Chapter 72: Forced Marriage (Part 3)

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Aijia would just betroth her to you today, good or not?

Although she used this ‘asking’ sentence, unfortunately, the West Empress Dowager did not actually inquire his opinion, bestowing a marriage was the primary purpose of summoning him to enter the Imperial palace tonight, right.

Already expecting this earlier, Lou Xi Yan was not surprise at all, only got up from his seat and walked to the middle of the palace hall, cupped his one fist on the other hand and slightly bowed his body, he answered faintly: “Thank you for the Empress’ good intention, Chen already has a wife, does not dare to cause the Princess to feel wronged.”

The Empress Dowager had already foreseen this early that he would speak like this, she raised her head and with a devoted face, she smiled and soothingly said: “You can be at ease, Aijia is not an unreasonable person. Qing Ling, that child, Aijia also likes her very much, the pray for blessings celebration event is almost here, after the event celebration, you and Xuan-er’s wedding first. As soon as you have completed the wedding, you can bring Qing Ling into the manor, although it feels somewhat wronged to her, but you also know Xuan-er’s personal character, she will certainly not make things difficult for her.” According to Lou Xi Yan’s temper, he should not take another concubine, one wife and one concubine, Xuan-er would also unlikely to feel very wronged.

“Answering the Empress Dowager, Chen’s marriage affair with Qing Ling has already been reported long time ago in the public, family and older generations. Chen has also informed a group of officials at the Imperial palace banquet, she is already Chen’s wife, how can Chen take other wife?” He would surely persevere in regard to this matter to the end.

The West Empress Dowager just stared blankly, answered ridiculously: “You have not married officially, it cannot be counted as being a husband and wife, how is it taking another wife again? You are the Prime Minister of one country, how can you decide a matter of taking a wife carelessly like this?! It is not that Qing Ling is bad, but she is a woman from a foreign country, how can she deserve to be your official wife?”

Standing for a long time, Lou Xi Yan’s breathing was already somewhat unstable, serene for a long time, Lou Xi Yan with a clear voice said again: “These words that the Empress has said are wrong, the Emperor has bestowed her to this small official, she is no longer Hao Yue’s woman, she is rather Chen’s woman. Chen and her are definitely a husband and wife, besides Chen has promised to marry her as an official wife. Breaking a promise of marriage now, it is really going against the righteousness, if Chen is really this kind of a person who changes at once on seeing something differently, the one who reaps as the consequences of one’s words, the Empress will not feel relieved handing over the Princess to Chen, right.”

In the eyes of everybody, Lou Xi Yan and Xuan-er were already a couple, this matter was known to everyone early, the Emperor bestowed that woman to him, it was not to be censured too strictly, this kind of thing was in their position as men after all. Who did not have three wives and four concubines, she did not feel like controlling this matter, but she had not anticipated this that Lou Xi Yan who was always gentle would unexpectedly look for an excuse to refute this marriage! It was not surprising that Xuan-er could not stand it and committed suicide!

It looked as if Lou Xi Yan was crazy about Qing Ling and lost his soul, not letting him to take her as a wife was impossible. She did not want to have an acrimonious falling out with him either at the moment, the West Empress Dowager’s complexion changed slightly and pushed down the anger in her heart, she said with a cold voice: “Very well, so Prime Minister Lou persists in trust and justice, Aijia also admires your behavior completely and will not make things difficult for you. Xuan-er and she can enter the door together, her status will be the same as a wife, there is no difference, this way should not cast her aside and also does not go against Prime Minister Lou’s promise, right?”

One woman’s status from a small country could not be distinguished with the Princess, she was already considered taking the most setback, if Lou Xi Yan still failed to appreciate her kindness, then just could not blame her!

From ‘Xi Yan’ to ‘you’, then to ‘Prime Minister Lou’, the West Empress Dowager’s patience was nearly exhausted, and Lou Xi Yan’s chest was also stuffy and it became more and more obvious. After breathing secretly for a long time, Lou Xi Yan was still speechless.

