Chapter 87: Requesting Help From Gu Yun


Lou Xi Wu just changed her clothes properly, there was a sound of a soft knock on the door, Zhuo Qing looked one glance at her, Lou Xi Wu nodded her head, Zhuo Qing raised her voice to say: “Come in, ok.”

Entering the inner room was Lou Xi Yan. Looking at Xi Wu’s complexion that was in a good spirit by a lot, Lou Xi Yan lovingly patting her shoulder, quietly asked: “Are you feeling better?”

Nodding her head, and knowing and she made her elder brother to worry, Lou Xi Wu strongly nodded, she candidly smiled as much as possible and said: “Elder brother, you can be at ease, I am already fine.”

The door was opened, and they could hear the voices of some people who were chatting, Zhuo Qing asked: “Did Jing Sa capture that person?”

Lou Xi Yan shook his head, he was worry that Lou Xi Wu would be afraid, simply smiled faintly and said: “That person will be captured.”

Jing Sa’s martial art was impressive, there were many Imperial bodyguards who were pursuing together, the murderer unexpectedly could still escape! This person’s martial art was either unfathomably good, or he could be very familiar with the terrain of the Prime Minister’s manor and the capital.

Xi Wu’s spirit seemed to be really good, Lou Xi Yan quietly asked: “Dan Daren wants to ask you a few questions, is that ok?”

Lou Xi Wu already prepared her heart earlier, she nodded her head and answered: “Ok.”

Pulling Lou Xi Wu’s hand, the three people went through the screen to come outside to the small reception, Lou Xi Yan just said to the person who was outside the door: “Dan Daren, please come in, ok.”

Dan Yu Lan seemed to have been waiting outside the room earlier, the sentence was just finished, his tall figure was already in front of the door, Lou Xi Wu was a girl from a wealthy family after all. Following behind Dan Yu Lan to come in was only two young people, the rest of the bailiffs were waiting outside the courtyard.

Entering the inner room, Dan Yu Lan gave his courtesy by slightly cupping his hands in greeting: “Respect to Prime Minister Lou, Madam, Miss Lou.”

The two young people who were behind Dan Yu Lan, one already scanned the left and right areas with his eyes once he was inside, a tall and thin man whose look was somewhat unrestrained. Crossing over, another one whose skin was somewhat fair and clear, sharp eyes, entered into the small reception room, he was looking at the surrounding situation afterwards.

Estimating that they wanted to collect the evidence, but felt hindrance because here was the lady chamber of the honorable Prime Minister’s manor after all, they did not act recklessly. Zhuo Qing slightly smiled and said: “Dan Daren, we have not touched anything inside the room, you can tell your team to take a look and collect whatever evidence, Xi Wu is somewhat tired, if you have any question, you can just ask immediately, ok.”

They were the most headache, every time when there was a homicide case that happened and they had to collect the evidence, the family member would already move the stuffs inside the room and the corpse. This woman could think to preserve the evidence, this made Cheng Hang and Lu Jin were curious about her, their eyes looked towards the young woman who was sitting next to Prime Minister Lou at the same time, there were two scars on her cheek that destroyed her originally and extremely beautiful complexion. Feeling their line of sights, she still smiled at them and nodded her head, her expression was calm, she looked in high spirits, and made people could not help to look at her bright eyes.

“Very well.” Dan Yu Lan said quietly to the man behind him: “Cheng Hang, gather the clues as quickly as possible.”

“Yes.” Cheng Hang entered the inner room, Lu Jin had already taken out a piece of paper and pen also, Dan Yu Lan went straight to business, and immediately asked: “Miss Lou, did you see the murderer’s appearance clearly?”

Lou Xi Wu shook her head, smoothly said: “I did not, I did not know what had happened, I only remembered that I went to bed to rest, after that my memory just began to fuzzy, later when I was awaken, my elder brother was already by my side.”

She said vaguely, Zhuo Qing calmly added and said: “We heard the voices at that time, so we came over hurriedly, Jing Sa was just chasing after the murderer to leave, Xi Wu’s mind was unconscious at that time, moreover, her clothing was in disarrayed, but she was not violated.”

