Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 57: Asking For Guidance


Zhuo Qing’s heart was guessing the reason why Dan Yu Lan was looking for her, it should be related to the autopsy. Looking at him to show an enthusiastic and dedication towards dissection that day, she already knew that he would surely come to look for her, but did not expect that it would be this quick.

Walking towards the front hall unhurriedly all the way, not too far away, a light blue graceful silhouette was walking over, the rock garden obstructed the image of the person who came. But that tall body shape and unhurried temperament, Zhuo Qing already guessed who the person was, lowly called out: “Lou Xi Yan.”

Soon, Lou Xi Yan raised his faint and light smile, walking towards her.

“How come you are at home?” He always left early and retuned late for the past few days, right?

Lou Xi Yan did not plan to answer this question, rather lightly coughing, he conscientiously said: “Ling-er, do you not think that it is somewhat not proper to keep calling my surname to address me all day long?”

What was not appropriate? Zhuo Qing felt that it was really normal ah! But looking at him pretending with that conscientious’ attitude, also with a voice that made people had goose bumps, ‘Ling-er’, Zhuo Qing decided____ to reciprocate!

Pretending to ponder over for once, Zhuo Qing said: “Then, I should address you as….. Prime Minister Lou?”

“Too polite.”

“Lou gongzi?”

“Too strange.”

“Xi Xi?” She actually preferred this name!


Lou Xi Yan was still keeping his graceful’s smile, but the corner of his mouth was somewhat twitching clearly. Zhuo Qing was bursting with joy and continuing to try hard!

“Yan-er?” Did he not like adding this ‘er’ character for other people frequently, right?


Lou Xi Yan secretly sighed, this woman who was unable to recognize his good intentions and petty, apart from calling her, when did he ever address other people this intimate? The conclusion was still ignored by this person?!

Looking at him with his head that was filled by sinister lines, Zhuo Qing could not help to laugh heartily. Her laughing was absolutely unrestrained, Lou Xi Yan could not get angry either, was only somewhat helpless and lightly shaking his head. Letting her make a joke on his own name, that kind of faintly spoiling addiction, just liked the early summer’s breeze, it was warm and the heart was blowing the slightest ripple on the lake.

Restraining her smile, Zhuo Qing generously asked: “Xi Yan, are you going out?” She naturally knew that he wished to be addressed as to what name for himself. In fact, calling it out was not difficult either, not denying, she was also very satisfied with this appellation.

Lou Xi Yan already guessed from the beginning that Zhuo Qing would call him this name, but really hearing her clear voice calmly called out, his heart would unexpectedly perked up with a touch of indescribable joy, only because of this ‘Xi Yan’ sound? It seemed that he could not control his own heart, in this case, this heartbeat’s racing should not be felt by him only.

“I have just returned from the morning Imperial court, I’m going to leave home again for the same thing.” Finished speaking, Lou Xi Yan suddenly stretched out his hand, his fingertips carelessly went across her neck. Her neck felt cool and was somewhat numb, he obviously did not touch her, but Zhuo Qing was rigid for no reason. He slightly leaned over to step forward, Zhuo Qing only felt that every cell on her body became exceptionally sensitive at this moment, the hair slightly moved. His gentle and soft eyes were gazing at the back of her neck, Zhuo Qing knew that he was surely tidying up her clothes but that handsome face let her heart trembling right in front of her eyes. In addition, the faint sandalwood fragrance on his body made Zhuo Qing unable to control her racing heart.

A moment later, he took out a dead leaf from her hair, Zhuo Qing wanted to cry but there was no tears, very good old fashioned show. If someone would tell her in the past that she would raise her heartbeat consequently, she would surely curse that mentally disorder person, but what was she doing now?!

Heavens, she would rush to thirty people quickly ah~~~~ With his gentle and soft’s gaze, her face would get hot inexplicably!! Heaven knew that she had already forgotten about what a blushing and heartbeat’s racing were for 8-10 years!!

Let her drop dead, ok!

Zhuo Qing was lashing on her own, Lou Xi Yan’s eyes flashed through a trace of fascinating smile, what kind of expression did she have….. Even if she was not shy, it was not as bad as this much suffering, ok?

With an awkward and gentle sigh, Zhuo Qing forced a smile and said: “Then, I will not delay you, I do not know why Dan Yu Lan is looking for me, I will go and look.”

Official Dan came to look for her, he naturally knew about it. Without his permission, Dan Yu Lan would not be able to see her, but Lou Xi Yan still pretended to be surprised and said: “Did Official Dan come? Then, you go, ok.”

