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Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 54: Qing Feng

Sigh… This was a sad chapter.  I’m always sad with anything that is related to Qing Feng. I feel so sorry for her life… But I think Qing Feng is the strongest sister compare to Zhuo Qing & Gu Yun. That’s why even though I’m not fond of reading book 3, but I force myself to read it for Qing Feng.

This chapter was edited by Din2.

Outside The Palace Hall

It was almost midnight , the moon was already misty and did not have that magnificent and noisy feast. Even though it was still inside the imperial palace’s courtyard, it was also difficult to stop the erosion of the night. The moonlight was bleak, hiding behind the precious forest but it was still mixed with the traces of the moon. The chilly night wind was somewhat cool, but just enough to blow people’s mind to be awaken.

In front of the palace hall, two women with similar body shape’s appearances were looking face to face mutually. One person’s expression looked excited, her eyes were filled with sorrow. The other person looked somewhat awkward.

“Elder sister, you…. really do not remember me?” Looking at her elder sister’s eyes whom she had not seen for half a month, Qing Feng felt pain in her heart. Looking at her sister’s eyes that were bright and calm, she could no longer see the faintly pampering and the warm tenderness like in the past.

“I….” Zhuo Qing opened her mouth wanting to speak something, but she could only change into three words at the end: “I am sorry.” Even though it was not her wish to occupy someone else’s body, but it was already a fact that could not be changed.

Responding to Qing Feng, Zhuo Qing’s heart was more anxious with Lou Xi Yan who was inside the room. She could not hear any sound so it meant that she did not know what happened inside, Zhuo Qing’s heart was in a mess.

Looking at Gao Jin who was standing to guard the gate of the palace hall, Zhuo Qing was somewhat puzzled because he did not hand them over to the Imperial bodyguards rather he let them stand at the corner to wait. Thus, they were able to have the opportunity to talk, did he do this intentionally or unintentionally?

“I was the one who should be sorry to you, if it was not because of me who insisted on killing ourselves, it would not cause you not to remember who you were.” Elder sister was cold and detached towards her, it was because of her own’s sin. Just thinking when Qing Ling woke up not knowing who she was and helpless, Qing Feng was bursting in self guilt once again, losing her memory should be so terrifying?!

Zhuo Qing recovered, the woman who was in front of her did not have that stubbornness and icy arrogant like the one inside the palace hall a moment ago. She was blindly blaming herself and it made Zhuo Qing somewhat looked to quietly comfort and say: “Do not blame yourselves too much, the matter has already happened, the most important thing is that I am alive and well now, right?” Even though I was no longer the original person.

Qing Feng was still as before lowering her head, she had thought about this foolish attempt to commit suicide once, Zhuo Qing reminded her again and said: “But this killing oneself matter can not be done again in the future, only the weak will choose to escape and surrender. You should not be this kind of person.”

The weak would choose to use suicide to escape, was it right? As it turned out, all along, she seek to pursue integrity and with unyielding character, unexpectedly, it was just a sign of weakness!

Slowly raising her head, Qing Feng was staring at the direction of the inside palace hall, coldly answered: “You can feel relieved, I will not kill myself again because the person who should be dead is not ourselves!” It was Hao Yue’s incapable ruler who caused the death of their parents, and that instigator who was inside!

Her bright eyes were bursting out some hatred, it made Zhuo Qing slightly stump for words, Qing Feng’s vicious currents on her body made her uneasy, unfortunately, it was only for a brief split second, she recovered as before once again.

“By the way, have you seen little sister?” Since she could come and enter the Imperial palace, it should be easier to see little sister, right.

Zhuo Qing shook her head: “I have not.”

She was somewhat disappointed and somewhat concerned, Qing Feng sighed and said: “That General Su does not look like a good person, I am worried that little sister can be bullied by him, she is still very young.”

“Be at ease, ok. Su Ling as a General, his cold and uncommunicative natures are also very normal. Even though he can not be regarded as a scholar but he also is not an impertinent husband.” Briefly interacting at the main hall, she actually felt that this person, Su Ling was not bad. There was an existence of the military leader’s spirit and also did not lose to the cultural official’s poise, his words were not often for the whole evening but he was actually paying attention to everything.

This kind of man would not think of doing something unworthy and make things difficult for a woman, certainly, if that woman was more violent than the man, that would be another matter………. Qing Feng was not as optimistic as Zhuo Qing, Qing Mo’s nature was timid, ordinarily they would protect her, helped her to make a decision, what should she do since she was all alone now?! Why were their destinies always being manipulated by other people?!

