Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 52: The Man’s Thought (Part 2)

Another semi long chapter, almost 2,000 words. Our foxy PM is at it again….  I was literally cracking up laughing when I heard LXY’s response on whether or not he had seen ZQ/QL’s tattoo… Then his request at the end of the chapter made my day… Have a great weekend!

This chapter was edited by Din2.

“The Emperor, Chen, Lou Xi Yan has an important matter to report.” A clear and moist voice came though from a distant.

Just when Zhou Qing, herself, believed that she would die soon, Yan Hong Tian finally let go of his hands.

Zhuo Qing escaped with her strength and fell on the ground, strived heard to breathe, she considered this personal experience just like Lou Xi Yan’s asthma suffocating pain.

No longer looking at Zhuo Qing, Yan Hong Tian returned to the long table in front of the palace hall and sat down, clearly said: “Come in.”

Lou Xi Yan was walking steadily to come, seeing Zhuo Qing clearly who was sitting on the ground with somewhat a torn clothing and distinct five fingerprints on her neck, he did not say anything, only walked in front of Yan Hong Tian to salute and say: “Pay respect to The Emperor.”

Zhuo Qing recovered a little bit of her strength with great difficulty, she struggled to stand up and lifted her eyes to watch. Not sure whether Lou Xi Yan was intentionally or accidentally blocking her in front with his body to separate Yan Hong Tian’s threatening line of sight.

Looking at Lou Xi Yan, Yan Hong Tian’s complexion was somewhat complicated and he did not have the time to plunder at Zhuo Qing, Yan Hong Tian serenely asked: “Xi Yan, have you seen the character tattoo on her body?”

Oh no!

Zhuo Qing shouted secretly!

Yan Hong Tian’s move was a good one, if Lou Xi Yan told him he had not seen it, in that way he would be able to guess that she might be lying and she had absolutely not been together with Lou Xi Yan. If Lou Xi Yan was a little bit intelligent, listening to his connotation to want to help her and say that he had seen the character tattoo, thus Lou Xi Yan was aware that she was Qing Ling, yet he wanted her, as a matter of fact, he deceived the monarch?!

Zhuo Qing’s heart was anxious, the face could not have a slightest amount of expression either, because Yan Hong Tian’s pair of black eyes were staring at them coldly. Both people had not exchanged expressions, Zhuo Qing’s heart was cold partially.

Lou Xi Yan muttered to himself irresolutely for a moment, raised his head slowly, felt slightly embarrassed, he answered: “The sky was extremely dark, Chen had not seen it clearly, only saw vaguely that the chest seemed to have one character.” 

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, he…. had this answer unexpectedly….. Together with his embarrassing voice and facial expression, Zhuo Qing almost believed herself that things had really happened between them.

Although Yan Hong Tian’s hands were behind his body, Zhuo Qing could still hear clearly when he was clenching both of his hands tightly in a fist, the joint of his hands were making rattling sounds! His face looked like he wanted to beat people with his fists, Zhuo Qing really wanted to laugh three times heartily, Lou Xi Yan was really a genius!!

Wanting to praise Lou Xi Yan in her heart nicely, Zhuo Qing suddenly thought of a doubt, she herself did not know that she had one character on her body, how did Lou Xi Yan know that she had one character on her body and still knew that it was on her chest?!

When Zhuo Qing was confused with this one question, Yan Hong Tian’s inpatient voice lowly yelled: “Someone comes, bring in that other Qing family’s woman to Zhen.”

Qing Feng was pushed by the boorish Imperial bodyguards to enter the inside of the palace hall, stumbling for several steps afterwards, she finally stood firm. Raising her eyes to see Zhuo Qing’s disarrayed clothing in an embarrassing way, Qing Feng’s eyes immediately perked up in anger.

Yan Hong Tian’s sharp eagle like eyes were tightening at Qing Feng, and he asked: “Who are you after all?”

Without any hesitation, Qing Feng coldly spit out two words: “Qing Ling.” She would not let her fragile elder sister stayed inside the palace with this oppressive individual!!

She still dared to lie unexpectedly, fearless woman! Yan Hong Tian’s shady voice was heard by Zhuo Qing and made her trembling unconsciously: “Zhen will give you a final chance, you want to speak the truth or you want to lose your head.”

Complexion was the same as before, however, her eyes did not have a trace of retreat, Qing Feng insisted stubbornly and answered: “I am Qing……”

Her neck was still painful from the sting, Zhuo Qing was absolutely convinced that this overtaxing man was not joking. If that stubborn woman still insisted that she was Qing Ling again, she would wait for her death in the next quarter hour! Zhuo Qing stepped forward one step to interrupt her words hurriedly and said towards Yan Hong Tian: “You obviously have already known that I am Qing Ling a moment ago, there is no need to make things difficult for her either.”

She was Qing Ling!! After carefully reckoning everything that had happened tonight outside the palace hall a moment ago, he already guessed this answer. Lou Xi Yan’s expression was gloomy, still watching any change in her behavior silently and he was not saying anything.

“Did you admit that exchanging an identity to enter the palace was your plan now?” She had better not telling him about any amnesia’s excuse!!

