Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 69: The Current Murderer (Part 2)

Ha, another small plot is resolved in this chapter. Can anybody guess who the real murderer is? And then, the surprising relationship between the murderer with another person who is part of the bigger plot case (which is the missing gold case) and why that person concocts the whole things??? Insomnianoodles, I have to admit that your momo’s investigation skill is so awesome!!! Over 2,660 words.

This chapter was edited by Din2.


Originally, the small house was still pitch dark but it was lighted up by the torches in all of the directions, everything could all be seen in the inside of the room (nothing was hidden because of the lights). The small house with the roof tiles all around was ambushed by more than a dozen bailiffs, a group of people were standing in the middle of the courtyard, including Dan Yu Lan and Gu Yun.

The black clothing person started to panic after he saw clearly that he was already surrounded in the danger zone, on the contrary, he was calm and his pair of cold eyes took precautions to stare at the delegation of people on the outside, the long sword was held on his hand firmly.

“Madam Yang, give up, ok, there is no way for you to go.” Gu Yun walked forwards slowly, Dan Yu Lan blocked her path, but Gu Yun waved her hand and went inside the house with an indifferent face.

Dan Yu Lan’s complexion sank, he knew that she was a tremendous investigator to solve the case but if she was captured and took as a hostage by the criminal, that would be bad.

Still wanting to step forward to block her, his sleeve was suddenly pulled to stop him, Dan Yu Lan turned his head around and only saw Zhuo Qing was shaking her head towards him. She hinted to him that he needed to be quiet and did not need to be tensed, since she was also making him not to be worried, maybe Qing Mo had her own plan, right. The Imperial archers were hidden all around and with a single instruction, the long arrows would immediately be sent inside to the room where the black clothing person was. As long as she was somewhat making an abnormal move, she would be shot like a hedgehog immediately.

Gu Yun entered the inside of the house unarmed and defenseless like this, calmly looked at the person inside the room, the black clothing person was staring now. Pulling down the face mask directly and efficiently a moment afterwards, a blazing lotus face shined upon, it was actually somewhat pale. The owner of this face was exactly that Madam Yang who professed to have many illnesses!

Her cold eyes were staring at Gu Yun, Yang Shi coldly asked: “How do you know that it is me?”

Having no other choice but to speak, Yang Shi’s acting was already regarded as excellent, her normally gentle and soft’s appearance during the day, who would have ever believed that after removing her female clothing, she unexpectedly had this pressing murderous spirit like this. Comparing to her impetuousness, Gu Yun seemed exceptionally relaxed, she smilingly said: “When we went to Yang family’s home for the second time, I discovered that you were lying. Your expression showed me that you understood throughly why Yang Liu were able to have so much money, moreover, you also showed an extremely loathed expression. Originally, I thought that you committed adultery with Li Zhi, then conspired to kill Yang Liu and shifted the blame on Qian Jing, but I negated this guess after I had met Li Zhi.”

The archers outside were at least more than a dozen people, not every one would shoot with great precision, right, if two people shot on her, she would completely be an arrow’s hog. Silently cursing in her heart, Gu Yun used her body to move forwards the side a little and leaned against the side of the door near the narrow wall, then continued to say: “From all of the people who were at the scene on that day, if you eliminated Li Zhi and Qian Jing, the most likely person who committed the crime was you. But you were only one weak woman, how could you murder a person? Therefore, I was suspicious that you have an accomplice and this accomplice killed Yang Liu. You helped him to put away the throwing knife, after that, you concealed it at Li Zhi’s home. After he was arrested, you would worry if he had that so called evidence and could prove himself that he did not commit the murder, so you simply used poison to kill him.”

Yang Shi’s face flashed through a trace of extremely rapid disdain, Gu Yun affirmed her own guess again and said smilingly: “All of this predictions had also been thrown out again when I saw you this afternoon. Because I discovered that you did not need to have an accomplice, you really concealed the expert in your own body.”

Yang Shi twisted her eyebrows and said: “How can you be sure?” She should not reveal any mistake today, right?!

