Chapter 97: The One Empty Happiness


Jiang Xin suddenly held back his smiling expression, staring at Gu Yun, bitterly laughed and said: “I have said it, I simply have not seen any jade ornament, if you do not believe my words, you can search as you wish!”

Search as you wish? How could he have this much self confidence, was it because of deceitful trick, or he had already prepared?!

Gu Yun’s complexion was even colder, she said in a low voice: “Search!”

Cheng Hang and Lu Jin looked one glance at each other, did not understand why Gu Yun firmly determined that Jiang Xin was the murderer. Since Jiang Xin already agreed to be searched, they would just search, ok.

Two people, one was in the living room, and the other was separated by the hanging curtain to search inside of the bedroom. Jiang Xin’s facial expression seemed to be calm and collected during this time, Gu Yun’s cold eyes were never moved away from his face all along.

Cheng Hang rummage through and shook the clothing inside the wardrobe, a bluish white object came down from the clothing. Cheng Hang was startled, hurriedly reached out his hand to catch it. That object was not very big, it hit his hand once, and it still fell on the ground in the end, it made a crips jingling sound to actually attract people’s attentions.

Cheng Hang picked it up while embarrassingly smiled and said: “I am very sorry, I manage to drop your stuff.” However, when he looked clearly at the stuff on his hand, his complexion was changed, Jiang Xin who was calm and collected a moment ago, his complexion was already green now.

Jiang Xin’s eyes suddenly opened big, firmly staring at the jade ornament that was on Cheng Hang’s hand, his complexion changed from green to white. His expression was clearly hysterical and in disbelief, lowly called out: “This…… is impossible, I obviously……”

Reclining on the round table, Gu Yun’s mouth raised a trace look of small smiling expression, her tone was actually colder and colder: “You had obviously destroyed it, why was there still a piece, was I right?!”

Staring in a daze at this cold woman, Jiang Xin only felt chilly all over! How could she know, as if everything was within her expectation, this…… was impossible!!

Jiang Xin was nervous and panicky, there was no need to have any insight, everyone could see it very clearly. Lu Jin walked to Cheng Hang’s side to take that bluish white jade ornament, there was a clear and lovely carving of the charming mandarin ducks. The side of the mandarin ducks was a lotus leaf, also engraved with a realistic bellflower, and the design on the paper was exactly the same!

Thinking that Gu Yun was pressing step by step towards Jiang Xin a moment ago, she seemed to determine that the murderer was Jiang Xin from the beginning, why was it? Lu Jin puzzlingly asked: “What is going on after all, how are you certain that the murderer is him?”

Gu Yun did not make things complicated either, bluntly said: “First, after he heard that Wu Xu was pregnant, his face appeared to be alarmed, an average person would be hard to believe it, at the most, and would not be likely to be frightened. So, he was suspicious. Second, his left middle finger and ring finger had thin calluses from holding the writing brush frequently, he was left handed. And from looking at Wu Xu’s incision on her chest, the murderer was extremely possible to be a left handed person.”

Cheng Hang was staring at Gu Yun amazingly, she only looked at Jiang Xin for a few glances on that day, and could unexpectedly see that he was left handed?! Could it be that when things pass through her eyes, she could have a highly retentive memory to analyze them? Too scary! Unfathomable!

“These could not prove that he was the murderer.” A hoarse male voice groaned coldly and noncommittally, as if thinking what Gu Yun’s words were not the important points.

Turning around towards Ao Tian who was standing near the door with relatively cold eyes, Gu Yun raised her eyebrows, was this considered as provocation? Approaching him step by step until the both of them were almost closed together, with a cold voice, Gu Yun smilingly said: “But I could prove that he was suspicious! Moreover, his house had the same stuff, it made me guess one step further that he was the murderer.”

Gu Yun was almost at his chest, but her approach unexpectedly made him feel oppressed, unconsciously he retreated one step. Originally, he was not interested towards her lovable and graceful face, but unexpectedly, he felt that her dainty face was so dazzling…… Zhuo Qing slightly narrowed her eyes, Ao Tina’s face flashed through a trace of stunning, was it because of Yun?

“What is this stuff?” Cheng Hang did not notice the undercurrent that was surging up violently on that side, he only wanted to know the answer anxiously.

Although Ao Tian already retreated one step, but both of their distances were still somewhat close, what was she doing?!

Ao Tian was still guessing Gu Yun’s intention, Gu Yun already half squatted her body, she smiled to Cheng Hang and Lu Jin and said: “Do you all not think that the wooden bolt on this door is very familiar?”

Cheng Hang hurriedly ran over and squatted down to see for a moment, his eyes were bright: “The wooden bolt on this door and the one in Miss Wu’s room are the same.”

“Look at it carefully.” Gu Yun satisfyingly nodded her head, this child could be taught!!

After looking at it carefully, Cheng Hang urgently said: “There is a shallow notch?” Yes, it was very shallow, if one did not look at it carefully, one could not see it.

“In order for him to be able to appear that the crime scene was the same as in the private room, he had to tie up and release the door, so he had been practicing in his own home for countless of times. So that he could absolutely accomplish it, he certainly thought that the door would be knocked open, so he selected a notch to fix the rope in its position, it just happened that the wooden bolt broke apart.” While saying, Gu Yun already took the jade ornament from Lu Jin’s hand, hanging the sling, the jade ornament was flowing down. Gazing at Jiang Xin’s disorganized eyes, Gu Yun with a cold voice, said: “Jiang Xin, what do you still want to say?”

