Chapter 94: Important Clues


“What did you say?” Wu Zhi Gang suddenly stood up from his chair, he went straight ahead to the other side of the screen, his finger was pointing at Zhuo Qing, Wu Zhi Gang angrily shouted: “This was impossible, my daughter conducted herself uprightly and honestly, she was clearly innocent and pure, it was absolutely impossible that she was pregnant! You…… for which reason did you determine that she was pregnant?”

Zhuo Qing’s complexion was as before, she faced Wu Zhi Gang accusation’s eyes, then answered with a cold voice: “The deceased’s abdomen was clearly bulging, moreover, she was not really a virgin……”

“Was having a bulging abdomen meant that she was pregnant? It was simply ridiculous!!” Unfortunately, Zhuo Qing’s words had not yet finished, Wu Zhi Gang already could not listen to it, and he said in a rage: “Xu-er was often complaining about stomach pain in the past, maybe…… maybe…… it was maybe some illness, in short, it was absolutely impossible that she was pregnant!” Unmarried woman who was unexpectedly pregnant, this was simply a disgrace to the family tradition. If there was this thing, how could he explain it to the Wu family?! Impossible, it was impossible for Xu-er to be pregnant!!

Jiang Xin who was always standing by the side was promptly supporting Wu Zhi Gang because of his grief, indignation and anger, he frowned and was staring at Zhuo Qing, and said with a rather heavy tone: “This Madam, the swelling of the abdomen might be because of the stomach illness, that was caused by sarcoma (a type of cancer), it was not necessarily because of pregnancy, you were carelessly making the final conclusion like this, it was really harmful for the young lady’s reputation.”

Zhuo Qing looked one glance at him, and did not say anything, then she turned her head to look towards Lu Jin, and asked: “Lu Jin, how did you see it?”

Lu Jin approached the deceased one more time, he lightly pressed on her abdomen for a good moment, her abdomen was really bloated, was it really a child? He had never examined any deceased’s abdomen that had a sarcoma, so he had no way of comparing it, he did not dare to conclude even more, and could only answer in a low voice: “If we want to prove that Miss Wu is pregnant or not, the best way will be to cut open the corpse to validate, and we can rely on what we see at that time.”

Seeing was believing, his cautious approach was correct, satisfyingly nodding her head, Zhuo Qing turned around to look towards Wu Zhi Gang who was in a fury, she explained with a low voice: “After death, the deceased’s organ would appear in different degree since it would dissolve by itself. If it was sarcoma, it would be soften after death, but because inside her abdomen was a fetus, moreover, it basically became shaped. There was blood, flesh and bones, even if it was a long time after death, the abdomen was still bloated as before. But Lu Jin is actually saying a good method to prove it, we will be able to see if we do the dissection of the abdomen, to see whether or not there is a child inside of her abdomen.”

“This…… how is it possible??” Zhuo Qing’s words were clear, Wu Zhi Gang collapsed and retreated for one step, yes ah, cutting open the abdomen would be able to know whether or not she had a child in the end. There was no need for her to frame Xu-er, but how was it possible that Xu-er was pregnant?! What was going on after all, a series of shocks, made Wu Zhi Gang’s turned dark, and he fell on the ground.

“Daren, are you alright?” Jiang Xin hurriedly helped him to get up from his fall, after lightly shaking him for a moment, Wu Zhi Gang opened his eyes again, but his complexion was as pale as a paper, and his expression was disorganized.

Dan Yu Lan shook his head, and said: “Jiang Xin, you send Daren out to rest first, ok.”

“Yes.” Helping Wu Zhi Gang to leave the bedroom, but they almost bumped into the cold spectator, Gu Yun who was leaning beside the screen. Looking one glance at her, Jiang Xin could not help to stare blankly, the expression of this woman with a black clothing was very cold, along with her appearance that was extremely not putting up. Withdrawing his line of sight, Jiang Xin supported Wu Zhi Gang to go out.

Gu Yun entered the bedroom, she only looked one glance at the woman’s corpse that was on the bed, she did not even examine it carefully. Since there was Zhuo Qing, she did not need to take a lot of trouble over the corpse. Walking to the side of the window, she examined the buckle for the window stopper, it was very hard. It seemed that this was really a private room, crouching on the ground, Gu Yun narrowed her eyes to look. She wished that she could find some useful footprints, but unfortunately, the carpet that was spreading inside the bedroom was very thick, she was simply unable to see any suspicious footprints.

