Chapter 95: The Arrival of A Noble Guest


The chariot stopped in front of the Prime Minister’s manor, Zhuo Qing lifted opened the clothing curtain, and saw several really big chests were being moved from the door, the servants were just about to move them inside. Entering the inner manor, she just discovered that it was more bustling inside the manor, people were coming and going, some were moving the chests, some were moving furnitures, some were also carrying blooming flowers hastily, she did not know what they wanted to do either.

“You two, quickly move these, do not dillydally, lightly and gently, do not bump and break them!”

“These flowers, all will need to moved to Cui Xin courtyard, hurry, hurry, hurry!”

Not too far, Xue Xian Xin was shouting and commanding noisily, the whole front courtyard of the Prime Minister’s manor was very noisy.

Seeing that Zhuo Qing came in, Xue Xian Xin raised a smiling expression on her face, and welcomed her: “Ling-er, you have returned.” Xi Yan was determined to take this woman as his wife, she could only recognize it!

Zhuo Qing knitted her eyebrows, and asked: “What is going on?”

Xue Xian Xin happily smiled and said: “The Prime Minister’s manor has a noble guest who has just arrived!”

Noble guest?! A noble guest who could stay at the Prime Minister’s manor should be an Imperial family, right, Zhuo Qing lightly frowned her eyebrows: “Will there be another Princess?”

Xue Xian Xin stared blankly, how could it possible that it was the Princess, the matter about Princess Chao Yun from last time, both Xi Yan and the Empress Dowager were not pleasant, there would not be another one, Qiong Yue also did not have too many princess ah…… Xue Xian Xin hurriedly shook her head, and explained: “No, no, the one who comes to the Prime Minister’s manor this time is……”

“Very beautiful elder sister ah.” Xue Xian Xin’s speaking words had not yet finished, a clear sound of a man’s voice echoed at the side of Zhuo Qing’s ear. Zhuo Qing was startled, and she turned around to look at the pleasing eyes on a face that looked like a glittering and smiling sunshine.

The man who was beside her should be called a boy, right, between 13-14 years old, he was almost as tall as her, he was wearing a magnificent light purple clothing, with a flowing golden hat. Just one look and one could see that he was a wealthy and respectable individual, it made Zhuo Qing to be absent minded for a split second, as he looked like an angel with a pure and adorable face. Using an adorable appearance to describe the boy was somewhat strange, but it was definitely appropriate to use it. His black big eyes, high and straight nose, rosy lips, a smile that was similar to a brushing sunshine, it made people to be relaxed and pleased all over, and reluctant to say any harsh sentence to him.

Xue Xian Xin’s face showed some tenderness and she smilingly said: “Greetings to Seventh Prince.”

The boy stepped forwards for one step, grandly put on a glittering smile on his face, politely said: “Madam Lou does not need to be polite like this, I rashly disturb you at your manor, it is alright if you do not take any offense.”

“How can Seventh Prince talk like that?! You are willing to stay at the Prime Minister’s manor, we are really happy even if there is not enough time (to prepare for his arrival)!” How adorable of a child, when Xi Yan was young, he was also very courteous, but he always had a clear cold appearance. Not adorable at all, Lou Xi Wu, she would not need to say even more about that rough and reckless girl. If she could give birth to one adorable child like Seventh Prince, that should be good, whenever they saw him, it made people to like him!!

Seventh Prince?! Zhuo Qing’s brows were twisted again, he could not be Yan Hong Tian’s son, right, but Yan Hong Tian was not even 30 yet, could he produce a big son like this?!!

The boy seemed to like Zhuo Qing, he was encircling and currying favor with her, smilingly said: “Beautiful elder sister, I am Bai Yi, what is your name ah?”

Beautiful elder sister?? This child’s eyes did not have any problem, right?! Her two scars were so big like this and he could ignore them…… Unable to endure the excessive cordial smile, Zhuo Qing embarrassedly answered: “Qing Ling.”

His name was Bai Yi, then he was not Yan Hong Tian’s son, then whose family child was he, and why would he be here at the moment?!

“Refined and elegant spirit, it is a good name!” (See 1).

