Chapter 85: Who Would Be The Next Victim


Lou Xi Wu frighteningly swallowed her saliva, went to sit on the side, she suddenly felt, that sometimes this sister in law was really strange, this kind of frightening matter, yet she would have an enthusiastic look.

Nevertheless, Zhuo Qing sank into her own train of thought, this case, the skill that the murderer used to kill was very unusual, picking this kind of unusual method to kill people was usually a chain violent crime (serial killer). Otherwise, just trying to provoke the police, or just to manufacture a terror atmosphere to satisfy the murderer’s objective, or maybe it was for the purpose of some abnormal hobby. She was very interested with this case, but Dan Yu Lan did not come to look for her help, it seemed that this case was not very difficult to solve.

Of course, she did not know, Lou Xi Yan already gave an order, not to allow anybody to disturb her rest and recuperation. Dan Yu Lan came over once, but he could not see her.

The two people had their own thinkings, both of them did not pay attention at the distinct, cold and tall figure who came out from the courtyard door, Su-er saw the person clearly, hurriedly said: “Miss, Su Gongzi is here.”

Lou Xi Wu and Zhuo Qing recovered, immediately looked at the door, both of them were somewhat absent minded. Under the sunshine during summertime, Su Mu Feng with a white clothing slowly came, his personality was exactly like his name, like a breath of fresh air, just liked his body. There was always a distinct chilly atmosphere around him, the restless blistering hot weather did not appear to be able to be closed to his body. That kind of distinct cold and graceful personality, that made people not to dare to come near but also unwilling to be far from him.

Lou Xi Wu hurriedly got up, slightly saluted and said: “It is good to see Gongzi.” He was the most graceful and talented man whom she ever saw, incorrect, besides elder brother, he was the most graceful and talented man, she admired him from the bottom of her heart.

Zhuo Qing was more curious about him, one person could have many kinds of personality traits, he could be cold and detached towards someone, but also warm and gentle like this, she actually had not seen many.

Su Mu Feng sensed Zhuo Qing’s probing line of sight, he nodded towards her, Zhuo Qing politely returned the greeting also.

Looking towards Lou Xi Wu, Su Mu Feng faintly smiled, and answered: “Miss Lou, do not need to be too polite, today will be the last lesson, I simply come to tell you this in person.”

“Why, then, I will not be able to see you?!” Lou Xi Wu urgently said: “We only have four classes ah! I still want to ask many guidances to Gongzi!”

Lou Xi Wu merely replied unconsciously, she really still had many questions about the zither skill that she wanted to learn from him, he was a very good teacher. Sometimes he seemed to give instructions randomly, but she could see and still understand it, she wanted to understand things that she did not understand originally. But she did not know, that careless sentence however, made one figure who was outside and wanted to leave, to become stiffed for quite a while.

Zhuo Qing secretly laughed, from her angle, she could see Jing Sa’s silhouette, he was sending off Su Mu Feng from the courtyard door, and intending to leave, who would have thought that that young girl’s words could stop him from going outside the courtyard. It seemed that Jing Sa cared about Xi Wu, a lot more than what she had thought previously.

Su Mu Feng seemed to have used to this kind of request to stay, his face did not express any praise or happiness, he only indifferently answered: “Your fingers technique is already very proficient, I can not instruct you on anything more.”

But Lou Xi Wu was not willing to miss this good opportunity, she really liked to play the zither, she, herself could also do some musics, they were just not so good. With great difficulty, Su Gongzi came, but why he wanted to leave quickly, Lou Xi Wu could not help to urge him to stay one more time: “But my fingers method does not always have adequate flowing ah, moreover, I still have several musics, I want to let Gongzi to point out for a few directions, then you give me a few more lessons, ok!! All right?”

Lou Xi Wu with heart filled with hope, looked at Su Mu Feng, but she did not know the man whose skin color was originally suntanned, his complexion was frighteningly darker now.

“Ahem!” (Trying to get LXW’s attention), Zhuo Qing firmly made a sound, she said with a low voice in Lou Xi Wu’s ear: “Jing Sa is outside the courtyard.”

Lou Xi Wu stared blankly at first, then raised her eyes to look, from her angle, she could only see that Jing Sa was clenching his fist on the lower corner of his jacket, her heart was happy, maybe he still cared about her. He would normally ignore her completely, she must make him angry this time!

Making a decision in her heart, Lou Xi Wu approached Su Mu Feng even closer, half throwing a tantrum, she said: “Su Gongzi, is it alright!”

Zhuo Qing narrowed her eyes, somebody’s blue vein on his hand was almost burst out outside the courtyard, very well, since Xi Wu wanted to make him jealous, she would just help her, ok. Zhuo Qing seized the opportunity to say also: “Xi Wu really admires Gongzi’s zither skill all along, it is with great difficulty that you can teach her this time, she is happy for this reason for quite a while. So Gongzi looks at Xi Wu’s sincerity, you just stay for several more days, ok.”

Lou Xi Wu suddenly approached, Su Mu Feng did not look like he used to this, slightly leaning his body, he answered: “Thank you for Miss’ good meaning, Su mou is actually occupied by an important matter.”

