Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 28: Positively Identified


I think this was the longest chapter so far.., I love Lou Xi Yan dearly but he needs to get smack on his face for being “mean” to Zhuo Qing in this chapter… The title kind of gives it away on what will happen in this chapter. Anyone is surprised on the type of scheme our fox PM is doing in this chapter?

This chapter was edited by Din2.


Rascal? Lou Xi Yan softly raised his eyebrows, very well, then he would let her see what a real rascal looked like.

Zhuo Qing was waiting for Lou Xi Yan’s retort, unexpectedly it was suddenly dead silence on the other side, could not even hear the sound of water.

“Humph, en…” A repressed melancholy hum suddenly echoed, gently, then a splashing sound.

What is going on? Zhuo Qing was keeping close to the mountain rocks, listening carefully. She came across a gasp for breathing sound and the sound of trickling spring water. Zhuo Qing listened feeling unsure, she hesitated and called: “Lou Xi Yan?”

“I… am all right…” Intermittent answer and almost did not catch what he was saying. But Zhuo Qing could still hear the difficult words came out, this sound could be called as all right?!

“Lou Xi Yan, what is happening to you?!” It was not asthma recurrence, right!?

“Lou Xi Yan! Lou Xi Yan, you should speak ah!” Zhuo Qing shouted a few times, the other side was responding to her with more and more turbid panting sound, around the warm river steams make Zhuo Qing to even more concern. Recalling his appearance from last night’s outbreak, Zhuo Qing was anxious, shouted: “Blue eyes, blue eyes, are you here?!”

“Mo Bai… Mo Bai….” Her yelling sound was the only thing echoing in the hot spring pond. She was waiting for a response but it was never came out, only the sound of heavy breathing could be heard more and more rapid from the opposite side.

“Darn it!” He usually wandered around Lou Xi Yan’s side, at the time that he was truly needed, where did he go!! Supporting herself by holding on the mountain rocks, Zhuo Qing was unable to care much, wanted to go to the shore to put on her clothes to take a look. Walking a few steps, Zhuo Qing squinted her eyes to look for her clothes, where was it?! She definitely took it off near the entrance on the top of that big stone, how was it disappeared!!

“Ah…” A painful shout was heard afterwards, and then water splashing sound… Could it be that he drowned?! Originally he could not breathe and now drowned… Clenching her teeth, Zhuo Qing got up with a wet white silk fabric that was wrapped around her, she was somewhat tiptoeing. Zhuo Qing saw clearly on the opposite side of the pond, Lou Xi Yan’s half body was already soaking in the water, one hand was covering his chest, the other hand was grabbing the shore rocks. Because of breathing difficulty, his shoulder was moving up and down violently, he was almost half lying on the edge of the pond. Zhuo Qing was unable to see his face, but could see his difficult breathing.

“Lou Xi Yan!” Zhuo Qing screamed, Lou Xi Yan did not response. The hand that was clutching the rock a moment ago, it was releasing it slowly now, Zhuo Qing with great alarm, was unable to care about herself, only wrapped a wet white silk fabric, quickly stepped across the hot spring to cross over to the other side of the small stone. Zhuo Qing ran towards Lou Xi Yan.

Holding on Lou Xi Yan’s shoulder, seeing clearly his almost fainted appearance, Zhuo Qing jumped, she was lightly patting his face, anxiously said: “Get up, you get up quickly!”

Zhuo Qing was wet all over, the white silk fabric around her body was already soaked, sticking tightly to her skin, the white silk fabric surrounded the curve of her body and completely exposed it, exquisite and delicate. Lou Xi Yan only looked at it for a glimpse, the blood was already surging… “People, come ah.” He was extremely heavy, she absolutely could not help him up! What to do!? Lou Xi Yan was continuously facing towards the water, Zhuo Qing could only obliged to jump in the pond. Both hands were holding his chest to push up, Zhuo Qing continued to call for help with a loud voice: “Is there anybody, quickly come ah!”

If Zhuo Qing carefully observed Lou Xi Yan at this time, naturally she could see that his complexion was not pale, rapid breathing but not chaotic. However after seeing his outbreak’s appearance yesterday evening, his half body was soaking inside the pond now, Zhuo Qing could only think to pull him up so she did not pay any attention to his flush complexion.

