Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 75: Su Mu Feng

Disclaimer: Translating musical instrument or the name of the songs in this chapter is very difficult. Darn Qian Lu, the author, she has to use detail descriptions in her novel.  Do you all know this zither instrument, right? I suppose it’s the ancient time version of a piano but zither is using strings instead. Let me know if you have never seen a picture of the zither & I’ll see if I can find any. Over 3,000 words.

This chapter was edited by Din2.


One perfect final rhythm to end the song, the wonderful sound of the zither, Lou Xi Wu took a long time to recover, separated by the light muslin, she did not know when Zhuo Qing who was quietly standing at the side, entered the inside of the courtyard, Lou Xi Wu called out: “Why did you come?” Did she not go out earlier?

Zhuo Qing mockingly shrugged her shoulder and answered: “The music was so pleasant to hear, I came to to enjoy it.” Even though she did not understand it too much, but it did not prevent her to appreciate it.

The white clothing man put down the zither in between his knees, slowly got up to look towards the person behind him. Zhuo Qing was also curious and looked back at the man, he was standing against the ray. Zhuo Qing slightly narrowed her eyes to see his face clearly, this one glance already made Zhuo Qing’s eyes to stare blankly for a moment……

On this land under heaven, someone could seriously grow up like this?! The face was clean as if a clear cut jade ice sculpture, colorful plump lips like plum flower, deep eyes as if the calm deep pond water, could practically drown someone to die, perfect facial features (five sense of the organs), distinctive upright, the rising white clothing emitted a magnificent jade on him.

Lou Xi Yan always wore white clothing too, but the atmosphere that he gave to people was out of the ordinary feeling, liked an elegant and respectable manner, gentle as jade. But this man gave someone this kind of pure, cold and graceful, to become indifferent feeling.

The man was also calmly looking at her, Zhuo Qing slightly nodded, introduced herself politely: “I am Qing Ling.”

With regards to the alarmed admiration’s line of sight, the man seemed to be used to it long ago, his complexion was tranquil like water, but when he heard this Qing Ling’s name, the indifferent face flashed through a trace of great waves, he asked: “Qing Ling of Hao Yue?”

Speechless….. The Qing family sisters’ reputations were so resounding! Zhuo Qing awkwardly answered: “It….. should be, right.”

The man did not continue to say anything either, he simply nodded slightly and said: “Su Mu Feng.”

Su Mu Feng, the name was quite pleasant to hear, Zhuo Qing liked to look straight at the other people when she was talking so Zhuo Qing suddenly discovered, his eyes were unexpectedly black with a hint of silvery light color, dazzling eyes that one could look at unconsciously, after looking carefully, that silver grayish eyes were like a vortex that made people unable to move their line of sights.

She was looking too excessively, ok!! Lou Xi Wu was unable to bear it in the end, lifting the light muslin to come out, she called out: “Hey, you have looked enough, do not think that my brother is not here so you can be unrestrained!”

Being yelled by Lou Xi Wu, Zhuo Qing finally recovered, looked at her threatening gestures, Zhuo Qing suddenly said towards her with a surprise face: “Jing Sa, how come you are here too?”

Hearing the name of Jing Sa, Lou Xi Wu got panicky completely, hurriedly turned her head, behind her was only the lovable flower pavilion, where was anybody’s shadow? Becoming aware that she was being played with, Lou Xi Wu was ashamed into anger, loudly called out: “Qing Ling! You unexpectedly dare to deceive me!”

Just loving to see her vixen’s look, spreading out her hands, Zhuo Qing with a crafty smile, said: “Lou Xi Yan is here, I am also like this and not like you, Jing Sa is not here, you just change into a small stray cat la!”

“You!!” Not knowing whether it was anger or ashamed, Lou Xi Wu’s complexion was slightly red, staring at Qing Ling for one glance, she groaned and said: “Go out, do not hinder my learning zither!”

Studying zither? Zhuo Qing looked towards Su Mu Feng who was calm all along and standing on the side, she asked: “You are a zither’s teacher?”


He did not resemble like one, his temperament did not resemble like a zither’s teacher should be, strictly speaking, maybe, his personal perception should not merely a zither’s teacher. Getting curious towards him, Zhuo Qing retreated for several steps afterwards. Leaning towards the cold pavilion stone on the side, Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “You all continue, I will listen on the side.”

Who would let you listen ah , Lou Xi Wu still wanted to flip out, another gentle female’s voice came through from the outside of the courtyard faintly: “I do not know whether or not I can also listen?”

Everyone looked to only see the meager and beautiful’s shadow, that came walking graciously.

Yan Ru Xuan still had that light yellow cheong sam (long skirt) on her, but there was no bamboo hat anymore, her complexion was slightly white, it looked somewhat haggard, frail figure, with the help of a palace maid, she slowly walked and made people to take even more pity on her.

