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Chapter 65: Mental Battle

Ying Tian Government Office

The spacious and bright lobby in the middle, a solemn face of Dan Yu Lan who was wearing a government official garment and behind the enormous case table, the just and honorable’s characters plaque was hanging on the top of the wall above his head, the dazzling golden and big characters shined sparklingly. He was even more dignified against this prominent background, two rows of strong bailiffs who were wearing dark red clothing and separated in the left and right areas, their hands were grasping long staffs, their attitudes were very threatening.

Zhuo Qing was holding the autopsy report on one hand, the other hand was holding the murder weapon that was just found a moment ago to compare it. The measurement of the pattern in this case was basically right, this throwing knife was indeed identical with the wound on the deceased’s chest but could you also be certain that the man who was kneeling at the lobby was actually the murderer? Zhuo Qing was skeptical but Dan Yu Lan was in the hall and also Gu Yun to judge the case and she did not need to be anxious, she could only look calmly to any change and it would be good.

This location could see clearly Li Zhi and Dan Yu Lan’s expressions. Gu Yun was leaning satisfyingly at the furthest side of the pillar with a lazy attitude, her petite figure did not attract any attention but if you looked face to face with that pair of elite eyes, you would immediately have this feeling like you could not hide anywhere.

“I did not kill Yang Liu, this was a set up! He was my good friend, I absolutely did not have any reason to kill him.” Li Zhi who was kneeling in the middle seemed to be calm now, his complexion was not so confused anymore.

“You owed a lot of money because of gambling for these past several years, the money that Yang Liu lent to you was more than 300 taels in the past. You owed fifty taels at the Wan Hao gambling house just this past three days, you went to the Yang’s family in order to borrow money, was it or was it not?”

Imposing voice and steady intonation made people to have a slight trembling feeling unconsciously, Zhuo Qing raised her eyebrows softly, the Dan Yu Lan who was in the law court was stricter and sharper than in ordinary times.

Li Zhi winced his nose slightly but his tone of voice was still unyielding like before: “So what, we were good buddies, it was not my first time to ask him to borrow money, could it be just because of this that you said I killed somebody?”

Confronting Li Zhi’s stubborn resistance, Dan Yu Lan seemed to be very calm and was still with that steady intonation, he continued to say: “According to Yang Shi’s testimony, Yang Liu did not plan to lend you the silver taels this time. He still wanted you to pay back the money instead so you were angry because of it. Also because of the unpaid debt, during the fights between Yang Liu and Qian Jing, you used the throwing knife deliberately to kill Yang Liu and then pushed the blame to Qian Jing.”

Did Yang Shi really say this? After she heard the inquiry, she put down in writing and could see it every day, Gu Yun raised her head to look one glance at Dan Yu Lan’s solemn face, raised a faint smile. Sure enough, the method of inquiry of the police officers from all times and in all places were the same virtually, appropriate swindling would receive the correct result.

As expected, Li Zhi was panicky now, then shouted immediately: “That woman understood nothing! Yang Liu only urged me not to gamble anymore. If I gambled again, then he would not lend me any money next time, I already promised him not to gamble anymore and he also prepared the silver taels to give to me, what did I kill him for?!”

This confession was somewhat effective evidently, Dan Yu Lan with a cold voice said lowly: “This is only your side of the story, you still owe Yang Liu 300 taels even though you do not gamble anymore. Even if you do not eat or drink for seven to eight years, you still can not pay back this sum of money. And he has never made a loan receipt to you, so if you kill him then you do not need to pay him back!”

“I absolutely did not need to kill him, Yang Liu would not force me to pay back the money!”

Sticking out his chest and lifting his chin up, intonation was raised slightly, he was proud of himself! Gu Yun’s expression shimmered slightly, Li Zhi really knew some inside story, at the minimum it was enough to blackmail Yang Liu.

“Paying back the debt that you owed was a matter of course, why did he let you not pay back the money, what kind of agreement did you all still have?! Or did you use any information to blackmail him?!” Dan Yu Lan’s voice was very loud and appeared somewhat emotional. Zhuo Qing guessed secretly on how much Dan Yu Lan knew about the gold case after all. He would ask these kind of questions, at the minimum it proved that he already guessed that this case could involve someone who had ulterior motives.

