Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 27: Hot Spring Garden (Part 2)


The side of the ears, the wind was blowing the trees leafs, rustling and caressing of the gentle sound of intermittent running water. The atmosphere was also filled with a slightly damp forest trees smell, surrounded by a faint misty water, it was very comfortable. Spring time’s plants were sprouting soft green everywhere, Zhuo Qing deeply breathed. Here was indeed a very good place, quiet, elegant small wooden cabin, simple and rustic, small independent courtyard was also decorated rather distinguished, built entirely by wood, did not have any brick roof tile, it was her favorite style.

She heard that the back lane of every small courtyard directly led to the hot spring water. Zhuo Qing’s heartbeat quickened, she still had not properly enjoyed the time after arriving at this terrible era. Tearing down the hanging silk curtain on top of the bedside, a piece of long and plain silk white towel was hanging on her neck now. Zhuo Qing laughed and looked at Lou Xi Wu, since she entered the cabin, had not stopped her footsteps, she was walking back and forth.

Was not this only a confession, no need to have this much nervousness, ok?! Zhuo Qing pushed open the door to the rear court, while she was walking, she leisurely laughed and said: “I am going to soak in the hot spring now, wait until I come back. If you have not succeeded with your confession, then it will be my turn lo.”

Lou Xi Wu suddenly raised her head, she was staring at Zhuo Qing’s back, practically screamed: “You, do not even think about it!!”

Zhuo Qing turned her body, her defiant eyes swept at Lou Xi Wu’s red face, arrogantly answered: “Then I will just watch you.” Sometimes giving an appropriate motivation was more effective than an encouragement.

Enjoying the killing gaze that was hot and could kill on her back, Zhuo Qing softly perked up her lips, her mood was joyful and she was walking down the path.

The blue stone lane was twisting and turning, to the side was surrounded by short and tall flowers and trees. The ray of the setting sun was warm on the ground, the moist water vapor and the smell of flower could be felt. Zhuo Qing’s footsteps were relaxed, she bypassed a few mountain rocks, a hot spring pool appeared in front of her. The hot spring was surrounded by the mountain rocks and bushes, very secluded and private, Zhuo Qing was satisfied.

The pond used rocks to surround all four sides, the pond water was not deep. As if it was a full moon, the moon shaped water pond was divided into two sides. In the middle of the pond, there were small rocks that were used as a divider of the two half moon shaped ponds. Although this was originally a full moon shaped pond, no one would be able to see clearly on the other half side of the pond, very ingenuity. Zhuo Qing took off the thin long skirt, held the white thin silk as a bath towel and wrapped it around her. Using her foot to test the water temperature, it was just right, she looked all around, finally still not taking off the white thin silk towel, she directly walked down to the hot spring.

The steam was warm on the body, a thin mist revolved around the side of the body, surrounded by the fragrance of flowers, the soft chanting of the bird, the setting sun resembled fire. Watching the sunset like this was exactly the best plan, everything was perfect.

Zhuo Qing sighed of relief comfortably, closed her eyes slowly…. “En, really comfortable.” A lazy and deep male voice suddenly echoed nearby, it seemed to be very near to the ears.

“Who is that?!” Zhuo Qing swiftly opened her eyes, swept all around panicky.

The gurgling sound of the spring water, ash gray trees, except for her, there was nobody around ah?!

Zhuo Qing frowned, could it be that she was too fatigue so the hallucination appeared?!

Just when Zhuo Qing was puzzling for a length of time, once again an unhurriedly male voice echoed: “If I had known earlier, I would come here for self-cultivation for several days every year.”

This voice… Zhuo Qing gnashed her teeth: “Lou… Xi… Yan!”

“What a coincidence.” A pretending to be surprised voice come out from the back of the rocks that separated part of the full moon pond.

Lou Xi Yan was unexpectedly soaking in the hot spring on the other side?! When did he come? She actually did not discover it or maybe he already came earlier. That, the time when she changed her clothes a moment ago…. Zhuo Qing’s heart was steaming and impatient, Lou Xi Yan’s clear and cold voice once again echoed: “You do not need to worry, indecent assault peeping and taking advantage of somebody’s precarious position, this kind of thing. I, Lou Xi Yan will never do it.”

Leaning her back against the mountain rocks, Zhuo Qing was thinking that Lou Xi Yan should not be this kind of person. The most important thing was this separation of the mountain rocks was so low so when they were soaking in the pond, they should not see each other from the opposite site. If she stood up to wear her clothes this time, he would be able to see it throughly! Anyway, she would still wrap a white silk fabric on her body so it was not naked completely. She had already gone to a Japan’s male-female hot spring in the past, what should she be afraid of now!?

Soaking for a while, only hearing the rushing sound of the water, Lou Xi Yan did not speak again, Zhuo Qing said in a low voice: “Your physical condition is not suited to soak in a hot spring, it is easy for the illness to develop, it is better to go back early.” It would be best for him to leave quickly, she should also get up. She was unable to breathe a little from soaking too long.

For a long time, Zhuo Qing almost thought that he already left. Lou Xi Yan’s muffled voice once again echoed: “What do you know about my illness?”

As it turned out, he was still here ah! Zhuo Qing used a white silk fabric to wrap the upper part of her body, sat up slightly and casually answered: “It should be asthma, one type of respiratory system ailment.” Watching at the situation during the outbreak, it was awfully alike, but she did not have any specific examination so could not be sure.

Lou Xi Yan did not actually soak in the hot spring, he was only sitting on the shore of the rocks with his feet were soaking in the pond. Hearing Zhuo Qing’s words, his hand that was gently pushing aside the water stopped for a moment and consciously asked: “You will treat it?”

“I am not able to, I have only heard of it and know some protective measure.” She learned to be a forensic investigator, ok?!

Eyes flashed with a bit of disappointment, but it quickly changed to pondering, Lou Xi Yan continued to gently push aside the water, it produced the sound of rushing water, gently smiled and said: “Qing-er is still indeed experienced and knowledgeable.”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, strangely called out: “What did you call me?!” Qing-er? Am I Bai Su Zhen! (from Madame White Snake – see below comment)

“You do not like it?” Pretending to ponder it over for a moment, Lou Xi Yan softly called: “Then, I will call you… Feng-er, ok.”

Feng-er… She was almost mad…

The people from ancient times, if they did not call any name without this “er” character, they could not speak ah! “Call me Qing Feng!” Zhuo Qing was practically flustered and exasperated when she spoke.

Lou Xi Yan was satisfied and perked up to smile, exciting mood, very good! Continue… “Feng-er, did you get used moving from Hao Yue to Qiong Yue? I heard that Feng-er was versed in poetry and proficient in all kinds of folk musical theater, singing and dancing. If you need anything, simply instruct the servant to prepare it.”

Zhuo Qing rolled her eyes, she knew nothing about poetry, anything related to folk dance was impassable. Lou Xi Yan clearly did not take seriously her yelling, Zhuo Qing impolitely answered: “People’s words can not be trusted, I hear that everyone praises Prime Minister Lou for his cultured and refined, honest, resolute, is a modest nobleman. It seems it resembles more like a rascal now.”

Rascal? Lou Xi Yan softly raised his eyebrows, a sly smile on his face, very well, then he would let her see what a real rascal looked like….


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