Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 38: Palace Banquet (Part 2)


Entering the inside of the palace hall, it was indeed an eye opener for Zhuo Qing, the width of the palace hall was almost as big as a football field, the structure was entirely wooden, every pillar beam was at least more than one meter in diameter. The inside of the palace was divided into three layers, the middle of the main hall, a ten meters wide golden silk velvet carpet was laid directly from the gate of the palace hall to the highest layer. Dazzling of golden coloring, comparing it to a more common red carpet, she did not know how much more luxurious and impressive.

On the highest layer, the flowing golden seat, was embedded with dragon head, one look just knew that was the place where the Emperor would sit, the second layer stood ten red sandalwood essence carving of long tables. Both Lou Xi Yan and Su Ling walked to the second layer, both people were sitting on the left and right of the closest seats from the Dragon Throne, merely looking at these seats arrangement, one would know the height of the status. The third layer still probably had about 100 tables, but the person who was sitting at the most back table, it was reckoned that the Emperor would not know him….. Lou Xi Yan took a seat, Zhuo Qing stood behind him, because there was almost 20 meters in distance separating them, Zhuo Qing finally dared to look at that one sharp and dangerous General Su once again. It was rare to have the opportunity to see the important general in the ancient time, Zhuo Qing lowly exclaimed in admiration and said: “This General Su was really a well deserved reputation.”

Lou Xi Yan did not turned around, lightly raised his eyebrows, smily said: “How can you be so sure?”

“He has a pair of firmed and dedicated eyes, can attack, retreat or defend attitudes, the type to conquer every charm.” Maybe this was the one era that bestowed his charm, of course, Zhuo Qing did not say that last words.

Lou Xi Yan leisurely picked up the wine cup that was on the table, while drinking the wine quietly, he had a smile on his face, said: “Strictly speaking, you are very satisfied towards this younger sister’s husband?”

Younger sister’s husband? Zhuo Qing recovered, mockingly answered: “No, what I assessed was his status as a General, he was qualified or not qualified as a husband, I did not have the right to assess.” She could not be this awesome, one glance could see whether one man was good or not, she could only say, his well-built physique would somewhat scare a person, could feel as long as a force, she would be able to be crushed by him~

‘Husband’, was it a Hao Yue’s dialect? He faintly could guess the meaning of this word, Lou Xi Yan’s hand held the wine cup, moved sideways to look towards Zhuo Qing, amusingly and interestingly asked: “Then what about me?” (See below note).

“What about you?” The rays of light in his eyes were somewhat strange, Zhuo Qing faintly felt it was fishy…. Sure enough, starting to play with the wine cup, Lou Xi Yan faintly smiled and asked: “As a Prime Minister, am I or am I not qualified? As… a husband, am I or am I not qualified?

Lou Xi Yan’s mouth asked consciously, his eyes were actually watching attentively at her eyes, tiny narrowed eyes of the slender pupils were moving, Zhuo Qing did not dare also was unwilling to guess the sentiment, face was somewhat warmed up indescribably, the always eloquent and fluent speaker like her unexpectedly did not know how to reply for a moment….. Being patience was always Lou Xi Yan’s significant strong point, she did not say, he would never urgently question her intensely, merely like this serenely gazing at her. For Zhuo Qing, this time like this was a torture. Fortunately, heavens heard her request, one palace maid who was holding a tray on her hand slowly came over, she was half kneeling in front of Lou Xi Yan’s long table.

Lou Xi Yan lightly raised his hand, said: “No need for you to serve, withdraw, ok.” At the palace banquet, every table would have one palace maid to attend to serve wine and dishes, but he did not want to be disturbed today, who would have thought that not only the palace maid did not walk away, but she also unhurriedly poured another cup of wine for Lou Xi Yan. Lightly delivering the wine in front of Lou Xi Yan, the palace maid slowly raised her head, deeply concerned, asked: “Is your health a little well?”