Zhuo Qing was holding him tightly, her hair was wet and wrapping his shoulder, two people were practically sticking together, her chest was soft and stroking him gently from time to time. Lou Xi Yan was breathing and shivering in cold, his body seemed to be stiffed, his breathing was really muddy and chaotic at this time.

Why his body was heating up!! Zhuo Qing was afraid that because he was nervous, he forgot to breathe. On one hand, she was striving to drag him to climb ashore, on the other hand she was pacifying and saying: “Lou Xi Yan, you do not need to be nervous, keep breathing.”

Heavens! She was stroking him gently again, he could not breathe very soon!!

“Is there anyone…!”

Zhuo Qing’s half body was in the lukewarm spring water, continuously exerting her strength to drag and pull Lou Xi Yan up. Her face and neck were already sweating, right side of her skin also started to redden slightly. Lou Xi Yan’s eyes were shimmering, panting slightly while bowing his head, slightly narrowed eyes were fixed on the exquisite skin, after the red scar, like visible veins on the skin slowly appeared, more and more obvious, faintly discernible like a faint character that was appearing… Still could not see clearly what the character was, Lou Xi Yan’s sharp sense detected that the plants were swaying, an extremely quick blue shadow leapt to come from the side. Lou Xi Yan’s expression was dark, one hand was encircling Zhuo Qing’s waist, the other hand was exerting to lift and release a purple clock from the side, the cloak scattered and fell down, just in time to cover Zhuo Qing’s exquisite curve and chest that showed a distinct character more and more.

With great effort, Zhuo Qing pushed Lou Xi Yan to ashore, Lou Xi Yan’s heavy body was suddenly able to be pushed to ashore by her. Two people were lying on their stomachs together at the shore on the gravel stones, although their feet were still inside the water, more than half of their bodies finally came out. Zhuo Qing felt warm on her body, a dark purple clock fell on her body.

Zhuo Qing was wondering how a cloak fell down on her body, when the sound of the light footsteps already echoed behind her, Zhuo Qing was astonished and turned around to look.

Seeing clearly the man’s appearance, Zhuo Qing shouted: “It is you?!” That person who caused her injury “Qian Jing”! (again ZQ was using the wrong characters of this guy’s name, the explanation was in Chapter 17). Was he the one who gave her the cloak?!

Seeing clearly Zhuo Qing’s face, Qian Jing was also rashly said: “It is you?!” He heard somebody was screaming a moment ago, just came over to take a look. As it turned out, it was her! Behind her an icy gaze was following him from the beginning, he appeared to keep staring at him. Qian Jing squinted his eyes to look, one handsome profile of a man who was looking at him coldly, long and narrow eyes were shining a deep and cold ray. Qian Jing lightly raised his eyebrows, it appeared that he disturbed other people’s happy occasion. Inside the hot spring pond, the two were soaking wet and holding each other, this was really romantic…. Qian Jing chuckled, smiled and said: “Really romantic ah!”

Demon! Qian Jing started talking ridiculous words, Zhuo Qing glared at him and scolded: “What nonsense!! His illness relapsed, you, hurry up to come over and help.”

His illness relapsed?? He saw that pervert mind appeared! Both hands were on the chest, he was casting a glance at the man who partially collapsed on the ground, Qian Jing answered:”How do you want me to help?”

“What else can you help?! Help to pick him up.”

Pick him up? This man’s expression was clear and bright, looking at him a moment ago, his eyes were flashing a shady look when looking at her, where the serious illness’ appearance came from, simply wanted to take advantage of her!!

Qian Jing was staring at the half motionless’ Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing could not stand it and shouted: “You, hurry up ah!”

Waving one hand, the corner of his mouth raised a touch of malicious laughter, Qian Jing answered: “You, get out of the way, do not be a hindrance.”

Zhuo Qing flung aside and curled her mouth, but did not say anything, tightly wrapped the cloak, she retreated to one side, she did not have any strength anyway.

Help him up, right, he would help him up right away…. Qian Jing stretched out, tightly clamped down on Lou Xi Yan’s arm, he originally planned to use power to throw him to climb ashore. However just when Qian Jing was about to use force, the seemingly weak Lou Xi Yan suddenly turned his hand over to buckle his wrist. His power was great, it went against Qian Jing’s expectation, he looked up to look, just in time when that pair of deep eyes clashed.

Lou Xi Yan borrowed Qian Jing’s strength to leap backward, two people finally retreated to the shore together. Between these pulling and dragging, the two men were also wrestling a contest with the eyes, surging up violently like an undercurrent. It was a pity that Zhuo Qing was unable to see it, she only saw that Lou Xi Yan was ‘helped’ to the shore by Qian Jing.

