Chapter 73: The Princess Arrived

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In front of the door of the spacious Prime Minister’s manor, one big azure color chariot was parking, more than ten Imperial bodyguards were guarding in between the chariot. They were tall with well built statures with strict and threatening eyes, one would know that they were the experts with only one look.

There were also a group of people who were standing outside of the Prime Minister’s manor, Lou Xi Yan and Lou Mu Hai were standing in front, Lou Xi Wu and Xue Xian Xin were standing beside them. Comparing to Xue Xian Xin’s overjoyed appearance at the turn of the event, Lou Xi Wu seemed to be lacking with any interest, even with some impatience.

One 50 some years old momo walked to the side of the chariot, lightly lifted open the hanging covering veil on the chariot, a pair of well maintained hands extended out from the inside, old momo hurriedly supported with her hands, the respectful person who was inside, came out.

The West Empress Dowager came down from the chariot gracefully and calmly, the ornaments on her body were still lacking as before, but the magnificent dark purple chang pao set off the noble threatening atmosphere.

Following behind the West Empress Dowager was Princess Chao Yun, a touch of light yellow cheong sam made her look even more gentle and beautiful. Two intelligent palace maids were lending their arms to support her left and right hands, perhaps, she did not want to let people look at her thin and pallid look. She was wearing a muslin hat to block the line sight of all of the people.

Looking at the wind seemed to be able to float up the clear shadow, Lou Xi Yan’s brows wrinkled, it was not even half a month, how could she completely torment herself like this?!

Through the muslin covering, Yan Ru Xuan was also seeking that gentle man who made her to follow him for so many years. The Imperial mother told her today that Yan gege entered the Imperial palace for her last night, and he requested that she would recuperate at the Prime Minister’s manor. She simply did not dare to believe her own ears, she thought that he already did not want her, as it turned out, he was still concerned about her.

“The Empress Dowager, long live, long live, long live. May the Princess has a thousand good fortune and peace.” The unavoidable respect to salute, but the Lou family was a flourishing family after all, the West Empress Dowager hurriedly lifted her hand at the gate of the manor, smilingly said: “No need to stand on the ceremony outside of the Imperial palace.”

Looking towards Lou Mu Hai, the West Empress Dowager delicately laughed and said: “General Lou, have not seen you for many years, you are still the same strong and healthy as before.”

Lou Mu Hai laughed candidly and heartily, with a clear sound, he answered: “The Empress Dowager is over praising, time does not spare anybody, Lao Chen (this old official) is more and more inferior than before.”

For the past many years like this, she was already used to the sound volume of Lou Mu Hai, the West Empress Dowager did not mind at all, lowly sighed and said: “Now is the world of the young people, Xi Yan is capable like this, it is really the pillar of the country, you should also believe in the good fortune.”

Sweeping over one glance at the calm Lou Xi Yan who was standing beside him, Lou Mu Hai secretly forced a smile, in this life of his, perhaps he did not have any opportunity to enjoy this good fortune.

From the beginning that she was a concubine, she did not have any opportunity to see the Empress Dowager all along, once the Empress Dowager got down from the chariot, Xue Xian Xin hurriedly welcomed right away. Taking the West Empress Dowager’s other hand, she extremely ingratiated herself, Lou Xi Wu unbearably turned around to roll her eyes, no bone was just no bone!

The West Empress Dowager took advantage to pad Xue Xian Xin’s hand, smilingly said: “Xian Xin ah, this days, Xuan-er will disturb you at the manor, please take care of her properly even more.”

The Empress Dowager unexpectedly remembered her name! Xue Xian Xin was very joyful, repeatedly answered to say: “How can the Empress Dowager say that, the Princess can recuperate at the Prime Minister’s manor is naturally our family’s good fortune. I will surely take care of the Princess properly, and raise her until she is plump.”

“Then, it is good.”

Lou Xi Wu was bored to death and lowered her head to wait for this boring dialog to pass hurriedly, who would have thought that the West Empress Dowager suddenly walked in front of her, she lifted up her chin, smilingly said: “This is Xi Wu, right, it has been quite a while that you have not entered the Imperial palace to visit Aijia. Aijia almost did not recognize you, you already grew up as a young lady, really full of life.”