Both hands on her chest, Gu Yun leisurely laughed and said: “Do you remember that beautiful flowers shelves at your home? The flower shelves have four layers, the first layer has eight flower pots, the second layer has seven flower pots, the third layer has six flower pots and the fourth layer has nine flower pots. All together have a total of thirty flower pots, when Qing Ling bumped into the flower, you supported her with your hand, afterwards, the two of you went to the inside of the room. I felt something wrong at that time, because after watching it again, the fourth layer was missing one flower pot and the second layer had one excess flower pot.”

Listening to her words, Yang Shi’s complexion changed, however, Dan Yu Lan who was outside the door did not understand clearly, he asked: “Can you explain anything about this?” This could only prove that Qing Mo’s ability to remember was very good, that was all.

“When Qing Ling bumped into the flower shelves, the flower pot from the fourth layer that was located in the furthest side fell down, you were a person who extremely loved the flower so you reached out your hand to catch the flower pot. You were afraid that Qing Ling would knock down your other flower one more time, so you supported her with your other hand. But you were worried that I would see this act so you just continued to put the flower pot easily at the nearest area which was on the second layer afterwards, was it right?”

A clear and bright’s voice of a woman was saying those line of sentences, Yang Shi only felt that her own hand was somewhat uncontrollable and slightly trembled. This person was very sharp, she remembered that Qing Mo did not practically look at her flowers shelves in the afternoon time, she unexpectedly could verify thoroughly and in detailed like this and spoke up about the quantity of the flower pots on every layer. She put the flower pot that she grabbed properly beforehand, she obviously saw that Qing Mo just turned around, she should not see her own movement but she unexpectedly said it without any slightest difference?!

Her breathing already started to be in chaos, Yang Shi breathed deeply, she pretended to be calmed and said: “Brilliant speculation, but everything was only your guess, what evidence did you have to prove it that I was the murderer? Even if I have martial art and appear at the home of Li Zhi in the middle of the night, can it prove that I really kill Yang Liu viciously?”

Earnestly nodding her head, Gu Yun answered: “With only these, we really can not prove that you are Yang Liu’s murderer.”

Yang Shi was just relaxing secretly, Gu Yun’s quiet voice echoed again: “But can you explain why you are dressing in a night walk clothing in the depth of the night, your hand is holding a long sword, and appear in Li Zhi’s home, you come here to look for something, right, Madam Yang? Not right ah, I should address you__ Qu Xin.”

Once ‘Qu Xin’, these two words came out, Yang Shi’s eyes filled with amazement, the blood seemed to freeze up for a moment, after a while, she suddenly laughed heartily: “I thought that I had concealed myself properly, who would have thought that a person could already see it through.”

Dan Yu Lan sighed secretly, as it turned out, Qing Mo asked him about Qu Ze’s information was because of this investigation.

After speaking about this matter, the few people who were inside the courtyard could also guess about the whole story of the case, Ye Mei and Ao Tian looked one glance at each other. They both found appreciation in each other eyes towards that woman who was speaking frankly with assurance, her perception and speculation’s abilities were strong, they had never seen a person like her before.

Inside the house, Gu Yun discovered that Qu Xin’s hand that was clenching at the sword, was no longer tight, so she advanced for one more step but she still did not dare to lower her guard and she continued to speak with her: “Actually after I know that you have martial art and guess that the murderer is you, but I can not find what motive you have to do this after all. If you were after Yang Liu’s money, he was already dead, there was no need for you to do so many things like this to shift the blame to Li Zhi. Until I discover that Qu Ze unexpectedly has a younger sister. In addition, because he was judged to have secret ties with the thief who was planning for an upheaval and stole the money, so as his only sole relative and younger sister, you, Qu Xin had to be arrested as a criminal also.”

Qu Xin apparently did not sense that Gu Yun was near, perhaps she sensed it but just did not want to injure her, sighing, Qu Xin nodded her head to admit and say: “I am Qu Xin.”

