Following Gu Yun together, the both of them entered the General’s manor, when they entered the door, two rows of soldiers who were originally pointing the spears with their hands, put them backward and stood the spears on their side, solemnly and respectfully called out: “Madam.”

Zhuo Qing almost fell down, casted a sidelong glance at the woman who pretended that she did not hear it, smilingly said: “Madam?” She was originally worried about Yun’s situation at the General’s manor, as it turned out, she was groundless in fears, her status was not low ah, she could make these gate keeper soldiers to call her Madam! Or was it Su Ling’s inspiration? What good show did she miss out?!

Gu Yun coughed twice, perfunctorily answered: “The General’s manor does not have any woman, it is not like you do not know it, they are calling it groundlessly.”

Calling it groundlessly?! The meaning of these words were just because the General’s manor did not have any woman, so any woman was a Madam? So, actually being a Madam at the General’s manor was really easy! Zhuo Qing turned around to give her a supercilious look, she thought that she switched into this body, so her IQ would be inversely proportional to her chest measurement?!

Zhuo Qing snorted disdainfully without restraint, Gu Yun continued to pretend to be invisible, Zhuo Qing did not question her closely either, anyway, once they were inside the manor, she would know whether or not they called it out casually.

“Begin, ok.” The both of them stood at the main entrance, took out the piece of paper, faced the above mentioned direction, entered all the way. After walking for several corners, both of them appeared to have more confidence, because until now, the above mentioned direction was unexpectedly existed at the inside of the General’s manor, just liked in the front intersection, they could only turn right. And there was only a right turn passage, the direction on the paper was indeed to turn right, maybe this time, the direction that they went was really correct.

There were a couple of patrolling soldiers who walked directly to them, seeing Gu Yun, they immediately called out respectfully: “Madam.”

Gu Yun simply nodded her head softly to regard it as her response.

How many team were these? Slapping Gu Yun’s shoulder strongly, Zhuo Qing laughingly ridiculed her and said: “It is not too bad that you are still getting along here!” Zhuo Qing had no choice but to admire her, the guards at the General’s manor were really strict, she had not seen there was someone who was patrolling like this at the Prime Minister’s manor.

Gu Yun shook her fists, smilingly said: “Getting along is not bad, a place where they use military force to speak, I can adapt relatively easy.”

Zhuo Qing understood clearly: “So it is like this……” But looking at her petite figure, her arm was thinner than a firewood, imagining that she was fighting with a group of cow, tall and big men, Zhuo Qing could not help to laugh heartily again: “Heavens, this joke was really good ah!”

Gu Yun could not stand it and quickly walked for several steps, she decided that she did not want to walk together with this woman whose IQ was corroded by romance.

Both of them were turning east and west, walking for quite a while, and still was at the inside of the General’s manor, Zhuo Qing sighed and said: “The General’s manor is quite big!” She did not understand, why was the General’s manor built like this complicated. The people who came in for the first time could lose their ways, was this in order to improve the safety factor?!

“En.” Bowing her head to look one glance to follow the next direction, Gu Yun’s eyebrows were knitted together tightly, she said: “If we keep walking to this direction, ahead should be the practice work skill field.”

What was this expression, Zhuo Qing curiously smiled and said: “What kind of place is that? It makes your face to crease together like that?”

Gu Yun shrugged her shoulder to keep Zhuo Qing in suspense, then answered: “You can see it on your own when we arrive.”

After turning left, there was a small door, pushing the door open to look, it suddenly opened up to a wide panorama (everything became clear at once) in front of her eyes, but in front of the General’s headquarter, it still made Zhuo Qing unconsciously open her eyes big, she finally knew why Gu Yun’s complexion was strange a moment ago.

“Heaven….. This is extremely….. and alluringly hot, ok…..”

Not too far away, there was a wide open space, approximately four to five size of a soccer field in size, that big, it was densely packed, but no less than two thousands people who were standing extremely neat, ok. The main point was not this, the main point was that they were not wearing any upper garment at all, looking at a distant, shining white scene, wrong ah, being roasted in the sun all year round, it should be bronze color.

It was not that she had never seen naked men before, this image in front of her like this….. really shook whatever circumstance that she had ever seen before, but the sun was so hot, they did not feel unwell basking in the sun like this?!

Puzzling to look at Gu Yun who appeared to be used to this scenery for a long time, Zhuo Qing asked: “Are they doing army training? Why do they not train in the army camp?” Who would do army training at home?

“These are General Su’s elite troops, the practice work skill field is Su Ling’s secret training for the front line and to research the method of disposition of troops. If the drill is successful, then they will take it to the army camp to drill the soldiers.” She did not understand it at first either, afterwards, she heard Su Yu’s explanation, then she understood Su Ling’s intention.

Zhuo Qing with clear understanding, nodded her head: “No wonder, the General’s manor does not have any woman. Su Ling can become the country’s General like this even though he is still young, he indeed has the skill.” These group of big men would be free to hover around the manor, so no woman in the manor would be better!

“Do you really admire his appearance?” She had seen Su Ling several times after all and already praised him, she still had not discovered what good thing that ice cold man had?!

Zhuo Qing generously answered: “I admit that my impression towards him is not bad, moreover, I think that you are very well matched with him, there is no harm to think it over, you will certainly not be a concubine, it is not too often that this kind of outstanding man does not have a wife yet.”

Here we go again!! Gu Yun coldly groaned: “I have never discovered that you are this foolish in the past, moreover, there is a tendency to have even more critical!”

Both hands on her chest, Zhuo Qing indifferently smiled and said: “There is nothing I can do, I am almost a married woman, I do not dare to guarantee what I will change into in the future.”

She was insane to keep continuing and discussing this lack of nutritional matter with Zhuo Qing! Bowing her head to watch at the map on her hand attentively, Gu Yun changed the subject immediately: “Go in, ok, if this is not the wrong place, the thing that we want to find must be inside.”

Zhuo Qing narrowed her eyes to look, she only saw one tall man who draped a clothing on his shoulder, while running towards their direction at a quick speed. A moment later, Zhuo Qing was finally able to see who was the person who came over, lowly smiled and said: “It is hard to imagine that the figure of that chick General is really not too bad!” Strong muscle, dark skin, and very attractive.

Gu Yun lifted up her head, Su Yu already arrived in front of them, even showering them down with his yelling: “Why did you come!! The practice work skill field does not allow any woman to enter or exit, you should go out quickly!!”


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