Feeling awkward and retreating one step, Lou Xi Wu embarrassedly answered: “Thank you for the Empress Dowager’s praise.” She never liked the West Empress Dowager in the past, even though she was always smiling with her narrow eyes.

Yan Ru Xuan’s thin and weak health made people to be anxious, he always treated her as another younger sister, she turned into this appearance, Lou Xi Yan’s heart was very guilty, with a low voice, he said; “Cui Xin courtyard has already been tidied up properly, that place is quiet, secluded and tranquil, very suitable to recuperate. Princess is tired from the journey, just rest inside the courtyard, ok.”

The West Empress Dowager recovered herself, smilingly answered: “Aijia as a visitor speaks patronizingly or Xi Yan is considerate to other people’s needs.”

Cui Xin courtyard was located at the most distant part of the Prime Minister’s manor, the environment was indeed elegant and cozy, but nevertheless, it was not the place that the West Empress Dowager had in mind. At the time when she passed through Zhai Xing pavilion during the walk, the West Empress Dowager suddenly stopped her footsteps, quietly said: “Zhai Xing pavilion! This name is really good.”

Finished speaking and no matter who was behind her, she just entered the inside of the court.

Lou Xi Yan’s expression slightly flashed out, he also walked slowly to go in.

Looking at the inside of the courtyard afterwards, the West Empress Dowager happily smiled and said: “This courtyard is really not bad, there is a lake up front, and still can look at the new lotus pond.” The most important thing was it was next to Lou Xi Yan’s Lan Yue building, this was a so called closer proximity and easier access, Xuan-er should live here in this place.

Walking to Yan Ru Xuan’s side, the West Empress Dowager asked in a soft voice: “Xuan-er, there is the lotus that you love the most, live in this courtyard, ok?”

Yan Ru Xuan slightly raised her head, looked at the small building not too far away, that was exactly Lou Xi Yan’s Lan Yue building. Thinking that she could live with him so close, Yan Ru Xuan’s heart was very delighted, but she still answered with some reservation: “The Imperial mother can make the arrangement.”

Nodding satisfyingly, the West Empress Dowager laughed towards Lou Xi Yan and said: “Xi Yan, just do not go to Cui Xin courtyard, let Xuan-er live here, ok.”

Hearing the West Empress Dowager’s words, Lou Xi Yan’s complexion was the same, contrary to what one might expect, Lou Xi Wu mumbled on the side: “Someone already lives in this courtyard.”

Even if Qing Ling was hateful but comparing to Yan Ru Xuan, this person who pretended to be a noble and virtuous woman, she looked a little pleasing to the eyes.

“Xi Wu.” Xue Xian Xin firmly stared at Lou Xi Wu one glance, this young girl did not really understand any rule! If she provoked an anger from the Empress Dowager, she would take any responsibility!

“Is that really?” The West Empress Dowager slightly knitted her eyebrows, smilingly said: “So it turns out there is already someone who lives in there, Aijia is actually not considerate.” She did not need or want to know who was living inside, she already decided that Xuan-er would live in this courtyard now!

Xue Xian Xin hurriedly ingratiated herself and said: “The Empress Dowager does not need to say it like that, the Princess likes this place so make that person to move out, ok, the Princess is certainly more important.” Qing Ling, that terrible girl, this would finally destroy her authority!

“What does Xi Yan think?” The West Empress Dowager threw out the question to Lou Xi Yan, she wanted to see until what extend he could defend Qing Ling.

Lou Xi Yan was silent for a moment, the West Empress Dowager was not anxious either, she looked at the lovely lotus pond that was not too far away to wait for his answer.

At this time, the door at Lan Yue’s building suddenly opened, everyone looked at the direction one by one, just to see a girl who was wearing a plain clothing with a sleepy face, walking out. She was dressing neatly, nothing inappropriate at all, but her long hair was still flowing down on her back, her eyes were half opened, all of the people saw a lazy appearance. As long as one was not blind, one could see that she just woke up recently, additionally, she surely looked like she did not have a good sleep last night…… When Zhuo Qing was on the bed with Lou Xi Yan, listening to his sudden rapid and sudden slow breathing sounds, his body was stiff and motionless continuously. She did not know how long she was sleeping either, she was hearing somewhat disturbance sounds from outside in a daze. She did not expect that once she walked outside the door, a group of people were staring at her ceremoniously.