Preparing to get up helplessly, but unexpectedly, she found a print under the bed, on the mahogany wood that was used to put shoes, there was a little bit of stain with dark dirt. Approaching to look, there was a vague round impression, the top had somewhat strange design, what was this? The side of the impression was a pair of embroidered shoes and a large pool of blood dripping from the bedside. Surveying to look around, she did not find any trace that could match this thing, was this left behind by the murderer?!

Thinking deeply for a moment, Gu Yun softly said: “Paper and pen.”

“Coming.” Her speaking words were just left off, Cheng Hang who was already holding the paper and writing brush, and running to come over, crouching by her side, he also looked at the hidden side of the embroidery shoes that had the dark red round print.

“What is this?” Looking for a long time, Cheng Hang could not make out anything either.

Writing brush was really hard to use, Gu Yun frowned, and said to Cheng Hang who was beside her: “You draw it.”

Cheng Hang distractedly took the paper and writing brush, grievingly sighed, he laid on the ground to draw. This woman made people unable to disobey, very mysterious, he unexpectedly could not help doing according to her commands.

Researching the bedroom one more time, she did not find any useful clue, Gu Yun looked towards Dan Yu Lan, and said: “Dan Daren, I want to look at the files from the three previous cases, it will be convenient to discuss the case in detail in the afternoon.”

Her expression was still clear as before, but her eyes were filled with bloodshot, she was still a woman after all, how could her body endure this kind of thing! Dan Yu Lan softly sighed and said: “Miss Qing, please rest properly, we can discuss this again early tomorrow morning and it will not be late.”

Gu Yun remained stubborn, she said with a cold voice: “I am alright, three o’clock in the afternoon…… shenshi (3-5 pm), I will wait for you at the Criminal Prison Division’s office.” Finished speaking, Gu Yun looked one glance at Cheng Hang who was still laying on the ground, she asked: “Are you done with the drawing?”

Cheng Hang compared it for a good moment, then he turned his head around, and answered: “Done.”

“You take me along to look at the files.”

Cheng Hang felt embarrassed and looked one glance at Dan Yu Lan, Dan Yu Lan contemplated for a moment, then slowly nodded. Cheng Hang got up from the floor, collected his paper and writing brush properly, then answered: “You follow me, ok.”

Before going out, Gu Yun turned her back to face Zhuo Qing who was inspecting the corpse, and said: “Will there be any problem if you give me the autopsy report in the afternoon?”

Having her attention at the knife incision on the woman’s corpse, Zhuo Qing answered soon after: “No problem.”

Her answer was so natural, just liked when they were working together in the past for countless of times, Gu Yun satisfyingly came out of the bedroom. Lou Xi Yan was watching quietly the way they interacted with mutual understanding, his eyes lightly flashed through a trace of rays that made people to predict difficultly, but he did not make any sentence all along.

Gu Yun left to the outside of the room, when she passed over that tall shadow, her hand was in pain, her wrist was held firmly as if an iron pincer was clenching it. The burning hot temperature made her to purse her eyebrows, nevertheless, a very cold voice echoed by the side of her ear with a somewhat hoarse sound: “Do you want to die like this?”

Five days and five nights, she only rested for one shichen (2 hrs), around zishi (11 pm-1 am) every night, she did not rest on the way. He fought the battle with the army for ten years, and experienced many army expeditions. These past few days’ endurance, he found it difficult to manage, she was a woman, what was she showing off for after all?!

Did he want to break her wrist?! He practically made her wrist feel like being prick with hot pepper, Gu Yun simply wrinkled her eyebrows, her face raised a trace of sarcastic smile. Facing that pair of fury and cold eyes, Gu Yun softly spat a laugh and said: “I do not know, as it turns out, Qiong Yue’s General is very idle, can it be that you do not have anything to do?”

Her speaking voice was just left, Cheng Hang who was standing beside her swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and unconsciously retreated one step. Heaven ah, this Miss Qing was not afraid to die, General Su quickly fumed with rage, and she was still pouring oil on the fire. She was so delicate and did not even reach General Su’s chest, and also was not afraid if he was in rage, he would break her arms that were as thin as a fire wood into pieces……

Cheng Hang was incessantly worried for Gu Yun, Lou Xi Yan completely saw the good show, he had not heard when Su Ling could be like this ‘considerate’ to hold a woman’s hand, and to urge her to rest her body, Qing Mo was really different.

Gu Yun cursed in her heart, she was already very tired, if he did not let go of her hand, she would not mind to strike to clear her mind!!