Xi Wu’s complexion was slightly red, she lowered her head, Zhuo Qing patted her hand to appease her, a moment afterwards, Lou Xi Wu’s complexion was restored to normal.

He had already inquired Jing Sa outside a moment ago, he said that the murderer was wearing a gray mask, he could not see his appearance clearly. The only survivor, Lou Xi Wu, was unexpectedly lost consciousness all along, he reckoned that she would not be able to offer any clue.

Dan Yu Lan was somewhat disappointed, but he was not willing to let any detail slip by, and continued to ask: “Before you went to sleep, did you find anything that happened that was not normal.”

Lou Xi Wu was thinking, and shaking her head: “I did not ah, there was nothing that was not normal, Su-er gave me a bowl of ginseng soup to drink, then I lied down.”

“Then where is Miss Su-er?” Did the ginseng soup had some medicine?

Lou Xi Wu clearly did not know where Su-er was? Worrying and looking at Lou Xi Yan, Lou Xi Yan was lightly patting her shoulder, while comforting her, he said to Dan Yu Lan: “Su-er is Xi Wu’s personal maid, she was resting inside the small room, but she was also unconscious now, the Imperial physician was just giving her treatment.”

Lou Xi Wu’s personal maid was also unconscious, it was the same as the maids from the other three victims, they were all unconscious at that time, when they were awaken, they only saw the corpses, the murderer should also use the same technique this time, but he was discovered early so he could not continue with his plan, that was all.

“Do you feel there is anything wrong with you now?” If there was any drug, it should still have some reactions.

Lou Xi Wu blinked, she could only shake her head: “No, I feel good, I am only somewhat tired……”

Lou Xi Wu’s answer made Dan Yu Lan to feel defeated one more time, but he did not show any of his disappointment, when he faced Lou Xi Wu, he still asked: “Did Miss go out of the manor recently? What kind of people did you have contact with in these two days?”

“I went to the Palace once a few days before, then I did not go out of the manor again, I was only with Su-er and sister in law these past few days, did not have any contact with other people.” She was rarely going out of the manor, the thousand silk pavilion’s master had not finished drawing the pattern of the wedding dress. Sister in law was feeling ill these past few days, so .!.she was staying at home.

Her sentence calling her ‘sister in law’ was very smooth, Zhuo Qing actually stared blankly, she was somewhat unease. Lou Xi Yan was very comfortable, his face was smiling constantly, his appearance was rather joyful.

Finished listening Lou Xi Wu’s words, Zhuo Qing suddenly recalled someone, and said: “Su Mu Feng came by this afternoon.”

Lou Xi Wu nodded her head, but immediately said: “Gongzi only said a few sentences and then left afterwards, there was nothing special.” They could not suspect Su Gongzi, right, Gongzi was absolutely impossible to be the murderer ah!

Even though Zhuo Qing did not believe that Su Mu Feng was the murderer, but since this was a recorded statement, they should be through and detailed to explain the circumstances as much as possible, who was the murderer, the police should investigate this issue.

Dan Yu Lan’s expression flashed through a trace of radiance, he asked: “Was Miss Lou also learning the zither with Su Gongzi?”

Also? The used of this word was subtle, Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan felt peculiar, the two of them looked one glance at each other, but they remained calmed and collected.

Lu Jin recorded the statements while he did not forget to observe the three people’s expressions, Prime Minister Lou deserved to be called Prime Minister Lou, he could detect keenly that this one word was distinct. Furthermore, his wife must not be an average person either, otherwise how could she deserve him, right.

Lou Xi Wu did not find anything differently, with a self serving manner, she answered: “En, just started to learn about one month ago, Gongzi only gave me four lessons, he came to say goodbye today.”

“Why did you not continue learning?”

Lou Xi Wu flatted her mouth, helplessly answered: “He said that the capital was not peace and safe recently, it was inconvenient to go out and come into the Prime Minister’s manor, so he would not come.” She actually still wanted to continue to learn the zither with Su Gongzi.

