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Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 53: Secret Battle

This chapter was edited by Din2.

Bang!! (A loud sound)

Yang Hong Tian’s hands ferociously slapped the top of the long table, letting out a loud sound, everyone who heard it was fearful, not limited to the people who were inside the palace hall, even Gao Jin’s heartbeat who was guarding at the outside of the palace hall was trembling incessantly when he heard it.

He wanted to marry her!

Once these words came out, Yan Hong Tian’s rage was burning, Zhuo Qing was stunned, Qing Feng was absent minded for a moment…… “You said that you wanted to marry her as a wife just now?”

The inside of the palace hall was deathly silent, Yan Hong Tian’s low voice was especially gloomy and cold. Zhuo Qing and Qing Feng looked one glance, unconsciously swallowed their salivas. Only Lou Xi Yan was remained in that respectful and tranquil attitude, as if he had not seen Yan Hong Tian’s angry appearance, calmly answered: “Yes.”

“Impossible.” The sound came out from pressing in between his teeth, but not knowing whether he was angry towards Lou Xi Yan or towards Zhuo Qing, in short, only the chilly wind was blowing.

Glaring at Lou Xi Yan, Yan Hong Tian did not have a good complexion just now, clearly annoyed and said: “Lou qing (high ranking official) jia (family), you are equivalent to a Qiong Yue’s first rank prime minister, she is a tribute from a small country, absolutely does not fit to become your wife. If you really want to take a wife urgently, Zhen will immediately bestow you a wedding with Princess Chao Yun. The families are well matched in term of social status, talented man and beautiful woman.”

“Chen and Princess Chao Yun are always scrupulously abided by a ruler and minister rules, Chen does not dare to have any wrong wish.” He would request to be granted the marriage, firstly because of Qing Ling, secondly because of Yan Ru Xuan. If he got married soon, it would also let her to break off the long wish shortly.

Yan Hong Tian coldly groaned: “Zhen will only bestow a marriage between you and Xuan-er, as for these two people, they are exchanging identities and fooling the monarch, also randomly lying and falsifying, they should be in the Imperial prison while they are being investigated!”

“The Emperor is bright, their words are not necessarily lies, as long as we send someone to go to Hao Yue to meet the officials who have sent them here to seek for confirmation, naturally we can know whether or not they actually speak the truth. Chen and Qing Ling have interacted for half a month, Chen also believes that she is not this kind of person, additionally hopes for the Emperor’s clear investigation.”

“Everything will wait until their investigation afterwards, then we will make a decision, they will have to go to the Imperial prison for now to wait for the investigation.” Inquiring, he absolutely must inquire, he, Yan Hong Tian was unable to tolerate a trace of deception and trick. It would be best that their words were genuine, otherwise he would let them know what the consequence was to deceive him! But they could only stay in the Imperial prison at this time.

Zhuo Qing actually had not exposed too much fear, Qing Feng’s face also showed only stubbornness, but Lou Xi Yan’s eyes showed a trace of anxiety.

“Chen is requesting earnestly that the Emperor will grant Qing Ling to return to Chen’s manor, she will be guarded at the Prime Minister’s manor. Before the investigation is completed, Chen will not allow her to go for even half a step out of the Prime Minister’s manor.” Staying at that prison place, a person would be unable to forget it forever, even if she came out later on, she would not be same person.

Lou Xi Yan was calm from the beginning to the end, his face rarely had any wave, but he repeatedly was offering words of advice, Yan Hong Tian looked at his expression with more and more cold staring.

Heaven ah, what was going on with Lou Xi Yan today? Even though he was making a supreme effort to protect and make Zhuo Qing touched emotionally, but she was still inevitably anxious for him. After all, that Emperor looked as if he was in a bad mood to be provoked. Qing Feng was exceptionally satisfied with this future older sister’s husband, he seemed to be warm and a gentle man unexpectedly. He actually had this kind of courage, he could let elder sister to depend on him! But….. hesitating to look towards that high position terrible man, Lou Xi Yan would not only live for today, right………. Fortunately, their anticipation of blood splashing on the scene did not happen, Yan Hong Tian coldly withdrew his line of sight, lowly shouted: “Gao Jin.”

Immediately the one who guarded outside the palace hall, Gao Jin’s body was already sweating profusely, answered: “The servant is here.”

“Take them outside of the palace hall to wait, Zhen wants to speak and discuss with the Prime Minister.”

“Yes.” Gao Jin hurriedly went to open the door, took these two women to go out, and urgently closed the door of the palace hall.

Yan Hong Tian walked to advance towards Lou Xi Yan, two men were standing and facing each other at the main hall. One was as if he was a scorching sun up in the sky, awe-inspiringly domineering. One was as if he was an azure ocean bright moon, calm as a dark blue.

After for a very long time, Yan Hong Tian snorted: “Say it, ok. I want to listen to the truth.”

Even though he grew up together with Lou Xi Yan relatively well, but ever since he ascended the throne, Xi Yan insisted on to be a ruler and minister from the beginning and would not abandon it. It was usually rare for him to regard this emotional feeling for a woman and to be persistent like this, Xi Yan was very unusual, instead making him cool headed.

Yan Hong Tian did not use Zhen to call himself, Lou Xi Yan also changed the appellation, this was they were tacit understanding after all these years. Somewhat helplessly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan smily sighed and said: “I want to bring her back to the manor because she can cure my illness.” According to his understanding of him, this reason was better than saying he liked Qing Ling, it would be easier to achieve his goal to take her away.

“What?!” Yan Hong Tian was alarmed, Xi Yan’s illness was already from a long time, how many Imperial Physicians tried to cure the illness, but yet, Qing Ling could cure it? His heart was still somewhat not trusting: “Did you say the truth?!”

Lou Xi Yan nodded to answer: “The last time when I had an outbreak, she was by my side. If it was not because of her that day, it was possible that I could not speak with you anymore.” In fact, she really did not do anything that night, only incessantly asked him to breathe, but in order to make Yan Hong Tian believe, he could only persuade him like this.

“That day, there was a maid in your room, it was her?!” Recalling the circumstance about her on that day when he walked to pass her, Yan Hong Tian’s complexion was cold.


Looking towards Lou Xi Yan’s serene face, Yan Hong Tian slightly narrowed his eagle eyes, with a cold sound, he interrogated: “You want to marry her because she can cure your illness?”

Hesitating for a moment, Lou Xi Yan answered: “It is not completely like that.”

Yan Hong Tian lightly raised his double edged sword eyebrows, lowly said: “Then, you really like her?!”

Lou Xi Yan’s serene face flashed through one trace of panic, brows tightly knitted, he could not be frank and straightforward like a moment ago. He was completely silent, his heart had a premonition that made him anxious and frightened. Sure enough, his shoulder sank, a big hand heavily pressed down on his shoulder, Yan Hong Tian’s somewhat excited and somewhat chilly laughter echoed on the side of his ear: “Xi Yan, this is the second time you say it to me, you like that same thing.”


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