Chapter 91: Unexpected Discovery



“Su Mu Feng?”

At midday, the street downstairs was filled with people’s voices, unusually lively, but he was actually the best person whom one could recognize, with a white clothing in the middle of the prosperous city center, he stood out. Walking slowly, all of the noises were unable to get close to him, many people were looking at him with admiration, but that indifferent and estranged personality did not let anybody dare to get close to him.

Following Zhuo Qing’s line of sight, Lou Xi Yan could easily find Su Mu Feng’s tall figure.

“Are you familiar with him?” Zhuo Qing was looking at Su Mu Feng who was downstairs, and she quietly asked.

Lightly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan was also watching attentively at the man who was walking leisurely downstairs among a tide of people, faintly answered: “I am considered an old friend with the Su family’s master, Su Lao Ye (this lao ye isn’t a name, LXY calls him lao ye as a form of respect because he’s an older guy), when I was young, he also taught me how to play the zither skill. Su Mu Feng is one of the Su’s family children, his music attainment is the best. He played a song, Feng Hai Chao, at the celebration six years ago, it made him famous in the whole world. Many people admire his reputation and want to became his student, but he has never accepted any student. He will only give a few directions, but he will not teach for more than ten lessons, and even more, he will never repeat to give direction to one person for the second time! Even though he is like this, the famous families who are requesting him to teach the skill are still numerous as before. I can request him to teach Xi Wu this time, it is because of a lot of efforts!”

“So you can say, that he has taught a lot of people?” No wonder he only gave Xi Wu four lessons and then left, this so called capable person was strange, he seemed to be somewhat eccentric.

“Within the capital, if one figures the offspring of the famous families, all of them will issue the invitations to him, I guess half of the prominent sons of the officials, honorable daughters, they can be considered his students.” Looking at Zhuo Qing who was in high spirit, Lou Xi Yan lowly smiled and said: “Why are you so interested in him?”

Propping her cheeks, calmly looking back at Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing lowly sighed and said: “He gives people this peculiar feeling and is very attractive.” The tranquil and distant personalities should make people to be carefree and relaxed, but he also had this indifferent and icily arrogant personalities. He gave people some oppressed feeling and was very different than any average person, she could say what kind of feeling……

Lou Xi Yan was smiling, Su Mu Feng was indeed a peculiar person, but she did not need to be this honest to discuss this with him, saying how another man was very attractive, ok!

The original clamor in the summer time was somewhat in commotion, a screaming sound and a hysterical sound of horses’ hoofs gave a jolt of surprises in great waves.

“The horses are frightened! Get out of the way, get out of the way!!”

Following the chariot was a violent roar that was followed from far and near, a pair of violent horses were pulling a chariot in a rush, advancing and coming towards the city center quickly. It was colliding with the roadside vendors’ stalls from time to time, the people who were walking, had to hide and flee all over the place. Even though they were able to avoid the chariot promptly, but they were tripping on something from the roadside and leaning unsteadily from side to side.

“Get out of the way!”

The flustered shouting and along with the pedestrians’ shrieking, the chariot continued to rush quickly and madly, across from Leng Yue building was a row of small shops that were selling ornaments. There were many people who were gathering at the shops, the great majority among them were women. If the chariot was rushing hurriedly to come, there would surely be a lot of people who would not be able to hide!

Lou Xi Yan’s expression was dark, he lowly called out: “Mo Bai!”

His words were just left, one quick silhouette was already risen and fallen, he was advancing right in front of the chariot in flying speed. Agilely getting behind the horseback, Mo Bai grabbed both of the reins of the horses, exerting his physical strength, he pulled them backward. But the wild startled horses were like the insane ones, after several mournful neigh’s sounds, the unexpectedly crazier horses were advancing towards the crowds quickly. Mo Bai’s eyes transferred a trace of strange ray, his body suddenly jumped up, with one fierce blow, his iron fist hit the horses’ heads. The pair of insanely running and startled horses did not have any opportunity to shout, the tall horses loudly tumbled on the ground, and the chariot finally stopped also.

Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan could finally relax at the same time, looking one glance at each other, they walked down to the building to look over.

On the second floor of the private room, a trace of red shadow was half leaning by the side of the window, her hand was holding a long whip firmly to watch at the horses that collapsed afterwards. Slowly relaxing, the cold eyes stopped temporarily on Mo Bai’s body for a moment, and then, she withdrew her line of sight indifferently.

Even though the chariot already stopped, but there were many people who were already injured by the mad horses all along, one 60 years old man was standing near the area where the chariot stopped in a split second, he was frightened and firmly fell to the ground.

Su Mu Feng was also standing not too far from the area that the chariot stopped at that time, the disturbance also made him to have lingering fears a moment ago, only the expression on his face was already indifferent, one could not see any flustered expression. The old man fell on the ground, many people already surrounded him, Su Mu Feng crouched beside the old man’s body, he asked in a low voice: “Are you alright?”

Falling and sitting up on the ground he covered his leg with his hand, the old man painfully answered: “My leg hurts very much.”

Su Mu Feng who was always tranquil certainly, stared blankly and swallowed his saliva, staring blankly at the uncle’s leg, but he did not have any movement to step forward. At this time, Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan already joined the crowd, looking that Su Mu Feng who was staring blankly and crouching at the side of the old man, Lou Xi Yan called out in a low voice: “Su Gongzi.”

Su Mu Feng recovered, and got up to retreat one step, he turned his head and said: “Miss Qing, Prime Minister Lou.”

The old man’s face filled with painful appearance, Zhuo Qing crouched at his side, quietly said: “Uncle, let me examine your wound.”

The old man nodded his head, Zhuo Qing carefully lifted up his right leg that was injured, lightly raised his trouser, some scarlet blood already flew on his ankle. Zhuo Qing carefully gave an examination on the condition of his injured leg, she quietly consoled and said a moment later: “Uncle, your leg is alright, but you must not move randomly.” Fortunately, the impact when he fell on the ground was not big, it was only a scrape and a slight fracture to the calf.

“Good.” The old man promptly nodded.

“Someone comes, send the injured people to the nearest doctor’s office.” This chariot that was rushing madly all the way, the injured people were more than just this one old man. Qiong Yue had a law long time ago, the horse was not allowed in the city center, the capital country was not allowed to whip horses to rush madly. If he did not put a stop promptly on today’s situation, he did not know how many people would be injured! Lou Xi Yan said with a cold voice: “Mo Bai, capture that person who has driven the chariot, send him to the government office, let the authorities do the investigation rigorously.”


The people on both side of the roads were cheering in loud voices continuously, and also towards this person who had an excellent reputation but he was extremely low profile. He was Qiong Yue’s famous Prime Minister, and they grew more respects and admirations in their hearts.

Drowning out of the crowd, one tall and one short shadows quietly withdrew from the tide of people, and entered the side of the alley, the youngster slowly stopped his footsteps to look at the incomparable honest, bright, pure eyes that flew by the midstream of ray, slightly raised his voice with a trace of ridiculing spirit, lowly smiled and said: “That person is the legend Lou Xi Yan?”

The tall person who was behind him half lowering his body respectfully, he answered: “Precisely.”

The youngster nodded his head, the corner of his mouth that was smiling was even more dense, it seemed that the Imperial father did not deceive him either, this Qiong Yue seemed to be very interesting.

On this side, Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing just finished handling the Uncle’s injury, there was a gently sound of a man who was yelling behind them: “Gongzi! Gongzi!”

Zhuo Qing turned her head around, she only saw Su Mu Feng’s complexion turned pale, his head was filled with sweat, his breathing was urgent at once and slow at another time, his eyes were half closing before he dropped and sat on the ground. His appearance was even more miserable than the Uncle a moment ago, Zhuo Qing walked to his side, lowly asked: “Su Gongzi, are you alright?”

Su Mu Feng not only did not answer her words, his eyes were closed, immediately — passed out!