A woman gentle and soft’s voice lightly echoed, Lou Xi Yan’s brows unconsciously knitted, looked towards the side of the woman who dressed up as a palace maid, Lou Xi Yan deeply narrated to say: “Princess, you should not come here.”

Originally rejoicing that she did not need to face Lou Xi Yan awkward’s question, Zhuo Qing’s heart suddenly startled, she stepped forward one step unconsciously. Peering at the woman’s profile, long shape eyebrows with star looking eyes, pink face, water chestnut looking lips lightly pursed up, peaceful personality traits that made people very comfortable. Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, it seemed that she was not the only one who came here with an unusual clothing tonight, Lou Xi Yan’s charm was not small!

Feeling herself that standing to eavesdrop other people’s conversations was very boring, Zhuo Qing turned around to retreat to Mo Bai’s side, borrowing his tall silhouette to shelter her. Zhuo Qing lazily leaned along side the pillar to yawn, her gaze was kept away deliberately from Lou Xi Yan who was in front. There were already a lot of people inside the palace hall, but the people who could go to the second layer platform were still only a few. The three tables next to Su Ling were still empty, the last person who was sitting quietly on the table, did not exchange any conventional greeting with the officials. Zhuo Qing curiously looked at him, this person seemed to look very familiar, it seemed to be that Criminal Prison Division, Dan Yu Lan, right. He could sit on that table, so his official post was not low at all.

Lou Xi Yan somewhat clear and indifference’s voice made Yan Ru Xuan’s heart somewhat hurt, pressing down her heart’s grievance, Yan Ru Xuan quietly answered: “I heard that you fell ill, I was very anxious and wanted to visit you, but Imperial Mother would not allow me to go out of the palace constantly.”

“This official is already alright, nothing major, Princess does not need to take a lot of trouble over it.” Looking at Zhuo Qing retreated to Mo Bai’s side, Lou Xi Yan was speechless now, did not know the feeling in his heart, she was so ‘thoughtful’, why did his heart feel uneasy? Could it be that he was hoping that she would do anything?! His mood was somewhat unrest, but he would never let anybody easily guess what was in his mind.

Lightly lifting her hand up, wrist had a shiny and dazzling green jade bracelet, Yan Ru Xuan’s heart was beating a small drum, with great expectation, she asked: “Did you personally choose this bracelet?” He sent people to get a long hairpin from Zi Jin last year, she was ecstatic, would wear it everyday. She found out later, that he actually let his housekeeper to choose it, since then she had not worn that long hairpin anymore.

As it turned out, Jing Sa gave this bracelet, how he could be so careless to give this personal thing! Facing Yan Ru Xuan’s hoping eyes, Lou Xi Yan only mildly laughed and asked: “Does Princess like it?”

“I like everything that you give me.” She did not care what he gave her, but she only cared whether or not it was him who considered and prepared it for her!

“It is good that you like it, the palace banquet will start soon, Princess needs to go back now.”

Lou Xi Yan’s skimpy answer made Yan Ru Xuan’s complexion dark and gloomy, smart as she was, how could she not know, he did not choose this bracelet! What did she insist on at the end? Suddenly, finding how ridiculous her own self, Yan Ru Xuan left with extremely dejected face, a resounding sound from far and near echoed at the same time: “The Emperor arrived! The Empress arrived!”

The original main hall that was still in a mess, was quiet in a split second, no matter what anybody was doing before, all of the people bowed down in courtesy. Except for the Officials who were sitting on the second layer and the military leaders who were guarding the palace could do half kneeling, the rest of the people had to crawl on the ground without exception, Zhuo Qing had not reacted yet when Mo Bai already pulled her to half kneeling on the ground. The only one who was standing inside the palace, was Yan Ru Xuan with a distracted look.

Lou Xi Yan’s expression was dark, pulled Yan Ru Xuan’s hand, pulled her to his side, at the same time, The Emperor and Empress’ silhouettes also appeared at the entrance of the main hall.


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