Being stared by those people like this, she could not walk over there either nor could she go back, Zhuo Qing could only wave her hand lightly and ignore all the expressions of surprise or resentful or contempt or longing, she greeted as usual: “Good morning everyone ah.”

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, it was almost wushi (between 11 am-1 pm), it was still early! Her waking up and coming out was really in time. Lightly waving towards her, Lou Xi Yan raised his voice to say: “Ling-er, come over.”

Xiao Lian could feel that from the moment the woman whom Lou Xi Yan called ‘Ling-er’ came out of the Prime Minister’s room, the Princess’ body was trembling violently, in between the muslin covering, she could see clearly that the Princess was biting her lower lips tightly, her complexion was as white as a paper.

Zhuo Qing slightly narrowed her eyes, she finally could see that the delegation of people who were standing in front of Zhai Xing pavilion, was the Empress Dowager and the Princess, right, generously walking pass the zigzag bridge to arrive at the side of Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing awkwardly bowed slightly and said: “May the Empress Dowager, the Princess, have good fortune and peace.” This saying was correct, right?

“You may rise, ok.” Qing Ling was really favored, but the West Empress Dowager had already seen the knowledge about any kind of thriving favor earlier at the Imperial palace. Every spoiling and cherishing was only for a period of time, her complexion was restored as always, the West Empress Dowager lightly smiled and said: “Aijia is still puzzled a moment ago, how come Aijia does not see Ling-er. Xuan-er wants to live at the Prime Minister’s manor, the two of you have the same ages so you can take care of each other, to relieve boredom, the two of you have long days to be fond of each other later.”

This was regarded as a hint for her? Or she showed her initial strength? Zhuo Qing indifferently shrugged her shoulder and answered: “But the Princess is highly respective, I just like to play with dead person’s bones, I am afraid that I will scare the Princess.”

Zhuo Qing said it gracefully, nevertheless, Yan Ru Xuan’s feet were soft, she listened to her explanations behind that layer of curtains the last time, she was almost fainted at that time, how could there was a woman who liked to play with dead person’s bones on this earth?! It was extremely scary!

Not only Yan Ru Xuan was scared until her legs became weak, except for Lou Xi Yan, all of the people’s complexions were stiff.

Lou Xi Yan did not say to her either, he only shook his head lovingly and asked: “Ling-er, the Princess likes this courtyard, she wants to recuperate at Zhai Xing pavilion, you move out of the Zhai Xing pavilion and give it to the Princess, ok?”

He made her move out? Lightly knitted her eyebrows, Zhuo Qing did not refute on the spot, generously answered: “You are the Master of the manor.”

It was best that he gave her an explanation, otherwise…… Zhuo Qing gave him a warning expression and he indeed saw it clearly. Without making her waiting for a long time, Lou Xi Yan lowly smiled and said: “Jing Sa, order people to pack up immediately, take Ling-er’s stuffs and move them to Lan Yue building, and let the Princess to go and rest early.”

“Yes.” Jing Sa accepted the order and left.

Originally, it was regarded as satisfying to hear Lou Xi Yan’s answer, hearing that one sentence afterwards, the West Empress Dowager’s complexion became gloomy immediately. And the cheeks of the frail countenance behind the muslin covering were already streaming with tears for a long time. She did not understand, since he let her to recuperate at the Prime Minister’s manor, why did he bother to make her heartbroken again?

Swapping the bitterness in her heart, Yan Ru Xuan said: “Imperial mother, you return to the Imperial palace first, ok, I am tired and want to rest, everybody withdraws, ok.” Finished talking, Yan Ru Xuan exhaustingly entered Zhai Xing pavilion.

After Yan Ru Xuan departed, the Empress Dowager did not conceal her displeased heart either, walked to the front of Lou Xi Yan, she said with a cold voice: “Take care of Xuan-er properly, do you understand?”

Lou Xi Yan was still smiling lightly as before and cupping his fists to salute, he answered with a clear voice: “The Empress Dowager can be at ease, Chen is sure to strive my best to take care of the Princess’ health properly.” But it would only be taking care towards an official and a member of the royal family, and unrelated to any male female’s feeling!

The Empress Dowager secretly clenched her teeth but did not say anything, she turned around and went out of Zhai Xing pavilion.

