Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 62: Qian Jing’s Past

Insomnianoodles, I’m sure you can guess who the male is at the end of this chapter. Rani Bu, how many bowls of noodle do you guess GY will eat?  Over 3,200 words…

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The time was close to midnight, the moon was on the tip of a tree, in a quiet alley, there was no one who was walking around. There were two rows of shops that had closed down their doors long ago in the alley, there was only one very small noodle shop that was revealed only by candle lights.

“Boss, give me one more bowl.”

The hand of the petite woman was holding one big bowl of noodle, her mouth was shouting unclearly. There was one gold ingot that dazzled with radiance on the table, even if he worked for one year, he would never make that much money. The 60 years old’s boss nodded repeatedly, the subordinate had not been staying idle either and he was occupied with boiling noodle.

Gu Yun put down the empty bowl to receive the noodle that was delivered by the boss, hardly took into consideration any table manner, she ate to her heart’s content.

Su Yu was looking at the table in front of her, there were already three big bowls, sneeringly said: “Are you a pig?!” He had never seen any woman who could eat these many bowls, her table manner was this ugly! Looking at her thin figure that looked like a bamboo pole, Su Yu was puzzled, where did everything that she ate go to?! How was there not any meat that grew?!

Gu Yun raised her head slightly, casted sidelong one glance at him, then left behind this sentence disdainfully: “Are you a chicken?!” How did this big man eat so little!

This sentence was enough to explode Su Yu’s already fiery temper, only saw him pound the table suddenly, with a loud voice he shouted: “Boss, bring ten bowls!” Trying to play a joke, could it be that she could still eat, but he could not!!

The boss was stumped for words, did not dare to neglect and hurriedly boiled the noodle. He secretly sighed, being young people were truly good, how could they still eat this much and this late!

Zhuo Qing was supporting her chin impatiently, lazily said: “How about you two eat slowly, I will return to get a beauty sleep first and then come back again.”

Looking at the empty bowls on the table that these two people already ate, Zhuo Qing’s heart only had one feeling____ two chowhounds!

Gu Yun’s head did not even raise, she answered soon after: “You can go but Xi Yan can not.”

Xi Yan, Xi Yan, she really had an addicted habit to call that name. Zhuo Qing did not ask why urgently, Lou Xi Yan who was sitting gracefully all along finally got impatient to somebody: “Why can I not go?”

“I intend to go to see Qian Jing.” Gu Yun drank the entire soup at last, stroking her belly satisfyingly, she could finally eat until she was full, did not eat anything for the whole two days was really out of the question!

Su Yu listened to her words and his brows were twisted together: “Have we not seen him a moment ago?! You still want to see Qian Jing and what is the relation that he can not go?”

Gu Yun simply did not feel like paying attention to him, however, Lou Xi Yan already understood without being told explicitly, in a low voice, he called out: “Mo Bai.”

Mo Bai’s tall silhouette appeared from the outside of the small store immediately, Gu Yun gasped in surprise, this man’s skill was really fast ah! She unexpectedly did not detect his breathing a moment ago!

Lou Xi Yan explained several sentences in a low voice, Mo Bai lightly nodded and went out.

Su Yu thought for a long time and finally understood Gu Yun’s meaning that Lou Xi Yan would have to bring her to enter the prison, he roared resentfully and said immediately: “I also can bring you to enter the prison ah,  not only into the Ministry of Justice’s prison, that is all!”

“How could you bring me to enter the prison, just like a moment ago when you were quarreling or beating the guards until they passed out so we could enter the prison? How can I go using you to enter the prison?” She wanted to enter the prison secretly, let it be, talking to this idiot could only exhaust herself!

Su Yu curled his lips, in any case, the outcome was still the same that they could actually enter the prison, so it should be fine.

“He did not speak the truth a moment ago, are you sure that he will speak the truth to you now?” Lou Xi Yan was relatively interested about this, this girl gave him the highest amazing experience for himself tonight. He also became aware for the first time that one girl could eat so many bowls of noodle unexpectedly!

A stack of bowls, just to beat Su Yu a moment ago, the soup was splattering everywhere, you could say that the table was messy. Lou Xi Yan was the kind of person who could contend leisurely, it seemed that no matter what kind of the circumstances that he would run into, what kind of matters, he could response gracefully. Gu Yun secretly signed, this time Qing really collected a treasure!

Looking a glance at Zhuo Qing who was on the side waiting and already somewhat impatient, Gu Yun laughingly said: “He will not talk to me but he should talk to her.”

Zhuo Qing glared at her one glance, snottily said: “For which reason do you think that?”

Relying on feeling! Gu Yun did not say it out loud intelligently, she would otherwise get Zhuo Qing’s supercilious look.

Stroking her satisfied belly, Gu Yun finally stood up and said: “I am full, let us go, ok.”