He would really make use of his own superiority, this elegant and adorable face really fitted with the bright warm smile as if the glittering sunshine, it would be very rare that people could resist it, right. Zhuo Qing did not know what she should say for a moment, she could only faintly answered: “Thank you.”

“Where is Xi Yan?” He should be back, right.

Xue Xian Xin was commanding the servants, while she answered without thinking it through: “At the study room, ok.”

The front yard was filled with people, Zhuo Qing did not use to it, bypassing the full obstacle, she walked over to the study room.

“Qing Ling……” Both hands on his chest, staring at the beautiful reflection that was hurriedly departed, his dark eyes radiated a different rays of light. The boy’s lips were lightly raised as before, but now, it was no longer like a glittering and warm angel.
Walking in front of the study room, the door was actually closed tightly, Zhuo Qing lightly knocked it for several times, there was no response, she was just about to leave, when a clear and cold voice of Lou Xi Yan came through from the inside the room: “Come in.”

Pushing the door and entering it, Xi Yan was lowering his head and she did not know what he was looking at, his expression was very focused. Zhuo Qing did not disturb him, and sat down on the wooden chair next to the door. Her brain was thinking deeply, about the difference between the incision from today’s corpse and the previous’ several corpses. The incision on Miss Wu’s chest was slightly above, furthermore, the cut was also bigger than half an inch in width compare to the previous wounds. The murderer was or was not the same, if he was not the same, how did the murderer in this case know about the details of the other murder cases?!

“Come over.” Zhuo Qing recovered, Lou Xi Yan was looking at her with a smile on his face, walking to his side, Lou Xi Yan was customarily embracing her waist like before, and fiddling with her hair: “Is there any progress on the case?”

“En, Miss Wu really bought that jade ornaments, Cheng Hang already investigated the cups that were inside the room, and found out that there was medicine in the wine. We are suspicious that the person who has committed the crime is an acquaintance at the present time. Dan Yu Lan has already arranged people to investigate it.”

There was still a lot of voices from outside the door, no wonder that he wanted to close the door, Zhuo Qing lowly asked: “You returned urgently like this, was it because of that little demon called Bai Yi?”

It seemed that she had already seen Bai Yi, helplessly nodding his head, Lou Xi Yan sighed and said: “Do you know what kind of a person he is?”

Zhuo Qing shook her head, she naturally did not know, but Lou Xi Yan carefully returned in a rush like this, and still had this helplessness on his face, she could guess that child’s identify as sure to be prominent.

“Even though the whole world is divided into six countries at the present time, but the great majority is several small countries, and Qiong Yue is taking the lead. But Liao Yue is not the same, Liao Yue resides in the east side, close to the East China Sea, rich and powerful, and the only one that can act as a second dominant country after Qiong Yue. For many years, the relationships between these two countries are relatively shaky and rocky, even though there is no break out war, but Liao Yue is Qiong Yue’s formidable opponent all along. And that little demon whom you has said is Liao Yue’s prince and the most possible who may inherit the future Emperor’s position.”

Then he would be Liao Yue’s apparent heir to the throne, Zhuo Qing suspiciously asked: “Is he not the Seventh Prince? He does not have any elder brother? Strictly speaking, he is the Empress’ son?” Successive seniority, it was not that the eldest son would be the crown prince in ancient time, even if it was not the eldest son, the rotation would not go to the seventh child, right!

Lou Xi Yan shook his head, sighed and said: “He naturally has older brothers, but they all have died young because of unpleasant ailments. His mother is an Imperial concubine (her rank is De Fei), his maternal grandfather is the late Emperor from the Ning An’s kingdom, his maternal uncle is a high official at the Ministry of Justice, his paternal aunt is Liao Yue’s famous general, Fei Yun Qi’s wife. Bai Yi can even be described as being doted by those famous people, Liao Yue kingdom is also preparing for him to be the crown prince.”

As it turned out, there were so many big trees that he could rely on his back, in order for him to become a crown prince, perhaps his mother also exerted her power in strategizing, right. Then, this child really had a lot of influences, but these were not related to her, she continued with her question: “Why does he want to stay at our house?” Even though, the celebration was coming, but it was not worthwhile to stay at the Prime Minister’s manor ah?!

