Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 64: Who Was Lying


Zhuo Qing appeared at the gate of the Prime Minister’s manor at 10 o’clock in the morning punctually (see 1), she saw Gu Yun who was leaning at the outside of the fence of the manor, shutting her eyes to rest.

Walking in front of her, Zhuo Qing did not start talking, Gu Yun already opened her eyes, she casted one glance afterwards, raised her head with a trace of strange smile and asked: “What, did you go to be a thief last night? Or too intense………” The enormous dark circles under her eyes, swollen eyes, looked like she could not sleep well at all during the night. This appearance of Qing made her difficult not to let her imagination to roam ah~~~~ One look at her pervert expression, Zhuo Qing did not need to think and already knew what kind of hideous messy things in her mind!!

Recalling that one soft kiss last night, Zhuo Qing’s expression was somewhat floating unnaturally, lowly scolded to say: “Stop your gossiping manner, I merely do not have enough sleep, that is all, you think everybody can be like you with so much vigorous energy!”

Yun was still wearing that blue skirt, she surely did not go back to the General’s manor, sometimes she was very doubtful on Yun’s body composition. It appeared as long as she could close her eyes to rest, her physical strength could recover rapidly, absolutely did not need to take a rest! This was different than another person’s physique and really made people puzzle and enough for her to be jealous!

Unable to endure Gu Yun’s probing look, Zhuo Qing changed the subject hurriedly: “What did you find after you looked at the transcript?”

Withdrawing her line of sight, Gu Yun did not continue to bother her, Qing was an adult, and whatever matter that happened with Lou Xi Yan was also normal. According to her opinion, it would be best if Qing acted quickly, ate him up and wiped her hand clean, then put him in the purse (see 2)! After all, a man liked Lou Xi Yan was not many either.

Both hands were still on her chest, Gu Yun shrugged her shoulder and answered: “It could be rated as perfection, that content of the transcripts was less pitiful, the four people said exactly the same statements, it was like they were in agreement with each other, I did not find anything.” That was exactly her achievement from last last! Simply wasted her time.

Zhuo Qing raised her eyebrows, “So?” She estimated that they would be busy next.

Not letting her to be disappointed, Gu Yun helplessly smiled and said: “So we can only investigate one by one now, ask them one by one, look____ who is lying after all.”

Zhuo Qing nodded her head, swept one glance at a man who had an impatient face and was not too far away, Zhuo Qing mockingly said: “When did you start having a small tail?” One was Gu Yun who with regards to a male and female’s matter was extremely unstable. One was a young and vigorous’ youngster with a rash head. Was it good that they were inseparable like this? What about Su Ling? In Zhuo Qing’s heart, Yun would still be better with Su Ling, after all, Su Yu was absolutely unable to resist Yun.

Zhuo Qing looked pensively, but Gu Yun’s face was calm, smilingly said: “There is nothing I can do, the identity of that person is a General, compare to us both who are nobodies and do not have any weight when we speak. Lou Xi Yan does not have any free time to accompany us, I can only find an alternative lo.” If it were not because of him, she would not ask about the transcripts last night.

“Qing Mo, whom did you say as an alternative!” Originally, he was not sleeping for the whole night to accompany this insane woman to run around everywhere last night, just enough to listen to Gu Yun’s words that could not recognize his good intention, his irritable roar echoed immediately.

“We will look for Li Zhi first?”

Gu Yun shook her head and answered: “No, I think we should pay a visit to Madam Yang first.” Yang Shi was the only woman from the four people, it should be easy to break her through the loop, it would be better to start from her.

“Good, let us go.”

Two people were talking over softly all the way, walking all the way without even paying attention to the man who was almost exploded with anger.

“So hateful!” This was the first time that Su Yu was ever ignored completely, he punched the brick stone on the wall to vent his rage. Glaring ferociously at both of them who were joking together, the women were proceeding and getting apart gradually, he was still following them closely after cursing at them.

Arriving at the Yang’s family small courtyard again, they saw Yang Shi was standing at the garden, bowing her head to sweep. Knowing that Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing arrived at the courtyard’s front door, she lifted her head to see their face clearly, Yang Shi asked strangely: “The government official just left, what do these two young ladies still need?” They were the women who came together with Dan Daren last night, she recognized them.

