Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 31: So Bad Luck (Part 1)


Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 31: So Bad Luck (Part 1)

This chapter was missing from 19lou’s version so I used bestory’s version in doing this translation. Another cliff hanger in this chapter…

This chapter was edited by Din2.


As the night fell, the moon was on the top of the tip of a tree branch, already haishi time (between 9-11 pm), the inside of the Zheng hall was still brightly lit. Lou Xi Yan sat at the owner’s seat, his forefinger was tapping the wood chair lightly, kept tapping, the voice was not loud, but inside the quiet Zheng hall, it seemed exceptionally clear. Lou Xi Wu slightly raised her head, secretly aimed a glance at Lou Xi Yan. Elder brother did not say anything and also did not scold her. She also could not see his facial expression whether he was happy or angry. It rained heavily a moment ago, so she was all wet from her head to her legs. She was cold and hungry at the moment, shivering with cold. But Lou Xi Wu was still well-behaved and lowered her head, did not even dare to say one word.

She left a letter and ran away at that time, it was also an impulsive moment, she regretted it afterwards, but could not let herself to comeback, right. She guessed that Jing Sa and elder brother would try to find her very quickly, it was a proven fact that it was indeed very quickly. But if she had known earlier that this wretched day would pour down this much rain, elder brother would be liked this frightening person now, she would not go out even if she died….

“Mo Bai.” Lou Xi Yan’s muffled voice suddenly echoed, frightening Lou Xi Wu a little, stealthily aiming once again, discovering that Lou Xi Yan simply did not look at her, only quietly saying something at Mo Bai who was on his side: “Go inform them, Tian Yu and Qing Feng, we have found Xi Wu. Let them look no further.”

“Yes.” Mo Bai walked pass by Jing Sa’s side for a moment, gave him the ‘keep calm, do not get excited’ expression, then hurriedly went out.

Looking at Lou Xi Wu who was trembling like dead leaves in the wind, Jing Sa originally wanted to say something, but because of Mo Bai’s expression, he swallowed it at the end.

Zheng hall was suffocatingly quiet once again, half a shichen later (an hour), Lou Xi Wu really could not stand it, if he wanted to hit or wanted to scold, in all cases, she still had to listen soon afterwards, right! She could not receive this kind of torture anymore, lifting her head, Lou Xi Wu started talking: “Elder brother….”

Unfortunately, once she spoke this one word, Lou Xi Yan suddenly and faintly raised his voice to shout: “Somebody comes. Help Miss to return to her room to rest, without my order, she is not allowed to go out of the door one step!”

The imperial bodyguard who was outside the door came in, standing behind Lou Xi Wu, looking face to face one glance, still advancing to support Lou Xi Wu to walk out.

“Elder brother!! You can not be like this shutting me up?!” Lou Xi Wu recovered and argued noisily and loudly. It was a pity, from start to finish, Lou Xi Yan did not even face her directly nor did he look at her one glance.

Lou Xi Yan’s face was undisturbed from beginning to end, did not even have the slightest anger in appearance. Jing Sa, nevertheless already knew too well, his anger was not light. Jing Sa advanced one step, heavily said: “Master, this matter…. was entirely because of me as well, not related to Miss. Please punish this subordinate….”

Lou Xi Yan lightly raised his hand, preventing him from saying anything, faintly answered: “My own sense of propriety, you should also withdraw and rest, ok.”

“Yes.” Master did not want to listen to his words, Jing Sa’s heart sank down, could only bow and leave.

Jing Sa rigidly turned around to leave, even his back entirely revealed stubborn and chilly personalities. Lou Xi Yan helplessly shook his head, Xi Wu liked Jing Sa, he already knew it. Jing Sa was also not totally uninterested towards this girl, he really was not a pedantic person. If they really had an affinity with each other, could marry each other, it was also a wonderful thing. Dealing with Jing Sa’s tough character, who held the master and servant’s belief, even if he personally gave them approval, Jing Sa would also not agree, in order to prevent Jing Sa’s difficulty, this matter was treated as if he did not see it all along. Contrarily, Xi Wu was this impetuous, not sure if her constant perseverance would yield any success. (This was an idiom 水滴石穿-shui di shi chuan, literally means dripping water penetrates the stone). He was not immune with this problem.

Lightly massaging his temple, Lou Xi Yan got up, ready to return to his room, nevertheless, he saw Mo Bai hurriedly came, footsteps looked somewhat urgent, this premonition of indescribable bad feeling raised up, without waiting until Mo Bai opened his mouth, Lou Xi Yan asked: “What happened?”

“Qing Feng is missing.”

Missing?! Lou Xi Yan raised his head, eyes slipped off a trace of great waves.

Lou Xi Yan did not need to ask, Mo Bai already answered: “I have searched this entire hot spring garden, can not find her shadow. All of the people in the manor went out to try to find Miss Xi Wu this afternoon, nobody knew how she went missing.”

