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Chapter 92: Gu Yun Returned

Night Time

Zhai Xing Pavilion

The midsummer night was somewhat hot and stuffy, the night wind was brushing away, it made people to have this kind of tipsy feeling. Zhuo Qing was half leaning against the front of the window, gazing at the brilliant stars on the sky, lowly mumbled and said: “I finally know, why this place is called Zhai Xing pavilion.” (摘-zhai-to pick 星-xing-star).

Looking at the stars from here, it appeared the stars were brighter and flasher, as if one could reached out to pick and collect the stars from one’s hand. The stars on the sky were very bright, the full radiance of the full moon seemed to lose its splendor, she had not seen a beautiful night sky like this for a very long time, ok. The sparkling, translucent and soft radiances made Zhuo Qing could not help to sigh and say: “The night sky is really different without any pollution within the environment.”

Behind her, a pair of slender and spotless white hands had encircled her waist, he was holding a pamphlet on his hand, handing it over to her front, Lou Xi Yan’s soft voice echoed on the side of her ear: “You can look to see whom you want to add.”

Zhuo Qing bowed her head to sweep it one glance, shook her head, smilingly said: “No need to see, I am good with your decision.” This was a wedding ceremony’s guest list, right. She originally did not have anybody whom she had to invite, Qing Feng wrote those so called ‘relatives’, whether or not she looked at it would not make any difference.

“Is Qing Feng alright in the Imperial palace?” After the last time, she had not entered the Imperial palace, for this invitation list, she just let her write a letter to plan it, she also did not know whether or not her life was good in the palace.

Closing the pamphlet and put it aside conveniently, then holding her to sit on his embrace, Zhuo Qing conveniently leaned on his bosom, she seems to accustom to his hug.

She was only wearing a thin unlined garment during the midsummer, this kind of warm fragrance and soft like jade was in his bosom, Lou Xi Yan could not help to breathe tensely. He felt a kind of selfishness, and was unable to part with the warm feeling in his embrace, he could only fiddle with a trace of smooth and soft hair, while he was absentmindedly answered: “She has been doted on by the Emperor recently.”

Zhuo Qing frowned her eyebrows: “Strictly speaking, this can not be good lo?”

Lou Xi Yan stopped his hand and stared blankly, laughingly asked: “Why are you thinking like that?” The women in the harem, being doted on by the Emperor, was it not a good thing? What was she thinking?!

“Yan Hong Tian is a temperamental man, getting his doting, it is not necessarily a good thing either, she will stir up some jealousies from the other women in the harem, Qing Feng does not have any power in the Imperial palace, does not have any supporter either, I am afraid that her days will be even more difficult, right.” She absolutely did not remember what kind of offense that she committed to Yang Zhi Lan, and she already almost lost her life. If it was only because of Yan Ru Xuan, it should not be this vicious and merciless, within the surviving law in the harem, the Emperor’s doting should be a double edged sword, right.

Leaning on Lou Xi Yan’s bosom, Zhuo Qing slightly raised her head, and said: “Xi Yan, Qing Feng, as a girl, living in the Imperial palace is not easy, can you or can you not use your ability within your power to take care of her for me?”

Slowly nodding his head, Lou Xi Yan softly said: “I will.”

After all, Qing Feng was also his sister in law, he would naturally not just watch without doing anything, but, Qing Feng did not appear to be as simple as Qing-er. She was very close to Imperial concubine Hui recently, and Imperial concubine Hui was actually the Empress’ arch enemy. She entered the fraction within the harem to fight on her own, it was not simply because she wanted to enjoy the cool air like this simple, right.”

“Xi Yan……” Zhuo Qing’s low voice echoed.

“En?” Lou Xi Yan recovered.

“Your hands……” Zhuo Qing lowered her head, to stare at Lou Xi Yan’s slender fingers that stopped temporarily at this area.

The warm and soft feeling on his hands made Lou Xi Yan to stare blankly, his hands were really trying to find a very comfortable place. His breathing was also somewhat sluggish because of Zhuo Qing’s gradually faster heartbeats, there was still one month before the wedding day, he seemed unable to wait for that long……

The fragments of kisses and disorderly breathing, all the way down on her slender shoulder, Zhuo Qing did not resist, since she set her eyes on him, when the relationship happened, would there be any difference? Furthermore, the night scene appeared to be not bad tonight, turning her body around, Zhuo Qing was encircling his neck, her cherry lips were greeted with warm breaths, and sealing it on his lips……

“Madam!” An urgent voice from a woman came through from the outside of the courtyard, she already entered the side of the gate very quickly, then a soft knock on the door echoed.

Lou Xi Yan’s hands that were holding her waist were stiff, his breathing was hurried and brief like before, but his complexion became gloomy because of this sudden disturbance.

This voice…… was Xi Wu’s maid, could it be that girl had some matter? Softly patting Lou Xi Yan’s hands, Zhuo Qing made a ‘let go’ sign with her mouth, Lou Xi Yan was definitely not willing to let his hands go.