Lou Xi Yan, this was your final chance, if you did not treat Xuan-er properly, you must not blame me for being ruthless!!

The Empress Dowager departed in a rage, Xue Xian Xin hurriedly followed on her back, urgently said: “I will send the Empress Dowager off respectfully.”

Lou Mu Hai simply looked one glance at Zhuo Qing coldly but did not say anything either, then went out of Zhai Xing’s pavilion. Lou Xi Wu watched this good show and extended her thumb up towards Zhuo Qing and ran out giggling.

Zhuo Qing stretched her waist innocently and lazily, all of the birds that woke up early could eat worms, unfortunately, she was the worm that got up early and was already eaten up by the bird, what she was going to do waking up this early with nothing to do…….

She could only dare mumbling to herself either, the midday sunshine was dizzying people’s eyes, so it really could not count as early.

Her hand was covered by a cool palm once again, Lou Xi Yan was leading her hand to return to Lan Yue building.

The Empress Dowager left behind several Imperial bodyguards and palace maid for the Princess, in the middle of the courtyard, a pair of eyes were looking. Zhuo Qing was somewhat uncomfortable, but Lou Xi Yan did not pay any attention at all, she had nothing to fear and allowed him to lead her along, both of them were walking shoulder to shoulder to go through the zigzag bridge.

“Did you sleep good last night?” Lou Xi Yan asked in a low voice, when he woke up in the morning and saw that she was sleeping peacefully, he did not have the heart to wake her up.

Not good, but Zhuo Qing could not say it out loud, she answered casually: “Ok.”

Lou Xi Yan suddenly had a long sigh and answered: “I did not sleep too well, I was somewhat anxious at the time.”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly and asked: “What happened?” Did he have an outbreak last night? She unexpectedly did not discover it.

“I was afraid……” Deliberately pausing, Lou Xi Yan leaned closer to Zhuo Qing’s side, and said in a low voice: “It was not the wedding night yet, because of this, I would be lacking of sleep or too excited and collapsed.”

“You……” Finally understanding what the meaning of his words were, Zhuo Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry!

Finally arriving at Lan Yue building, both of them sat down on the stone bench in front of the lotus pond, Lou Xi Yan grimly said: “I suddenly want to change the plan to take you as a wife before the celebration.” He could faintly feel that the Empress Dowager would not give up at this point, he really did not want to lose her, and it would also prevent him from getting too many long dreams at night by getting married earlier!

Zhuo Qing shook her head, smilingly said: “You are very busy at the moment, do not distract yourselves thinking about this, as long as we want to be together firmly, as far as I am concerned, whether or not we are married, it does not make any difference, I do not care at all.” Getting married was merely an outer appearance, nothing more, even after they got married, if their relationship could not bear any trial, they would have to separate in the end. She was not a fool, the Empress Dowager’s intention was very clear, Lou Xi Yan wanted to get married now, she was afraid that he would step on a tiger’s tail, she did not want to let him fight without having any weapon! (Meaning that he should be prepared if he wanted to fight with the evil ED).

Taking her hand and put it on his hand tightly, Lou Xi Yan frowned and answered: “I care about it.” He wanted her to be his perfectly legitimate wife!

Slightly raising her thin eyes with serene affection, her hand that was grasped was somewhat painful, she could feel his intention, returning to grasp his hand, Zhuo Qing asked: “Are you going to leave home?”

Understanding that she was deliberately changing the subject, Lou Xi Yan did not force her either, and answered: “En, I will probably come back at night time these days.” First, it was because of the celebration that would start immediately, there were many different kind of affairs. Second, he intended to avoid Yan Ru Xuan, in order to not have any other issue, it would be good if he met with her less.

Nodding understandingly, Zhuo Qing smiled and said: “I understand, you are busy with your stuff, ok, I will not make myself bored.”

As if her words were echoing the sentence that she said, Mo Bai’s tall silhouette came from the outside of Lan Yue building hurriedly, and said: “Miss Qing Mo pays a visit.”

She would really not be lonely.

Lou Xi Yan lightly released her hand, smilingly said: “Very well, I am leaving, you and your younger sister chat nicely.”

“En.” Gu Yun came to look for her, it should be that she had a new progress about the case, right.


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