Could it be that she run away? Extremely impossible, she could not be that stupid. If she wanted to run away, she could find other opportunity, should not choose this desolate valley. Moreover, how could she run away, it would be more difficult to see her sisters. Perhaps, she was kidnapped?! Thinking here, Lou Xi Yan’s complexion was dark, his voice seemed somewhat urgent: “Summon all the bodyguards to come over and rummage through this great mountain to search for her.”

“Yes.” Mo Bai’s brows unconsciously knitted slightly. This Qing Feng, apparently could already affect Master’s state of mind.


She is a pig!

She is merely an idiot!

She is merely an extremely stupid pig!

She is merely an extremely and incurably stupid pig!

Why did she want to care about Lou Xi Wu’s fate, why did she not leisurely wait for the news in the small garden, why did she want to look for her at all of the surrounding around the small garden when she did not have to, why did the heaven suddenly send a torrential rain, why did she lose her way?! Right, she lost the way, the first time in her life that she lost the way, she who had this super ability to remember, could lose the way unexpectedly!! @#$#%…..

Zhuo Qing was scolding herself in her heart over and over again, footsteps nevertheless did not dare to stop a tiny bit. The rain fog was curling up after the heavy rain in the mountain, one side was completely covered by the uneven height of the bushes, all four sides were surrounded by a dense mass, there was no visibility at all. She could only fumble to move forwards, she should still be on the hill of the hot spring garden, and thus meeting large wild animals would be very unlikely. There was a hot spring here, certainly would have running water, so long as she found running water, she could go out.

The night wind was chilly, she was cold and hungry, did not know how long she had been walking in the dark. Finally, there was a faint flicker of flame in a distance place, Zhuo Qing almost wanted to shriek! If there was fire surely there would be someone!! Zhuo Qing sped up her footsteps, she walked over towards the square shaped origin of the fire quickly.

Getting closer, just when Zhuo Qing was thinking and hoping, a loud roar shook her and she did not even dare to move: “You shut up, if you cry, I will slaughter you!”

Zhuo Qing was rigid all over, heaven….. She had so many bad luck ah, with great difficulty she saw hope, in the end it was desperation…. Zhuo Qing went away from the flame and passed on the nearby cave, fearing to disturb the people inside. Zhuo Qing took a deep breath, after calming herself, she raised her legs to use the lightest steps to go back.

Only stepping out a few steps, that coarse and violent voice of a man was swearing while he talked: “Your, Qi Family, he was good for nothing, opened a casino and extorted Laozi’s money, must not think that Laozi could be easily bullied, also did not ask around about what kind of person Yeye was! (He called himself Yeye which could be translated as paternal grandfather but I’m keeping the pinyin words as it should only be a nick name for him). It will be best that you pray that the Qi Family can be obedient to take money to redeem you, otherwise, just do not blame me for being vicious and merciless!”

Qi Family?! It could not be this coincidental, right!! Could it be that this person was the one whom Qi Tian Yu asked Qian Jing to catch? Actually, this person was not stupid, Qi Family would not think that he was actually hiding at their own house and right in front of their eyes, moreover with this much dense like jungle, hiding one or two people, was extremely easy.

A muffled female voice, was sobbing and panicking, saying: “You must not kill me, my elder brother will take money to redeem me!”

This girl could not be regarded as stupid either, did not expose her own identity who was actually a servant girl, otherwise the bandit would get angry, her young life would be finished. Zhuo Qing raised her legs to move forward again, mentally and secretly praying that she could leave smoothly on her own. The girl’s intelligent would let her persevere for a while to wait for her to look for people to come and rescue her.

Zhuo Qing’s self comfort had not finished, the girl’s frightened yelling already echoed: “You, what do you want to do!? Go away!!”

“You can feel relieved, kill, I will not kill you, this smooth skinned, (again an idiom, 细皮嫩肉-xi pi wen rou & can be translated literally as soft skin and tender flesh), Laozi has not tasted this daughter of a rich family, what the taste is!”

Shoot! The vulgar language made Zhuo Qing’s goose bumps raised up! The next thing that would happen, just used toes to think and one would also know!

“If you injure me, my…. my elder brother will not give you any money!” This girl used the best effort, wanted to appease the man at all costs, unfortunately the man could not be persuaded, spit and scolded: “Do not give? Do not give just let him receive a corpse, ok!”

“Begging you! Begging you, do not do it!”


Then a tearing sound of a clothing, a woman’s wailing sound, a man’s wantonly laughter, everything was a rasp, grinding Zhuo Qing’s heart. Her mind flashed through countless females’ corpses because of the deadly rapes, Zhuo Qing’s hand was grasping tighter and tighter! Darn it, darn it, darn it! She was anxious as if she was in an impossible situation, if she ignored the girl to walk on her own, she reckoned that she would be un-peaceful for a life time, but if she rushed to go in, the outcome would only be more messy! What to do, what to do…. Quickly think, quickly think….



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