Li Zhi finished listening to Dan Yu Lan’s words, pursed up his mouth consciously once again, hastily answered: “No, we were very close friends, if I had some difficulties, he would help me, just like that, nothing more.”

Li Zhi refused to admit that everything seemed to come full circle.

Zhuo Qing looked towards Gu Yun who was not too far, Gu Yun also looked towards her, she pointed a finger at herself, Gu Yun produced a ‘I will ask next’ gesture on her lips. Zhuo Qing nodded understandingly, she walked to Dan Yu Lan’s side and asked in a low voice: “What is your government official’s rank?”

Dan Yu Lan stared blankly, what was she doing asking this in the law court? He could of course ignore her but her big bright eyes had incomparably serious radiance, Dan Yu Lan answered: “Just second grade.”

Just second grade, he was already the same as the high official in the Ministry of Justice’s official, he could also be regarded as a high government official, right. If the gold case could only rely on her and Gu Yun, it would be impossible to succeed. They needed to look for one person whom they could trust and this person should also able to lead and investigate this case, Dan Yu Lan would be the right candidate.

Softly leaning over, Zhuo Qing whispered in Dan Yu Lan’s ear: “You ask the bailiffs to withdrew outside, I have a way to make him speak the truth.”

She had a way?! Dan Yu Lan was looking at Zhuo Qing amazingly, she had self confidence’s radiance in her own eyes. Thinking about it, Dan Yu Lan still said clearly: “Everybody withdraws.”

“Yes.” All the bailiffs went out, Li Zhi’s eye flashed through a trace of fear and suspicion.

Dan Yu Lan was waiting for Zhuo Qing’s so called way, who knew that she was motionless and standing on the side without saying any word. It was rather the tiny woman who was always leaning against the corner moved, stretched her body and walked to come over slowly.

Seizing the throwing knife that was on Zhuo Qing’s hand, Gu Yun walked in front of Li Zhi’s front, swayed the throwing knife with her hand and smilingly said: “Li Zhi, after the comparison, this knife was exactly the murder weapon that pierced into the deceased’s chest and caused his death. At the time when Qian Jing and Yang Liu were fighting, you were at the scene so you had the opportunity to dispose the murder weapon. You were also near the corpse after the deceased died so you had the opportunity to conceal the murder weapon. How coincidental that you were still owing Yang Liu a large amount of silver. You had the opportunity to kill and you also had the motive to kill. Even the murder weapon just happened to appear in your home. Think for yourselves, in these kind of circumstances, do you not think that you are screwed?”

The row of sentences seemed to be spoken carelessly but if one analyzed it they were already through enough. Li Zhi originally was squinting with some contempts at the tiny young lady, but his complexion was dark now, urgently said: “I do not kill Yang Liu, this knife is really not mine.”

Gu Yun nodded her head, understandingly answered: “I believe in you but all the evidences were pointed towards you now, the murderer wanted to make you the scapegoat clearly!”

Lowering his head, Li Zhi’s expression was fluttering left and right in confusion, one could only hear a stuffy sound came through: “I….. I am accused wrongly!”

Carrying a trace of helpless smiling expression, Gu Yun pointed her finger at Dan Yu Lan and stared at Li Zhi who was already somewhat frenetic and said: “I believe that you are accused wrongly but it is useless because Official Dan will not believe you, unless you speak out about your and Yang Liu’s secret that can prove that you do not have any reason to kill him.”

Li Zhi finally lifted his head but did not dare to look face to face at Gu Yun, his eyelids were throbbing slightly, Li Zhi reluctantly answered: “We.. We are just good friends, there is no secret.”

Going around to circle Li Zhi, Gu Yun pretended to smile consciously and said: “So you certainly did not know, Yang Liu was only a small Lieutenant General at the General’s manor, how could he have so much silver taels and lend them to you lo?”

Li Zhi’s body was trembling and the same as Yang Shi, hastily answered: “I did not know.”

“You were lying!” Standing in front of Li Zhi, Gu Yun suddenly bended slightly, almost pressed on towards his eyes, that face that was always smiling suddenly sinking, she coldly said: “You not only knew, but also felt that you should have some of this money so you kept asking him for this money repeatedly and with absolute unrestrained!”