“Su Gongzi?!” Zhuo Qing stared blankly, her one hand grabbed his wrist to check his pulse, and her other hand looked over his eyelids, his pulse was thin and weak, his breathing was weak, it seemed that he really lost consciousness.

He was still well a moment ago, the horse did not bump into him, he should not sustain any injury, right? Why did he suddenly lost consciousness, could it be that he had some illness?

Lou Xi Yan already came to her side, looking at Su Mu Feng who remained unconscious, he sighed and said: “We will send him to the doctor’s office first, ok.”

The person who was always supporting Su Mu Feng, the young man who was wearing a family’s servant clothing, even though there was anxiety on his face, but he said assuredly: “No need, let Gongzi rests for a moment and it will be good.”

Zhuo Qing asked: “Does Su Gongzi always have some kind of an old illness?”

“Gongzi, he……” The man paused for a moment, then stammeringly answered: “Gongzi, he is afraid of blood.”

Afraid of blood? What kind of illness was this, there was no blood a moment ago either ah? Lou Xi Yan was somewhat stunned, but Zhuo Qing already understood it clearly. As it turned out, Su Mu Feng had blood phobia, then he did not really need to go to the hospital. Zhuo Qing said to the Imperial bodyguards who were on the opposite side: You help Gongzi to Leng Yue building to sit for a while, ok.”

The delegation of men were supporting Su Mu Feng to the private room at Leng Yue building and they sat him down on the bench, the young man was half kneeling in front of the bench, carefully wiping his cold sweat. Zhuo Qing sat on the other bench, quietly asked: “Is you family Gongzi always feeling sick when he sees blood?”

The man nodded his head and sighed: “En, everybody in the Su family knows that Gongzi can not be exposed to see blood, he will faint when he sees blood from childhood! The doctor has seen him, but he is not getting better.”

The blood phobia disease was just a type of phobia, having a doctor to see and check on him would definitely not useful! Only seeing a little bit of blood that was flowing out of the leg like that, he already fainted, Su Mu Feng’s illness was quite serious.

“Gongzi, you have awaken!” After a good while, Su Mu Feng finally opened his eyes slowly, his face was still as pale as a paper, the cold sweat was dripping, with the support from the man, he could barely straight his body up.

Taking the tea and handing it over to the young man, Lou Xi Yan quietly said: “Su Gongzi, drink a little hot tea, ok.”

The young man carefully took the hot tea and handed it over to the side of Su Mu Feng’s lips, Su Mu Feng reached out to take the teacup. His hand was unexpectedly still trembling a little, sitting for a while, he was slowly relaxing back. His lips had a little color, placing the teacup that was on his hand, Su Mu Feng lowly said: “Thank you, Prime Minister Lou and Miss Qing, I make you to be ridiculed.”

Zhuo Qing shrugged her shoulders, smilingly said: “Feeling sick when seeing blood is a type of common illness, Su Gongzi does not need to care about it too much.”

Actually, one big man would faint when he saw blood, it was somewhat funny, nothing more, but because of this, the him who gave this indifferent, proud and aloof’s appearance, it seemed to look more like an ordinary person a little.

His complexion was somewhat embarrassed, Su Mu Feng uncomfortably stood up, and said: “I already feel a lot better, I will not disturb the two of you, Su mou will bid goodbye.”

Lou Xi Yan did not block his path either, smilingly answered: “Su Gongzi, please.”

Su Mu Feng turned around to leave, Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan looked one glance at each other, and smiled.
Government Office Study Room

Dan Yu Lan was just about to open the folder, Lu Jin was standing at the gate, he said in a low voice: “Daren, Prime Minister Lou and Madam are already here.”

Lifting his head up, Dan Yu Lan looked at the sun who was already slanting to the west, he answered: “Hurry and invite them in.” He thought that Qing Ling would not come today, who would have thought that she would come with Prime Minister Lou together. It seemed that even though there was still 25 days from the deadline time, however, the Emperor was already losing his patience.

“Yes.” Lu Jin went out for a moment, then he took Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing to come in, he came back with Cheng Hang who just came back from investigating the case . He appeared to be very curious about Zhuo Qing, once he heard that she came, he immediately and hurriedly came over.