Zhuo Qing nodded and hurriedly turned around to leave. Lou Xi Yan lowly’s humming voice echoed one more time: “Oh, by the way, I have somebody from the bookstore to deliver a few medical books, the books are in the study room. If you are interested, you can look at them.”

He bought them because of her? Lou Xi Yan’s forever gentle and soft attitudes were so just perfect, Zhuo Qing hurriedly left a “Thank you”, her feet were increasingly speeding quickly.

Looking at the desolate and fleeing figure of her, Lou Xi Yan’s corner of mouth was lightly raised, Ling-er, where did you think you could run to?!

This confrontation, Zhuo Qing was gorgeously and completely defeated……

Walking away from Lou Xi Yan’s line of sight, Zhuo Qing finally slowed down her footsteps, what did she run away for?! Extremely humiliated…… Zhuo Qing’s depressed mood made her somewhat careless, entering the Qian Ting pavilion. Dan Yu Lan put down the already cold tea and got up to say: “Taking a liberty to pay you a visit, please forgive me, Madam.”

Madam? Zhuo Qing suffered from frustration one more time! Looking at him one glance, straightforwardly asked: “What are you looking for me for?”

Zhuo Qing got right to the point, Dan Yu Lan did not beat around the bush either, and asked: “Dan mou has some questions, wants to ask Madam Lou for guidance.”

“Say it.”

“The deceased’s mortal wound is a murder weapon that runs through the chest, pierces through the heart until the person dies. The question that I want to ask is, the average person’s heart will appear how many retractions after death? And how long does this retraction happen after death? If I want to compare the murder weapon, which aspect do I have to consider?” Her dissection knowledge on that day, he went back afterwards and could not be calm for a very long time, her knowledge about human body was unexpectedly already reached that kind of level!

As expected, it was concerning autopsy, Zhuo Qing’s heart due to Lou Xi Yan’s chaos calmed down slowly, by comparison, she liked this more that she could sufficiently control her own circumstances.

Zhuo Qing lowered her voice and answered: “The average person’s heart will whither a little after death but it is not obvious. The wound puncture of the myocardium will appear to shrink, the surface of the wound will have to be much less than the murder weapon. If you want to do the comparison for the murder weapon, it will be best within the twelve shichen (24 hours) because the internal organ of that person will appear dissolving after death, it will influence your judgement at that time. If you can store the person inside the icehouse, it will delay the self dissolving and rotting of the circumstances.”

Dan Yu Lan nodded clearly and answered: “I understand, the deceased also has other stab wounds but going through the examination afterwards, I find that the deceased’s wound on the chest and other areas are a little bit different. I wish to pass through the myocardium and pectoral muscles to have the comparison to confirm the murder weapon.”

“En.” Zhuo Qing suggested: “This is right, the best way to do the comparison is to tear the clothing off. The clothing will not shrink basically.”

As far as the myocardium was shrinking, Dan Yu Lan did not really understand either, and modestly asked: “With my verbal explanation, can you issue the judgement?”

Zhuo Qing candidly shook her head: “I can only give my opinion according to your verbal explanation in this circumstance, you must have seen the corpse to be able to have the most accurate judgement.”

But she could not get out of the manor now, it was impossible to do autopsy personally. Thinking, Zhuo Qing asked: “Do you have the picture of the murder weapon?” Wanting to do this careful comparison, that murder weapon was surely somewhat special.

Dan Yu Lan took out a stuff that was wrapped up by a handkerchief from his sleeve, handed it over to Zhuo Qing.

He still really trusted her and brought over the murder weapon unexpectedly. Opening the handkerchief, there was one silver glitter throwing knife inside, the blade was light, the length was about two inches, sharp double edged blades, looked like a leaf. The most middle part of the blade looked the same as a sunken leaf. This throwing knife…. seemed familiar….. Zhuo Qing’s complexion slightly changed and asked: “Is this the weapon from the suspect?”

Dan Yu Lan also saw her abnormal complexion but still answered: “Correct.”

“Then, the person is or is not called Qian Jing?” Although the throwing knife was special but Jiang Hu was big, it was not necessarily him, right! Zhuo Qing’s heart survived luckily, but also understood on her own, the chance was remote.


Dan Yu Lan firmly answered, let Zhuo Qing’s heart to cool down, it was really him……..

Sian’s notes:
Wow, what a surprising turn of event!!! Why do I have a bad premonition on Qian Jing? How is it possible that he becomes a murderer


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