Chapter 89: Retreating In Order To Advance


The shadow was from far and near, at lightening speed, but it sounded like the footsteps were somewhat frenetic, Zhuo Qing narrowed her eyes towards the other side where there were four people. Their hands were holding long double edged swords, urgently rushing forward all the way, they turned around to look back with flustered face frequently, they appeared to hide from somebody. It looked like they did not come to clash with her, even though it looked like this, Mo Bai had not relaxed and was still on alert as before, tightly waiting for a short period of time, Zhuo Qing stood behind him to wait and see (not moving at all).

Just when they wanted to communicate together, some of them discovered Zhuo Qing and Mo Bai, Mo Bai protected her behind him. His serene blue eyes showed a trace of cold and cruel vapors, Zhuo Qing suddenly had this kind of strange feeling, it seemed that the atmosphere beside Mo Bai became different, but this was impossible, perhaps, it was only her misconception, right.

The four people clearly sensed Mo Bai’s murderous spirit, taking precaution and fixing their attention on him, but they did not dare to act blindly without thinking either. Their footsteps were still moving forward rapidly, just when they almost brushed past, a trace of red shadow leapt down from a rubble by the side of the road. Zhuo Qing stared blankly, this person’s figure was very quick, without any sound, as if this person appeared out of thin air like this, just liked a monster with a flicker silhouette. Dazzlingly making people to have a burst of dizziness, recovering, she already tangled with the four people who were anxiously rushing, a captivating long red whip was on her hand, as if an alerted snake, blocking the way of the four people.

With one leap, the red shadow already stopped about one zhang (3.3 m) in front of the four people, the red dress just like blood, the black ink hair like painting, pure gold mask under the moonlight, radiating her expression that was the same as a cold ray, mingling her body up and down, shrouding with a kind of unusual monster’s atmosphere, this person…… Zhuo Qing lowly mumbled: “Ye Mei?”

How could she be here?

The woman also swept one glance at her direction earlier, her cold eyes were slightly squinted, her gaze stopped temporarily at Mo Bai’s body for a moment, indifferently moving away her gaze soon and no longer looked towards them.

Their complexions flashed through frightened expressions, the four people looked one glance at each other, their expressions suddenly changed into desperation that stroke with some cruelties, Zhuo Qing was fearful, she said to Mo Bai in a low voice: “Mo Bai, you go and help her, ok.” Four people were against one person, these people were all desperate criminals, Zhuo Qing was really worry if Ye Mei could not deal with them.

“No need.” Mo Bai’s cold and congeal voice was just off, Zhuo Qing immediately understood that she had her own groundless fears.

A dazzling raging flames of the long whip swept across the four people, defusing their first round of the offensive match, the four people surrounded Ye Mei, with the golden mask, they could not see her expression, gently raising the long whip, that arrogant disdained and contempt were already shown in full light.

The four people were ashamed into angered, they raised their long swords together, and stabbed at Ye Mei’s direction, only to see that she gently leaped and trampled on the top of the four people’s swords to borrow the force from under her feet. Spinning over, the long whip was slashing in the sky beautifully like a flow of ray, the four people were all injured by the long whip, they fell backwards together, Ye Mei gracefully landed on the ground.

Zhuo Qing secretly sighed, no wonder that Ye Mei could become Qiong Yue’s second best bounty hunter, with this kind of skill, very dazzling! The long whip on her hand was about 5-6 meters long, it was agilely waving on her hand, it seemed like it was a part of her body and very obedient in general. If one wanted to control this kind of soft weapon, it was actually not a very easy matter. And the long whip was densely packed and filled with tiny barbs, they wrapped around on the top of the long whip, one would not die but would be injured by it!

The one strike that happened a moment ago, already made four people to suffer injuries, one person’s injured condition among the four people was comparatively lighter, it appeared that the momentum was not good, getting up from the ground, he still thought to run away. The cold eyes behind the golden mask flashed through a trace of ridicule, the long whip gently waved, the kind of fiery snake wrapped around in that person’s waist. Fiercely pulling the long whip, the barbs immediately entered into the skin and flesh, during night time, the mournful yell resounded in the night sky together, it made people unable to help to raise goose bumps on their whole bodies!

The other three people did not dare to move again, Ye Mei took out the long rope from her waist, bound the four people together. Pulling the rope, the four big men were shivering to get up, and walked over behind her to the direction of the Ministry of Justice’s prison.

Zhuo Qing finally recovered also, urgently said: “Ye Mei.”

The red shadow’s footsteps stopped, but she did not turned around, Zhuo Qing called out towards her back: “I have some matters that I like to discuss with Ao Tian, Qian Jing and you. Can you help me find them?”

