Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 48: The Murderer Was You (Part 1)

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A serene and cold’s female voice interrupted his words, Yan Hong Tian’s complexion was dark, did this woman really want to set herself against him?! She was obviously the one who made the conclusion on her own just a moment ago, and yet, she said that Xu Xun Si could not be the murderer now!?

Dan Yu Lan believed what Zhuo Qing would say, she had her own reason, but the Emperor’s displeasure was already placed on his face, Dan Yu Lan immediately asked: “Since the pincushion that entered the back of the head was deadly to the deceased, it was the Third Prince who approached the Princess a moment ago, why did you say that he was the least likely person to commit the murder?”

Lifting up the muslin curtain, Zhuo Qing held a porcelain plate and came out, used her hand to pass on the stuff to Dan Yu Lan, Zhuo Qing answered: “Because during the time that I sutured the brain cut, I found this.” At first, she believed that the wound on the back of the head was where the pincushion was directly entered by the murderer and stayed behind, as it turned out, it was not at all.

“This was……” Dan Yu Lan looked towards the porcelain plate, there was one root that was slightly thicker than a hair on the plate, one black thread that was approximately about an inch in length, carefully distinguished it for a long time, Dan Yu Lan hesitatingly said: “This was the silver needle?”

Xu Xun Si was also curious to look at it, this stuff would appear to resemble like a contaminated silver string.

Zhuo Qing nodded her head and asked: “Who has this capability to come near so close to the deceased, could hold this thin silver needle and prick about an inch of it into the back of her head, without injuring her skull?”

Looking all the way around the main hall, Zhuo Qing held her vision to stop at Su Ling, because there would be nobody who could compare to this General in martial arts within this main hall, right.

Dan Yu Lan took the silver plate and carried it to Su Ling, Su Ling only looked one glance, without even knitting his brows, candidly answered: “I can not do it.”

Zhuo Qing shrugged her shoulder, she did not have any false explanation, even this General Su could not do it, Xu Xun Si was even more impossible to accomplish it. If he was using a concealed weapon to injure the Princess, it was even more unnecessary for him to run away quickly to avoid suspicion because Xu Yan Yun would undoubtedly die from the poison injection.

Her excessive confidence in herself appeared extraordinarily dazzling! Yan Hong Tian overbearingly asked: “So do you know who the murderer is?”

“I do not know.” Zhuo Qing replied straightforwardly: “The only thing I can do is an autopsy, not solving a case, next is his task.” She was only a forensic investigator, had never believed that she herself was omnipotent, the important general calmly admitted that he was not capable, what was she afraid of.

Zhuo Qing retreated behind Lou Xi Yan’s long table, wanted to sit and rest for a moment, but the hidden bitterness of somebody’s vision was watching her tightly and attentively. Zhuo Qing’s back was cool, she forgot that there was still Princess!

Feeling reluctant to return to her old own place which was next to Mo Bai’s side to stand, and leaning against the pillar, Zhuo Qing was minding her own business by massaging her legs, she did not pay any attention to the main hall where there were still a group of people who were at a loss.

Lou Xi Yan shook his head and broke into laughter, she did not know that being so laid back like this, other people would seem to look like she was a brash?! Softly coughing, Lou Xi Yan faintly smiled and said: “If you want to find the murderer, it is actually not difficult. Official Dan should already think who the murderer is.” This sentence was successful to attract everyone’s attention to Dan Yu Lan.

This person really held a grudge, he only let his woman to come out to be in the limelight for a while! Dan Yu Lan clenched his teeth and answered: “Prime Minister Lou is really flattering this small official.”

Fortunately he really had a suspect in his heart, Dan Yu Lan’s was holding the porcelain plate, a pair of sharp eyes swept across everyone, a clear and bright’s voice echoed in the inside of the main hall: “If you want to use this thin silver needle to shoot the Princess in front of a packed civil and military ranking officers, the murderer’s hand must have a concealed weapon to assist him, and he is surely still inside the main hall.”

Who was it in the end?

This was everyone’s question in their hearts, in all cases, the trembling sound like there was thousands of mosquitos’ buzzing sounds, listening to it felt agitated, also could not clearly hear what they were talking about.

Dan Yu Lan walked to Hu Xi Ang’s side, with a cold voice asked: “The wine that the Princess drank did not have poison, from when the Princess put down the cup until she died, only General Hu was the one who touched the wine cup. Could you or could you not explain it, the wine that was on your hand, why would the test come out to be poisonous?”

“What was the meaning of your words!?” Hu Xi Ang faced Dan Yu Lan, stamped with fury, cursed and said: “How could I know why the wine would have poison, if the murderer could murder the Princess from a distance, it was also possible that he could put poison from a distance. Bringing about the false appearance that the Princess drank a deadly poison wine, I was only anxious to know the Princess’ cause of death so took that cup of wine, nothing more! This way you just determined that I was the murderer? It was rather too much of a trifling matter, right!”

General Hu’s words were actually reasonable, in this way, the determination was indeed a somewhat trifling matter.” Dan Yu Lan looked towards his wrist, pretended to be puzzled, he asked: “In that case, General Hu, whether or not you can say it, the stuff that you always carry on your wrist, where is it now?”

Hu Xi Ang’s bracelet on his hand was very special, he was paying attention in the beginning to the end, but that stuff was completely gone for no reason after finding the silver thread, this was very strange, right?!

Dan Yu Lan was obviously suspected Hu Xi Ang, Xu Xun Si already felt it, but he did not say anything, Hu Xi Ang’s back slightly raised and stared blankly, his expression was dark.

A moment later, he took out about an inch wide bracelet that was embedded with previous gems on the top from an embroidered pouch on his waist, unhurriedly answered: “My mother left this remnant for me, but it was only an ordinary bracelet, nothing more. In our Bei Qi, the bracelet is a symbol of wealth if a man wears it. The Third Prince also wears a bracelet on his hand, this is not that strange, I only put the bracelet in the pouch to save it a moment ago, nothing more.”

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, this man was rather complicated, his behavior looked like an impertinent man a moment ago, but he looked very calm now.

If it was really that simple, why did he want to conceal it? Dan Yu Lan, with a heavy voice asked: “Is it possible to lend it to me so I can look.”

“Here it is.” Using his hand to pass on the stuff to Dan Yu Lan, Hu Xi Ang’s face was calm and indifferent.

Taking the thin bracelet and looking at it, the wristband was very delicate, both the inside and outside had a thin slender fine thread and secret small crack, the bracelet had a little thickness, the feel was rather heavy. Using this as a concealed weapon was also not impossible, lightly pressing the top part of the precious stone, he did not find any peculiar. Trying to push the top of the precious stone, the embed was also very firm, he also did not find any mechanism that could stick out or cave in all around the bracelet.

Hu Xi Ang with a cold face, shouted: “Did you look enough, return it to me.”

Was it really not him? Dan Yu Lan sinked to ponder one more time, there was not a lot of people on the second layer of the main hall, the person who could be near the wine cup was even less. He also did not find any other silver thread on the cup or any suspicious stuff, so it was possible that Hu Xi Ang took advantage to pick up the wine cup to put the poison at that time.

But what stuff did he use as the concealed weapon after all? If the bracelet was the concealed weapon, how could he prove it?!

Could it really be no other way?!


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