Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 45: Autopsy Clues (Part 2)



“Hold on.” The clear and cold’s voice of a female voice echoed one more time, a touch of bright and shine from Zhuo Qing’s eyes, carefully lifted open the hair on the back of the head, Zhuo Qing continued, tranquilly said: “There was about an inch of an upward thread on the deceased’s back of the head bun, discovered a tiny pincushion wound, the edge of the wound was even, all around the scalp appeared to be greenish black, there was a little black pus blood that spilled over.”

How could the back of the head have a pinhole?

There were trembling discussions sound inside the main hall, and the few people who were standing next to the curtain covering veil nevertheless remained silent, each was considering to some extend.

Dan Yu Lan was curious, where did her teacher come from? Looking at her autopsy’s steps, narrative and careful examination to the extend of the distinctive body features, she absolutely did not lose to any outstanding coroner, even him!

Yan Hong Tian was bewildered, the female who was inside the light muslin faced the corpse with calm and concentration, was she that same beautiful woman whom he recognized from near the water?! He really recognized the wrong person?! No, this was impossible! These past years, her appearance often lingered in his mind, he could not recognize the wrong person! But this person at present, was so strange and yet she was still full of charms as before!! How many faces did she have in the end?!

Comparing to Yan Hong Tian, there was one more person who was even more doubtful, that was Qing Ling (the real QF but again at this point nobody knew except YHT about the identity mixup). The three of them grew up together from childhood, they learned poem and how to paint together, learned to dance and write in ink together, but she never knew that she could still do autopsy? Moreover, speaking so clearly and logically? What was going on in the end?!

Lou Xi Yan calmly stood outside of the curtain covering veil, but his mind had not been put to Zhuo Qing, rather falling into the abnormal expression that Yan Hong Tian had today, his dark, gloomy, serene and hidden’ eyes displayed too many complicated moods. This made Lou Xi Yan’s heart raised this one kind of a bad premonition, concerning the Qing family’s sisters, surely there was still some other secrets in this.

Yan Ru Xuan was staring at the female who was inside the curtain covering veil without blinking her eyes, her hand was tearing apart the corner of her skirt, she could feel that her own heart was shaking, but did not understand, whether it was because of scared or brokenhearted. Why did Yan Gege like the woman who was fiddling with the corpse? Why did he not choose her? Was it because she did not have enough courage?! Why………. The same person who was sinking and contemplating was Su Ling who finally laid down the wine cup. This female must be Qing Feng (again the name was intentionally “wrong” since nobody really knew about the mixup yet), right!

Interesting! One tried to assassinate the Emperor, words were sharp, one was an autopsy’s expert, extraordinarily calmed. Recalling that one person whom he had only met once and forgotten at his residence, the Qing family’s little sister, he apparently also had a trace of interest!

“Silver needle.” The clear and cold of the female’s voice pulled back everyone’s consciousness once again.

One palace maid’s hand was clasping a wrapping cloth and passing it through the curtain muslin, she used her hand to deliver the thing to Zhuo Qing.

Zhuo Qing took out one long needle, avoiding the dirty blood that was oozing at the outside, softly pierced the needle in, she took it out soon, the silver needle changed to black. Putting down the long needle on her hand, Zhuo Qing calmly analyzed: “The silver needle was entered into the wound and rapidly darkened, clearly reacted to the poison. According to the location of the wound and the poison characteristic presented in an open view, I suspected that the cause of death was not poisoned wine, rather this wound that was on the back of the head, the poisoned wine was merely a diversion, nothing more.”

Xu Xun Si snorted disdainfully, and asked: “Simply discovered one pinhole and you had already concluded like this, was it not rather arbitrary?”

What autopsy, basically, Qiong Yue wanted to avoid the responsibility!

Taking off the gloves on her hands, Zhuo Qing walked away from the curtain to meet Xu Xun Si who had questioning eyes, a clear voice answered: “First, every wound on the deceased’s body is very important, there is a possibility of mortal wound, especially in the case like death by poisoning. Second, I have yet to conclude that this wound on the deceased is deadly, I am rather suspicious, therefore I will propose to do the next further step in an autopsy.”

Zhuo Qing’s complexion was as usual, not angry, also not uncompromising, the neither servile nor overbearing’s answer made Xu Xun Si not knowing what to response momentarily, Lou Xi Yan’s woman, sure enough, should not be underestimated.

“How do you want to do the next further step?” Yang Hong Tian, the one who always sat at the high position, and did not let other people to think over, finally said.


Zhuo Qing said tranquilly, a lot of people did not understand her meaning, Dan Yu Lan’s brows already were knotted! Lowly sighed and said: “You want to cut open the abdominal cavity to do the examination?”

Cut__ open__ abdominal__ cavity__??

All of the people who heard it, understood it this time, gasping of cool’s voices could be heard again and again…… Xu Xun Si was at the end of his anger and said: “Impossible! I will absolutely not tolerate you all to treat my younger sister’s body like that!! Do not push your luck!!”

Dan Yu Lan thought about this, and suggested: “Can you or can you not use another method to inspect and verify it, like do the test by pricking the silver needle.”

“Out of the question.” Zhuo Qing shook her head, persistently answered: “The toxicity was already spreading, along with the blood circulation, the deceased had died a while ago, the muscle on the body and the blood, all already had toxicity, otherwise it was also unlikely that the whole skin appeared to be mildly bluish green color. The reaction of the silver needle was very sensitive to the poison, as long as there was the existence of the venom, it would just turned to black, furthermore could not proof what caused the fatal death, whether it was due to drinking the poisoned wine or the pinhole at the back of the head.” Depending on several silver needles to get a conclusion was lacking a rigorous character! She would absolutely never allow this to happen for her professional career.

Zhuo Qing’s voice was just trailing off, Xu Xun Si raised a question again: “Since the whole body is already poisoned now, even if you do this so called dissection, you can not proof anything either!”

“Of course, I can proof it.” Zhuo Qing was very patience and carefully explained: “Within the snake venom that causes the death of the deceased, there are heart and kidney that are extremely quick for organ failures and deadly. If taking the poison orally like a medicine causes the death, because the venom enters from the oral cavity, in that case, the throat, esophagus especially stomach are where the venom stays the longest time, the venom will be corroded, there will be distinct injuries in the internal organs when the venom passes through, maybe even corrosion burn marks. If the pinhole at the back of the head causes the mortal wound, the venom just walks through a strip of nerve line, the stomach and esophagus will not have this particular distinct of marks. Dissection is the obvious way to inspect and verify which method the poison enters the deceased’s body and causes the fatal death in the end.”

Dan Yu Lan was amazed again that she understood every aspect of the deceased’s internal organs, but even if she said the truth, in this entire Qiong Yue, cutting open to examine the corpse like this way, it would also not happen a few times in a year, after all how many family member could bear this? Sure enough, as he already anticipated, Xu Xun Si rose in revolt first: “No matter what you say, I will absolutely not let you all touch my younger sister’s one hair!”

After speaking, Xu Xun Si just lifted open the cloth to enter the curtain covering veil, one slender hand blocked his body, Xu Xun Si did not understand and looked over, Zhuo Qing’s complexion was as usual, but the voice was ice cold and did not have any warmth, she said: “Third Prince, in theory, if your younger sister was not poisoned by the drinking wine, rather she died because of the needle on the back of her head, the first person who hurriedly embraced her was you, then there was a major suspicion, as a suspect, you should not approach the corpse.”

“You.. You, you are simply repulsive!!” Hearing Zhuo Qing’s words, Xu Xun Si could not help to be in violent rage in the end.


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