Jing Sa’s martial art was already strong, then added a group of the Imperial bodyguards, they unexpectedly still let the murderer to run away, the murderer’s martial art was high. Thus, in a bigger scheme, she was afraid that if Dan Yu Lan was really able to find the trail of the murderer, when it was time to capture him, nobody could become his opponent, then it would be in vain! It seemed that Ye Mei’s martial art was quite good, Ao Tian would naturally even better, even though Qian Jing’s martial art was ordinary, but his qing gong (that skill where one could jump or move so quickly using one’s inner power, I suppose) was very exceptional. If they were helping to capture the murderer, it would have even more certainty, the bounty hunters would work to catch people for money only, this thorny case, Dan Yu Lan should be willing to part with this money, right!

Finished listening Zhuo Qing’s words, Ye Mei stood silently, lifted her feet to leave, Zhuo Qing hurriedly called out again: “In ten days, wushi (11 am-1 pm), I will wait for you all at the Yue Lai tea shop.” She did not answer, she (ZQ) automatically interpreted it as if she agreed to it, making an appointment ten days in advance, her strong card (GY) should be able to appear then, right!

Ye Mei did not stop her footsteps again this time, she also did not have any response, leading along the long rope, the proud and aloof red shadow gradually disappeared at the end of the road.

Zhuo Qing leisurely breathed a long breath, fortunately, they did not meet any big inconvenient, otherwise, Xi Yan should be anxious again. Stretching her waist, and looking towards Mo Bai who was still protecting her, Zhuo Qing excessively leaned to the side and called out: “Mo Bai?”

What was he looking at? Following his line of sight to look, one could not see any shadow of a person anymore, Zhuo Qing lowly smilies and said: “What are you looking at?”

Mo Bai covered up his blue eyes slightly, but still had that indifferent face, nevertheless, he seemed to show a little nervous. Silently turning his body around, Mo Bai followed Zhuo Qing’s back silently, but his heart that was like a thousand years frozen lake, was like raging flames that was burned up by a big stream of ravine.
Returning very late last night, she did not disturb Lou Xi Yan, she also did not know if he was already sleeping at that time, he already went out of the manor when she woke up. Zhuo Qing was worry about Lou Xi Wu’s moodiness, so she decided to go and see her.

Who knew that once she walked to the courtyard, she already heard her loud howling voice: “You get out, go away ah! I do not want to see you!”

Zhuo Qing raised a trace of strange smile, and walked slowly to the inside courtyard, as expected, she saw Jing Sa was standing on the side silently, his complexion was dark as before, the always cold and black eyes carried a trace of deliberate hidden suspicion and distressed, he was staring fixedly at the woman who was inside and shouting at him.

“Get out!!” Finished speaking, one porcelain cup flew out of the window, it just happened to smash at the side of Jing Sa’s feet, the porcelain was splattering. Nevertheless, Jing Sa’s face did not change any color, he was still standing at that place silently, but his complexion looked like thunder and lightening that occurred at the same time……

Zhuo Qing withdrew her feet, this girl, she started too fierce, ok.

Su-er was extremely frightened, even though Miss would always shouting and quarreling with the Head Housekeeper Jing normally, but that was because he was always running around in circles (being busy). Young master (LXY) specifically made the Head Housekeeper Jing to keep close and protect her today, was this not a good opportunity? Why was Miss develop this big temper…… Tremblingly swallowing her saliva, in a low voice, Su-er asked Lou Xi Wu who was by her side and already howling and flushing with anger: “Miss, are you alright?”

Lou Xi Wu absolutely refused to acknowledge her, and continued to lowly howled at the person who was outside the pillar: “I do not want your protection, make my elder brother to switch with the other person to come, you get out, get out!!”

This was the time that she should show up, right, lowly coughing, Zhuo Qing pretended not to understand and she asked: “What is going on here?”

While talking, Zhuo Qing walked over to the inside of the room, Lou Xi Wu saw her, her eyes were bright, she immediately continued to hoot again: “Order him to leave!! I loathe him!!”

Lightly frowning, looking towards the man who was behind and almost frozen, Zhuo Qing softly sighed: “Jing Sa, I think it will be better if you get out first, ok, guarding her outside of the courtyard will be the same, it is broad day light at the moment, something will not be happening.”

The dark black eyes were deeply looking one glance at the woman with a cold face inside the room, Jing Sa did not say anything, his tall silhouette was in a rage, and he withdrew to the outside of the courtyard.

Zhuo Qing went into the bedroom, Lou Xi Wu waved her hand towards Su-er, and said: “Su-er, you retire first, ok.”