She had not used this name for the last three years, since her older brother’s death, she was always immersed to take revenge on his suffering. Looking towards the eyes of the woman who seemed able to see everything clearly, Qu Xin took a deep breath eventually, with a cold voice, she said: “What you said was right, I was the one who killed Yang Liu. From the beginning, I set Qian Jing up, during that time, if it was not because of him, my elder brother could run away so he should also receive the first imprisonment. Furthermore, in his capacity as a bounty hunter, he surely had many friends who could help him to wash clear the guilt, just as expected, he found you all. I had already anticipated this but you unexpectedly was so good like this, it actually went beyond my expectation.”

As expected, it was like this, actually Gu Yun did not really have any evidence in her hand to prove that she murdered someone, but luckily, this psychological attack’s trick was effective. Qu Xin was a wanted criminal, once her identity was really exposed, it was possible that she could plead guilty.

Gu Yun continued to entice her to say: “Also, there was one component that was beyond your anticipation, Li Zhi’s death, you put the throwing knife at Li Zhi’s home to shift the blame that he killed a person, was in order to make him desperate and demanded to prove himself that he did not have any motive to kill anybody. You just wanted him to speak up about that year’s gold case, this way, the truth of the matter was sure to be revealed and it could prove that your elder brother was innocent.”

Qu Xin slowly nodded her head, with a bitter laugh, she said: “Yes, that was right. I did not anticipate that Li Zhi would be dead unexpectedly. There must be a mastermind behind the scene. You deliberately left behind Li Zhi’s evidence to thread and pull me to take the bait, I did a lot of things like this in order to find who the mastermind behind the scene to take revenge on my elder brother. Therefore, even if I sensed that this was a trap in advance, I would also must jump in it.” She already did not have any way out from early on, was it not so?

Gu Yun who was already walking to her side took advantage of the opportunity when she was absent minded, suddenly closing forward, she grabbed the sword.

Using her wrist, she captured her hand extremely quick and extremely fierce, Qu Xin was in pain, the long sword fell down. Qu Xin turned over to want to grab Gu Yun’s throat, Gu Yun had already guarded it early. Using at close fitting tactic, with a low body, her right hand grabbed Qu Xin’s belt, her shoulder stroke her abdomen with one hard stroke, Qu Xin was thrown outside the room.

Everything happened so sudden, apart from Zhuo Qing, nobody would ever think that this petite woman unexpectedly could throw out a person like this…..

Recovering, the bailiffs who were guarding aside hurriedly stepped forward and pressed Qu Xin on the ground firmly.

Beautiful face, because of not being resigned to and twisting, Gu Yun stood on her side on purpose, calmly said: “If you want to help Qu Ze to wash his injustice, you should not use a method like this, you are originally a victim, but you make yourselves a murderer now.”

“The both of them need to die! Winner takes all, I lose, I do not have any complaint, it is just a pity that I can not find the secret person behind the scene! I will die with a remaining grievance!!”

Qu Xin used her strength to twist her body similar to the feeling of insufficient sorrow, a hooting yell was echoing in the night sky.

Her body was tied together with ropes, that meager silhouette that was escorted by a group of bailiffs, looked even weaker, waiting for her was the outcome of murdering people.

Recalling that woman’s gentle eyes in front of the still flowers and plants, recounting the miserable past events, also the sinister from a moment ago, Zhuo Qing did not know if her psychological feeling was pedantic or obscure. Raising her head to look towards the night that was especially clear and bright’s full moon, Zhuo Qing lowly sighed: “Behind every case, there is a story, a reason, some people are even so lamentable and pathetic. I think I still suit more doing autopsy to face the ice cold’s corpses forever, and I only need to write down the real course of events of the death.”

Walking ahead behind Zhuo Qing’s back that was slightly stumped for words, Gu Yun stopped his footsteps, with a low voice, she answered: “If everyone believes that one is righteous, one can think according to one own’s aspiration to give virtuous punishment to evil, this world will just lose its righteousness. Since the law has been drawn up, everybody should just comply with it. If you violate the law, you will receive punishment, no matter how many helplessness you have, how many bitterness.”

The serene voice sounded like it was not impassioned, the fact was each line of the sentence was so firm, Zhuo Qing lightly smiled and shook her head, and answered: “You are forever this black and white clearly.”

Gu Yun did not say anything, both of them were walking alongside under the moonlight night in this different era, with different thoughts.


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