When Gu Yun was about to undertake the task, Su Ling suddenly loosened his hand that was grabbing her hand, his dark eyes were coldly watching at Gu Yun. Besides chilliness, Gu Yun could not see what he was thinking, she wanted to ask what he wanted after all, but Su Ling turned his head around and came out of the Wu’s manor.

The spotlessly white wrist, was red with a five finger prints that showed Su Ling’s cruelty a moment ago, what did he mean?!

This man was crazy ah! Unreasonable!!
Shenshi (3-5 pm)

Criminal Prison Division Study Room

A delegation of people as if they had appeared, two square tables were joined together, spreading the files on the table, several stools surrounded the side of the square tables. Looking at the layout, Zhuo Qing already guessed that Gu Yun was fiddling with them.

Sitting down opposite Gu Yun with Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing looked around but she did not see Su Ling, lowly smiled and said: “Why is General Su not coming?”

Gu Yun was ferociously glaring one glance at Zhuo Qing, coldly groaned and said: “Where is the thing that I want?” This woman, once she arrived here. she started a meddlesome gossip!!

Taking the paper on her hand and throwing it to give to Gu Yun who was in front of her, Zhuo Qing turned her head around, pretending not to see her sharp eyes.

Lou Xi Yan smiled and looked at the familiar looks from the taunting expressions between them, his gaze swept through on the top of the table where a strange drawing of a blueprint was on. Holding the picture with his hand and looking at it for a while, Lou Xi Yan softly said: “This thing….. is very familiar.”

Gu Yun lifted her head up from looking at the autopsy report that Zhuo Qing gave her, she said in startled: “You have seen it.”

“This design is very familiar with the item from Ning Cui pavilion.” (the jade place where ZQ picked her jade for her wedding gift).

“Are you sure?” Zhuo Qing was also surprise.

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, and answered: “You should have seen it either, when we were at Leng Yue building, Ning Cui pavilion came over to deliver the stuffs, that pair jade ornaments were exactly this pattern.” She really did not look at those stuffs carefully, originally, he was fancying these pair jade ornaments, and wanting to give it as a present to her. Because the carving on the top was a pair of mandarin ducks (synonym to a happily married couple), but she did not like it. So he just dropped the subject, because that pair jade ornaments were the best in quality, moreover, the ones with the carving of the mandarin duck were rare and unusual, he had a deep impression.

Zhuo Qing did not have any impression completely, because she simply did not seriously choose at that time, but she believed that Lou Xi Yan’s ability to remember, if he said that was the Ning Cui pavilion’s item, then it should be from the pavilion, right.”

“Someone comes.” Dan Yu Lan took the picture and handed it over to the official from the government office to investigate, and said: “Take this design and go to Ning Cui pavilion to investigate, whether or not there is this decorative motif of a jade ornament.”

“Yes.” The official from the government office accepted the order and went, then another person came in hurriedly, with a clear sound, he reported to his supervisor from outside the door: “Daren, the Prime Minister manor’s person is looking to meet Prime Minister Lou outside the door.”

“Let him in.” Dan Yu Lan looked one glance at Lou Xi Yan, his eyes also had a trace of suspicion, after a while, the man who was dressing in a family servant entered the inside of the room, he cupped his hands and saluted: “Master, Dan Daren.”

Lou Xi Yan softly said: “What is going on?”

The man walked to Lou Xi Yan’s side, softly said several sentences, Lou Xi Yan’s complexion was still as before, there was still a faint smile on his face.

Lightly waving his hand towards the man, the man respectfully retreated behind his body, Lou Xi Yan suddenly got up and smilingly said: “Dan Daren, Prime Minister’s manor has some matters, I will leave first.”

Lou Xi Yan urgently left like this, it was sure because of something major, Dan Yu Lan remained calm and collected, he nodded his head and smilingly said: “Prime Minister Lou, please do as you wish.”

Slightly leaning down his body, Lou Xi Yan said with a soft voice at the side of Zhuo Qing’s ear: “I will leave first, I will leave the chariot outside for you, after you finish with your stuff, Mo Bai will take you back to the manor.”

Zhuo Qing obviously felt that he was different, in a soft voice, she said: “Do you need me to go home with you together?”

Lightly patting her shoulder, Lou Xi Yan’s voice was gentle and soft to appease her: “No need, you can be at ease, there is nothing.”

Thinking deeply for a while, Zhuo Qing slowly nodded, and answered: “Very well, you be careful, ok.”


Gracefully nodding softly to everyone, Lou Xi Yan turned around to leave, but his footsteps looked rather urgent.

Lou Xi Yan’s sudden departure, made Zhuo Qing and Dan Yu Lan to have separate thoughts, and were somewhat absentminded.