Zhuo Qing observed quietly this so called rival in love in front of her eyes, the first time she saw her, she was wearing a palace maid’s clothing, her head was always slightly lowered, she already knew at that time that she was beautiful. Looking at her today, even though she was haggard, but it did not lose any of her beauty, young face, eyes liked hazy water, a touch of sadness on her countenance. If she was a man, it was reckoned that one would love her dearly, right.

Yan Ru Xuan slightly raised her head to look towards Zhuo Qing, Zhuo Qing generously nodded to give courtesy to her, Yan Ru Xuan only left her line of sight silently, she did not know how she should face this woman’s gaze.

Lou Xi Wu was very disgusted by her sickly look but arrogant appearance, perfunctorily gave courtesy, she said: “Pay respect to Princess.”

“Xi Wu, there is no need to be too polite between you and I.” She did not understand why Xi Wu did not like her, it was like this from childhood, no matter how she expressed goodwill, she was always complexly ignoring her like this.

How did you say this, Lou Xi Wu was impolite, directly over did it, she did not feel to pay attention to her.

How could she be this rude towards the Princess, Xiao Lan’s anger was about to flare up, but her sleeve was pulled lightly by Yan Ru Xuan, the fire in her stomach could only be swallowed back.

The atmosphere inside the small courtyard was very awkward, until a clear, cold and muffled of a male sound echoed: “Pay respect to the Princess.”

Yan Ru Xuan hurriedly looked towards the man who was wearing a white clothing on the side, slightly bent over, smilingly said: “Su Gongzi, I trust that you have been well since we last meet.”

Su Mu Feng indifferently smiled and answered: “Su mou is always well, thank you for Princess’ concerned.”

Looking towards the two people who were talking, it seemed that they were actually familiar with each other, Zhuo Qing lightly knitted her eyebrows. Yan Ru Xuan was still saluting him unexpectedly, this person’s identity really made people to be suspicious.

“The sound of Gongzi’s zither is tranquil from a distance, every time I hear it, it can make people’s head to feel peaceful, I do not know whether or not today is a fortunate day that I can still listen to Gongzi’s song, Yun Chang Su.” She just heard the melodious zither sound, so could come over, he also played Yun (cloud) Chang (skirt/lower garment) Su’s (tell) song in the past, but she did not understand or appreciate it at that time, after growing up gradually, she just knew the artistic concept within the song.

Su Mu Feng lightly shook his head and answered: “Because of Princess’ mood today, it should not listen to this song, Su mou will play another song for Princess, ok.”

He already said it like this, Yan Ru Xuan could only nod her head and answered: “Good.”

Su Mu Feng sat down cross legged, he put the zither on his knees, supported by the fresh and green lawn, both hands were caressing the strings, his slender fingertips were on the strings, conveniently, the beautiful three octave zither sounds played out lightly, excellent skill. Zhuo Qing was listening and did not understand, but she could still listen to the melody smoothly and easily.

The front part of the musical composition was like flowing water, the middle part was passed on completely and suddenly with slow moving bass, every string’s voiceless consonant seemed to able to enter into people’s hearts. Listening to the people’s mood that were somewhat depressed, Su Mu Feng’s left hand suddenly nudged the strings, the tune turned from low to high once again, along with his tune, the mood unexpectedly became tranquil and slowly changed to calm and joyful. The ending of the harmony was like a water drop stone that was soft and melodious.

The end of the song, everybody who was inside the small courtyard had not recovered, they were still immersing in that beautiful music, for a very long time, Yan Ru Xuan lightly sighed and said: “Many thanks, Gongzi. I do not know what the name of the song is.”

It seemed that her appearance was really bad, even Su Mu Feng, himself, could see her worry, ‘Yun Chang Su’ was a sad melody, he went to play a winding music for her, nevertheless, she could feel peaceful with the music at the end. He was still the same and could understand people’s inner hearts.

Su Mu Feng got up one more time, smilingly said: “Qin (seep) Xin (heart) Song (ode).”

Was it Qin Xin Song?! Yan Ru Xuan forced a smile and said: “It is really a good name, Gongzi is playing the music even better.” He was also the only one who could play the music with this vitality, right.

Softly taking the zither to put it inside the red sandalwood case on the side, Su Mu Feng picked up the wood case and said towards Lou Xi Wu: “The time is not early anymore, today’s school will end here, ok. Su mou will take my leave.”

“Su-er, send Gongzi off.” Lou Xi Wu could only nod, her heart was secretly cursing Yan Ru Xuan again, if it was not because of her disturbance, she could still learn a little bit more, could invite Su Mu Feng to spend a lot of hard work on elder brother!

“Gongzi, this way please.” Su Mu Feng was following the maid to leave the courtyard, suddenly stopped his footsteps to look towards Zhuo Qing and said: “Miss Qing, if there is another opportunity another day, Su mou will ask for advice about the zither to Miss.”

Finished speaking, he did not wait for her response, turned and left at once, Zhuo Qing was confused and looked towards Lou Xi Wu, she asked: “What kind of person is he?”