Just in time that the boss also carried the ten bowls of noodle to come over, Gu Yun threw a glance at Su Yu, lightly smiled and said: “Enjoy your meal, chick.” After she finished talking, she stepped out of the small store confidently, Zhuo Qing looked one glance sympathetically at the stunned Su Yu, smiled lowly and followed to come out. Yun’s mouth was still very poisonous!

Lou Xi Yan lightly coughed to cover up his smiling expression, he cupped his hands lightly towards Su Yu and also went out of the store.

The boss was looking at the complexion of the young man who looked more and more terrible….

“Qing Mo, darn it, whom did you call a chick!  Only hearing the roar, his own shadow was already went out of the room. The boss was watching at the hands distressingly that were still holding the piping hot of the ten bowls of noodle…….. What should he do?

Arriving at the prison again, Gu Yun discovered that the former young gate keeper had already been changed, four people stood very straightly, their visuals were straight ahead but it seemed that these four people were not really looking at them.

Gu Yun said to Su Yu who felt aggrieved during the whole journey with a low voice: “You should wait at the gate, ok.”

“Why?” His heart was annoyed, Su Yu’s tone of voice was vigorous when he answered.

“The less people who enter inside will be better, or do you still want to waste the efforts of the interrogation tonight?” Gu Yun rarely explained in kindness, even though Su Yu’s heart was still not willing but he also did not continue to persist in entering the prison.

In contrast, Lou Xi Yan just understood discretely, slightly laughed and answered: “Since it is like this, I will not enter the prison either.”

“Go.” Gu Yun nodded her head satisfyingly and pulled Zhuo Qing, both of them entered the prison.

Gu Yun discovered keenly that there was one guard for every ten meters when they came here for the first time, the guard was already disappeared without a trace at the moment. This way it would be more convenient to deal with the interrogation. Arriving in front of Qian Jing’s prison door, the lock was unexpectedly open easily. Gu Yun could not help to admire Lou Xi Yan who was really a capable person to handle the affair cautiously.

With regards to the appearance of Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun for one more time, Qian Jing did not show any surprise at all, his face also showed less of the sloppy expression, Qian Jing with a low voice asked: “What do you still want to ask?”

“How did you and the deceased know each other, why did you want to follow him, also why did you punch him?”

Looking one glance at Gu Yun, Qian Jing raised his head and his face showed a trace of cynical smile, and answered: “I have already said this a moment ago, is there any fresh information?!”

Consciously leaning against the stone wall, Gu Yun’s cold sound answered: “You can say that elaborate statements one more time but you can not used any of those statements for your own case. The witnesses’ testimonies at the scene were actually and extraordinarily unfavorable for you. If you do not agree to speak the truth, it will be difficult for us to help you. The only outcome for you is just to wait to die.”

Qian Jing did not say any word, Gu Yun narrowed her eyes slightly, watching attentively at him for a moment, then said: “You do not trust the authorities, you are going to wait for those people to help you reverse the verdict?” After she said the sentence about him waiting until he died, his face flashed through a trace of ridicule and unconcerned, it was very light but she saw it.

Qian Jing’s heart was alarmed, the entire person almost jumped up, the phoenix’s eyes were watching attentively at this young unfathomable woman who was in front of him and asked: “Who are you?” She could guess his mind unexpectedly!!

Gu Yun allowed him to watch her, smiled but yet did not answer.

Both of them were looking face to face like this but nobody was saying any word, Zhuo Qing did not speak either. Knowing that Qian Jing was unable to endure being looked at her, he asked: “Who is she after all?”

“She is my younger sister, Qing Mo.” Qian Jing appeared to be very hostile towards Gu Yun. Zhuo Qing understood that nobody liked to be seen through by somebody else. Advancing forward one step, to walk around the side, Zhuo Qing candidly said: “Qian Jing, I believe that you did not murder anybody. I have already seen the evidences on the deceased’s corpse but I do not have enough proof that you are innocent. We want to help you if we have the ability to help you, if you believe us and if you are willing to speak the truth about the matter. If you are not willing to believe us, we will leave immediately.”

The three people did not say anything, the inside of the prison cell was quiet and it appeared to be able to hear everyone’s breathing sound. Zhuo Qing waited for a moment, Qian Jing was lowering his head slightly, he still did not have any expression. Zhuo Qing looked one glance at Gu Yun and Gu Yun blinked towards her. Zhuo Qing understood that Qian Jing’s heart was still struggling, sighed deliberately and lowly, Zhuo Qing said desolately: “Well, you are not willing to believe in me, I do not have any way either. But I will not give up, I will surely think of some ways to help you wash away this injustice.”

Finished speaking, Zhuo Qing turned her body around, said towards Gu Yun: “Let us leave, ok.”

Helplessly lowering her sigh sounded like it was indeed making people’s anxious, Gu Yun chuckled, this woman’s acting was better and better. Following her moving away out of the prison’s gate, the feet stepped across the outside door, Qian Jing’s muffled voice echoed: “Hold on.” Successful!

Both of them exchanged one crafty expression but when they turned around to face Qian Jing, that expression was absolutely sincere!

