Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 30: The Little Girl’s Hurt Feeling


Rethinking over about Jing Sa’s age, I think he’s probably in the early 20s or maybe even in his late teen. According to ZQ’s estimation in the previous chapter, LXW is about 15-16 years old so JS can’t be too much older than her.

This chapter was edited by Din2.


“Go away, I do not want to eat!”

After the shrieking sound, there was a sound of a falling bowl of dish.

The young servant girl who delivered the food was standing at the side shivering not knowing what to do. Zhuo Qing waved her hand towards her to let her leave. Sweeping a quick look at a completely messy floor, splashing food on the cabin. Zhuo Qing’s hands were on her chest, coldly answered: “If you want to starve yourselves to death to let your Jing gege to have a guilty conscience and feel sorry for you, then you still need to work a little harder, do not merely not eating food, the best way is you must also not drinking water, persevere for 5-6 days, then you will not be far away from being dead.”

Lou Xi Wu smashed a pile of things, while gasping for air, she was also scolding: “You, this bad woman, even if there is no me, he will also not like you!”

Not bad, not eating for one day, she still had strength to scold people! Zhuo Qing avoided the wreckage on the floor and sat down on the chair at the side, dismissively replied: “In the eyes of other people, your darling is merely a grass, nothing more. You are the Lou’s family daughter, he dares to reject you and gives you an embarrassment. You can give him a hard time and make him suffer terribly. You are the owner and he is the servant. You want to do what just do it, what is the point to get angry like this!”

“That is enough, enough!!” Lou Xi Wu was hysterical and continued to cry and shrieked: “What owner ah, what servant ah. I have never regarded him as a servant!! He just wants to use this as an excuse to avoid me!”

Zhuo Qing used hands to lightly press her ears, was unable to endure the shrieking sound and answered: “Maybe it is because of a status that he does not dare to accept you. You can test his sincerity towards you ah! You are blindly barking out a sound like this for what!!”

“How do I test?” Lou Xi Wu did not shout. She was staring at Zhuo Qing with swollen eyes as big as walnuts due to crying all night.

Zhuo Qing turned and rolled her eyes, the entire water pipe, the tears were released way too easily, ok! Thinking, Zhuo Qing casually answered: “Usually observe him more, whether or not he is nervous about you, care about you, especially when you are in danger or the time when you have a headache and fever, in the midst of the calamity, the truth will appear.”

Lou Xi Wu finished listening, her head dropped down, dispiritedly whispered: “Even knowing that he likes me can also do what, he is a big stone (stubborn), he will determine that his status does not fit with me. No matter how hard I work, he will not admit that he likes me!”

This was also correct, according to her very few knowledges about Jing Sa, she could also see that. He was absolutely a block latrine stone, both ruthless and firm! Thinking, Zhuo Qing indifferently smiled and said: “When necessary, doing ‘what is done is done’ is also possible.” (This is an idiom 生米煮成熟饭-sheng mi zhu cheng shu fan. The literal meaning is the uncooked rice is completely cooked. ZQ was implying if necessary LXW should ‘go’ for it to ‘force’ Jing Sa to accept her).

Uncooked rice…. Lou Xi Wu’s face blushed all of a sudden, she was red from neck to forehead, a pair of eyes were in a daze staring at Zhuo Qing. It seemed that she was the same as a freak, with a clever tongue that could also strike a knot: “You, you, what nonsense did you say ah! Nonsense, nonsense!! Simply… Simply shameless!!”

This was called shameless? She thought that her own wording was already refined enough. Lou Xi Wu’s blushing face was soon burning up, hating that she was unable to glare her eyes to come out of the holes. Zhuo Qing simply got up to withdraw to the outside door, answered unbearably: “Fine, I am shameless, then you cry slowly, ok! Remember not to drink water, you can starve yourselves to death and the whole world will be at peace!”

“Qing Feng, you, get lost!” A ‘bang’ sound, one porcelain cup was thrown towards Zhuo Qing, it broke into pieces on the ground. Fortunately, she ducked out of the way quickly, otherwise even if there was no blood, but the skin would still be broken.

This was a so-called wealthy daughter, ok. The young lady’s bad temper was actually not small. Zhuo Qing shook her head, decided to look for Qi Tian Yu to request a change of the courtyard. She dared not to provoke and had better avoided her.

Walking and stopping to go around the circle, she discovered just now, this hot spring garden was quite big, exquisite and elegant, especially this courtyard in front of her eyes, the babbling sound of running water, clusters of pale pink azaleas, looked delicate, supple and sentimental. Feeling shy, Zhuo Qing narrowed her eyes for a moment, it seemed that it was Lou Xi Yan’s courtyard up front, right, did not know whether or not his asthma was better.

Zhuo Qing was still thinking, Lou Xi Yan’s clear, raw and soft voice echoed from behind: “You came.”

She was just thinking about him, he appeared right away. Zhuo Qing was somewhat embarrassed, smily said: “Did your health a little bit better?”

“Much better.” Under the warm sun, Lou Xi Yan was walking slowly, his long gown was flustering, eyes were smiling, somewhat feeling lazy, walking to Zhuo Qing. Lou Xi Yan lightly smiled and asked: “Did you come to look for me for some matter?”