“Prime Minister Lou does not say anything, Aijia will just take it as you have agreed?” Knowing perfectly well that Lou Xi Yan wanted to refute, the West Empress Dowager was still obstinately clinging to her curse. She already lost one son, she could not lose another daughter, absolutely could not!

Slightly gasping for breath, Lou Xi Yan could feel the pain on his chest, then without any mood to withdraw from this problem, Lou Xi Yan said bluntly: “Between Chen and the Princess are only a ruler and her minister and it lacks the male and female’s affections. It is very likely that Chen can not take care of the Princess properly and interfere with the Princess’ lifelong happiness, Chen really does not dare to support the Empress Dowager’s good intention.”

“You~~.” He unexpectedly declined this marriage openly, the West Empress Dowager’s teeth were nibbling, just about to get angry, the always grim but not speaking’s Yan Hong Tian suddenly started talking: “Xuan-er’s health has not yet recovered, we will discuss the matter of the wedding later on again, it is late, you should return to rest first, ok.”

Xi Yan was not in a very good condition, he should usually respond with skill and ease (not being so blunt) with this kind of matter, but he seemed somewhat impetuous now. There was thin sweat on his forehead, excessive muffled voice that revealed that he was enduring pain, his illness would not just recurred again, right!

The Emperor was sure enough still standing by Lou Xi Yan’s side, but Xuan-er was his younger sister! Seeing with her eyes that Lou Xi Yan turned around to walk out, the West Empress Dowager’s expression was dark, she suddenly struggled to talk: “The Emperor, there are many people who talk various things inside the Imperial palace, Aijia does not know what is being said about the matter this time, Xuan-er, this child is also too sensitive. The inside Imperial palace is actually a harmful place for Xuan-er to recuperate, according to what Aijia can see, the Prime Minister’s manor is a quiet and secluded place, it is very fit to recuperate, it will be better to let Xuan-er to recuperate at the Prime Minister’s manor, right.”

Stopped listening, Lou Xi Yan’s feet were motionless momentarily, he said urgently: “Chen thinks that it is inappropriate.”

The West Empress Dowager who always had a good natured face, her face became cold immediately, lightly humphed and said: “Why, Xuan-er is a country’s Princess, she can not recuperate or fit in your manor, right!”

“Chen does not dare. But it will be harmful to the Princess’ reputation like this, the Lou’s family has another courtyard to stay, it is very fit to recuperate there, the Princess can proceed forwards.” If he let the Princess to recuperate at the manor, he would not be able to explain to Ling-er. He was afraid that the West Empress Dowager would contradict at a future time that the Princess was staying at the Prime Minister’s manor for a long time, it would damage his reputation and compel him to take responsibility, then he would not know how to evade at that time!!

The more he did not let Xuan-er to go, the more she wanted to let her to go, it was best when the rice was cooked (what’s done is done)!! The West Empress Dowager sneered in her heart, but on the contrary, her face showed a cold appearance just now, lowly smiled and said: “Xi Yan does not need to worry about this, the Prime Minister’s manor does not have only one person who lives there. Xi Wu and Xuan-er are the same ages, letting Xuan-er to have a partner is also good, and then, you say that you do not have any male and female’s affections with the Princess, then you can take advantage in nurturing it during these days nicely. If it still can not make your heart to cherish each other, Aijia will not force you anymore.”

Finished speaking, the West Empress Dowager, intentionally looked at the side towards Yan Hong Tian, she asked: “What does the Emperor think?”

Yan Hong Tian pondered for a moment, he was finally disregarded Lou Xi Yan’s chilly cold rays from his eyes, he said with a heavy voice: “Granted.”

Xi Yan was his best friend, his best official, and also his best opponent. He could not have forgotten, when Xi Yan’s mother passed away during childhood, Xi Yan had already said to him that he promised his mother, he would love and get married with only one woman, he would only have one wife in all of his life. He always thought that Xi Yan said it casually, but today, it seemed that he was not. He still wanted to see how long he could persist in this matter now!

