Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 46: Autopsy Clues (Part 3)

Awww… Our favorite guy (albeit a foxy) was trying to protect his madam.  But ZQ wasn’t someone who was afraid to deal with confrontation, was she! Have a great weekend all!

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“You.. You, you are simply repulsive!!” Hearing Zhuo Qing’s words, Xu Xun Si could not help to be in violent rage in the end, accompanied by the roaring emotion, Xu Xun Si’s tall and thin silhouette approached Zhuo Qing: “Ridiculous!! How can I harm my own blood’s younger sister?!”

Zhuo Qing only felt her shoulder was warm, Lou Xi Yan lightly pushed her body to the side, his distinct clear and sleek’s voice echoed on the side of her ear: “Third Prince, please calm down.”

Xu Xun Si took a deep breath, pressed down his unhappy heart, was unwilling to take part in any open conflict with Lou Xi Yan, turned his back and held his hand to stand, his tone was incomparably unyielding: “In short, she is already dead, you all want to do this cruel thing to her, make her suffer this kind of humiliation, she also can not be peaceful after death, Ben wang will absolutely not agree!”

The atmosphere was deadlocked for a time, Dan Yu Lan’s honest face, appeared to be rarely anxious in the end, Princess was or was not dead because of the pinhole on the back of her head after all, everything was still merely her guess. If we could not move forward one step in doing the examination of the corpse, just could not inspect and verify. But Third Prince’s attitude was firm, they also could not do the dissection by force, after all, a Princess from one country already died, how was this be good?!

Zhuo Qing turned around to look one glance at the body behind the light muslin covering veil, she recalled that person’s unforgettable beautiful dance, looked at her laying down on the ice cold floor, she already began to gradually become stiffed and her vague’s beautiful image. Zhuo Qing softly pushed away Lou Xi Yan’s hand that protected her, he was puzzled by her expression, she went towards Xu Xun Si.

She stood in front of Xu Xun Si, refusing to acknowledge his disgusted expression towards her, Zhuo Qing pointed at the curtain covering veil, coldly narrated: “Your younger sister’s death was not normal, in other words, it was caused by somebody, she died unjustly, the murderer however, could get away with it. This kind of death for her would be humiliating, you would let her die with remaining grievances, she would not be peaceful. Autopsy or dissection of the corpse, it was not being disrespectful and insulting to the deceased, contrary to that, it was rather to help her. Speaking that she wished to say some words, she used her body to tell you, why she died! And as her elder brother, you were not protecting her now, rather you prevented her to speak the truth about her death!”

The indifferent voice was not passionate, but enough to let everybody in the main hall listened to it clearly, and also at this time, did not know whether it was a coincidence or there was really a somewhat supernatural being that was speaking, Zhuo Qing’s speaking voice hardly finished, a sudden burst of cold wind came to attack from the gate into the main hall, the whole rows of candle flame that were on the two sides of the main hall along the long golden rug were extinguished, the only candle flames that had not been extinguished were the ones located on the second layer platform where the corpse was, the light muslin covering veil was also blown away violently by the wind!

The sudden situation that came, made many palace maids scare to hold their heads, tightly closed their eyes, the Empress’ complexion was also scarily pale, her fingers were uncontrollably trembling slightly. Those so called cabinet ministers, there were also many who were scarily shivering.

Everyone was fearful incessantly at the main hall, Zhuo Qing just stood there with a cold complexion, she was actually in a daze, what was this situation?! She had done autopsies for many years, she had heard about this bizarre thing, but she had never experienced this on her own. She was an atheist, only believed in science, believed evidences. Even if there was really any demon or ghost that died unjustly, she did not dare to make a false and unwarranted declaration to put excessive fear in this environment, but also was not in fear if they appeared acting up. She would carry her knife down to all of the corpses with unknown cause of deaths, how could they attack her once again after she was acting as their redress of injustices for the people.

The extremely cold wind that was bursting had passed, the tranquility was once again restored very quickly in the main hall, but everybody’s complexion was entirely not serene, especially Xu Xun Si. His handsome face was slightly white, brows were even more profound and tangled together, eyes were staring at the delicate image who was inside the light muslin thin covering veil, expression was complicated.