Dan Yu Lan got up to welcome them, cupping his hands and he said: “Pay respect to Prime Minister Lou, Madam.”

Lou Xi Yan smilingly answered: “Dan Daren, it is not necessary to be too polite, the Emperor hopes that you can solve this case as quickly as possible, he has ordered me to help you to solve the case promptly.”

It was indeed like that, Dan Yu Lan’s complexion was the same as always, he simply answered faintly: “Many thanks to Prime Minister Lou.”

“Dan Daren is too polite.” Lou Xi Yan was also accustomed to this empty response.

Zhuo Qing turned around and rolled her eyes, within the bureaucracy, every time they met each other, they would exchange this empty conventional greetings! Waving her hand, Zhuo Qing who was somewhat impatience, interrupted their words: “Ok la, do not speak too many conventional greetings like this, directly talk about the subject! Apart from the time of the first deceased’s time of death, it was already one month, what doubtful points did you discover?”

Lu Jin and Cheng Hang looked one glance at each other, both of them pursed up their lips tightly, and did not dare to utter some laughs. This Madam was indeed a quick person with some quick words, she did things on her own ways, but what kind of people were Dan Yu Lan and Lou Xi Yan. Facing Zhuo Qing’s impatience, both of them did not show any embarrassed appearance. Dan Yu Lan’s complexion was still the same as always, looking towards Cheng Hang who was bowing his head to laugh, he said: “Cheng Hang, you speak next.”

Suddenly hearing his name, Cheng Hang lightly coughed and pushed down his smiling expression, hurriedly raised his head, and seriously answered: “There are two biggest questions now, I have not been able to figure out all along, all of the deceased’s rooms, the door and the windows are closed securely. After the murderer killed the person, how did he leave after all, could it be that he could fly to the sky to escape? Furthermore, we have not understood the murder technique that this murderer is using. How did he accomplish making the deceased unable to struggle free without tying them, and looking at him helplessly when the murderer took out their hearts and left!?”

Lou Xi Yan’s brows lightly knitted, this case was indeed thorny, one month, Dan Yu Lan unexpectedly had not figured out the murder’s technique of the murderer, this one month period, he was afraid that it was useless.

Lu Jin continued to say: “During the investigation, we found afterwards, that there were several common grounds for all the three deceased, first, they were all at the thousand silk pavilion to order the embroidered silk fabric for their clothing. Second, during this time, they were all learning the zither from Su Mu Feng, and third, the inside of their rooms had sandalwood fragrances.”

They suspected Su Mu Feng! Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan looked one glance at each other, Lou Xi Yan smiled and said in a low voice: “Dan Daren, we ran into Su Mu Feng on the road a moment ago, we have discovered one very interesting thing.”

“What is it?” Making Lou Xi Yan to call it an interesting discovery, he was somewhat curious also.

“When he sees any blood, he will faint.”

Cheng Hang lowly called out: “Is there something like this?” He would faint when he saw any blood? What kind of strange illness was this?!

Zhuo Qing lowly smiled, and explained: “This is very normal, the majority of girls will somewhat feel sick when they see blood, only relatively not too serious. The probability of the men who have blood phobia is probably small, but there is some men who have this phobia, he definitely has the kind that is more serious.”

“Is it possible that he will pretend to feel sick when he sees blood?” Lu Jin had heard that there was someone who was afraid of blood before, but when they thought that he was suspicious, he just happened to meet Prime Minister Lou by accident, and he had blood phobia?

Zhuo Qing shook her head, with a heavy voice, she answered: “The possibility is not big, his complexion was pale a moment ago, his limbs were cold, it did not look like he was pretending. Moreover, according to the Su family servant’s explanation, Su Mu Feng’s illness is from childhood.”

From childhood?! Since it was like this, or the Su’s family was lying, or there was already a proof, Su Mu Feng could not be the murderer. It seemed that they found one breakthrough with a great difficulty, but they had to declare failure again!


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