Xuan-er was his dear younger sister after all, he also felt distressed when he was looking at her pale face and lying on the bed a moment ago. He still hoped that Xi Yan could like Xuan-er and became his younger sister’s husband, but according to his understanding towards Xi Yan, he was afraid that it would be very difficult.

The West Empress Dowager’s mind was happy, she said: “At down tomorrow, Aijia will personally send the Princess to enter the Prime Minister’s manor, it is already late now, Prime Minister Lou can go back to rest, ok.” She just could not believe that her daughter could not compare to that woman whose face was damaged, even if she could not really compare with her, she would also let her to have her wish fulfilled.

“Chen asks to be excused.” Everything was already a foregone conclusion, Lou Xi Yan, himself knew that he could not oppose this. Leaving behind his cold words, Lou Xi Yan’s meager back disappeared rapidly before their eyes.

Yan Hong Tian’s eyes flashed thorough a trace of light, Xi Yan was angry……. Interesting.
The moonlight tonight did not seem too bright, the lake appeared to form a dense mass, did not have the azure and pure daytime yet, this kind of vast on the contrary, made people to look somewhat afraid. The water in front of Lan Yue building already carried a dense of lotus leaves, the lotus was only a very small flower bud. One could not see their dainty appearances during the night, just listening to the wind that passed through the lotus leaves with a rustling sound.

The night wind was stroking lightly, the lotus leaves were charming and gentle, Zhuo Qing leaned forward on the shine table. There was slightly sweet smelling grass, her mind was still very clear headed, but her eyes did not want to open up.

That Lou Mu Hai’s sentence was echoing in her ear continuously– ‘you will cause trouble to him.’

Perhaps, she would really cause trouble to him, right. But if he wanted to ask her whether or not she would let go of his hand, she would not hesitate to answer clearly– NO!

She despised every conduct about not putting up great effort and just gave up!

“Did I not let you to sleep early?”

Immersing in her own train of thought, a somewhat helpless and pampering, low and gentle sound lightly echoed, Zhuo Qing swiftly opened her eyes and saw Lou Xi Yan was standing on the side. His hand naturally brushed over the hair on her back, his fingers were fiddling with it, he was especially fond with this habit now, as long as they were together on their own, he would surely stroke her hair.

Standing up and turning her own hair around, Zhuo Qing held his hand and answered: “I am not sleepy, your complexion is not good, go to the inside of the room to talk, ok.” His appearance now, was exhausted that made people to feel sorry for him.

Lou Xi Yan allowed her to lead along, both of them returned to the inside room.

Holding and pulling him to the bedside, she pressed her shoulder to let him sit down, Zhuo Qing quietly said: “You have returned so I feel relieved la, rest early, good night.”

After she finished talking, she turned around to leave, suddenly her waist was tightened, she was confined into Lou Xi Yan’s embrace again, she stood still while Lou Xi Yan was sitting. Looking at him from this angle, the shape of his face was even more perfect, also more and more handsome and bright, his slender hand was supporting her waist softly. Zhuo Qing heard a thumping sound of her own heartbeats once again.

“You do not want to know what the Empress Dowager has said to declare me to enter the Imperial palace?” Slightly raising his eyes to watch attentively at her bright eyes. He wanted to know what she was thinking.

Zhuo Qing nodded candidly and answered: “I want to know. But your health is more important in my heart.” Did he not know that his own face was white and almost like transparent? Perhaps, she should try to find time to research a traditional Chinese medical science, and maybe she could combine the western medicine to treat his illness…….

He really liked her candidness and honesty so he did not want to deceive her either, Lou Xi Yan pondered for a moment, then said concisely: “The main reason that Princess Chao Yun tried to kill herself was because of me, the Empress Dowager asked me to marry her as a wife.”

Zhuo Qing lightly knitted her eyebrows, she basically already anticipated this.

Zhuo Qing did not say anything, Lou Xi Yan hurriedly continued to say: “I declined.”

Zhuo Qing merely nodded her head to show that she got it, Lou Xi Yan did not clear whether she was happy or angry but he still wanted to continue saying: “The Empress Dowager issued an Imperial decree to let the Princess to recuperate her health at the Prime Minister’s manor. The Emperor already granted it so I could not decline this.”