Dan Yu Lan turned towards Zhuo Qing to send one meaningful glance, this time would be the best opportunity to persuade the Third Prince. Zhuo Qing immediately looked at him without doing it excessively, passing through that chaos just a moment ago, everyone looked at her with incomparable strange expressions. Zhuo Qing was no longer speak intelligently, she was a forensic investigator, was not a fake fortune teller, she already finished talking on whatever words she ought to say.

Zhuo Qing completely ignored him, Dan Yu Lan had no choice, could only advance on his own, stood behind Xu Xun Si, lowly said: “The death of the Seventh Princess was a sorrowful matter for both Qiong Yue and Bei Qi. We can investigate and find out the cause of death and give the Princess a justice. This is the most important matter now, Third Prince, please consider it.”

Xu Xun Si was silent for a long time afterwards, he still had a firm attitude to oppose a moment ago, it seemed to change in the end, powerlessly waving his hands, sighed and said: “Do the examination, ok.”

Zhuo Qing rolled her eyes, it seemed that the supernatural beings were still more convincing than speaking in the ancient times! She should really express gratitude at the unfathomable muster of the chilly wind………. Turning around to lift opened the thin curtain, Zhuo Qing’s incomparably and naturally instructed Dan Yu Lan to prepare the equipments for the dissection: “Dan Yu Lan, I need three different dimension of sharp blades, one small scissor, several strips of clean handkerchiefs and several porcelain bowls, needle and thread, one basin of drinking water. In addition, a new pair of gloves.” The circumstances here could only have these kinds, put up with it, ok.

“Can you do the examination?” Dan Yu Lan who was behind her was really frightened at this time, there were no more than ten coroners in the whole Qiong Yue who could cut open the abdominal cavity for an autopsy like this. And she was a female, unexpectedly could also do it?!

Zhuo Qing turned around, she personally did not think that dissecting was a strange matter, she did several times everyday before, naturally, there was no way to understand Dan Yu Lan’s surprise, softly shrugged her shoulder, indifferently answered: “If you want to personally examine her, you can, I am only a spectator.” She had never seen the people from the ancient times on how they would do dissection, and the dissection of the modern times had a big disparity, she could compare it carefully.

She still wanted to be ____ a spectator?!!

Zhuo Qing said randomly, but did not know that a group of older men heard the sinister lines, strictly speaking, this was dissecting a corpse now, this was a reeling of blood and terrible thing even for men, and her face became exhilarated (in high spirit), their common aspiration only for her this time…… Was she or was she not a woman after all?

Zhuo Qing automatically ignored them again, entering the middle of the curtain covering veil, she turned her body to caution: “I personally propose a dissection’s time when there is the closest next of kin and at least one higher level than the official position of your staff to supervise, in order to be conspicuous and fair.”

Her thinking was actually very considerate, but within the whole entire main hall, the position who was higher than his high position was only a few, who would wish to supervise!? Dan Yu Lan secretly sighed in his heart, but he had never thought, that Yan Hong Tian who was sitting at the high position suddenly said in a loud voice: “Good! In order to show fairness, Zhen will personally supervise.”

Yan Hong Tian’s speaking voice was off, a group of state officials were frightened, one another was falling on the ground: “The Emperor, please consider it three times!”

The Empress finally recovered, urgently said: “The Emperor, this is a matter of blood contamination, extremely filthy for the Dragon’s body, you must consider it three times ah.”

Extremely filthy?! Zhuo Qing frowned, she had a bit more disgusted with this Empress, she would be best prayed secretly for a natural death for herself so she did not need to experience this ‘extremely filthy’s’ dissection!

Yan Hong Tian had a trace of hesitation as well, not because of the Empress’ mediation and a group of state officials who were kneeling. He suddenly got up, tall and straight silhouette that carried an overbearing and overtaxing atmosphere was walking towards Zhuo Qing immediately. He wanted to see until when she could still play this role!


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