“Yes.” Su-er cleverly retreated to give vent to anger, she still closed the door.

The door was just closed, Lou Xi Wu who was so violently aggressive a moment ago, converted into a timid manner, in a low voice, she asked worryingly: “Sister in law, this thing, a moment ago, was it or was it not somewhat excessive?” When she threw out the cup a moment ago, her own heart raised to her throat.

Zhuo Qing smiled, and said: “Not bad.”

Defeatedly sitting down, her hands were supporting her chin, Lou Xi Wu grievingly sighed: “If he thinks that I make trouble without any reason, has no patient, and he really goes away, what do I have to do?” With great difficulty, she could see him everyday, but she let her excessive mood to make him go away hurriedly now, it was very difficult oh!

Softly patting her discouraged face, Zhuo Qing smiled and said: “Sometimes romance will demand some lingering worries about personal gains and loses, every time it is only you who is like this, not at all very happy, right? You should let him taste a little, right. If you want to escape or do not want to see him next, when you have or do not have something and just stare blankly, silently shedding tears, melancholic and suffering are alright.”

This was actually easier to achieve than making him to go away hurriedly, but…… looking towards Zhuo Qing with some expectations and a somewhat worry look, Lou Xi Wu asked: “Will he really take the initiative to propose marriage?” She put a lot of efforts by his side these many years, everything that she should do, she had already done it exhaustingly, but she still did not have anything. She really did not dare to have any expectation, and was afraid if her wish was bigger, her disappointment was also bigger!

Gently rubbing Lou Xi Wu’s soft hair, Zhuo Qing patted her shoulder, softly comforting and she said: “Be at ease, if he sincerely likes you, love you dearly, he surely hates to part with you like this. If until the end, he is still unable to break away from this so called senior and junior (master and servant), this kind of man, is not worthy at all, is that not so?”

“En.” Using strength to nod her head, Lou Xi Wu wanted to make her own resolute decision, but there was another hooting voice inside of her heart, even if Jing Sa remained unmoved until the end, would she really be able to let him go!?

Hey…… Perhaps still…… could not, right!

Using strength to slap her head to warn herself not to think too much again, otherwise she would surely go crazy, pulling Zhuo Qing’s hand, Lou Xi Wu changed the subject, she asked: “Sister in law, you went to that yesterday…… autopsy, what did you discover?”

Zhuo Qing knew that she was only randomly looking for some words to speak with her, but did she really want to discuss this with her?! Lightly knitted her eyebrows, Zhuo Qing mockingly smiled: “Do you really want to know?”

“E……” Swallowing her saliva, solely thinking about the corpse without heart that was lying down inside the ice cold coffin, she already felt that her own blood ran cold. Hurriedly shaking her head, Lou Xi Wu forced a smile and said: “Forget about it.”

Zhuo Qing shook her head and broke into laughter: “Rest nicely, I will go first.” Very quickly, it was already in the afternoon, she still had an appointment with Dan Yu Lan today.

Lou Xi Wu nodded her head, continued leaning her upper body on a desk and stared blankly, Zhuo Qing shook her head and softly sighed, she wished that the lovers could find a way to get married in the end, ok!

Leaving the outside of the courtyard, she just saw Jing Sa’s tall figure who was standing at that place, his brows were deeply locked up, his face filled with a look of worry. Looking at his appearance like this, Zhuo Qing’s mood changed to be better accordingly.

Switching to a helpless look, and with an endless worry expression, Zhuo Qing walked to the front of Jing Sa, with a low voice, she sighed: “Jing Sa, Xi Wu, she….. does not want to see you, how about I speak with Xi Yan, and let you exchange places with Mo Bai, ok.”

“Why?” The cold and firm voice was somewhat urgent, very good!

After several times wanting to say something but then hesitating, Jing Sa’s cold eyes was almost glaring at her hastily, Zhuo Qing faintly sighed and said: “The matter from yesterday, she can not forget all along, thinking of herself…… losing her innocent. She likes you, you have already known this, rather than saying that she is unwilling to see you, it will be better to say that she does not dare to see you. She feels that her own self now, does not deserve you, I see that you do not like her, this is also good. You do not need to be anxious that she will be sticking to you like before. I am afraid she is unable to get over it on her own, or what she wants to do with regard to this matter.”

As her wish, when Zhuo Qing finished speaking, Jing Sa’s hands already became into fists, the faint blue veins suddenly raised up, he looked like he was trying to endure silently from his anger. Zhuo Qing was secretly happy in her heart, pretending to helplessly wave her hand, she sighed and said: “It is fine, I will speak to Xi Yan, and have Mo Bai to switch over to protect her properly.”