What was the government official doing to come this early? Gu Yun’s heart was pondering, her face laughed generously and said: “Right, Dan Daren will judge the case so he will need to gather a lot of evidences, there are some questions that we want to ask to make things convenient comparatively, so Dan Daren let us to look for you to chat in private.”

Yang Shi was somewhat ineffable, but she still nodded her head and opened the courtyard’s door: “Please come in, ok.”

Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun entered ahead, Su Yu who was on the back also followed to come in, Yang Shi recognized this person was the master of the General’s manor. Not daring to neglect him, he was also welcomed to come in, she was still attending to serve the tea: “Please drink the tea, but it is only some coarse tea, so please do not take offense.”

Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun sat at the side of the dining room’s round table, Su Yu was still angry so he sat on the bench near the side of the door, while drinking the tea depressingly.

Gu Yun was facing Yang Shi and smilingly said: “Madam Yang, you do not need to be busy, we will ask a few questions and then leave, please sit down.”

Yang Shi nodded her head and sat down in front of them. This time Gu Yun could really see the woman’s face clearly in the end, she was young, she seemed to be no more than twenty years old, and looked very pretty. Not knowing whether or not it was a habit for a woman in the ancient times to always lower her head, this made Gu Yun had a headache. Gu Yun with a gentle tone, asked the questions: Madam Yang, how long did you and Yang Liu……. married?” The sound was truly awkward.

“Already two years.” Yang Shi answered very tranquilly.

“How was your husband and wife’s feelings originally?”

Yang Shi was startled slightly, she answered immediately: “Our husband and wife’s feelings were good.”

Gu Yun’s expression flashed slightly and pretended to not paying attention and looked one glance at her wrist, she smilingly said: “Then, was your hand’s injury caused by your own falling?”

Yang Shi lifted her head astonishingly and looked towards Gu Yun, she was sweeping the garden and pulling her sleeves a moment ago. But the moment she saw them plainly, she put the sleeves down immediately, these were already old injuries, she was still able to see it surprisingly!!

Facing Gu Yun’s probing eyes, Yang Shi sighed lowly and once again lowered her head slowly, she answered in a low voice: “Husband’s temper was somewhat anxious, his temperament was also quite violent. He used violence towards me when he got drunk sometimes, but he was still very considerate during normal times. My health is not good, if it is not because of him looking for physicians to treat my illness for all these years, I am afraid that I will not live this long.”

Gu Yun did not continue to nag about this question, she changed the topic of their discussions and asked: “Is Li Zhi your husband’s good friend? Does he or does he not come to your home frequently?”

Yang Shi seemed to relax a little and answered with loathing words: “Yes, he came here to borrow money frequently, practically every day.”

“How much money did Yang Liu lend to him?” Gu Yun questioned closely.

Yang Shi was pondering for a moment and shaking her head, she answered: “I did not understand the family man’s affairs, but it should be a lot of money.”

Gu Yun exaggerated the “Oh” sound, smilingly said: “He was able to help you to treat your illness and also was able to lend money to Li Zhi. Looking at the stuffs in your home were not inadequate either, it looked like the official’s salary at the General’s manor was not low ah!” Finished speaking, Gu Yun casted a glance at Su Yu.

Su Yu carried the tea on his hand, he was very clear about the official’s salary of the General’s manor, according to this general’s income, it would truly be impossible to achieve these.

Yang Shi kept silent, Gu Yun continued to ask: “Did you or did you not know where Yang Liu’s money came from?”

Yang Shi shook her head: “I did not know.”

Gu Yun got up suddenly, smilingly said: “Very good, we disturb you this long, we should leave also.”

Just like this? She did not even ask anything with regard to the matter of the case ah?” Yang Shi’s face was puzzled but also did not say anything, she simply got up to give courtesy and then she answered: “Oh, good. Please take care.”

The three people left the Yang family’s house afterwards, after some distance from the Yang family’s house in silent, Zhuo Qing stopped her footsteps, urgently asked: “How was it?”

Gu Yun raised the corner of her mouth slightly, answered affirmatively: “She was lying.”

She just went in there, asked some trivial questions and already concluded that she was lying? Because of his early’s resentment towards them, Su Yu could not help to say snottily: “For which reason did you say that she was lying? I saw that she answered honestly ah!”

