Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 23: Strange Illness (Part 2)

Yang Mu hesitated not knowing how to do it properly, Zhuo Qing grudgingly shook her head. Everyone had a shocked and amazed expression, Zhuo Qing lifted her feet to directly step across to go to the bed. Climbing on the inside of the bed, half kneeling next to Lou Xi Yan’s side, both hands were pushing his shoulder. Thinking to help, but she did not expect that the seemingly meager’s Lou Xi Yan was actually very muscly, strong and annoyingly heavy.

Unable to use force, Zhou Qing faced Mo Bai and said: “Blue eyes, help him to sit up.”

Mo Bai’s eyes with a trace of uncertainty, coldly stared at her. Zhuo Qing impatiently growled: “If you do not want him to die, hurry up!”

Mo Bai slightly hesitated for a moment, still helped Lou Xi Yan to sit up, Lou Xi Yan just sat up straight. Zhuo Qing tore open his folded upper garment, one hand touched his back, while the other hand was immediately stroking his unrestricted chest… Lou Xi Yan suddenly grabbed Zhuo Qing’s wrist, his slender eyes were suddenly opened big, two people’s eyes were connected. Zhuo Qing was dazzled for a split second, these pair were sometimes inspiring, sometimes sly, calculating eyes were just like a pool of deep water now, so deep to make her flustered. A number of flowing sweat was sliding along the cheeks, dropping on Zhuo Qing’s arm and her hand shook. He grabbed her arm and hand even tighter, his hand was different during day time, cold and gentle, his hand now had a great strength and palm was burning hot.

Looking at Zhuo Qing’s hand stopped at Lou Xi Yan’s chest, Lou Xi Wu was unable to endure at this time. Zhuo Qing was facing her elder brother, she practically screamed and roared: “What are you, this ugly woman, doing?! Let go, let go!!” (See comment below).

Paying no attention to Lou Xi Wu’s screaming, Zhuo Qing returned to look at Lou Xi Yan’s deep eyes, softly said: ” Lou Xi Yan, you need to relax, follow the rhythm of my breath.”

“Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…”

Lou Xi Yan frowned, what is she doing?! After suffocating, sitting up seemed to feel a little better, looking at her earnestly accompanying him to exert her physical strength to breathe, Lou Xi Yan’s heart was warm. Slowly relaxing his strong hand in the end, along with her rhythm to breathe, the hand was not letting go from start to finish.

All the people expressionlessly were looking at Zhuo Qing who was guiding Lou Xi Yan to exhale and inhale, they had never seen this kind of treatment, but strangely speaking, Lou Xi Yan sat like this to breathe deeply several times afterwards, though breathing was still very difficult, but it did not look like a moment ago, that kind of breathing that seemed to exhaust the whole body’s strength every time.

Several breathing afterwards, Zhuo Qing raised her head to glare at Yang Mu, with a cold voice scolded: “You continue with your treatment, what are you doing looking at me!”

Yang Mu finally recovered, repeatedly answered: “Oh, oh…” Taking action and not daring to neglect, he put down the needle.

One burning stick of incense afterwards…

By means of the Imperial Physician and Zhuo Qing’s great effort, Lou Xi Yan appeared to be a little better, breathing appeared to be smoother, but his complexion was still pale.

Yang Mu put away the needle, using the sleeve of his garment to wipe the thin sweats on his forehead, secretly relaxing. It was really dangerous a moment ago, fortunately that Miss Qing used a strange trick, otherwise the consequences would indeed be unthinkable.

“Master, here is the medicine.” The medicine child was holding a bowl of pure black medicine concoction, carefully walked in.

The medicine had not yet in front of her, Zhuo Qing already smelled the thick traditional Chinese medicine right away. Fortunately she chose Western medicine during that time, this terrible smell, just the smell was already made her nauseous. She wanted to use her hand to cover her nose, but discovered that Lou Xi Yan was still holding her wrist tightly. Raising up to look, his long and narrow eyes faintly flashed through a cold ray. She remembered before coming in, Lou Xi Yan threw down the medicine bowl once, he also disliked traditional Chinese medicine?! Or…

Yang Mu took the medicine bowl and placed it in front of the bed, Mo Bai stepped forward one step, coldly said: “Imperial Physician Yang, let me do it.”

“This…” Extremely nervous there would be another mishap, Yang Mu hesitated whether or not to personally attend to Prime Minister Lou to drink the medicine, an elegant with indifferent smiling expression’s voice leisurely echoed: “Imperial Physician, you are also tired for the whole night, it will be better to rest at the room next door first, wait until the other Imperial Physicians to arrive. You still have to be busy, just hand over to us to take over in here first.”

The words were said with compassion, but also with irresistible force, Yang Mu raised to look on, only saw an easy-mannered woman sitting on the bed, without a trace of pretense. One hand was tightly grasped by Prime Minister Lou, it was no wonder, her imposing manner was very excessive a moment ago, as it turned out, Prime Minister Lou gave her support! Restraining his eyes hurriedly, Yang Mu gave the bowl of medicine to Mo Bai, and bowed to answer: “Alright, I will have to thank you for your trouble, Madam, I will be in the room next door, if you have anything just call me.”

