Chapter 99: Gu Yun’s Night Attacked


The moon was not bright tonight.

The inside guest room of the two story small building, the window was half opened, several silhouettes were sitting or standing. There was someone who was not patient, there was someone who was indifferent and speechless, there was someone who was staying tranquilly and calmly, there was someone whose heart was flowing with anger and impatient, nevertheless, their eyes were all staring tightly at the house on the side.

“It is already choushi (1-3 am), there is not any movement either, are you guessing it accurately ah?! Qian Jing was reclining at the window frame, and yawning.

Zhuo Qing was glaring at him, lowly groaned and said: “Shut up!” After waiting for the whole night and it was not effective, she already had enough depression, he was still talking nonsense like this!

Looking at her angry’s appearance, Lou Xi Yan was pulling her hand softly to sit on the bench nearby, he quietly asked: “Are you tired?”

Zhuo Qing shook her head, lightly sighed and said: “I am not tired, on the contrary, you still have to go to the Imperial court tomorrow morning, there is no need to come here to keep watching, it is alright when there is Mo Bai who is accompanying me.” Even though she was not Gu Yun, she would not have any problem enduring for one or two nights. But she did not anticipate that Xi Yan would insist on accompanying her here to keep watch, although he had not been ill for these past days, but his health was always not so good. Her mood was pretty messy, it was actually only because she was worried for him.

Lou Xi Yan answered smilingly: “The Emperor has given an order that I have to provide assistance to Dan Daren, so arresting the murderer is also naturally my responsibility.” Softly embracing her shoulder to let her use his shoulder as her pillow, Lou Xi Yan lowly said: “Close your eyes to take a nap for a little bit, i will wake you up if there is something.”

Leaning on his meager shoulder, it was actually not too comfortable, but his faint warm and clear consideration already made Zhuo Qing’s heart to became warmth.

Ye Mei’s raging flames red dress was still brilliant during the pitch black night time, her cold eyes swept through the two people who were nestling against each other. Not moving her line of sight, the desire in her cold eyes could not help to somewhat disappear. She did not know it that her every movement was only looking at this one expression, then they stopped at the pair of blue eyes that were staying at the corner.

“There is someone!” Qian Jing suddenly called out lowly, all of the people were startled, they immediately went to look outside the window.
They were looking at the house that had been watched by them all night long, one shadow transcended and came out from the inside of the courtyard wall, because of the extremely quick speed, it went to the other side of the street and went away.

Luckily, they were standing at a high elevation, otherwise even if they would guard a few doors, they would not be able to find the person with a black dress.

Qian Jing urgently said: “Chase after or not?!” If they did not chase after, the person would run!

Lou Xi Yan calmly said: “Qian Jing, you go and chase after the person, do not inadvertently alert the enemy, also do not let him break away from your range of sight.” He had not committed a crime, it would be useless if they captured the person now!

“Good.” His speaking voice was just left, Qian Jing’s silhouette tightly followed the person with the black dress.

Afterwards, Lou Xi Yan’s calm and dark eyes were looking at the always tranquil Su’s residence, he said: “Mo Bai, Ye Mei, the two of you continue to stay here, even if there is any movement, one of you will have to stay behind, do not get caught in the ‘lure the enemy away from his territory’ plan.”

Mo Bai with a cold voice answered: “Yes.”

One could not see clearly Ye Mei’s facial expression behind the mask, and could only see that she was very softly nodding her head.

He set it up appropriately, Zhuo Qing did not need to be in trouble, and asked: “We should hurry to go to the General’s manor?” She was anxious for Gu Yun, even though the General’s manor had Su Ling and Ao Tian, but the murderer’s murder technique was peculiar, it always made her think that this matter did not feel too good!

“En!” Knowing that she was anxious, Lou Xi Yan was pulling her hand to escort her in the dark, and to rush hurriedly to the General’s manor.
The General’s Manor

The spacious inside room was arranged very simple with a big bed in the middle, there was a low tea table by the side of the bed, and it did not have any superfluous decoration. Even though the moonlight was not too bright tonight, but there was no layer of light muslin curtain, the circumstances inside the room could barely be seen clearly.

There was a woman who was lying on the bed, her eyes were gently closed, it looked like she was already asleep.

The weather was very hot, both of the wooden windows were opened, the night wind was blowing inside lightly, and coming into the door lightly also, showing a meager shadow.
After the shadow entered the inside quickly, but he did not immediately walk to the front of the woman’s bed, he was rather standing in front of the window for a moment. After a long time, he finally walked to the front of the bed, and stared at the woman who was sleeping peacefully on the bed, and he was standing there again foolishly.

Suddenly, he walked to the side of the low tea table, picked up a cup, and smashed it on the ground, the sound of a broken porcelain cup was very ear piercing during the quiet night.