Qian Jing sat down on the stone bed and seemed to sink into contemplation, the young ostentatious face appeared faintly and hazily, after for a long time, Qian Jing said lowly: “There was a case that created a sensation in Qiong Yue three years ago. The state treasury was stolen, one million taels (unit of money) of gold disappeared within the night. The Emperor was furious and after the investigation, the Minister of Revenue at the time was found to be in collusion with the thieves from Xi Bei country (Northwest) to riot. They used secret passages to steal and smuggle the gold away, it was impossible to ship these many gold out of Qiong Yue. The Ministry of Justice dispatched countless of groups of men and horses to pursue in all directions. The thieves from Xi Bei saw that they could not move the gold out so they used secret rock caves to store the gold inside. One of the group of men and horses who searched just happened to find the location of the gold, a delegation of five people. Among this group, one person went back to report, the other four people stayed at the four directions of the rock cave to wait for the one who reported to the high ranking military officer to bring a large group of men and horses. The gold that were originally still in the rock cave disappeared without a trace one more time. Looking at each of the individual exit, they found that there were marks of wagons on the west side of the exit, the man who defended the west side was a young general called Qu Ze. He claimed to suffer an attack and some people stroke him until he fainted. He did not see who or where they transported the gold. It was a pity that the Imperial court did not believe him and he was determined to be in collusion with the thieves to smuggle the gold. During the questioning under tortures repeatedly, Qu Ze refused to admit guilt, he broke out of prison and ran way later. I just recently completed my study during that time, I wanted to become the best bounty hunter who would hunt down the criminals at all costs. I finally captured Qu Ze and took him back to the government office. I did not expect that half a month later, he would be beheaded, the criminal charges were having a secret tie with the thieves who wanted to riot, stealing the government’s money.”

Qu Ze could say that he was the one who captured him, the highest award money for a criminal, it was also his most severe case that he had ever dealt with. But he was never willing to mention it that he already felt faintly that he, himself seemed to make an error on this case.

Gu Yun’s brain arranged the words that he was saying a moment ago and asked: “Yang Liu was the person who also found the gold during that time, he was the person who went to report it?”

This woman’s thought was surely meticulous, she could already arrange and recommend the important point of the matter in a split second. Maybe he should really believe that they could help him to find out the truth about this matter.

Nodding, Qian Jing did not have any misgiving this time, generously answered: “En, during the time that I escorted Qu Ze to return to the capital, he said to me that he did not steal the gold continuously and he was stroke and fainted. It was Yang Liu who returned to report but unfortunately, nobody believed his words because Yang Liu arrived at the rock cave together with the large army. I did not believe him either at that time, it was rather his extremely quick execution instead that made me think that something felt wrong but the person was already dead, what we could still do to investigate. Until I saw this person’s wrist that had the same exact tattoo as Qu Ze’s the day before yesterday. The design of the tattoo was special, it was impossible that I made a mistake so I decided to investigate, it was indeed the same Yang Liu who returned to report about the gold where about during that time.”

“So you followed him?”

“I estimated that he had at least 1,000 taels of banknotes inside his bosom, it was impossible that a general would have that much salary. I determined that he had a problem, I hid myself at the outside room of his house at that time, once he discovered me unexpectedly and I barely mentioned about Qu Ze’s name, he already showed his ferocious appearance and fought with me right away. That person who was inside the room with him also got into a fight together, I had no choice but to use the throwing knives but I did not shoot them towards his chest at that time, but yet the knife hit his chest and he was dead.” Regarding this, he really did not understand!!

“One million taels of gold.” Gu Yun could not help to whistle lightly, smilingly said: “Was this the reason why you were not willing to tell the truth to other people?”

“I did not have any confidence in these officials, if Qu Ze’s words were true, then things were more complicated than Yang Liu could be manipulated!” The Ministry of Justice did not know how many people would be involved in this case during that time. How high was the level of the officials that participated in this matter after all, he was completely ignorant. He certainly could not say in this kind of situation, if he said it, it would make his own life even more dangerous.

Zhuo Qing looked one glance at Gu Yun, sighed and said: “The matter is surely more complicated than I can imagine.” She originally thought that this was merely a common murder case, it seemed that now……..

Gu Yun raised her shoulder, her expression did not seem to be heavy, in a complicated case and after the painstaking investigation, it was still not because they bantered with words frequently______##.

Seamlessly and lightly pulling Zhuo Qing to the side, Gu Yun shot a glance at the shadows that were at the corner of the outside prison door, smiled and said towards Qian Jing: “The people whom you have been waiting for should already come, come out, ok.”

Gu Yun’s speaking voice was just left, the shadows appeared to be two silhouettes astonishingly, one male and one female. The male was dressed in a black ink, with silver hair and the female was dressed in red that looked like blood, the face was wearing a pure gold mask. These two people appeared to be wordless and uncommunicative, abnormal ghosts.


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