Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 43: Who Exactly Am I?


“A female?” Xu Xun Si tightened his eyebrows, asked: “Qiong Yue has a female coroner?”

A female coroner? These words came out, the whole audiences were frightened, which female had done an autopsy before?!

Zhuo Qing’s heart immediately raised a bad premonition, her body unconsciously withdrew behind Mo Bai’s tall back, almost disappeared behind the pillar and wanted to hide between the long screen.

Lou Xi Yan’s eyes flashed through a trace of peculiar, extremely tiny that no one would discover.

With regards to Xu Xun Si’s problem, Dan Yu Lan did not emphatically replied, only persistently asked: “Third Prince only needs to say can or can not.”

It seemed that they must really do this autopsy, Xu Xun Si was thinking, finally nodded his head and answered: “Ok, if it is a female, she can substitute to examine.”

Obtaining a definite answer, Dan Yu Lan turned his body around to walk towards Lou Xi Yan’s seat. Lou Xi Yan’s forefinger was lightly flicking, his face was leisurely calm, but he lowly cursed in his mind, darn it, unexpectedly was discovered by him!

All of the people were waiting for Dan Yu Lan to find who the female was to come for the autopsy, or he secretly accepted a female disciple. They only saw that he bypassed Lou Xi Yan, walked to one tall male with blue eyes, lightly clasped his hands to greet in front of him, said: “Miss Qing, I still have to ask your help to examine the Princess.”

Looking at Qing Ling who was suffering hardship, she showed her impetuousness, not only that she resembled Qing Ling very much, but also was by Lou Xi Yan’s side. Although that time inside the prison, he could not see her face clearly, but he could be certain that she was Qing Feng, who gave him a big shock as a youngster on that day!

In the main hall, there was a commotion once again, that was obviously one big male, where was this young lady ah?!!

Zhuo Qing’s heart secretly cursed Lou Xi Yan, why did he not say anything at this time?! With her back was leaning slightly on the cold pillar, she decided not to pay any attention to him.

As if he already saw through Zhuo Qing’s way of thinking, Dan Yu Lan also no longer advanced, only clearly narrated: “If we can not verify the Princess’ corpse today, we can not find any new clue and evidence. Everybody who is involved in this case, will be unable to escape the criminal charges to put poison and conspire to murder Bei Qi’s Princess, it will be more difficult to escape from death.”

Darn it, he was warning her, if he did not examine, Qing Ling would die!

Ironically, she still believed that he was an upright, plain spoken, open and candid person at one time, so actually, he would also play with this type of nasty person’s trick!

Dan Yu Lan’s hands were on his back, also no longer speaking, not too long after, a clear and cold female’s voice that was somewhat resentful furiously echoed: “I will examine.”

Following this voice, one slender silhouette came out from behind the tall man.

That was one person who wore the Prime Minister Lou family’s female clothing, that was right, a female, even though her long hair was combed in a bun. She was wearing a loose robe, but after carefully looking at her, that person’s fair and beautiful face, there was no doubt that she was a female.


The sound of a cup that fell on the ground echoed, everyone was facing towards the area where the sound appeared, only saw the Emperor who was in front of the long table, the cup already fell on the ground. The good wine dripped along the table and splashed on the golden rug, the Emperor’s pair black eyes were firmly staring at that female who suddenly came out, a group of the state officials were secretly guessing the identity of the female. Only because the Emperor looked at her expression that contained an excessively complicated state of mind, as if it was unbelievable, also seemed to show full of deep emotion, but then again, it could also be an obvious anger that anybody could see.

Zhuo Qing had goose bumps being looked at by Yan Hong Tian, why was he looking at her like this?! Did she recognize him? Wrong, did Qing Feng recognize him?! Zhuo Qing looked towards Lou Xi Yan for help, his face was actually rarely this calm and collected, with thoughtful eyes.

What should she do now ah?! Zhuo Qing was on fire, simply not opening her eyes, did not look at that man who sat at the highest position, faced Dan Yu Lan and lowly shouted: “Still want to examine or not to examine!?”

Dan Yu Lan recovered and said: “Miss Qing, please.”

By passing Dan Yu Lan to walk towards the golden rug, Zhuo Qing lowered her voice, regretfully narrated: “You win!”

Dan Yu Lan stared blankly, could not help to force a smile, it looked like he committed an offense against this Miss Qing today, let her find the opportunity, she certainly would not let him have an easy time, right! But the Emperor showed a somewhat provoking thought a moment ago, looking one more time, the palace eunuch crawled on the ground to clean the wine stain. Yan Hong Tian also already withdrew his line of sight, picked up another cup of wine again, it seemed that everything just as if nothing had happened a moment ago.

Zhuo Qing walked to Seventh Princess’ side, Xu Xun Si looked her up and down, asked: “She is?”

“This is…..” Dan Yu Lan looked at Lou Xi Yan one glance, only then continued to say once again: “Prime Minister Lou’s relative, she will do a few simple autopsy methods for the Princess, does Third Prince have any objection?”

“Prime Minister Lou?” This female was very beautiful, but she was wearing an Imperial bodyguard’s clothing, her right cheek was damaged, could she really be Prime Minister Lou’s relative?

Xu Xun Si looked towards Lou Xi Yan to seek confirmation. Lou Xi Yan magnanimously got up, walked to Zhuo Qing’s side, lightly grasped Zhuo Qing’s hand, with the usual gentle smile, affectionately looked at Zhuo Qing and said: “She, was certainly Lou mou’s madam.”


Zhuo Qing was filled with sinister lines, putting on a play also did not need to strive his hardest like this, ok~

Su Ling stopped holding his wine with his hand for only one moment, then continued to drink his own wine once again.

Dan Yu Lan’s face was pondering…..

Yan Ru Xuan who was half kneeling on the ground almost fell to the ground, one pair of eyes straightforwardly were staring at Lou Xi Yan and that female who were holding hands and standing on the back, when did he have a madam?! Then what about her? What about her?!

The forehead of the palace eunuch who was pouring wine to the Emperor had a layer of sweat, his hand also could not control the light trembling, because he was the only one who saw that the Emperor clenched the wine with a sudden distinct blue veins, the wine cup that was clenched by him was making a creaking sound….. Madam, anybody could not just use this word!! The civil and military officials suffered several excitements again and again tonight. They only heard that the Emperor gifted a beauty to Prime Minister Lou, when did Prime Minister Lou have a madam?! Looking at each other, the main hall sank into deathly stillness again.



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