Gu Yun’s brows were knitted tightly, her eyes that were closed tightly, opened up swiftly, the shadow already wanted to jump out of the window.

“You have just come but already want to leave?!” A clear and cold voice did not sound dazed from just waking up, the shadow sped up his speed. Gu Yun got up and stood on the bed and pounced to the direction of the shadow. She tightly strapped the neck of the black dress’ person from behind, the black dress’ person was in pain, his body was weak. He did not anticipate that this woman was unexpectedly had so much sharp skills, the black dress’ person stood sideways to hit Gu Yun’s abdomen. Gu Yun seized the opportunity to move sideways, and to use her knee to smack the back of the black dress’ person.

The expression of the black dress’ person was dark, his hand caressed his waist, Gu Yun could only see a silvery light that appeared suddenly, she wanted to retreat to evade, but the other hand of the black dress’ person was holding and not letting go of her hand. Not having any opportunity to retreat, Gu Yun secretly clenched her teeth, decided to face forward, and stick close to the black dress’ person, she was a lot shorter, and could maybe dodge the sword.

But she still did not have time to move, and could feel that her waist was tightened suddenly, recovering, she was already encircled on somebody’s bosom. That silvery light was also intercepted by a pair of big hands, the smell of the reeking blood was overflowing, the blood was dropping one by one from the person’s fingers. Gu Yun opened her eyes big to look at the man who was by her side, Ao Tian with a dark clothing and silver hair, his complexion was pale, gloomy and chilly, but he did not appear in pain at all, as if that dripping blood was not his blood. During the dark night time, this emitted a mysterious charm of the man, not only it made Gu Yun somewhat suffered a lapse in concentration, but the black dress’ person was also distracted.

Ao Tian transported power on the hallow of his palm, turned his hand around, the black dress’ person felt the powerful attacking energy immediately. The soft energy was unexpectedly unloaded and came out, the black dress’ person was panic in his mind, and turned around to jump out of the window.

Inside the courtyard was already surrounded by a group of soldiers for a long time ago, the black dress’ person narrowed his eyes slightly, what a good plan to catch a target. It seemed that if they did not lure him into a trap, even if he wanted to enter the General’s manor, it would not be easy, right!

Gu Yun grabbed the silk quilt from the bed, tore it into strips, and wrapped Ao Tian’s hand that was still bleeding incessantly, urgently said: “Are you alright!?”

The red blood quickly contaminated the white silk wrap, Ao Tian withdrew his hand, and answered coldly: “I am alright.”

Finished speaking and without turning his head back, he left the room, Gu Yun felt bewildered, this man’s character was really strange, ok!

Both of them came out of the outside courtyard, nobody paid any attention either, at the corner, a pair of black and serene eyes flashed through a trace of complicated radiance. Clenching his hand on the long sword that was already unsheathed, but his hand was still a step too slow.

Su Ling’s face was expressionless and he withdrew from Gu Yun’s courtyard, just liked he had never appeared there.

Inside the courtyard, there were already countless of torches, they illuminated the small courtyard. The black dress’ person was surrounded by the officers and soldiers, he also understood his own circumstances. No longer resisting, only coldly looking at Gu Yun who was walking toward him

“I underestimated you, small girl.” The black dress’ person started to talk, it was unexpectedly a clear, bright and mellow sound of a woman.

The hand was lightly raised, the black dress’ person confidently tore down the black head covering on her face, a delicate as a flower and refined as a precious jade lotus’ face appeared astonishingly.

“It is you?!”
At the Lobby of the Ministry of Justice

The first daybreak tore down the dark cloud, a new day was already manifested, and turned over a night. The people who were in the lobby did not seem to be tired, for the last two months, the murderer who was using a cruel method to remove the heart to kill, was finally apprehended, since these days, all of the hard works were worth it.

The woman who was kneeling on the ground was tranquil, she was not frightened by the arrest or saying anything, there was a feeling as if she was relieved from a burden. Gu Yun was watching attentively at her beauty and indifferent look for a moment, and then asked: “Why did you want to kill me?”

The woman raised her head, and looked one glance at her, then lowered her head again, with a hateful tone, she said: “Dying was not sufficient for you, a low woman who was trying to seduce Mu Feng!”

Gu Yun’s eyes slightly flashed, her eyes straightforwardly watching at her that did not have any expression on her face, she continued to ask: “Did you also kill the several women in the past?

She did not raise her head this time, only coldly answered: “They deserved to die! Who let all of them to have bad intentions on Mu Feng!”

Dan Yu Lan said with a clear voice: “Gu Yue Xin, are you admitting your guilt now?”

Gu Yue Xin slowly raised her head, looked one glance at Dan Yu Lan who was sitting up high, she did not plan to defend herself and answered: “Since I was captured by you all, I could not really say anything anymore.”