Gu Yun did not wait until he reacted and asked in attacking fashion: “You also participated in the gold case during that time, you knew that Qu Ze was accused wrongly. You also knew who was the secret hand behind the scene at that time, was it right or wrong!?”

“You……” Li Zhi finished talking Gu Yun’s words, stared frighteningly like he wished to kill, he was unable to finish his sentence, she, she, she…… How did she know!! Impossible!!

Li Zhi was surprise by the line of questions, Dan Yu Lan who was sitting upright at the law court was also surprise. What ability did this woman have to go through the sky after all, she would actually know this matter who was unknown to the sky?!

Having looked at Li Zhi’s appearance that was extremely frightened, Gu Yun raised another smile once again, stretched out her hands, unconcernedly answered: “There is nothing to be amazed about, we already seize the evidences in our hands. I let you to speak to give you the chance to make up for your earlier mistake, nothing more.”

Li Zhi got completely panicky this time, he had not thought that the hidden matter that was concealed anxiously by him, was unexpectedly known by this tiny young lady, but how much did she know after all?! His own heart could only be panicky again, Li Zhi was mumbling lowly and repeatedly, and looked like he was comforting himself: “I…… can not say it…… If I say it, it will be the same as dead……”

That person would not let him off!

Furthermore, his familiarity with the situation was not announced during that time, he would not be alive either if the matter was exposed by him!!

Very good, he could just at least pretended to admit that he knew the inside information of the gold case! Not allowing him to think, Gu Yun exploded ferociously and said coldly: “If you do not talk, you are screwed! Do you think that the murderer will let you off? There were five people during that time, Qu Ze was dead, Yang Liu was also dead, would the murderer let you live?! You do not have any alternative now except to cooperate with us. Not only we can get rid of your criminal charge, we can also protect you. Otherwise, even if we let you leave this prison gate, how long do you think you still can live.”

“I…” Li Zhi’s mind flashed through Qu Ze’s torturing face that did not look like a human shape, also Yang Liu’s blood that was flowing on the side of his feet. His body seemed to feel like he was in an icehouse, but Li Zhi’s forehead was sweating a cold sweat and it was flowing to his cheeks.

A hand was suddenly on Li Zhi’s shoulder, Gu Yun continued to question near his ear intensely and said: “Speak up about the whole story of the matter during that time, speak up about the name of the person who has planned the whole thing!! Speak up!”

“I… I can not say it… Can not say it! I do not know… I do not know!!” Being questioned intensely and repeatedly by Gu Yun, Li Zhi already slumped on the ground, his face did not require any interpretation, he was already frightened extremely and clearly.

“You all do not force me, I do not know…. I do not know anything!!” Practically out of his wits, Li Zhi roared continuously and lowly, he was already unable to stand in front of the tiny young lady who was only more than ten years old.

Gu Yun regained her hand slowly, did not say anything and turned around to Zhuo Qing’s side, she handed over the throwing knife to Zhuo Qing who helplessly shrugged her shoulder, his mental capability already changed a little bit weaker… Or maybe, the person who was behind the scene was extremely powerful?!

“Someone comes.” Dan Yu Lan called lowly, the bailiffs who were guarding outside entered the hall immediately.

“Hold the criminal to enter the prison and look after him sternly.”

“Yes.” The limping Li Zhi was dragged out, Dan Yu Lan looked towards Qing Mo, puzzlingly asked: “Why did you not continue to ask?” If she continued asking, he might already reveal the truth.

Qing Mo looked towards Zhuo Qing, Zhuo Qing sighed and explained: “He was already on the verge to collapse, if we kept to say something, he would not listen to anything now. According to a point of view of psychology, the more he would ponder in this kind of circumstances, the more it would make him panicky. We will add more fire tomorrow, he will surely speak the truth.”

She was used to Gu Yun’s way in asking the case incisively, people could practically not able to grasp it!

“Official Dan, we say goodbye now, it is best that you reinforce the protection for the criminal from now on, do not let the murderer to have an opportunity to exploit this situation.” Finished speaking, Gu Yun pulled Zhuo Qing. Two people were just about to leave the outside of the law court, Dan Yu lan called out to them suddenly: “Miss Qing, please stay.”