Dan Yu Lan surveyed from a distance and nodded his head, good, he reckoned that she would not remember anything today. At this time, Cheng Hang also came out from the inner room, he actually went to the direction of the wooden door. Squatting to examine properly for a while, then walked to Dan Yu Lan’s back with a dignified complexion.

Slightly leaning his head, Dan Yu Lan asked in a low voice: “Cheng Hang, are we done?”

“We are done, Daren.” Cheng Hang was holding several items of small stuffs that were covered inside the plain handkerchiefs on his hand, he unfolded them on the desk. There were some unfinished burned sandalwood, one silk handkerchief, also some bits of dust that came from nowhere, Cheng Hang asked: “Prime Minister Lou, can I take these items with me?”

Lou Xi Yan nodded his head: “Certainly.”

Dan Yu Lan got up, he cupped his hand to greet one more time: “We have disturbed Miss Lou, if we still need any help from Miss, we will come again to disturb you.”

Lou Xi Wu also got up to return his greeting, she answered in a low voice: “Dan Daren is too courteous, I also hope that I can help to bring the murderer to justice soon.”

Zhuo Qing secretly observed Dan Yu Lan’s complexion all along, his brows were locked up deeply from the beginning to the end. It appeared that he lacked his former days’ confident and relaxed manners, Zhuo Qing could not help to ask: “Does Dan Daren have a grasp on this case?”

Dan Yu Lan’s footsteps were slightly sluggish, candidly shook his head, he asked with a heavy voice: “What kind of advice can Madam give?”

Zhuo Qing shook her head and answered: “Without seeing the corpse beforehand, I do not have any advice, but, I can give you one suggestion.”

Dan Yu Lan was somewhat looking forward to it and he looked at Zhuo Qing, he also hoped that this unusual woman could propose any useful suggestion, he was really under pressure from the case now.

Zhuo Qing smilingly answered: “There is one person who can help you to solve this case as soon as possible.”

“Miss Qing Mo?” He remembered, Qing Mo’s agility when they handled the gold case, she was indeed capable to see clearly, capable to analyze, extremely a strong woman.

Zhuo Qing nodded her head and answered: “Solving this kind of serial murder case, she is relatively an expert.” She remembered that Gu Yun took over to investigate not less than five similar cases, she also helped the personnels from the other provinces, so if Gu Yun was here, she should be able to provide some more feasible directions to investigate.

“Miss Qing Mo went to Xi Bei city (Northwest), I am afraid that Dan mou can not ask her.” He already thought about this, but Qing Mo was a person from the General’s manor after all, moreover……

Lu Jin said in a cold voice: “Even if that Miss Qing Mo is willing, I am afraid there is not enough time.”

“Why?” Zhuo Qing was puzzled by his statement.

Cheng Hang coldly groaned, annoyingly answered: “The quickest time for the messenger pigeon to fly from here to Xi Bei city wall is 4 days, then wait for Miss Qing to pack up her luggage, and ride in the chariot to arrive at the capital, I am afraid it will be twenty days later. The final deadline at that time will be less than ten days, even if Miss Qing Mo is the expert in dealing with this case, it will be impossible for her to solve this case in such a short time, a slow remedy does not address the current emergency.”

Dan Yu Lan actually did not appear to be excited, but the faces of the two young people were filled with anger, Zhuo Qing looked at Lou Xi Yan and asked: “What final deadline? What will happen if they pass this deadline?”

Lou Xi Yan looked one glance at Dan Yu Lan, he sighed and said: “The Emperor gave Dan Daren a deadline, the case has to be solved in one month, if this case still can not be solved, he will be removed from the case, then he will be sent to prison…… for three years.” But the Emperor did anything like this, it was really to force Dan Yu Lan, but this case appeared like this before the celebration, if it was not solved, how could Qiong Yue’s prestige survive?!

Unable to solve the case, and he would be imprisoned!! How could it be like this?! Lou Xi Yan and Dan Yu Lan’s expression informed her that Yan Hong Tian could be like this!! Her heart was cursing at Yan Hong Tian’s eight generations, but Zhuo Qing was fully aware, this would not solve the problem either!

Thinking, Zhuo Qing asked: “From Bei city to the capital, how many days can one arrive in the quickest time?”