Not right! She had never answered the question about whether or not she killed those people! She did not show any deep loathing towards those women whom she killed. She only had a little loathing, could this make her to use that cruel method to kill those people?!

Walking to the front of Gu Yue Xin and squatting down, Gu Yun stared at her eyes, and said this sentence: “I ask you now, you only need to answer yes or no. Did you do that three heart removal cases in the past? Did you kill those people?”

Gu Yue Xin was not patient: “I already said it a moment ago……”

“Did you or did you not?” Gu Yun interrupted her words, and determined to question closely.

The woman who was in front of her was only about 15-16 years old, but those pair of eyes seemed to like a deep cold water that could not be seen, and made people to lack confidence unconsciously. Secretly clenching her teeth, Gu Yue Xin answered with a firm and loud voice: “Yes!”

Gu Yun slowly got up, and looked towards Zhuo Qing who was watching attentively at her, she lightly shook her head, this woman was lying!!

She determined to admit guilty now, how should they prove that she was lying?

Zhuo Qing coldly and lightly knitted her eyebrows, and asked: “What did you use for the murder weapon?”

“A thin edge of a dagger.” Gu Yue Xin replied quickly this time, and the bailiff delivered the dagger that was searched from her body, and handed it over to Dan Yu Lan.

Zhuo Qing only swept it one glance, she already determined that the length and the thickness of the blade, were identical with the wound.

Dan Yu Lan looked at the murder weapon while he asked: “How did you accomplish murdering them in the private room?” This was something that they could not figure out all along, and the two Qing family’s sisters questioned Gu Yue Xin intensely. It could be shown that they had doubt that she was the murderer, he actually did not believe it either. But the murder weapon was already here, if she was not the murderer, then who was?!

Who would have thought that Gu Yue Xin bursted into loud laughter, then casted a sidelong glance at Dan Yu Lan, sneeringly smiled: “How can this be difficult? Our Gu Yue’s family, besides medical expertise, the most famous skill is hypnosis method. As long as the servant girl who was accompanying was given the hypnosis method, they would be able to help me leave afterwards, then helping me to close the door, but they, themselves would not know anything at all!”

Cheng Hang’s eyes were opened big, untrustingly called out: “Did you use the hypnosis method for those young ladies, so they would look helplessly when their own hearts were cut opened and they could not even budge? This is impossible, ok, is the hypnosis method really this great?!”

That kind of complacent and arrogant that was evolving in one’s heart, it was not a scam, but was it really that great ah?

Zhuo Qing suddenly asked: “You show me how to do it now.”

Her so called hypnosis method, was it or was it not actually just a medical hypnosis?!

Gu Yue Xin did not raise her head, coldly groaned: “I will not do it, this is our family’s Gu Yue supreme feat.”

Was it supreme feat?! Zhuo Qing lightly knitted her eyebrows, sneeringly asked: “When you removed the heart, was the knife went from the left to the right or was the knife went from the right to the left? Did you cut off the blood vessel first and then removed the heart, or did you remove the heart first and then the blood vessel was cut off?”

“I……” Gu Yue Xin was startled, her eyes flashed through a trace of frenetic.

“You did not know it?”

Raising up her head immediately, her face that always maintained a tranquil expression appeared to be unchanged, then she was staring at Zhuo Qing, just liked she wanted to be anxious or certain, Gu Yue Xin urgently said: “Of course, I know!! The knife was from the right to left, then I removed the heart first and then the blood vessel was cut off!”

“Are you sure?”

She was surely making things unnecessarily complicated!! It sure was! Breathing deeply, Gu Yue Xin insisted on saying: “I am sure!”

Once she finished speaking, Lu Jin and Dan Yu Lan’s eyes flashed through a trace radiant immediately, smilingly nodded their heads, Zhuo Qing answered: “It seemed that you did not kill those people. The people who had examined the corpses knew that you were telling a lie!!”

The vein of the deceased was obviously separated before the heart was removed, this was the reason she thought that the murderer’s cutting method was extremely accurate at that time.

Dan Yu Lan’s complexion was slightly changed, Gu Yue Xin hurriedly called out: “I killed those people, but it was a long time ago, I forgot these details, nothing more.”

Forgot? Dan Yu Lan lightly nodded, a solemn, cool and muffled sound echoed: “Very well, since you said this to protect Su Mu Feng who killed those people, then, we would just listen to what Su Gongzi would say, ok!”

Turning around suddenly, there was that white silhouette who was already standing behind her, deeply gazing at her.

“Mu Feng?!” Even though the warm morning light was already entered the law court, and illuminating Gu Yue Xin’s slender body, but the warm sun did not make her feel any trace of warmth, she only felt like she placed her own self in an ice hole.


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