Was there some matter? Calculating, Zhuo Qing nodded and said;”: “I do not want to rush you, but I want to see my sisters as soon as possible. I…. really miss her.” She and Gu Yun saw that one strange bagua board (the eight divination trigrams) together and fainted afterwards, it was reasonable to say that, she surely also came to this world. They were already separated for half a month, she really wanted to confirm quickly, whether or not there was Yun within the Qing’s sisters. If there was not, how would she look for her? They had already changed their appearances, undoubtedly, it would be like finding a needle in the haystack!!

Although he had not seen it clearly whether or not there was a letter ‘Feng’ on her chest yesterday, but Lou Xi Yan’s heart already convinced that she was exactly Qing Feng. After all, not too many people in this world had a tattoo that would appear because of the raising of her body temperature. Recalling her urgent appearance to rescue and give him medical treatment yesterday, Lou Xi Yan’s heart was warm, with a deep sound answered: “I will think of a way, I and General Su are responsible for the civil and military positions. We normally do not have much contacts, I will find a way to let you meet with your elder sister first, ok.”

“Fine.” Seeing one was ok, right, maybe that elder sister was exactly Yun, could not say it for sure. Suddenly recalling Qiong Yue’s Emperor, that pair of eyes that were similar like eagle eyes, Zhuo Qing was somewhat anxious. That emperor was absolutely not a person who could be provoked, Yun was originally a short temper person, absolutely a fiery lady…. Zhuo Qing’s heart was reckoning secretly and Lou Xi Yan did not disturb her. She wore a light yellow skirt today, her long hair was still carelessly knotted in a braid. Standing quietly in the middle of the azalea flowers, lightly and elegantly knitting her brows, eyebrows were a little cold, a trace of melancholy. This kind of her was unexpectedly and exceptionally beautiful, she had nothing to do on this beautiful looks, temperament dictated.

Recovering and feeling that Lou Xi Yan’s gaze heated up excessively, the two people were standing face to face, Zhuo Qing was somewhat embarrassed. Recalling that the room still had the angry Lou Xi Wu, Zhuo Qing asked: “How did the young Jing Sa become the Prime Minister manor’s head housekeeper, did he follow you since he was young?”

Lou Xi Yan stared blankly, did not understand why she suddenly asked about Jing Sa, but nevertheless lightly smiled and answered: “Yes, originally his father was our family’s housekeeper.”

So, actually, it was like this, in other words, Lou Xi Wu and Jing Sa might be childhood sweethearts?! (The original characters were 青梅竹马 – qing mei zhu ma. The literal translation was green plums and bamboo horse. It could also be translated that both LXW & JS grew up together). In that case, did Lou Xi Yan know that Lou Xi Wu was secretly in love with Jing Sa, maybe Jing Sa also liked Lou Xi Wu? Somewhat curious, she had nothing to do anyway, Zhuo Qing smiled and said: “Then, do you know whether or not he has a sweetheart?”

Lou Xi Yan’s heart flashed through an annoying thought, still smiled, intonation slightly raised: “Is Feng-er interested in him?”

Zhuo Qing’s brows wrinkled again, with also a cold voice: “We are just talking over, can you not call me Feng-er!”

Lou Xi Yan lowly smiled, with a puzzle look, answered: “You do not like this name? I think it sounds very pleasant to hear.”

I think it sounds very unpleasant to hear!! Zhuo Qing was just about to discuss seriously and throughly about this important relationship issue with Lou Xi Yan, Jing Sa’s strong dark figure suddenly appeared inside the courtyard, with an unusual and urgent voice said: “Master.”

“Miss left a letter and ran away.” Even though he strived to cover up, Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing could see what his frenetic eyes’ could not conceal.

No way! Zhuo Qing was flabbergasted, and asked: “Left a letter and ran away? What did she write?”

Jing Sa’s complexion was cold, ultimately taking out a small piece of paper from his sleeve. Zhuo Qing hurriedly took the piece of paper, a few written characters on the top…. I am gone, you do not want to see me, just no need to be afraid that I will bother you, I will not bother you anymore in the future!

Maygod! (I thought it was funny that the author really used that word. Not sure if she intentionally misspelled it though). She was only casually saying something a moment ago, she would not really put herself in the middle of any dangerous situation, made Jing Sa anxious and nervous about her, right!! What did this girl want!

Slipping the piece of paper to Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing sighed and said: “Your younger sister is a strong child, we should better try to find her separately, ok.” Otherwise she did not know what matter would come out.

Lou Xi Yan only swept a glance at the piece of paper that was on his hand, then just grabbed it with his hand, did not have any anxious expression on his face, serenely said towards Zhuo Qing: “You stay at the hot spring garden to try to find her, Xi Wu may simply hide to scare us, I and Tian Yu will arrange people to try to find her in the vicinity.”

Looking at Jing Sa’s nervous appearance, he absolutely already tried to find her in this residence once, a moment ago before coming to report. Lou Xi Wu could not still be inside the hot spring garden. Zhuo Qing knew that Lou Xi Yan did not want her to go out, she just took advantage and answered: “Good, you all go, ok.”

Lou Xi Yan took Jing Sa along and departed hurriedly, Zhuo Qing lowered her eyebrows to think deeply, where would Lou Xi Wu go after all?!



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