Gu Yun leaned her head to look towards him and threw out a short sentence unexpectedly: “Are you a virgin?”

What. What..! This.. question, Su Yu’s face was embarrassed, he could not help to roar loudly: “What did you say?!”

Zhuo Qing was holding back her smile slightly and waiting to see a good show.

His eyebrows were raised and pulled closer to the center, upper eyelids were raised, lower eyelids were braised. Pointing her finger at Su Yu’s face, Gu Yun lowered her voice and answered: “This was nervous.”

Su Yu stumped for words and did not react to what she was saying, Gu Yun continued to ask: “Answer the question, are you or are you not?”

“You are joking……. How can I still be a…” Su Yu ## was still roaring.

Gu Yun nodded satisfyingly and smilingly said: “This is a lie.”

Glaring tenaciously at Gu Yun, Su Yu said hurriedly: “I am not!!”

Patting his shoulder, Gu Yun with a pity face answered: “Ok, if you do not want people to see you are saying a lie next time, so please do not lie with hesitation and repeat the lie harshly, also do not retreat subconsciously and swallow a saliva.”

Su Yu bowed his head to look at his own feet, he really retreated one step unconsciously a moment ago, how could it be like this?! Seeing through the perception of his lying was really terrible, especially this type that made people to suffer frustration from the question. Hesitating and not knowing what he should say, Gu Yun was staring at his face, smilingly said: “This facial expression is called embarrassing now.”

Su Yu could not stop Gu Yun’s words and was unable to say anything, he did not know whether his face was embarrassed or angry, it was somewhat red unexpectedly.

Zhuo Qing could not help to laugh heartily at Su Yu’s embarrassing face, he answered unwillingly: “What is so amazing about this, how do you know that she is not pretending!?”

Su Yu’s voice was barely off, Gu Yun raised her legs ruthlessly and stamped on his foot firmly.

“Ah____” It hurt him so! Glaring at Gu Yun, Su Yu roared lowly: “Darn it! What are you doing!”

Both hands on her chest, Gu Yun explained with a stern face: “Your pain and anger are your real expression just now, the state of mind conveys your subconscious mind, basically it is hard to suppress and cover up the truth. The microfiber expression that happens in a moment is very intense to hide the expression, so if her facial expression somewhat surpasses one second, then it is fake.”

So it was like this, Su Yu pondered over seriously, Gu Yun who still wanted to show a serious face just now, ridiculed again and said: “I am just saying things randomly, you do not need to try too hard to ponder over, with your IQ like this, you will not have any result either even if you work hard.”

What was the meaning of her words!! Just wanting to flip out, Zhuo Qing walked to his side and pat his shoulder, sympathetically said: “Pitiful chick, who makes you to meet this woman with a malicious mouth, it is a pity, ok.”

Finished speaking, the two women were laughing heartily one more time.

“You two……..” Why did he want to be here being ridiculed by them?! Su Yu turned and left abruptly and angrily.

Looking at his back that kept going further away, the two people restrained their smiling expression simultaneously, Zhuo Qing asked puzzlingly: “Why did you make him leave in anger?” Yun, this person, even though she was quite a direct person when she spoke but she was absolutely not the person who was unable to differentiate good from bad, just liked to ridicule and tease other people, she must have had her own reason to do this.

Gu Yun shrugged her shoulder slightly, answered somewhat helplessly: “When I was looking at Li Zhi’s biography last night, I found out one interesting coincidence.”


“He was unexpectedly together with Qu Ze during that time, one of the four who was guarding the exit of the rock cave.” She wanted to look for some clues from Li Zhi’s side, but she did not wish for Su Yu to be pulled into the gold’s old case.

Zhuo Qing understood: “And so Yang Liu would want to lend him money continuously, perhaps only because he knew the secret of the gold case during that time?!” They finally made a little progress, Zhuo Qing was dragging Gu Yun and she said hurriedly: “Go, we can look for him now.”

Her hand was being pulled, Gu Yun did not struggle either, only harbored malicious intentions and smilingly said: “Your concern towards Qian Jing is somewhat excessive oh.”

Here we go again, she was staying idled and not doing anything to ridicule her all day long, not feeling like looking at her, Zhuo Qing with a cold voice answered: “He is my savior, just this and nothing more!”