The jade ornament that was at the crime scene appeared in his house, what could he still have to say? Deeply breathing, Jiang Xin finally regained a little bit of his consciousness from his frenetic appearance, puzzlingly said: “After it appeared inside the room, I definitely already broke the jade ornament into pieces, how could there was another piece?” After he smashed the jade ornament into pieces, he burned it along with the bloody garment, he did not really understand, why was there still a good piece that appeared here now!?

“Because that piece that you took away, it was not the original piece that Miss Wu gave to you, it was rather her own piece. She bought a couple love tokens with the mandarin ducks on the jade ornaments, even though she took one piece to give it to her lover, there was still another piece. But we searched everywhere in her room, but we could not find it, this could prove that the jade ornament was taken away by the murderer, why did the murderer want to take away Miss Wu’s stuff that was on her body? Because the murderer thought that piece of jade ornament was his! Therefore, he could easily pick it up and walked away. Also the only person who could make Miss Wu to drink wine with medicine in it unwittingly was that woman’s lover. Did I say anything that was wrong? Jiang Xin!”

Finished listening her words, Jiang Xin mocked and laughed at himself, as it turned out, the jade ornament was a pair, he thought the one that he took away from the crime scene was his own, but unknowingly, the one that he took away was unexpectedly the evidence for the murder that he committed?! Stupid destiny! His hand was covering his face, Jiang Xin crouched on the ground.

He admitted his guilt!! Lu Jin asked in a low voice: “Did you also kill the other three Misses? Why did you want to kill them?”

Crouching on the ground for a very long time without saying anything, he raised his head again for a moment, there was already tears streaming on his young face: “I did not kill them, I actually did not want to kill Xu-er, the two of us really loved each other! Originally, I and her came to an agreement, that we would wait until I had a little bit achievement, then I would request Wu Daren to betroth Xu-er to me. Who would have thought that Wu’s family suddenly required her to be married soon, she insisted that I asked Wu Daren to marry her right away, otherwise she would speak out that we were already in a physical relationship…… If the Wu family knew about this matter, they would never let me off, additionally, at that time, I really did not know that she was pregnant!! Otherwise, I would not……”

“Even if you knew that she was pregnant before, you would still kill her, because the person you loved the most was your own self, she hindered your future, so she must die!” Jiang Xin’s voice was choking with emotion and could not make a sound, but Zhuo Qing remained unmoved. He killed a person with his own hands, what qualification did he still have to weep, or recount their love? He absolutely did not fit with Wu Xu, this fresh, pure, steady bellflower!

“No!” Lowly expelling his breath, his redden eyes looked like a kind of wild animal that was wounded, staring at Zhuo Qing, he yelled out: “We were in love.”

Zhuo Qing ruthlessly sneered and said: “If you really loved her, how could you do this with your own hand? In order to cover up the fact that you murdered her, you even picked the cruelest way to kill her!! This was your so called love?!”

This kind of love was rather dirt cheap!
Criminal Prison Division Office

A delegation of people sat on the side of the long table in the study room, there was no one who was speaking for a very long time, did not have any easy case to solve, everyone’s eyebrows looked up deeply.

Half leaning his body on the long table, Cheng Hang sighed piteously and said: “We had some clues with great difficulty, I thought we finally solved the case, the conclusion was unexpectedly an empty happiness!”

Gu Yun coldly stared one glance at him, smilingly scolded and said: “At the very least, this Wu’s case was solved, it could also be regarded as giving justice to Wu Xu. The matter should always be settled one at a time, a high stuck up would not achieve anything! Did you find the files that I asked you to find?”

Bringing this subject, Cheng Hang’s vitality came back, urgently said: I found them, If I did not really look for them, I might not have noticed the cases, as it turned out, within the past six years, this kind of heart removal cases happened within Qiong Yue. It occurred more than two times, but it was not this kind of serial killer cases, the cases were somewhat solved. The murderers were already executed, and then there was no other case to solve after that. They were already old court cases ah, counting them now, unexpectedly, there were as many as 13 cases!” He had used more than a dozen bailiffs and wasted the entire night to find access to those files!!

Zhuo Qing who was originally lazy, supporting her cheeks, listening to his words, her vitality was also encouraged, and she asked: “All the deceased were women? They were all murdered in their private rooms, and died because of the blood losses from the removal of their hearts? And did their faces have frightened expressions?” Even though there were all these removal heart cases, but it did not necessarily be done by one person ah!

“En, they were all women. Only two of them were murdered in their private rooms, but they all died because of the blood losses from the removal of their hearts, the files did not have any record on what the deceased’s expressions were!”

The files came from many reports from all parts of the regions, the coroner’s records and the autopsy reports were also different, it would be very hard to compare them.

Gu Yun’s forefinger was lightly tapping the table, frowningly asked: “Was there any other common situation?”

“There was.” Even though he said there was, but Cheng Hang’s face did not have any excitement at all: “Three of the women were also learning the zither with Su Mu Feng at that time, maybe it was a coincidental, right.”

Zhuo Qing and Lu Jin showed looks of disappointments, Gu Yun asked: “Who is Su Mu Feng?” She had not heard him from them?

Zhuo Qing embarrassingly explained: “Qiong Yue’s most famous stringed instrument player, he is an indifferent and cold man, he has taught a lot of offsprings from the famous families, the first three deceased were all his students. But I have seen it with my own eyes last time, that he has blood phobia, moreover, it does not look like he is pretending about it.”

She believed Qing’s judgement, but there could not be these many coincidental in this world, whatever matter needed to be investigated!! Gu Yun confidently got up, smilingly said: “Since he has a suspicious point, no matter whether or not he really has blood phobia, we should still investigate him, is it not?”


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