“This was the fourth victims, we still have not found any news about the murderer, while he kept murdering women again and again, he did not even let somebody who was pregnant off!! He was really repulsive!!” Cheng Hang annoyingly slapped the table, jolting back the minds of the two people.

Gu Yun finished looking at the autopsy report that was in her hand, and looked towards Dan Yu Lan who was silent all along, and asked: “How does Dan Daren see it?”

“Private room, sandalwood, the deceased did not struggle at all, heart removal, died because of blood loss, this case was very similar to the other three previous cases, but it was not the same totally. The deceased’s face did not have any frightened expression, the door was opened by knocking it, and it was not the servant girl who opened it, Miss Wu was also pregnant.”

Gu Yun lightly frowned her eyebrows, Dan Yu Lan was worthy to take charge in Criminal Division Prison, he seemed like he did not do anything to investigate the crime scene, but he could already see the crucial problem, Gu Yun nodded her head and said: “I also agree with your opinion, the result of the autopsy also shows that the incision on the deceased’s chest has several directions compare to the previous ones, the length of the scar’s from the knife is not the same. I think the most different thing from the other three previous cases is that the deceased, she is knocked out and then her heart is removed, I believe that the murderer is her acquaintance.”

“Correct!” Cheng Hang shouted, he took out a couple of porcelain cups from a pouch, he said with composure: “The cups that we brought back to inspect, there was a trace of powder medicine, moreover, a faint of alcohol. This explained that Miss Wu was drinking wine before she died, this late, and she was also pregnant, and still drinking with another person, that person was surely well acquainted with Miss Wu. I had asked the maid, Fei-er in the afternoon, she said that it was Miss Wu who did not let her to come over to serve her in the evening. It was clearly Miss Wu who opened the door for this person, I think that person could be her lover!!”
Looking at his clear, logical and high spirit, Lu Jin could not help to laugh and said: “He is making a lot of progresses.”

Unwittingly nodded his head, and looking at the two common but yet not common cups that were on the table, Cheng Hang could not help to ask: “Oh right, I always want to ask, how can you see that those two cups have any problem?”

Gu Yun answered without thinking: “The tray has five cups, only those two cups’ handles are facing the outward, it shows that they have been used.”

Just this simple? Cheng Hang was puzzled: “This can show that they have some problems?” The cups that were placed in the room, what was so strange if they were used?! This could not show anything, right?

Her cold eyes slightly raised, Gu Yun’s face was solemnly looking at Cheng Hang, with a low voice, she answered: “Everything that you see, and looks nothing out of the ordinary, is not a small point during an investigation of the crime scene, all of them shall be inspected and investigated, only then that you will have a chance to discover whether or not they have any problem.”

The loud and hoarse voice did not sound too pleasant, but Cheng Hang was shaking without any reason, the manner that she brought in treating this case made him blush with shame. Cheng Hang nodded his head strongly and answered: “I understand.”

Dan Yu Lan looked one glance at Cheng Hang who did not usually easy to be convinced by other people, he slightly lowered his head and sat next to Qing Mo. And with one look, he could see that the handwriting of the autopsy report that they were just talking was Lu Jin’s, when did he start liking to record this kind of trivial matter. Smiling, Dan Yu Lan asked: “Both of Miss Qing, I do not know whether or not you are interested in accepting any disciple.” If Cheng Hang and Lu Jin could learn their skills, as far as the Ministry of Justice was concerned, it was really a big helping hand. He could not always rely on both Madams from the Prime Minister’s manor and General’s manor to provide assistance to handle a case, right!!

Cheng Hang and Lu Jin raised their heads at the same time, they were staring at Dan Yu Lan in a daze, what was the meaning of Daren’s words, could it be that he wanted the two young ladies to be their teachers?! This…… how could it be alright! But on second thought, their skills were really not as good as them, they were still confused, two clear and cold’s voices of women already answered at the same time: “Not interested!”

It was one thing that they were not willing to formally become apprentices to masters, but it was another thing if they also refused to be their masters, both of their complexions were stiff, and awkwardly staring at them (GY & ZQ), they did not know what to say at this time.

Her hands were propping her cheeks, and ignoring the line of sights from the two people, Zhuo Qing lazily smiled and said: “They can understand how much understanding by themselves, I do not accept any disciple.”

“I agree.” Gu Yun bowed her head to look at the files, but her cold voice echoed.