“En, this sentence is the truth.” Gu Yun nodded unhurriedly, smilingly said: “Then, what about Lou Xi Yan?”

Still not looking at her, Zhuo Qing answered somewhat patiently: “He is only an ordinary friend.” She was somewhat jittery when she mentioned this, she did not know it herself what kind of relationship that she and Lou Xi Yan had! Male and female friends?! And yet there was no confession, maybe it was her own imagination that her love was reciprocated! But he kissed her last night…… Hey…….. “A lie.” Gu Yun exposed her lie relentlessly.

Releasing Gu Yun’s hand, Zhuo Qing was somewhat angry also: “It will be best that you stop before you go to far, less showing off of your power of observation.”

Eh, oh~ Angry la?! Both hands spread out, Gu Yun with innocent face laughed and said: “Please! Miss Zhuo, please look for a mirror to examine your own shy facial expression, I absolutely do not need to use any power of observation, ok!”

She still dared to say!

“Gu Yun, you look to get beaten!” Clenching her fist, Zhuo Qing hammered her hand towards her shoulder, unfortunately, Gu Yun’s vigorous skill dodged sideways effortlessly, the two people were teasing all the way and finally arrived at Li Zhi’s residence very quickly.

Li Zhi lived near the city gate in a small courtyard, shabby roof tile house, very small front yard’s door, it seemed to be somewhat unfrequented.

From a distant, Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing saw a few bailiffs who were guarding at the front door, numerous sounds came out from the inside of the house from time to time. The two people looked one glance towards each other thinking that maybe the matter was already changed. Walking to the front of the door, Zhuo Qing stepped forward and seemed to see a somewhat familiar looking bailiff and chatted: “What is going on in here?”

The bailiff looked at Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun one glance, he recognized them from yesterday who were following Prime Minister Lou and General Su together to the Ministry of Justice’s prison. Thinking, the bailiff answered obscurely: “Dan Daren asked us to bring Li Zhi back to the government’s office for questioning.”

They should already go to the Yang’s family home but they did not bring Yang Shi back, they wanted to bring Li Zhi back, could it be that they found out any clue?!

Zhuo Qing was still considering whether or not she wanted to continue asking questions, there was a man’s yelling sound that came from the inside of the house: “I did not kill Yang Liu, I had not killed anyone, that knife was not mine!!”

Knife? Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun were alarmed, did they find the murder weapon!?

Just when Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun’s expressions were passing on each other to guess, two tall and strong bailiffs already pushed down one thin and tall man to walk out.

That man was struggling incessantly, his mouth hooted loudly and said: “Let go, do not think that you all can accuse me wrongly, that knife is not mine.”

The bailiff who was at the foremost front did not pay attention to Li Zhi’s shouting, with a cold voice said: “Whatever words that you want to say, you can speak them at the government office, ok! Take him away.”

The delegation of men were pushing Li Zhi to walk over to the direction of the Ministry of Justice office.

“What should we do now?” Zhuo Qing saw a moment ago that bailiff who was leading in front was holding a package of stuff wrapped in a cloth on his hand. If she did not guess wrongly, that should be the murder weapon.

Gu Yun laughed softly and exposed her excited expression, she answered: “Li Zhi did not tell any lie, that knife should not be his, it seemed that the murderer got impatient.” Finished framing Qian Jing and again shifted the blame on Li Zhi, if it was not because of the murderer’s deliberate trick, it was already somewhat confusing a little.

Facing Zhuo Qing to blink, Gu Yun with high spirits, smilingly said: “We will go forward with the gold case and see if there is any big progress oh.” This murderer recruited Li Zhi and put him to die, she could maybe beat somebody at their own game………. Gu Yun’s face showed a strong excitement, Zhuo Qing guessed what good show should be on stage.

The two people were following a group of bailiffs to go to the Ministry of Justice office, the people were gone and the place was empty, naturally no one would find out. There was a shadow at the corner of the broken house with a spoiled roof tile, a pair of shady untamed’s eyes were watching attentively and coldly at the two people’s who already departed.

Really interesting game, the cat that caught the mouse, who was the cat after all and who was the mouse also~ a muffled secret laughter, gloomy and cold lingered for a long time.


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