Looking at Jing Sa who appeared to be very nervous because of her, Lou Xi Wu was playing along happily, to one’s surprise, she became more intense, she suddenly pulled Su Mu Feng’s sleeve, lovingly laughed and said: “The fingers method, composing, melody, I still have so many things that I do not understand, what can I do? When Gongzi is not busy, can I go to look for you?”

Su Mu Feng lightly and seamlessly pulled his sleeve back, immediately declined: “Su mou likes to wander all over the place, normally there is no fixed residence during the day, I am afraid that I can not clear the confusion for the young lady.”

Actually, Lou Xi Wu did not care very much about Su Mu Feng’s rejection, she actually cared more about Jing Sa’s reaction, Zhuo Qing felt somewhat hurt, this young girl became addicted, she forgot how to stop before going to far. Not to mention, Su Mu Feng’s whose complexion was always tranquil, already looking somewhat unpleasant, the person outside was already provoked enough. If they kept playing this game, one could not say if it would have any opposite result.

“Ok, you do not have to be confused with the fingers method or composing or melody, what is more important in playing the zither is the environment, mental state, intention to play the instrument, even if the zither skill is not high, it still can move people’s feeling. On the other hand, a better skill or beautiful composition music, they are just some notes if there is no emotion in it.” Zhuo Qing hurriedly pulled Lou Xi Wu’s hand, while she was saying some nonsense, she was also pulling Lou Xi Wu to her side.

Lou Xi Wu’s set her heart on someone who was outside the courtyard, Zhuo Qing only said it casually also, who would have thought that Su Mu Feng unexpectedly nodded his head slowly, praising and admiringly smiled, he said: “Miss Qing is sure enough knowledgeable about the zither and knows how to play it for the people. Miss Lou, you have a famous master in your family, she can give directions to you, there is no need to say more about Su mou.”

“But I want you to teach me ah!” Lou Xi Wu still continued to provoke the person who was outside the courtyard, sure enough, as Zhuo Qing’s expectation, Lou Xi Wu just finished her words, Jing Sa who was outside the courtyard suddenly left quickly without turning his head around.

Lou Xi Wu stared blankly, she was disappointed and somewhat anxious, he would not think that she really liked Su Gongzi, right!! Why was he so foolish like this!!

Lou Xi Wu’s mood suddenly changed to be very gloomy, Zhuo Qing naturally knew why, Su Mu Feng seemed to be able to see a little clue also, the three people inside the courtyard were all silent, the atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

Lou Xi Wu was immersing in her own childish feeling, Zhuo Qing and Su Mu Feng were staring at each other’s eyes, without knowing what to do, Zhuo Qing could only continue the subject from a moment ago, smilingly said: “Su Gongzi is courteous, I was sick before, the fingers method, whatever tuning melody, I do not remember any of it, I can not even play the zither now, do not say teaching other people even more, I have only spoken without thinking a moment ago, and make Gongzi to mock me.”

Su Mu Feng did not resemble an ordinary person or the kind who could comfort her unfortunate situation, he rather smiled indifferently and said: “Just as what Miss has said a moment ago, playing zither is only about paying attention to the mental state, environment, nothing more. That melody, fingers method, one can forget about it afterwards, it is not important at all?!”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, she did not anticipate that he would answer like this, for a zither player, melody, fingers method, the skill could not be said that it was his entire profession, but it was also an important part, right. He unexpectedly could be so confident and at ease, the sentence ‘forget about it afterwards, it is not important at all’, putting it clearly, Zhuo Qing, on the contrary, was really somewhat admired his indifferent and unconventional method, she appreciated him more.

Zhuo Qing sincerely urged him to stay and she said: “Xi Wu really wants you to stay sincerely, if it is ok with you, there is no harm to point out a few more things for her.” If Xi Wu could really learn the zither from him properly, needless to say, the zither skill would grow. If she could learn half of his approach to handle with some affairs, then it would be regarded as a benefit.

Su Mu Feng was no longer perfunctory this time, he rather shook his head softly, and answered truly: “The capital is not peaceful recently, I think Prime Minister Lou also does not wish the moment of danger like this, furthermore, there is a stranger enters and exits at the Prime Minister’s manor frequently.”

Lou Xi Wu finally recovered from her self ego confusing state, she just happened to hear Su Mu Feng’s answer, inevitably and urgently said: “Gongzi is not a bad person, moreover, my elder brother is also the one who especially requests you to come, how can he not wish for you to continue teaching me!”

Su Mu Feng indifferently smiled but did not say anything, his intention was already a certainty, Zhuo Qing did not urge him to stay any longer, the words he said were actually making sense, one had to be very careful at this time.

Lightly patting Lou Xi Wu’s shoulder to make her to keep her calm, Zhuo Qing generously smiled and said: “Then, ok, since Gongzi has already decided to go, we will not force you to stay, I wish that Xi Wu will have another opportunity to get some advices from Gongzi.”

“Miss Qing is courteous, Su mou will bid goodbye.” Usually when he left, Su Mu Feng left confidently and at ease, as if there was not any matter, it was his lingering personality that one was reluctant to part with.
At night.

