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Chapter 93: One Corpse Two Lives


Gu Yun’s face was expressionless, a look of exhaustion was directed towards her, Zhuo Qing stepped forward, smilingly said: “You finally come back.” Today was the early morning of the ninth day, she already anticipated Yun’s appearance. Looking at her chilly expression and cold facial expression, Zhuo Qing guessed that Yun had not had any good sleep for the past few days. The condition of her body was really different than an ordinary person, an average person would be exhausted, one’s spirit would be more disorganized and more powerless. However, she would be more incisive and sharper, she did not know what her body structure was made from!

Su Ling unexpectedly returned also, she did not anticipate this, Zhuo Qing lifted her eyes to see, nevertheless, she was unable to cover up her smiling expression with a soft cough: “General Su? Are…… you ok?”

Su Ling probably had not slept for several days also, his appearance was a lot messier than Gu Yun, his black clothing was wrinkled, his serene eyes were filled with bloodshot at this moment. It looked like running quickly for a few days, it made his hair more frantic and messy on his head, his originally cold and firm facial features, looked like a carved bronze color at this moment. Comparing to when she saw him for the first time, Su Ling was covered with cold enough air to freeze a dead person at this moment.

Su Ling’s cold eyes swept one glance at her, he did not answer, Zhuo Qing already guessed at an earlier time, and she did not mind either.

“What case? What is the situation at the moment?” Gu Yun’s muddled and husky voice made Zhuo Qing frowned slightly, she was surely exhausted for this whole journey. Lifting opened the curtain of the chariot, Zhuo Qing lowly said: “We are just about to investigate at the crime scene, get in the chariot and then we can talk.”

“Fine.” Gu Yun’s agilely stepped into the chariot, Zhuo Qing was also following to go in, from start to finish, Gu Yun did not even look one glance at Su Ling, it looked like they were not together.

Su Ling’s complexion was more and more stiffly cold, nevertheless, Cheng Hang was aware afterwards, he laughed foolishly and said: “General Su, you unexpectedly return to the capital also, I have always high regards at the Su family’s military glory, moreover…..”

His words had not finished yet, Su Ling already strongly got on the horse, and chased after the chariot’s direction. Cheng Hang was standing there embarrassingly, Lou Xi Yan stepped forward for one step, lightly patted his shoulder, smilingly said: “Let us go, it is possible that General Su…… is too tired, right.”

“Right.” General Su’s appearance looked very very tired, Cheng Hang curiously asked: “Prime Minister Lou, who is that young lady?”

Lou Xi Yan stepped across on the dark horse that Qing Mo left behind, smilingly said: “The person whom your message pigeon was trying to invite.”

Looking at the tensed shadow that was behind the chariot, Lou Xi Yan had a light smile on the corner of his lips, General Su’s ‘loathing disease at a woman’ appeared to have a sign of improvement, the women from the Qing family, were indeed outstanding ah~

“Qing Mo?!” Cheng Hang could finally think of this person, but computing the time, today was only the early morning of the ninth day ah, how did they come back……
Wu’s Manor

Cheng Hang breathlessly rushed into Miss Wu’s chamber, urgently said: “Daren, Prime Minister Lou and Madam are already here, furthermore, that…… Miss Qing Mo and General Su are back also.” He rushed urgently and hurriedly, and could finally catch up with them, these two Qing Misses’ speed was really quick!

Dan Yu Lan coldly looked one glance at him, what was wrong with this youngster, Cheng Hang, he was so impatient like this today.

Still unable to speak to him, Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing’s figures had already appeared near the door now, Dan Yu Lan slightly cupped his hands and said: “Prime Minister Lou, Madam.”

Still not yet entering the door, the smell of concentrated reeking of blood already permeated the atmosphere. Zhuo Qing only nodded her head lightly and took a deep breath, she asked with a low voice soon after: “Where is the deceased?”

“Still on the bed.” He did not think that they would come very quickly, they just arrived not long ago also.

Zhuo Qing nodded her head, hurriedly entered the bedroom.

“Dan Daren.” A loud hoarse of a woman’s voice echoed behind Lou Xi Yan.

Lou Xi Yan slightly moved sideways, Dan Yu Lan could see clearly the woman with a black clothing who was behind him. It was really Qing Mo, Dan Yu Lan’s flashed through a trace of amazement, today was only the ninth day, she really appeared just like what Qing Ling was saying…… This woman really made people to be amazed, covering up his surprising eyes, Dan Yu Lan slightly cupped his hands and said: “Miss Qing, making you to urgently come back like this, I am really sorry.”

Lightly waving her hand, Gu Yun did not virtually agree with him, she answered with a cold voice: “Dan Daren does not need to be polite, I already know the basic circumstances, I will take a look at the crime scene first, then we will discuss the specific circumstances again.”

Finished speaking, she conveniently lifted her legs to go to the inside room, but she did not urgently enter in to the bedroom, she was rather looking at the outside screen lobby, and one did not know what she was looking either.

Lou Xi Yan was standing quietly by the side of the door, and did not enter the inner room, next to him, was Su Ling who was silent all along. Dan Yu Lan slightly frowned: “Is General Su not suppressing the riot traitors?” Why was so lively like this today?

“Finished destroying them.” With a cold voice that could freeze a dead person, he threw out several words, Su Ling’s pair of black eyes were staring at the woman who was inside the lobby, no, she was absolutely not a woman!! These past few days, he almost could not keep up with her, how could there was a woman like that?!

Finished destroying them?! Dan Yu Lan stared blankly, if he finished destroying them, how come he did not return to the Imperial palace to report it, what was he doing coming here?!