“Good.” Zhuo Qing actually did not pay attention to this Madam’s appellation, even more did not pay attention when Lou Xi Yan’s corner of mouth softly raised.

“Elder brother…” With trembling lips, Lou Xi Wu half-kneeled in front of the bed, she did not want to cry, but could not control the tears as they fell down. Softly lifting his hand and gently wiping Lou Xi Wu’s tears, Lou Xi Yan softly said: “I am all right. Xi Wu, elder brother has words to speak to Miss Qing, you go out first.”

“En.” Looking a glance at Zhuo Qing, Lou Xi Wu did not say anything, obediently retreated.
Mo Bai also retreated to the outside of the screen, only remained these two people, Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing, two people were like this face to face sitting on the spacious bed. Lou Xi Yan was obviously gasping for breath, panting up and down, also the front of his jacket was open a little, strong chest, visible vague abdominal muscle, the half-bund black ink hair was drooping…. Zhuo Qing conceded, it was a feast for the eyes, but staring at somebody like this, was it or was it not too excessive? However, if she did not look this way, also would injure his ego, right…. Zhuo Qing unbridledly looked until that pair of mischievous tiny eyes were met by accident. Zhuo Qing was embarrassed, lightly sighing and saying: “It is best that you speak less now, have more rest, whatever you want to say, can wait until you are a little well.”

“I think I want to ask for your help.”

Lifting up, Lou Xi Yan grabbed her arm, Zhuo Qing straightforwardly answered: “You can say it, but can you let me go down first?!”

She also knew how to be embarrassed? Lou Xi Yan laughed, he had never seen any family’s daughter who could stare at a man like this, still looked with keen interest pleasure! Lou Xi Yan did not want to make her feel embarrassed, softly let go of her hand. Zhuo Qing hurriedly got up, jumped down the bed, did not forget to grab a few pillow cushions to put on the lower back of Lou Xi Yan, and let him to lean on them to sit.

Looking at the silhouette who was busy at his side, Lou Xi Yan suddenly lowered his voice, softly answered: “I have been sick for some years, the medical treatments have not worked out. I saw that your method was very effective a moment ago. I hope that you can stay by my side to take care of me.”

“I could only provide first aid a moment ago, nothing more. I do not know how to treat a specific medical treatment.” She learned western medicine, ok! Let her cut open a corpse then she would not have any problem. Treating an illness was not her specialty, especially at a situation and a place where there was no medical equipment.

“It does not matter. You can help me during the most painful time, it is already enough.”

The low sound of sighing made Zhuo Qing felt uncomfortable without any reason, he was better suited to have high-spirited appearance, but Lou Xi Yan was really strange. Speaking that he feigned illness? Impossible, the outbreak of his illness’ appearance just now could not be faked. Speaking that he really had illness, why did he not use the medicine? On the surface, surely there was some unknown secret, but she did not have any interest to know, she only wanted to find Gu Yun!

Coming up with an idea, Zhuo Qing would no longer be at a loss intertwining with Lou Xi Yan’s goal, calmly answered: “Very well, I can stay but I want to see my sisters in one month.”

“Ok.” For him, this was a trivial matter, nothing more.

“Very good, it seemed that we had reached a consensus.” Picking up the medicine herbs that Mo Bai left behind, Zhuo Qing did not go back and went to Lou Xi Yan, walking to the front of the window, with a pity face, she said: “Hey, this medicine had cooled down, the medicine’s effect would be different, or could wait for the Imperial Physician to boil a new medicine again to drink.” The hand did not show the slightest hesitation, the entire medicine concoction was poured into the growing plants in the pot in front of the window.

She turned towards him, fiddled with the growing plants in the pot satisfyingly. Lou Xi Yan was watching attentively at her eyes, increasingly deeper. She was actually a lot more intelligent than what he had anticipated…. Letting go of the growing plants in the pot, Zhuo Qing prepared to leave, from outside the room, Jing Sa’s icy arrogant voice suddenly echoed: “Master, the Emperor came.”

The Emperor came!? Lou Xi Yan softly called: “Mo Bai.” Mo Bai entered the bedroom, Lou Xi Yan spoke a few sentences in his ear afterwards. He suddenly got up to pull Zhuo Qing to go out. Zhuo Qing was unable to understand, what was he doing ah?! Why did it concern her that the Emperor came? Why on earth were they nervous? Was she shameful?

Two people walked out of the screen, outside the room the voice was paying respect: “Long live, long live, long live the Emperor!”

Evidently the Emperor was already at the outside courtyard, Mo Bai could only pull her back in once again. Zhuo Qing rolled her eyes, this room was large, but there was no room to hide!

“No need for the courtesy!” Along with an irritable and overbearing majestic presence, a male voice sounded, the door was suddenly pushed open.


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