Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 50: How Could It Be Like This?!

Zhuo Qing sinked into her own thought with Lou Xi Yan who was walking by her side, Lou Xi Yan had a normal appearance, Gao Jin lowered his head, covered up the complicated radiance on his eyes. Taking the two people to bypass the main hall towards the inner palace hall, zigzagging for a long way around afterwards, the three people stopped in front of the smaller main hall. There were candle flames inside the palace hall, nevertheless, the gate of the palace hall was closed tightly.

Zhuo Qing raised her eyes to look but unexpectedly she saw Qing Ling who disappeared from the main hall, she was looked after by an Imperial bodyguard. Two people’s eyes met for a moment, she saw a lot of doubts in Qing Ling’s eyes but she did not know how to explain either, because she was originally not the younger sister whom she was familiar with.

“The Emperor has an Imperial decree to announce that Qing Ling to enter the palace hall.” Gao Jin’s voice did not sound like the ordinary sharp palace eunuch’s voice.

Qing Ling looked deeply at her one glance afterwards, advanced to walk immediately and unlatched the door of the palace hall. Zhuo Qing was still puzzled at that complicated glance that her eyes revealed a moment ago. Suddenly, there was a sound of a porcelain that was being smashed from inside the palace hall.

She and Lou Xi Yan stood outside of the palace hall on the pavement laid with flagstones, from the far distance, they could not hear what was said from the inside, but the loud sound from inside was already enough to show that the atmosphere was absolutely grave.

Zhuo Qing was worried for Qing Ling, the door was opened suddenly from the inside, Qing Ling was supported by Gao Jin to come out, her body did not appear to have any injury, just her complexion was white that could scare people. Handing over Qing Ling to the Imperial bodyguard to look after, Gao Jin advanced to come over to Zhuo Qing immediately.

“Miss Qing, please follow this servant to enter the palace hall.” Zhuo Qing stared blankly, this Emperor still wanted to break through one by one ah?!

Sure enough as Zhuo Qing’s thought, Lou Xi Yan had not opened his mouth yet, Gao Jin already respectfully said: “Prime Minister Lou, the Emperor only announced Miss Qing to enter inside.”

Zhuo Qing frowned that he wanted to interrogate her by herself, even if she wanted to pretend to be naive, it would be somewhat difficult. Lou Xi Yan patted her shoulder softly, softly laughed and said: “Go, ok, I will be outside.”

Zhuo Qing raised her eyes to face his clear and calm’s slender eyes, this sentence was only common, but it made her heart feel secured indescribably, she should perhaps thank the heavens, let her passed through this encounter with him, right.

Let it be, ok, who was making her use someone else’s body, trying to escape this matter was also useless, releasing her smile and without hesitation, Zhuo Qing turned around to enter the inside palace hall. She walked steadily, naturally did not find that afterwards, Lou Xi Yan’s soft laugh was frozen on his lips, he narrowed his eyes slightly to make people not able to see anything clearly at this moment.

Zhuo Qing strode over to enter the inside palace hall, Gao Jing did not come in along either, rather he was standing outside the palace hall, and closed the gate of the palace hall.

Fine, ok, retreating to go out was not possible either, Zhuo Qing did not have any alternative but to continue to move forwards. There were several scattered broken porcelain on the ground, it must have been smashed a moment ago, right. Even though, this place here was not a spacious main hall, but it was still bigger than the common conference room, even so, Zhuo Qing could still see one glance at that man who was standing in the middle. His black gold and jade’s hat were already gone, he had also changed the bright yellow ceremonial robe, the whole body was in a black brocade gown, cold grim eyes, his indefinite chest was moving up and down to show that his mood was not steady at the moment. Even though the candles inside the palace hall were not bright, his expression looked unclear, Zhuo Qing had already felt a profound and overtaxing air that was threatening from this man’s body.

Stopping her footsteps, Zhuo Qing no longer advanced, slightly lowered her head, her plan was to maintain the status quo, what the eyes did not see, the heart could not grieve over.

Both people were all silent, the surroundings sank into a deathly stillness, she could only hear Yan Hong Tian slightly muddy’s breathing sound, Zhuo Qing remained unchanged, bowed her head and did not speak. Unfortunately, Yan Hong Tian did not have any patience.

“Raised you head.” Lowly roaring sound was raised at the same time, Zhuo Qing only felt her chin was in pain, one big palm that was completely lacking any tenderness grabbed her lower jaw tightly, made her raised her head: “Did you think that you could escape by exchanging yourself from entering the palace? Three years ago, Zhen had already said that you could only be Zhen’s woman in this life time, you could not escape.”

The muffled voice was not loud at all but it was enough to make her heart feel palpitation when she listened to it, his eyes were burning fiercely and stirring restlessly to shake Zhuo Qing’s mind with slight trembling. This man had too much aggressiveness and possessiveness, even though her chin was painful, Zhuo Qing was still silent as she had not yet figured out what was happening before. It was best for her to be silent, he basically did not need to use too much strength as he could just choke her to death.

Zhuo Qing’s silence was equally enraged Yan Hong Tian: “What? You were able to say virtuous words in the palace hall a moment ago, was it unbounded sight? You were completely mute now?”

Zhuo Qing could feel Yan Hong Tian’s hand along with his anger tightened up slowly, thinking, Zhuo Qing cautiously answered: “I have nothing to say, Qing Feng has entered the Prime Minister’s manor, I am only acting as a tribute from the Emperor’s decree.”

“One good Imperial order!” Zhuo Qing’s voice was just off, Yan Hong Tian was completely and violently in anger, practically gnashing his teeth, lowly roaring: “Zhen let Qing Feng go to the Prime Minister’s manor, but not you __ Qing Ling.”

Qing Ling?!! Not feeling the pain on her chin, Zhuo Qing was stunned, she was Qing Ling?? Impossible, ok?!

Zhuo Qing’s mind suddenly flashed through Qing Ling’s complicated gaze, no way, if she was Qing Ling, then that woman was Qing Feng a moment ago??

It was no wonder that Yan Hong Tian saw her strangely at that time, it turned out that he had never made a mistake, he always wanted Qing Ling!

Oh heaven, she was really confused!! Be calm, be calm!!

Watching attentively at the calm and cold woman in front of him, Yan Hong Tian suddenly smiled sarcastically: “Having not seen you for three years, you turned out to be a tremendous character unexpectedly and could persuade your own younger sister to substitute you to enter the palace. You could puzzle Lou Xi Yan in this short time and could still do autopsy to solve a case, truly uneasy to be accomplished ah.”

Breathing deeply and calming her mind, Zhuo Qing insisted and said: “You have recognized the wrong person, I am Qing Feng and not Qing Ling.” Everything was all his one sided statement, just in case he was just probing her?!

Would she still not admit it? Fine, then she must not blame him.


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