Whom did he call out? Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun looked at each other one glance, turned around to look towards Dan Yu Lan, they only saw that he was walking over really fast and stopping in front of Gu Yun, he cupped his hands and asked: “Dan mou has several questions that I hope Miss Qing will grant the teaching.”

Gu Yun answered generously: “Say it.”

Obtaining a nod of approval, Dan Yu Lan did not speak around the bushes and said: “You were only at the Yang family’s home no more than a quarter hour, how did you know the position and location of the corpse at that time? How did you also know about the gold case? What kind of evidences and clues did you also have on your hand?”

“The first question, my own nose was especially sensitive with the smell of blood, even though it had been cleared up after the event, I could still feel the scent for a short time and the throwing knife left behind a lot of marks and the sword left behind the marks were a big different. I believe that I do not need to say, Dan Daren can distinguish them either, and the majority of the marks from the throwing knives inside the room, no matter the strength and the direction, they all were basically identical, only one knife’s trace that was especially different. Summing it up, it was easy to guess where the location of the corpse was. Second question, we had met Qian Jing alone and he was the one who provided us with the clues of the gold case. Third, I did not have any evidence and clue with regard to the gold case in my hand, I was only… just now.” Lightly raising her eyebrows, Gu Yun smilingly said: “Speaking recklessly.”

Ao Tian and Ye Mei who were investigating the gold case had not returned either, she would naturally not know about the matter of the gold case but she had already said an appropriate lie and was threatening with regards to the investigation of the case, there was much benefits.

“I have finished speaking, I will take my leave.” Looking at the one green and one blue silhouettes who were leaving unhurriedly, Dan Yu Lan with a pondering face did not stop them, he looked forward to some more abilities that they had.

When they left Ying Tian government office, it was already in the afternoon, Zhuo Qing asked: “Should we go to look for the other two people now?”

“En.” Even though she thought faintly that those two people were not the people who had any key figure, but she would not permit any trace of negligence in handling this case’s objective, so they would still go to take a look, ok.

“Miss Qing Ling.” After the two people walked out for several steps, an older woman’s voice faintly echoed. (See 1 below).

The two people were shocked a little, Zhuo Qing looked towards the old lady who asked the question: “Who are you?” (See 1 below).

The old lady smiled and answered: “This servant is Liu momo.” (See 2).

Calling herself momo, she must be the person from the palace, Zhuo Qing was jittery in her mind, that Emperor did not look to inconvenient her again, right!!

Zhuo Qing impatiently asked: “What do you want?”

That momo still maintained a smiling expression and answered: “The Empress Dowager has an Imperial decree to declare Miss Qing Ling to enter the palace to have an audience.”

The Empress Dowager?!

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, when did she also arouse the attention from the Empress Dowager?! One Yan Hong Tian was enough to trouble her!

Gu Yun was watching the married woman’s face attentively, then she asked: “Are you the Empress Dowager’s person?”

“Yes.” Looking towards Zhuo Qing, the old lady said: “Please, Miss Qing.”

Gu Yun was following Zhuo Qing’s side but the old lady obstructed her with courtesy, however her manner of speaking was not gentle: “This lady, please stay here, the Empress Dowager has only called for Miss Qing Ling.”

Even though the old lady’s face was smiling but it was not sincere, however, she should really speak the truth. She should really be the Empress Dowager’s person, a chariot was park not too far away. There were four well built men by the sides of the chariot, it appeared that if Zhuo Qing did not submit obediently, they would also have taken her away.

Gu Yun did not observe that several men seriously, but the opposite side was the Empress Dowager so she was afraid if she could afford to offend her.

“You go now, I will help you to look for Lou Xi Yan.” Gu Yun said it very clearly to comfort Zhuo Qing and also to warn Liu momo not to act blindly without thinking.

“En.” Yun would handle the next affair, Zhuo Qing felt relieved. Looking towards the side of the momo, she generously said: “Then, I will have to trouble momo to lead the way.”

The chariot carried Zhuo Qing and left, Gu Yun hurried to go to the Prime Minister’s manor urgently.


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