Our house! Because of Zhuo Qing’s sentence that she said without thinking, Lou Xi Yan who was unhappy for the whole day, was inexplicably relieved, he liked this appellation, it was a lot warmer than hearing Prime Minister’s manor.

Softly rotating around Zhuo Qing’s soft hair, Lou Xi Yan indifferently smilies and said: “It is said that he wants to appreciate the view of the capital city better, he does not want to be bored at the guest house.”

“And in reality?” Zhuo Qing turned over to give a supercilious look, this excuse was too rotten, ok!! In any case, he should make it sound a little reasonable explanation, ok!

Lou Xi Yan shrugged his shoulders, smilingly said: “I am unable to find out.”

Only a demon would believe that he did not know it!! Softly pinching his face that always had a smile and indifferent manner, Zhuo Qing coldly groaned and said: “Prime Minister Lou, you are really a tall tree that attracts the wind.” (A famous person who attracts criticism). Most likely it was directed at him!

Grabbing her hand that was ravaging his face, Lou Xi Yan forced a smile and said: “Please Wife, show some generous tolerance.”

Looking at his ‘miserable’ appearance, even though it was a fake, Zhuo Qing generously forgave him properly, sitting down on his legs, lightly leaning on his embrace, and enjoying the summertime’s breeze that was stroking lightly, Zhuo Qing quickly fell asleep. For a very long time, Lou Xi Yan’s soft and low voice echoed at the side of her ear : “I still want to tell you one matter.”

“En.” Zhuo Qing was still closing her eyes, and somewhat absentminded.

“The Imperial concubine Hui was using some witchcraft to conspire to murder the Empress last night, she was already taken into the Imperial prison.” (See 2).

Lou Xi Yan’s voice sounded heavy, Zhuo Qing slowly opened her eyes, what was the relationship between the Imperial concubine Hui and her, unless if it involved Qing Feng. Zhuo Qing’s complexion was heavy, and she asked: “And then?”

Lou Xi Yan was caressing her back to pacify her nervousness, he answered with a soft voice: “Qing Feng is pregnant, the Emperor has already conferred her as– Imperial concubine Qing.”

For the past many years, Qing Feng was the first woman who entered the Imperial palace for half a year, and then became an Imperial concubine. This, perhaps, was done deliberately by the Emperor, at the same time, it could also explain that this woman had ability and ambition.

Was she pregnant? Zhuo Qing had always thought that this matter was somewhat wrong: “Was she implicated by the Imperial concubine Hui’s matter?”

“I do not know either at the present time.” The matter within the harem, how could it not have any implication, but the problem was whether or not the implication was a lot or a little! Qing Feng and Imperial concubine Hui were actually in the same faction, the incident about the witchcraft this time, how much did she participate in it after all, and it was possible that she was simply leading it? Lou Xi Yan’s heart was haggling, but he did not wish to let Zhuo Qing know about this.

The Imperial concubine Hui was sent to prison, Qing Feng was conferred as Imperial concubine immediately, in addition, she was fortunately pregnant at this fortunate timing, it was rather too many coincidences. Zhuo Qing looked towards Lou Xi Yan, urgently said: “I want to see her.”

“I am afraid that you can not see her now.”

“Why?” She was Qing Feng’s elder sister, entering the Imperial palace to visit should not be against any Imperial rule, right. Moreover, there was Mo Bai who was accompanying her, she would not be in any danger.

Lou Xi Yan took her into his embrace, appeasingly said: “The Emperor’s heir is scarce for a long time, she is pregnant now, whoever wants to see her will not be able to see her, wait for a period of time, ok, and wait until the circumstances is somewhat steady, then you can go.”

Actually, it was not because she could not go, but the present Qing Feng and the one from half a year ago, might not be the same person, he did not wish for Qing-er to be too close to her.

Zhuo Qing did not understand Lou Xi Yan’s concern, and could only nodded her head, and said: “Very well.”

She hoped that Qing Feng could be safe and sound inside the Imperial palace.


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