“No need.” His firm answer flashed through a trace of impatient.

Zhuo Qing slightly frowned: “Are you sure?”

Zhuo Qing showed a worried expression for his appearance, Jing Sa directly swept past her, and went inside the courtyard again.

Looking at the tall figure who was silently guarding from the outside of the door, Zhuo Qing’s mouth could not help to raise gently, the trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence, plus the trick of one must let loose in order to capture, in the middle of the romance competition, was still the most effective weapon eternally!! Sometimes the more the provocation, the more the effectiveness.
The Ministry of Justice Official Business Hall

“Prime Minister Lou.” Being in charge of the investigation of the incident at the Imperial garden, the Ministry of Justice’s official, Liu Hong, respectfully performed a courtesy. Even though Lou Xi Yan’s face still had a gentle smiling expression, Liu Hong was still nervous and he swallowed his saliva. After he accepted this case, he knew that the one who fell into the water was Prime Minister Lou’s future wife (the literal words were the wife he hasn’t married yet), and the case was spearheaded by the harem. The Emperor still put down the Imperial decree to handle it strictly, this case was not good to be managed. Losing his job because of this case was not a big deal, he was afraid to commit an offense to the other people whom he should not commit an offense to, his small life could not be maintained.

His hand was holding the green tea, Lou Xi Yan asked with no urgency nor slowly: “How is the investigation?”

Liu Hong hurriedly answered: “Within the four palace eunuchs, one committed suicide by biting his tongue, and the other three people did not admit to conspire to murder Miss Qing. The four people were originally working at the domestic affair’s manor, they were Lu Zhi Hai’s subordinates, unknown small palace eunuchs. Normally, they were handling small affairs during the day, slightly cautious, and would not create disturbance kind of people.”

Committed suicide by biting off his tongue….. Lou Xi Yan’s eyes flashed through a trace of cold ray, his forefinger gently taping the teacup, he asked in a low voice: “Do they have any other people in their home? Where are they?”

“Two of the people were purchased as child’s trafficking into the Imperial palace, inside the domestic affair’s manor, they did not register any family member, the other two, nobody knew about their families’ traces.”

“Find them! I do not want to hear the third person’s ‘without cause or reason’ death. Before the matter enters or exits the Imperial garden’s relevant people, interrogate and inspect all of them, if there is any suspicion, you will have to report it immediately.” Not having any family, but they already committed suicides by bitting their tongues, the ones whom families were missing, they would not admit even if they would die? It seemed that the way she dealt with the aftermath, and in order to tidy up, it was really quick, she was worthy to be the mistress of the harem for many years.


Lou Xi Yan’s voice was not high, but Liu Hong already sensed his annoyance, that kind of oppression feeling, made him to hardly raise his head.

Gently putting down the teacup on his hand, Lou Xi Yan slowly walked out of the official business hall, he was still gentle and elegant as before, nevertheless, Liu Hong’s whole body was sweating.
Light muslin curtain, the lingering sound of the burning incense in front of the temple, the lively stage, one golden Buddha with a mercy on his face was smiling. Calmly standing at that place, the wooden fish’s thumping sound, was over and over again, peaceful and distinct, the side of the golden Buddha, there was a red sandalwood Buddha’s beads that emitted a faint fragrance, it could make a lot of people to feel calm.

In front of the statue of Buddha, Yang Zhi Lan was still closing her eyes, her complexion was peaceful and gentle.

The old momo was standing and waiting at the outside of the light muslin, the wooden fish sound gradually halted. Yang Zhi Lan’s voice faintly came through from the inner room: “How did you manage the matter?”

“The Empress Dowager, please be at ease, the matter was already settled, they would absolutely not dare to make any irresponsible remark.”

The old momo suddenly knelt down on the ground, she apologized in a low voice: “This time was this servant’s carelessness, and made the matter to fall through and stand exposed, the Emperor Dowager, please punish.”

The light muslin curtain was lightly raised, Yang Zhi Lan left the room slowly, the old momo hurriedly got up and stepped forward to support her, her face did not seem to have any anger, instead, there was a trace of faint smiling expression, she sighed and said: “It is fine, Qing Ling did not die, it could be regarded that her fate was good, this time ‘accident’, was not really completely unrewarding either. At least, Aijia finally discovered that Lou Xi Yan who was always perfect and invulnerable, also had a weak spot.”

Lou Xi Yan ah Lou Xi Yan, you should not let down Xuan-er, should not be Lou Su Xin’s good nephew, more over, should not…… set yourselves against me!



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