The Imperial bodyguards did not come to report, Xi Wu should not have any matter, this was already the second time that they were disturbed, it would be difficult for Lou Xi Yan not to feel depressed!

Opening up the door, she surely saw Su-er whose face contained a worry’s look and she was standing at the outside of the door.

“Su-er, what is the matter?”

Su-er anxiously answered: “Miss has not eaten anything for the past few days, she is in tears and muddleheaded all day long, she is quickly losing weight now, regardless what this servant asks or coaxes, it is not useful, Madam, please go and look, ok!”

This girl, made her to be like this, she did not need to be like this completely, right, waiting until Jing Sa’s stone heart to be melted, she already played with her own small life! Retreating back one step, Zhuo Qing smiled at Lou Xi Yan who was still sitting by the window with a cold face and said: “I will look at that girl to see what is going on.”

“En.” Lou Xi Yan lowly humphed, his complexion was really ugly like before, Su-er heard Lou Xi Yan’s voice and could not help to stare blankly, as it turned out, Master was here ah , then when Madam opened the door a moment ago, with a flushing look on her face……

She seemed to be in trouble……

Withdrawing her neck, Su-er did not dare to look one glance at Lou Xi Yan who was inside the room, following Zhuo Qing’s back like a wisp of smoke (disappearing in an instant) and she ran out, only Lou Xi Yan was left behind on his own sitting in front of the window suffering from pent up frustration.

When they arrived quickly at the gate of Lou Xi Wu’s courtyard, Zhuo Qing said to Su-er who was behind her: “Su-er, I will go to console Xi Wu first, you prepare some food to bring over.”

“Yes.” Su-er nodded her head, and ran towards the kitchen.

Her heart was thinking on how to explain to this girl, she only wanted her to pretend that she did not have any appetite, it was not that she should really not eat! At the gate of the courtyard, Zhuo Qing did not see Jing Sa’s shadow, could it be that he already left?

Entering the inside of the courtyard, Lou Xi Wu’s dispirited voice came through from the inside room: “You go out, I do not want to eat.”

“Open your mouth.” Said a cold and firm voice of a man that was completely lack of feeling.

Zhuo Qing’s footsteps were lagging, Jing Sa?!

With light footsteps, Zhuo Qing did not dare to be too close, she was afraid that Jing Sa would discover her, secretly retreating to the door so she could see with her narrowed eyes. In the inner room, Lou Xi Wu was resting her body on the table dispiritedly, her thin and pale complexion, with her perplexed eyes that seemed to really look bad. Jing Sa’s tall figure was standing by her side, his hand was still holding a bowl of soup. But because of the problem of the position where she was standing, Zhuo Qing could only see the side of his face, under the candle light, she could not see his expression on his suntanned face, only his persistent cold voice.

Holding her head towards her side, Lou Xi Wu listlessly said: “I am not eating, you go away.”

“Open your mouth!”

This time, Jing Sa directly put a spoonful of soup on the side of her mouth, but Lou Xi Wu did not appreciate his kindness at all, lifting up her hand, she pushed it away, and glaring at Jing Sa, she scolded with a low gasp: “I am not eating! My matter does not have any relation with you, you do not need to care.”

The hot soup was spilling on Jing Sa’s hand, since she was standing too far away, Zhuo Qing could only see his hand, she did not know if he was angry or because of the very hot soup but the veins on his hand raised up. Even though she could not see his expression clearly, but that ignited the fury from all over his body. Zhuo Qing could see clearly, she could somewhat admire Lou Xi Wu’s courage at the beginning or she could say her stupidity, this time, she still dared to make a big fuss about her life: “I am like this now, I do not even have any qualification to like you, whether I am dead or alive, what is the difference? You go away, ok, you do not like me anyway, there is no need to come and take care of me. Leave, leave, leave……”

“Open–” Jing Sa while almost gnashing his teeth roared lowly, a spoonful of soup was passed on to Lou Xi Wu’s front again.

“I have said it that I am not eating!” This time, Lou Xi Wu simply threw down the spoonful of soup on the floor!

The soup spoon fell on the ground, it already snapped out Jing Sa’s patience all along.

She could only see that he suddenly raised up the bowl of soup, poured a big mouthful of it into his own mouth, Lou Xi Wu was puzzled and Zhuo Qing was surprised, then he fed the soup in to her lips that could only continuously refuse him for this past few days.

Oh oh~~

Zhuo Qing’s eyebrows lightly raised, pretty good, as it turned out, when an indifferent person exploded, that person did not lose his passion.

“En……” Lou Xi Wu was completely in a foolish state and she stared blankly, a pair of bright eyes were opened big, staring at the handsome face in front of her, her brain was blank, and she could only passively drink the soup from his feeding, until he retreated back, she was still puzzled.

