in to take a look at Lou Xi Yan on what sinister plot he was doing, she would quickly jump out to contradict with her? She was really hungry and unexpectedly wasting time with her nonsense. Zhuo Qing did not show mercy and answered: “Second Madam, right. If I am not mistaken, here is the Prime Minister’s manor, it is not the General’s manor. This being the case, the Prime Minister’s manor, naturally, the Prime Minister’s woman is the Mistress. You, as the mother, could still enjoy a good health properly in later years.”

“You, you, you…” She went so far as to curse her early demise!

Xue Xian Xin’s angry complexion blushed, her spoken words were all unclear, Zhuo Qing unhurriedly laughed and smily answered: “Your old body must be taken care of ah! I go in to take a look at Xi Yan, you return to rest, ok.”

Finish speaking, she did not turn around but moved forward to walk. Xue Xian Xin was angry and her face looked like she was about to collapse. Lou Xi Wu did not give any face and laughed heartily and chased after Zhuo Qing to come near to the small storied building.

Glaring to look at that leisurely white shadow, Xue Xian Xin’s eyes filled with bitter resentment, hand was holding firmly in a fist, her finger nails were deeply stabbing her palm. Well, this Qing Feng! We would wait and see who would die first in the end!

Feeling a bitter expression behind her back, Zhuo Qing did not pay any attention and walked to the side door. Against watching a farce, stiff at the side of the Imperial Physician and quietly said: “Imperial Physician, I just want to see him properly from outside of the living room, will not disturb you to treat his illness.”

Yang Mu finally recovered, promptly nodded and said: “Ok, ok.” Even though this woman’s face was damaged, still artistically as if it was made by heaven. Her words were sharp and eloquent a moment ago, she was good at understanding others and sensible now, clearly not an average family’s young lady! Yang Mu saw how many woman fought openly and maneuver covertly within the palace. He understood throughly early that behaving with integrity to handle matters was the way to survive.

Slowly opening the door, Zhuo Qing took the lead to walk in, directly facing the door was a set of seats to receive visitors. There were several calligraphy and paintings hanging on the wall, very simple. Across the side of the big screen, although hazy, it could clearly be seen that the inside room was more spacious compared to the outside, but the specific decorations could not be seen meticulously.

The Imperial Physician and the medicine child walked to go in, Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Wu could only wait at the outside.

Actually standing outside the screen, she could not see very clearly the situation inside the room, illuminated by candle-light, could only see Mo Bai tall’s body who was guarding at the side of the bed. The Imperial Physician sat on the bed to feel the pulse, carefully listening to the heavy panting like asthma attack, but unable to see the patient, Zhuo Qing could not make a conclusion.

Foolishly standing at the outside of the screen was really boring, Zhuo Qing turned towards one side to stare at the not blinking Lou Xi Wu and asked: “He falls ill frequently?”

It was probably because Zhuo Qing helped her a moment ago, Lou Xi Wu’s impression was a little good towards her, eyes not leaving the person, Lou Xi Wu softly answered: “Usually in the spring, usually all are good, as soon as he is falling ill like this, he is unable to breathe.”

“For how long?”

Mentioning this, Lou Xi Wu seemed somewhat jittery: “This ailment was from childhood, treatments for how many years, also did not see any good result.”

From childhood? That should not be too difficult to fix, but congenital asthma should not break out seasonally ah? Secretly pondering, both people in the room suddenly heard the sound of a few urgent grasping sounds, followed by a burst of trembling and hectic sound.

“Master!!” Along with Mo Bai’s worry and low cry out, the anxious Lou Xi Wu was unable to deal with these many things, straightforwardly burst into the inside room. Zhuo Qing hesitated for a moment, nevertheless finally followed to go in.

The candle flame shined upon very brightly inside of the room, an incredibly large bed, covered with a thick and long feather silk quilt, snow white of silk quilt, against the skin of Lou Xi Yan’s original fair face made him even paler. He was laying down on the bed, abnormal shortness of breath, overbearingly short breath, one hand tightly pulled the front jacket on his chest. On the forehead and cheeks were full of sweats, black hair was half bound and also covered with sweat. He could not control his body with violent movement with every breath he had. This… was not fake, also did not appear to be faked.

“Elder brother…” Lou Xi Wu was sobbing. Looking at this kind of Lou Xi Yan and recalling that he was in his prime with a high-spirited appearance in the daytime, Zhuo Qing could not adapt, even more so for Lou Xi Wu.

Yang Mu’s one hand was pressing Lou Xi Yan, while calling out loud: “Hurry, hurry, come over and get my needle.”

“Yes, yes!” The medicine boy was flustered and rummaged through to try to find it, finally brought a small box of silver needle to pass on. Taking the silver needle, Yang Mu however did not know how to put down the needle. Lou Xi Yan was always violently moving up and down every time he was breathing, his whole body moved, how could he put the needle down?! If he made a mistake in one acupuncture point, did he want or not want his life?!

Yang Mu hesitated not knowing how to do it properly, Zhuo Qing grudgingly shook her head. Everyone had a shocked and amazed expression, Zhuo Qing lifted her feet to directly step across to go to the bed…


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