Unfortunately, Zhuo Qing’s response was not reaching his heartfelt wish, she still answered as before: “I had already explained before, the officials gave me medicine for half a month during the escort. I was always remained unconscious, I found out that there were a lot of things that I did not remember when I woke up. I, myself could not remember who I was, they all said that I was Qing Feng, I, myself would always believe that I was Qing Feng. I entered the palace today because I was anxious to meet my own sisters, I clearly managed to find out who I was after all? What had happened about this matter?” She said these words so Qing Feng and Lou Xi Yan could hear that she was not Qing Ling and there were a lot of things that she was simply unable to explain, amnesia was the best excuse that she could use.

Sure enough, Yan Hong Tian was in a rage once again, lowly roared to say: “Do not use amnesia to fool Zhen, if you have amnesia, you can still speak frankly about autopsy at the main hall, can provide assistance to solve the case, then if you do not have amnesia, what can you still do!?”

Amnesia was not an idiocy anyway!! Zhuo Qing really wanted to roll her eyes, but it was not the time now, sighing innocently, Zhuo Qing answered: “I only have amnesia, forget a lot of the past events, but those autopsy method is like having a meal as far as I am concerned, the same as writing characters. I merely could not remember who gave me those things, that was all.” In short, all the matter that could not be explained would be blamed to amnesia, it would be just right.

“What a good amnesia!” Contrary to extreme anger, he was laughing, Yan Hong Tian looked towards Qing Feng, coldly groaned: “Do you or do you not want to say that you, yourselves have amnesia also?”

“I do not have amnesia, I clearly know who I am, myself.” Remember it even clearer, who caused their whole family’s bankruptcy and deaths, who caused them, sisters to be separated in life and death!!

These two women, one had amnesia, one assumed someone’s name and took her place, they were conforming really good! Yan Hong Tian’s voice sneeringly said: “Continue talking, Zhen actually wants to see, you all can still fabricate what matter next!”

Quietly thinking of the past events, she was the one who persuaded them to destroy their appearances, she was also the one who insisted on killing themselves. Her stubbornness and selfishness, not only did it fail to accomplish anything, but also harmed her elder sister and younger sister. This time, she wanted Yan Hong Tian to take revenge on her own affair, she would surely not let her sister who had amnesia to suffer anymore harm.

Restraining her vicious words, Qing Feng gave the explanation: “We did not want to deceive anybody. When we tried to kill ourselves at the broken temple at that time, elder sister was standing in the middle in order to hold my hand and my younger sister’s hands. The officials who escorted us, rescued me and I heard hazily that they called me Qing Ling, I was still alive. Afterwards, we were given medicine everyday just like what my elder sister was saying. I was already in the palace when I was awaken. Later on, I thought they were both died, I, myself did not want to live either so I tried to smash the flower vase on you yesterday. The reason why I insisted that I, myself was Qing Ling was because the person the Emperor wanted was Qing Ling. I was already sent to enter the palace and from that moment on, I could only be Qing Ling, no matter who I was in the past.”

This Prime Minister Lou seemed to be good towards elder sister, if elder sister and him were together, she would feel relieved.

“Absolutely disgraceful!”

She unexpectedly used suicide to escape from him!! Could it be that these were all the so called accidents arising from many causes?!

Yan Hong Tian’s pair of eyes emitted cold rays, almost came out of the holes to stare at Zhuo Qing, at the same time, it was sufficient to prove that he found himself in a rage at this moment. The inside of the main hall sank into deathly stillness once again.

For a very long time, the silent Lou Xi Yan suddenly stepped forwards one step, lowly said: “The Emperor, please calm down, is it possible or not to listen to Chen speaks several sentences?”

“Speak.” Towards Lou Xi Yan, Yan Hong Tian was always polite at least.

“This matter could happen like this was because Hao Yue’s officials sent the sisters to the wrong places, the matter had already happened. No matter who they were, it was already too late to go back. Chen wanted to talk to The Emperor about this matter today, precisely to wish and ask the Emperor to grant a wedding to this woman who was delivered to enter Chen’s manor, granting Chen a wife.”

Bang!! (A loud sound).

Yang Hong Tian’s hands slapped the top of the long table ferociously, it let out a loud sound, everyone who heard it was fearful, not limited to the people who were inside the palace hall, even Gao Jin’s heartbeat who was guarding outside the palace hall was trembling incessantly when he heard it.

Sian’s notes:
Finally, the moment of truth for these two “sisters”… I felt sad when Qing Feng was recalling what happened at the broken temple. But I guess I could understand more now why the author, Qian Lu, really made Qing Feng’s life way too miserable compared to the lives of the other two “sisters”. I supposed Qing Feng was trying to pay off her “debts” for insisting to damage their face and killing themselves. So sad…

On the brighter note, LXY, LXY, you have never failed to amaze me. Boldly asking YHT to bestow a marriage to ZQ when he knows YHT still wants to get Qing Ling back at all costs. Ahhhhh… My kind of guy!!! 

I have to say that I usually despise any amnesia plot in the drama because it’s just way too cliche but I have to say that in this particular situation, an amnesia will be the only good answer or plot.


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