“Open you mouth.” When Jing Sa said it again, she could only foolishly open her mouth, to let Jing Sa fed her a mouthful of the soup to her lips and drank it readily.

There was a rare hint of faint flushing from that always cold and firm face.

Su-er was holding a ginseng bowl and small side dishes, entering the small courtyard, she was pulled by Madam whom she did not know where she was coming from: “Ma… Ma… (from Madam)……” Just about to open her mouth, Madam was already covered her mouth.

“Shhh….. (hush).” Zhuo Qing hinted for her to go out, both of them retreated all the way to the outside door, then Zhuo Qing let go of her hand, smilingly said: “Miss has already eaten some food, you do not need to attend to her tonight, you retire first, ok.”

“Yes.” Su-er was baffled, but looking at Madam’s confidence look, she could only leave embarrassingly.

Zhuo Qing returned to Zhai Xing pavilion with a pretty good mood, Lou Xi Yan was still half leaning on the window frame, but there was a book on his hands. Slowly raising his head, his complexion was already restored as always, looking at Zhuo Qing who had a smile on her face, he knew that Xi Wu surely did not have any matter. Putting down the book, he extended his hand to her, Lou Xi Yan asked: “What is the matter that makes you this happy?”

Walking to Lou Xi Yan’s side and then sitting down, she placed her hand on his palm, allowing him to hold her, Zhuo Qing smiled happily and said: “Nothing, you do not need to worry about Xi Wu, she will get better slowly.”

Raising the corner of his mouth to show a faint smile, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said: “Is there anything that I should know, but yet I do not know?”

Pretending to be mysterious and shaking her head, Zhuo Qing answered: “What you should know, you will always know, if you do not know now, it is because it is not the time for you to know yet!” She would not tell him now, that she was the one who made Xi Wu to use the trick to injure herself to gain the enemy’s confidence.

Holding her delicate fingers on his palm, Lou Xi Yan thought about this and answered: “So, it is like this.”

Her mysterious identity was the same, was it also because it was not the time for him to know?

Qing-er, you must not make me wait too long……
Early Morning

Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan were having breakfast at the reception pavilion, Mo Bai’s indifferent voice echoed from the outside door: “Master, the official from the government office sends someone to request to see you.”

“Invite him in.” It had been several days, Dan Yu Lan did not have new news all along, was it possible that there was a new discovery?!

“Pay respect to Prime Minister Lou, Madam.” The person who came was Cheng Hang, his young face could hardly cover up his melancholy feeling.

Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan looked one glance at each other, Cheng Hang’s complexion, it was not because of any good news. Sure enough, they had not opened their mouths to ask, Cheng Hang already gloomily said: “There was another same case happened yesterday evening, Daren made me to come to ask Prime Minister Lou and Madam to go ahead.”

There was already the fourth innocent woman who was murdered, Zhuo Qing slightly narrowed his eyes: “What was the identify of the victim?”

“Ministry of Justice’s Assistant Minister, Wu Zhi Gang’s second young lady.”

This time, the murderer unexpectedly came directly at the powerful Ministry of Justice, moreover, every start was completely in order, could it be that the murderer was simply not acting alone, and it was rather one organization? Was the objective directed at the celebration?! Lou Xi Yan was lost in thought.

Zhuo Qing lowly said: “Let us go, ok, we will go first and then we will discuss it again.”

The three people hurriedly went out of the Prime Minister’s manor, Zhuo Qing barely intended to climb into the chariot, a succession of the sounds of horse’s hoofs followed from far and near, they were coming very quickly. The morning ray shone upon them, two tall and pure black fine horses were advancing toward to come to them quickly. The horses’ speeds were very quick, to the point that they could only see one horse that had one tall figure on it, and it looked like there was no one on the other horse.

Lou Xi Yan was pulling Zhuo Qing’s hand, retreating to the front of the Prime Minister’s manor, Mo Bai and Cheng Hang already took precaution and stepped forward one step.

The fine horses already rushed to the front of Prime Minister’s manor very quickly, they almost bumped into the chariot at the front of the manor. The fine horses were neighing, and stoping, one tall and one short figures came down from the horses quickly.

Seeing clearly at the people who just came, Mo Bai coldly retreated aside, Cheng Hang stared blankly and looked at the girl in front of him, her whole body was in a sturdy black clothing and this petite woman was standing by the side of the fine horse. She looked even more fragile, with a high bun hair, and her lovable and beautiful appearance that were exposed completely, even though half of her face was destroyed by knife scars, but they did not reduce her adorable look by the slightest amount, instead, it would make people to take even more pity on her.

Meeting the woman’s eyes, Cheng Hang stared blankly again, who could have thought that this adorable girl, unexpectedly had so chilly eyes, her eyes were filled with bloodshot. It seemed that her face looked so tired, the woman immediately walked passed him, and went to the direction of Prime Minister Lou’s Madam. And behind her, was precisely—– General Su Ling?


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