Zhuo Qing nodded her head one more time and asked: “Are you finished talking?”

“En.” Lou Xi Yan slowly nodded his head, although he had concealed his eyes really good, Zhuo Qing could still see that he was nervous.

Lightly patting his handsome face, Zhuo Qing was still smiling as before and she said: “Rest early.”

Her speaking voice was still waning off, the hand that was encircling her waist tightened again, Lou Xi Yan was very rarely glaring at her.

Zhuo Qing was laughing, as it turned out, he could not have any control either, it was confusing time ah. Using her hand to embrace Lou Xi Yan’s neck, the bright eyes looked towards his vast as the open sea and deep eyes, Zhuo Qing said in a low voice: “I am not angry, I know that you already strive your hardest for our own future, if she wants to come just let her to come, it is fine. I am not a silk flower, I do not need to adhere to a tall tree to survive, I do not need to hide behind you either. Let you to cover up the wind and escape from the rain for me (shield her from the trouble), I want you to stand together with me, do you understand the meaning of my words?”

“Ling-er……” He chose to tell her so he was prepared to accept whatever reaction she would give him, it was also normal if she was angry. He was already very exhausted tonight but he was also prepared to try to appease her attentively. But he did not anticipate that she would reply him like this.

I wanted to stand together with you……

Using his head to lightly lean against the side of her body, breathing the faint fragrance on her body, Lou Xi Yan was not clear what kind of mood he had at this moment, but his hands were more and more tightened up and just brought her closer to his embrace. This woman was going to accompany and walk with him for the whole entire life, he would not let go of her hands eternally.

His head position was right on her bosom, Zhuo Qing was feeling a little awkward, turning to move twice, his hands were even tighter, his face was snuggling on her bosom and the palms of his hands were caressing lightly, Zhuo Qing had a hundred year rarely seen red face on her face.

The name that he called out from his mouth was not her name, this made her somewhat uncomfortable, she did not desire that every time they were intimate, his mouth called this other woman’s name forever! Thinking about it, Zhuo Qing quietly said: “Call me…… Qing, ok, my childhood name.”

Lou Xi Yan slightly raised his head and asked: “Did you regain your memory?”

Darn it, how could she forget about amnesia because she enjoyed this, she was not really good at telling a lie. Shaking her head, Zhuo Qing hurriedly said: “No, it was Qing Mo who told me that. I am familiar with this Qing’s name and also like it.”

Lou Xi Yan nodded his head and answered: “Very well, ok, Qing-er.”

Not arguing with him intelligently, Zhuo Qing tried to move her body again, awkwardly said: “It is really late, your health is just a little better, sleep, ok, I will leave first.”

Her face was slightly red and she was anxious to run away, this made Lou Xi Yan’s mood was extremely good, his eyes flashed through a trace of craftiness, he lifted his head once again to show a pitiful face, Lou Xi Yan lowly mumbled: “Are you not afraid that I will suddenly develop an illness in the evening?”

Boo hoo (crying), how he could use this miserable expression to look at her, this would not do, she could not be softhearted, he was a fox. Deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing did not open her eyes and she answered: “You have Mo Bai by your side.”

“He requested a leave of absence tonight.” Lou Xi Yan said it with a sincere face, Zhuo Qing was in difficulty, Mo Bai and him were always inseparable, this time when he fell ill at the moment, how could he request a leave of absence! This excuse was extremely rotten!

Standing outside the door, Mo Bai’s head filled with sinister lines, he thought that he, himself was very superfluous, the meaning of the Master’s words, was it or was it not to make him disappear tonight…….

Looking at his pale complexion, his hands were still settling on her waist, Zhuo Qing lowly smiled: “Then, what do you want?”

“Stay and keep me company.” Lou Xi Yan was practically blurting it out, after he finished speaking, he also felt that he was somewhat impudent, putting forward this request was really somewhat excessive.

The meaning of his sentence was not the meaning that she was thinking, right…… (Remember ZQ always has ‘yellow’ thought according to GY 
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