Squatting at Lou Xi Yan’s side, Zhuo Qing asked: “How are you?”

Feeling touched, Lou Xi Yan lightly shook his head.

Qian Jing secretly cursed, this man could really pretend, at the time he buckled his wrist, indeed his face was not red nor panting for air ah, Lou Xi Yan was drenched all over. Zhuo Qing turned her head to look towards the side at the cool’s eyes of Qian Jing, suddenly said in a low voice: “Take off your clothes!”

Take off… Qian Jing retreated one step afterwards, lowly asked: “Why do I have to undress?!”

Zhuo Qing was impatient and urgently said: “Why do you talk so many nonsenses, hurry up!”

Seeing that she was only draped on a purple cloak and the cloak was already splashed with water, sticked lightly on her body, her long hair was still dripping water. Half kneeling on the ground, her silhouette looked so weak and thin, did not know why his heart was soft, Qian Jing still took off the outside garment and threw it to give to Zhuo Qing.

Taking his clothes, Zhuo Qing however did not put it on her own body, rather draped it on Lou Xi Yan’s body. The night scene at the hot spring pond was gradually dense, the wind was slowly getting stronger, if he caught a cold, it would definitely lead to a more severe respiratory illness. Zhuo Qing was entirely thinking from a doctor’s point of view about this issue, so her thought of giving the clothes to Lou Xi Yan was merely normal. Qian Jing, however, did not understand Zhuo Qing’s way of thinking, only thought that she was an idiot! She did not have clothes on her own body, but still gave the clothes to that man who clearly harbored a malicious intention!! He was indeed insane to take off his clothes to give it to her!!

Assisting Lou Xi Yan to drape over the clothes properly, Zhuo Qing was finally relaxed and asked: “Are you a little better?!”

Not only Qian Jing was annoyed because of Zhuo Qing’s action, Lou Xi Yan also did not expect that she would drape the clothes on his own body. Somewhere in his heart felt a peculiar, warm feeling, Lou Xi Yan was absent-minded for a moment, until his ears heard Zhuo Qing’s low voice to inquire, Lou Xi Yan recovered, softly answered: “En.”

“I will go to call for someone.” Zhuo Qing got up, but two big hands gripped her wrist.

“Put on the clothes properly first.” Attentively helping her to put on the cloak properly, Lou Xi Yan lightly released his hands.

Zhuo Qing felt somewhat stupid, honestly speaking, Lou Xi Yan’s gentle appearance, could really make people’s heart to palpitate, but… his hateful appearance would also equally make blood to move violently! Grabbing the cloak, Zhuo Qing hurriedly got up, went along the lane and hurriedly ran to go out.

After Zhuo Qing left, the hot spring pond sinked into a strange and serene place… For a very long time, Qian Jing phoenix’s eyes slightly narrowed, disdainfully snorted and said: “You use this kind of method to cheat a woman, do you not think that you are awfully despicable?” Looking at him who looked like a good citizen type of person, so actually, there was a person who was a shameless and despicable believer like him.

With a smiling expression on the face as before, but did not feel well-intentioned, Lou Xi Yan cold voice sneered and said: “I was having fun with Madam and there was no need for an outsider to come and care about it!” It was best that he did not see anything a moment ago, otherwise… Madam?! That ugly woman was his Madam?! Qian Jing suddenly thought of himself like a big folly! Why did he want to care about her matter!! Even if she was cheated by whomever, what was the relationship with him?! He was developing what kind of craziness, or what kind of bad luck!! Mentally grew more and more uncomfortable, while facing Lou Xi Yan’s cold look, he also glared back at him rudely.

Hazy night scene, charming misty spring water, one stood and one crouched, one icily arrogant and one fidgety, two men who were hostile to each other…


Sian’s notes:
Again, I’d like to point out how good this author was when she was thinking about the whole plots of all her three books related to the Qing sisters. Some of us that have read book 3 (QF’s story) knew that LXY found out that Zhuo Qing was actually Qing Ling and not Qing Feng after the palace banquet when the Emperor also met Zhuo Qing for the first time. So he did not find out about the mix up here at the Hot Spring Garden. Here in this chapter, LXY didn’t actually see the character “Feng” on her chest but it was only that glowing tattoo on that area. Bravo to the author!!!


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