Lan Yue Building

Zhuo Qing supported her chin, holding on the candle light, she conveniently flipped over the various medical books that Lou Xi Yan found for her. Stretching her waist, she looked outside the window, the moon was already slanting to the west gradually, it should already passed twelve o’clock, right. After the evening meal, Xi Yan only said one sentence to make her rest early and then he left, he had not returned up until now, she did not know whether or not there was anything that happened.

Xi Wu’s mood was not always good in the afternoon, she felt that it was necessary to speak with Xi Yan about Xi Wu’s matter, she was sleeping a lot these past few days, she was not very tired now. While she was flipping over the medical book, she was waiting for Lou Xi Yan to return. Not too long, Zhuo Qing heard some light footsteps, the door was immediately pushed open also.

“Xi Yan.” Zhuo Qing lowly called out.

Seeing clearly that it was her, Lou Xi Yan walked to her side, and sat down, with a somewhat displeased tone, he said: “Why are you not sleeping yet?”

It was indeed late, Zhuo Qing did not beat around the bushes, immediately asked: “I have one matter, I always want to ask you, do you or do you not plan on Xi Wu’s wedding?”

Lou Xi Yan stared blankly, he did not anticipate that Qing-er waited for him for the whole evening, to ask about Xi Wu’s wedding?! Lightly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said: “Xi Wu is still young, we can discuss this again when I see that she has someone whom she’s taking a fancy to.”

Zhuo Qing’s eyes were bright: “Your meaning is, if she has someone whom she’s taking a fancy to, you will not oppose it, even if the person is not suitable according to the family’s rule?”

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter: “What do you think?”

Zhuo Qing slightly stared blankly, and could not help to laugh, she and Lou Xi Yan were also not suitable according to the family’s rule either. He did not have to marry her as a wife, he was not a person who looked at the differences in one’s family status, she asked him like this, it was somewhat insulting to Xi Yan.

Zhuo Qing felt apologetic towards him and smiled, Lou Xi Yan did not even mind this, softly encircling her waist, and bringing her to his bosom. Lou Xi Yan softly rested his head on her shoulder, gently smiled and said: “As long as the person whom she likes has a good moral character, and has a sense of responsibility, a man who is good to her, I will not oppose.”

His light breathing made her somewhat itchy, Zhuo Qing softly pulled her neck back, but she did not retreat backwards. Thinking, Zhuo Qing asked once again: “Then, if other people oppose, you will support her also, is that right?” Not opposing did not mean supporting either, if he supported her, Xi Wu’s feeling could be unhindered by half.

Lifting up his head, Lou Xi Yan lightly raised his eyebrows, faintly smiled, he asked: “Does Xi Wu tell you that the person whom she likes is not suitable according to the family’s rule?” How did he not know it, these two people’s affections were already advanced to this stage?!

This facial expression was wrong, Zhuo Qing flashed through a divine light, smilingly scolded: “Do not tell me that you can not see it!” Even she could see it, Xi Yan was so intelligent, there was no reason not to see it, he wanted to play with her!!

His Qing-er seemed to be more and more intelligent, slightly brushing over her hair to make her cool down, and fiddling her hair with his fingertips, Lou Xi Yan lightly sighed and said: “Jing Sa is actually a pretty good man, if Xi Wu wants to marry him, I will approve, but I will never order Jing Sa to take her as his wife!”

The affair between a male and female, how could he get involved with it!

He really knew!! Thinking that Jing Sa and Xi Wu were together every time, Zhuo Qing guessed and said: “Jing Sa appears to have a knot in this mind, is it the so called senior and junior separation?” (In this case, I think it’s more servant & mistress relationship).

Lou Xi Yan helplessly nodded his head, Jing Sa was very stubborn and he insisted on it, it made him to have a headache also.

It was really difficult to handle, but…… it was not like there was no way!!

The smile on her face was somewhat strange, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said: “What are you thinking now?”

“Nothing.” She could only tell Xi Wu this way, he absolutely could not tell Xi Yan!!

She must have thought of a way, moreover, it surely was not a right way!! Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, but he did not plan to expose her. If she could make Jing Sa to untie this knot in his mind, using some emergency measures, he did not have any objection either. But since she did not want to tell him, he would just treat it as if he did not know anything, and that would be good.

Anyway, if there was someone who could help him solve this problem, he would also be happy!!

The corner of her mouth softly raised, Zhuo Qing wanted to think throughly and guess what this fox was thinking, she still needed a little bit of time!

Stroking lightly her soft hair, Lou Xi Yan lovingly smiled and said: “Madam, you have already finished asking the question, can we go to bed now?” (See below).

Zhuo Qing broke into laughter, barely wanted to reply, there was a burst of chaotic and rushing voice from the outside of the courtyard all of a sudden. The sound of numerous and disorderly footsteps went towards this one direction, the swaying brilliant rays of the torches felt so bright from the inside of the room.

Zhuo Qing was puzzled by it: “What are the voices from outside?” It was already very late!

Nevertheless, Lou Xi Yan’s complexion was suddenly stiff, urgently said: “Oh no, Xi Wu!”



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