Lou Xi Wu turned around and gave a supercilious look, she answered: “He is the fourth son of the temperament aristocratic Su’s family manor. He appeared to have an extremely high artistic attainment in music since he was a child. It is not impossible that he knows how to play in every kind of musical instruments, nothing that can not be played by him, especially zither, xiao (a type of flute), as long as people have listened to his song, everyone will become intoxicated without exception. At 16 years of age, he played a song, Feng (phoenix) Hai (still) Chao (nest) at the celebration festival, his skill was startling the whole world. The Emperor bestowed him Qiong Yue’s first musician on the spot, therefore he was indeed Qiong Yue’s youngest, the most famous musician. How many Princes and Princess, high ranking officials and dignitaries, all want to use up any method to invite him to teach the zither.”

Zhuo Qing understood and nodded her head: “So, it is like that.”

Zhuo Qing looked like she was dreaming at first but then becoming aware, and it made Lou Xi Wu laughed heartily: “You should already listen to his taboo name just now ah! Why are you still expressionless like this!” Su Mu Feng’s famous name was not known to everyone, only the country’s aristocrats and famous or influential families at the minimum, but his reputation was indeed very resounding.

Zhuo Qing answered boldly and confidently one more time: “I have amnesia.”

Always forgetting about this matter, Lou Xi Wu secretly cursed to herself for not having any brain, her mouth was talking endlessly, Lou Xi Wu suggested: “Next time when he comes to teach at the manor, it will be good that you also come to ask for guidance to him,”

After listening to this, she shook her head at once: “Forget about it, after I lose my memory, I do not have any expression on this completely, I reckon that I can not learn it either, just do not torment him.” Should not torment her either!! With regards to musical composition, she only knew the difference between pleasant to hear or not pleasant to hear, that was it……

Lou Xi Wu did not give up either, she continued to walk and say: “Maybe, with more contacts, you can remember it, your zither skill is also well known in the six countries ah, it is a pity if you forget it like this.”

As it turned out, Qing Ling’s zither skill was this much high, no wonder when Su Mu Feng said, he wanted to ask for advice with her…… Firmly shaking her head, she was not really familiar with reading music staffs, offering a treat to an unappreciative audience was still not nice!! Giving a couple of hollow laughs, Zhuo Qing relaxedly answered: “Forget is just forget, right, everything is according to the predestined affinity.”
Investing so much time in learning the zither, and now she could just say to let it go, how many people could say it like that? Yan Ru Xuan, nevertheless, admired Zhuo Qing, but she did not know in this matter about zither skill that Zhuo Qing had never even picked it up…….

“How destitute oh, I will return first.” Extremely nervous that Lou Xi Wu still wanted to chant in her ears, Zhuo Qing stretched her waist while saying and walking out of the courtyard.

“Please stay.” Zhuo Qing only took one step, but somebody called out to stay, but the person who called out to her was not Lou Xi Wu, it was rather Yan Ru Xuan.

Zhuo Qing stopped her footsteps, looked towards Yan Ru Xuan, for a very long time, then she said in a low voice; “Miss Qing, I want to have a chat with you alone, is that possible?”

What did she want to say to her? What could they say between them? Zhuo Qing’s heart thought it was funny, but she did not refuse her either, generously answered: “Ok ah, go to Lan Yue building, ok.”

After finished speaking, she took a lead to walk out, Yan Ru Xuan hesitated for a moment, then followed her out.

Lou Xi Wu was staring at Zhuo Qing’s relaxed back, originally, she could still listen to what they were saying, who thought that crafty woman would not let her listen to them unexpectedly! Humph!
The two people, one was in the front and the other one was on the back, entered Lan Yue building, Zhuo Qing did not enter the house, just sat down on the rock bench in front of the pond to guard against other’s intention. Even though Yan Ru Xuan looked as if she was gentle and weak, who knew whether or not she would harm herself, she would be framed to assassinate the Princess at that time, then even if she plunged into the Yellow River, she would not be washed clear either.

Also maybe Yan Ru Xuan’s clever way to blackmail Lou Xi Yan to marry her, or else just wanted to have her small life for her own.

Her brain was enjoying these subjective ideas in every kind of TV play’s common plots, Zhuo Qing concluded in short, she still had to be careful as well!

Yan Ru Xuan sat down directly in front of her, she said to Xiao Lian who was on her side: “Withdraw, ok.”

“Princess?” How could she leave the Princess? What was to be done if this woman was harmful towards the Princess?

“Withdraw.” Yan Ru Xuan’s tone was slightly cold, even if Xiao Lian was unwilling, she could only withdraw, she walked away to leave the two people until there was some distant. Xiao Lian stopped, she would not be able to hear their conversations like this, but she could see what they were doing, if that woman dared to act recklessly, she would definitely not spare her!

The palace maid had already retreated, there was nobody except them inside the courtyard, this Princess slightly lowered her head to look at those lotus flowers that were just blooming a moment ago. She did not say any word either, Zhuo Qing had waited for a good moment, she was really somewhat impatience, she said: “What do you want to say, just say it, ok.”

She was really curious, what did Yan Ru Xuan want to talk to her after all?


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