Breathing deeply because she was afraid that her elder sister would be anxious, Qing Feng repressed her raging emotion, tried to calm down and said: “If Prime Minister Lou is able to persuade the Emperor to take you away, you go immediately to follow him, it is totally better than two people to go to the Imperial prison together, also, do not enter the palace to come and see me in the future.”

“Why?” She was not Qing Ling, originally, she had never had any plan to enter the palace again, but Qing Feng was deliberately confessing, Zhuo Qing thought it was somewhat fishy.

Qing Feng was slightly alarmed, could it be that elder sister saw anything? Telling herself to calm down, lightly shaking her head, Qing Feng deliberately and consciously explained: “Because the Emperor harbors evil intention towards you, if you go out, it will be better that you do not go walk right into the trap again. You do not need to worry about me, I will take care of myself properly. If your health recovers, just let people to bring me the verbal message, that will be enough.”

Something was amiss, her eyes were flickering, expression was deliberate, her mind surely had a plan. She did not know what she wanted to do after all, Zhuo Qing could only warn: “Qing Feng, be sure to consider it carefully before you do anything, an impulse action will not have any advantage at any time.”

Zhuo Qing sharpness and penetrating’s personalities made Qing Feng amazed endlessly, this person, was she really her elder sister?! Could amnesia really change someone this much? Was it good or bad that she changed like this?!

Qing Feng was still in doubt, but the male voice from the inside of the hall that could make people’s heart were frightened echoed again: “Somebody comes, bring the two of them to come in.”

Gao Jin looked towards them, both of them did not make any difficulty for him, obediently walked towards the inside of the palace hall.

Entering the inside of the palace hall, Zhuo Qing immediately discovered that the atmosphere was somewhat amiss.

Yan Hong Tian’s complexion was no longer dark, in between his eyebrows was still carrying a trace of dubious smiling expression. Looking at his expression also changed more and more strange than just when he was possessed and angry, it made her have even more goose bumps……. And Lou Xi Yan’s expression was still tranquil and calm, but his forehead seemed to have a heavy load in his mind, what did they discuss after all a moment ago?

“Qing family’s sisters, your matter about the identity exchange, Zhen will investigate it clearly later. Naturally will give you all the final conclusion, considering that Qing Ling is possible to have amnesia, this matter is pardonable. Zhen will allow Prime Minister Lou to bring you back to the manor to be looked after, before the truth is clear, you are not allowed to go out of the manor.”

Yan Hong Tian unexpectedly agreed to let her return to Lou Xi Yan’s manor?

What was going on after all? What did Lou Xi Yan do that could change Yan Hong Tian’s decision unexpectedly?!

She was very curious.

Looking towards Qing Feng, Yan Hong Tian coldly groaned and said: “As for Qing Feng, even if the officials from Hao Yue have made the mistake to deliver the wrong person, your mind is clear. Entering the palace and still assuming somebody’s name and taking her place, it is already a criminal to deceive the monarch, so you will go to the Imperial prison immediately and stay there until the truths about the investigation is clear later, and then you will be convicted.”

Go to the Imperial prison!

Qing Feng appeared to be prepared, deeply breathing, she was still standing proudly, neither ask for forgiveness nor crying.

The Imperial prison was absolutely not a good place. Although she and Qing Feng did not have feeling as sisters, but her heart really admired her. Could she really not able to save her? Zhuo Qing thought deeply. Lou Xi Yan’s clear and moist voice lowly echoed: “The Emperor is wise, Chen asks to be excused.”

“En.” Lightly waving his hand, Yan Hong Tian unexpectedly did not really make things difficult for them.

“Go.” Pulling Zhuo Qing’s hand, Lou Xi Yan shook his head lightly. Zhuo Qing understood clearly that she should not act blindly without thinking. Lou Xi Yan rescued her and it was already not easy. Turning around to look one glance at the meager woman who was standing at the main hall, she also happened to turn her head around.

Facing Zhuo Qing with a slight smile, Qing Feng completely turned her head around, no longer looking at her. Accepting the matter, she needed to bear this alone.

Yan Hong Tian, it would be best that you did not let me live, otherwise….

Lou Xi Yan was leading Zhuo Qing to leave, her brain had this lingering feeling, about Qing Feng with that same gorgeous fireworks and momentary smiling expression. For the first time, Zhuo Qing profoundly realized that she was too powerless in this different era.


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