Cheng Hang answered: “Even for a young and vigorous man, with an excellent martial art, full speed on the horse, without any rest, he will need five days.”

Reaching out to take the writing brush from Lu Jin’s hand, then taking out a white paper, and writing several small words, after she finished writing, she gave it to Lu Jin, and said: “Immediately send this letter through the messenger’s pigeon, nine days later, she will be able to arrive here! ‘Icey, thorny case, quickly return! Nancy.’ (Note that the words ‘Icey’ & ‘Nancy’ are already in English).

Lu Jin looked at that few simple words on his hand, there was half of the words that he did not know, not to mention that there was some code words. Even if that Miss Qing Mo wanted to hurry to come back, she was a girl, it was impossible that she could return hurriedly ah!

Cheng Hang immediately groaned his unbelief and said: “This is impossible!”

Zhuo Qing confidently smiled and answered: “Whether or not some other people can do it, I do not know, but she can.” She had experienced Gu Yun’s craziness, to reach her target, her adrenaline could rise rapidly and no average person could imagine this situation! If someone could achieve returning within five days, she surely could do it, she could not be sure if she could see her in four days!

And she chose to use each other English’s names to write the letter, the main reason was because the messenger pigeon would pass the letter on. The calligraphic style that she used to write the letter was very lacking, there was only symbols from the writing brush. Even she almost could not see the messy words, so that Yun would believe that this was her letter, the best distinguish words would be the English words.

The people who were present could see Zhuo Qing’s full confidence, but they did not believe her, Zhuo Qing did not feel like explaining either, when they saw the person at that time, they would naturally believe her!

Slightly moving to the side, Zhuo Qing said to Lou Xi Yan’s ear: “Xi Yan, I want to examine the corpses, you rest early, you will be busy tomorrow, I will return in a moment.”

Lou Xi Yan said with a low sigh: “Your health is only a little good, it is already very late, you can go tomorrow, ok.” But he knew that she still wanted to go, sure enough, Zhuo Qing insistingly said: “I am in good spirits, there is Mo Bai to keep me company, you do not need to worry about my safety. If the corpses are left for too long, we will lose more information, I want to see the corpses as soon as possible!”

Lou Xi Yan slowly nodded his head and answered: “Fine, ok.” If he did not allow her to go, she would probably not go, but according to her temperament, she would surely be angry, then she would rush out of the Prime Minister’s manor early tomorrow morning.

Zhuo Qing secretly relaxed her breath, she was really somewhat anxious, if Xi Yan would not allow her to go, unexpectedly, he actually agreed, happily she mumbled in his ear: “Your tolerant will make me unable to help myself to love you even more, good night!”

“Dan Daren, can I go to examine the corpses now?” Finished speaking, Zhuo Qing turned around to walk to Dan Yu Lan, however, Lou Xi Yan was absentminded because of the words that she said. Recovering, he could not help to break into laughter, she seemed to already know how to pacify him.

“Now?” Dan Yu Lan was also alarmed, it was already passed zishi now (between 11 pm-1 am), carefully looking one glance at Prime Minister Lou, he only saw that his expression was the same as always. Dan Yu Lan did not say anything either, then he faced Lou Xi Yan with his cupped hands and said: “Prime Minister Lou, this small official says goodbye, if Madam wants to go, we can go, ok.”

Zhuo Qing was following Dan Yu Lan’s party to leave, Lou Xi Wu finally recovered, then foolishly looked towards Lou Xi Yan, she asked: “Elder brother, why is sister in law so interested with the corpses this much?”

Lou Xi Yan kept silent, because he also wanted to know.

Qing-er was very familiar with the corpses, unexpectedly, her specialty level was higher than Dan Yu Lan, she could not simply be interested with autopsy to achieve this. Furthermore, there was Qing Mo, that woman was not only an ordinary intelligent woman either, Qing-er and her affections appeared to be very good, and were also very familiar, it did not resemble the kind that Qing Feng was familiar either. He had this kind of feeling, that Qing-er’s so called amnesia was only an excuse, so should he investigate about this, or wait until she was willing to tell him about this?!

Lou Xi Yan was lost in thought……


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