The meaning of this was that they would still teach, but they did not accept any disciple? Lu Jin and Cheng Hang looked one glance at each other, they did not know whether they should be happy or angry. Not needing to call these young ladies masters were indeed a good thing, but they were upset that they (GY & ZQ) would not let them calling masters to them (GY & ZQ)…… The atmosphere in the study room was somewhat cold for a while, luckily, the official from the government office who left a moment ago to investigate, returned hurriedly: “Daren.”

“Come in.”

Standing in front of the long table, the official from the government office reported to his superior: “The boss at Ning Cui pavilion said, his place really has a pair of jade ornaments with this design, moreover, this design is the master of Ning Cui pavilion’s specialty, only a pair. The jade ornaments were purchased by Miss Wu five days ago, she requested them to carve a Chinese bellflower decoration on these pair of jade ornaments. At noon the day before yesterday, Miss Wu took the jade ornaments.”

“So these were taken from the design of the Ning Cui pavilion.” The official from the government office took out the design from his chest.

Dan Yu Lan took it, waving his hand, he said: “Good, you can withdraw, ok.”


Spreading the paper out on the table, the drawing on the top had clear four delicate round designs, both jade ornaments had positive and negative compositions. The front part was carved with the exact same happy character, combining them together to become double happiness (good luck in marriage).The back part was two charming mandarin ducks (synonym with a happily married couple), a really happy feeling.

Looking for a good moment, Cheng Hang sighed and said: “Miss Wu’s room was already searched thoroughly, but I did not find any jade ornament, could it be that she gave both of the jade ornaments away?” Even if she gave one to her lover, she should only give one of them ah!

Caressing his chin, Lu Jin guessed and said: “According to what the Manor’s servant was saying, Miss Wu did not usually step out of the house for a few days, if she had an affair with a man, he should be another person from the manor, that person might be able to enter and exit the Wu’s manor frequently.

“Cheng Hang, look for the painting master to draw a few pieces of the pattern of the several jade ornaments, inquire each and everyone at the Wu’s manor about this, whether or not there is anybody who has seen the jade ornaments. Lu Jin, you are in charge to make secret inquiries from Miss Wu’s maids and the other servants, who has a frequent contact with Miss Wu normally during the day.”

“Yes.” It had been one month, they finally had a little clues, they could absolutely not let the murderer to escape this time around.

In contrast with her black clothing, Gu Yun’s complexion seemed to be paler, Zhuo Qing lowly urged and said: “You are tired for several days, return to rest first, ok.”

Gu Yun lightly nodded her head, she seemed unable to resist her tiredness somewhat.

Both of them got up, Zhuo Qing was smiling towards Dan Yu Lan and she said: “Dan Daren, we are leaving first, if there is any news, I will inconvenient you to inform us.”

Dan Yu Lan answered: “Very well.” Looking at their backs that were gradually getting further apart, Dan Yu Lan had an unrestrained smile on his face, these two sisters, when they were in Hao Yue, what were they doing? Why were they so familiar with murder cases like this, what about Qing Feng? What was she capable of?!

Leaving the Criminal Prison Division’s office, Gu Yun’s complexion was more and more gloomy, Zhuo Qing asked: “What is going on? Still thinking of the details of the case?” Yun was more workaholic than her!!

Slowly shaking her head, Gu Yun lowly answered: “I am thinking, whether or not to return to the General’s manor!” Su Ling already returned, his birthdate characters absolutely did not agree to hers!!

As it turned out, she was worrying about this one, Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “You must ah!”

“Why?” What was the reason that she had to return to the General’s manor.

It was certainly because of Su Ling ah , but she could not say this, Zhuo Qing lightly coughed, seriously answered: “Because of the golden bagua plate!”

Correct lo! She was so tormented by Su Ling this time, she almost forgot about this thing, Qing had Lou Xi Yan, it was not important whether or not she would return back. She must return back, but thinking that she would have to be in contact with Su Ling, Gu Yun could not help to sigh grievingly and say: “I have doubts that I can be in the same place with that cruel and stupid man!!”

“Really?” Zhuo Qing clicked her tongue and smilingly said: “I think that General Su is still a very attractive man, both of you are well matched!” Just standing together, it already sparkled all around!

“OK! I will shut up!” A pair of sharp eyes came to attack, Zhuo Qing excitingly shrugged her shoulder, knowing that she should not provoke a woman who was lacking sleep.

Sending off Gu Yun to the General’s manor, looking at her door afterwards, Zhuo Qing made Mo Bai to drive the chariot back to the manor immediately. She was still very anxious, what was the thing that made Xi Yan to return in a hurry and rush like this??


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