Su Ling’s face was cloudy, Lou Xi Yan had interesting eyes, he naturally would not be stupid to ask it now. Dan Yu Lan turned around to walk and enter the lobby, Gu Yun was half squatting near the door, she gently groped at the already broken wooden door, lowly asked: “Who is the first person who discovered the crime scene?”

“Miss Wu’s personal maid, Fei-er.” But what was strange though, the discovery about her and the other maids were different, she did not accompany her mistress inside the room. It was rather she called out the young lady to get up in the morning, after calling for a long time and she did not come, she only found people to break the door down and went in, then she found the deceased.

Letting go of the door rope, Gu Yun asked: “Where is she?”

“She got scared and fainted, and has not woken up at the moment.”

This was very normal, the bedroom was almost completely in blood, the condition of the deceased was extremely strange, not to mention a woman, if a man saw it, he would also not be able to bear it either.

Gu Yun’s gaze suddenly fixed at the teacup that was on the top of the wooden table, walking forward, Gu Yun picked the teacup up to gently smell it, her hand paused, and opened the teapot, shaking the liquid inside, her eyes flashed through a trace of cold ray.

Cheng Hang who was standing by her side did not understand, and asked: “What was the problem with the tea? I looked at it a moment ago, there was no problem.” The tea that was put inside the room was not suspicious, right.

Gu Yun kept silent, she only handed over the two empty cups to him, Cheng Hang took them, and looked one glance at her, unconvincingly picked the cup up and lightly smelled it. After smelling it, Cheng hang’s eyes were suddenly opened big, and smelled at the other fine cup again. After a moment, Cheng Hang was staring to look at Gu Yun shockingly, how could she see that these ordinary cups had any problem? Moreover, there were many cups, how did she know that these two cups had problems?!!!

Cheng Hang put both of the cups into the inside of the pouch carefully, he blindly followed Gu Yun’s behind immediately.
In the Bedroom

Lu Jin was staring at the man who was moving things in front of the deceased, with a cold voice, he asked: “Who are you?”

Wu Daren was an official in the Ministry of Justice, so he naturally knew that the crime scene must not be destroyed by a stranger. In this whole bedroom, except for the people from the Criminal Prison Division, there was only Wu Daren who was already frightened and unable to move a single step in the lobby, and who was this person?

The man turned his head around, slightly cupped his hands, and answered: “This person is Jiang Xin, the coroner in the Ministry of Justice, Wu Daren has called this person to come.”

So, it turned out to be a coroner, waving his hand, the man nodded his head, and retreated to the side.

When Zhuo Qing entered the bedroom, just in time to see Lu Jin was doing an autopsy, and she did not step forward to disturb him. Zhuo Qing was half squatting her body, examining the blood that was not completely condensed, the bedroom was not very big, the amount of the bleeding was very large. Along the bedside until the screen, there was bloodstain everywhere, the deceased was completely naked, the bedroom was very neat, there was no trace of struggling and fighting.

Zhuo Qing suddenly appeared, and was still touching the bloodstain, this made Jiang Xin who was standing at the side startled, lowly called out: “What are you doing?”

Lu Jin turned his head around, seeing the person behind him, he hurriedly cupped his hands respectfully and called out: “Madam.”

Zhuo Qing got up, with a low voice, she asked: “How is the situation?

Lu Jin did not dare to have any slightest carelessness, immediately answered any discovery that he found from a moment ago: “The deceased died between choushi (1-3 am) and yinshi (3-5 am) today, the body did not have any other injury, there was only one incision on her chest, her heart was also removed, but her face did not have any frightening expression.”

Zhuo Qing approached to his side, looked one glance at the woman’s corpse that was on the bed, the deceased’s skin was slightly wrinkled and discolored, because of blood loss, but her facial expression was really tranquil, just like if she was falling asleep.

Jiang Xin was staring surprisingly at Zhuo Qing’s tranquil complexion that was looking over the corpse, what kind of person was this woman ah?!

Facing this frightening female corpse, she was unexpectedly still this calm, Lu Jin called her Madam, was it possible that she was Dan Daren’s family?!

When Zhuo Qing carefully inspected, she stroked the deceased’s abdomen with her hand, and lightly pressed it, Zhuo Qing’s eyes were dark, suddenly she asked with a clear voice: “Wu Daren, is your daughter married?”

A clear and cold voice of a woman came through from the inside room, Wu Zhi Gang who was almost knocked down because of the news of his daughter’s death, recovered with great difficulty, he answered after a very long time: “Not yet, Xu-er and the third son of the Ministry of Rites, Wu Shang Hu, are going to get married, the wedding will be in three months later. Our two families are preparing the wedding ceremony, who knows, that she will encounter this kind of thing……”


How could he anticipate this, that this kind of thing could happen to his daughter!!

Walking to the end of the bed, Zhuo Qing wanted to part the woman’s legs, but because the corpse was already stiffed, she could only say to Lu Jin who was beside her: “Help me to lift her legs a little.”

Lu Jin awkwardly nodded his head, it was not because he had never examined any private part of the female’s corpse, it was only the first time that he was doing an examination together with a woman. Slightly lowering his head, Lu Jin lightly lifted the deceased’s legs up.

After having a challenging examination for a moment, Zhuo Qing asked with a clear voice: “Did Miss Xu-er have another lover?”

One’s speaking voice was just off, there was a deathly stillness from the outside door, after that Wu Zhi Gang’s roaring voice echoed from the outside screen: “What kind of rubbish are you talking about!! My family’s daughter is already dead, you can not call into question her innocent either!”

Zhuo Qing’s complexion was the same as before, and she remained unmoved, she simply answered coldly: “She was pregnant, moreover, it was almost four months.”

“What did you say?!”


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