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Chapter 2433: Slaying the Immortal (3)

"What powerful fire-attribute spiritual power fluctuations! Are you a fire spirit?" Han Li asked.

"Fire spirit? I suppose you're not wrong in saying that. Hehe, I didn't think that someone from a lower realm would be able to force Ma Liang to this extent. However, you heard the agreement we just made; I'm obligated to assist him now," Huo Xuzi replied.

"In that case, there's nothing more to be said," Han Li chuckled as he raised his five golden weapons again before sending them crashing down from above.

Huo Xuzi harrumphed coldly as he made a hand seal, and countless fiery clouds erupted out of his body in a frenzy before converging to form that massive crimson wyrm again.

As soon as the wyrm appeared, it reached out with its front claw, and a huge red misty claw that was around an acre in size appeared out of thin air before flying directly toward the five oncoming pillars of golden light.

An earth-shattering boom rang out, and the five golden weapons were stopped cold in their tracks by the giant claw.

A surprised look appeared on all three of Han Li's face upon seeing this. He was naturally more aware than anyone of just how fearsome those attacks had been given his current incredible strength.

Ma Liang's heart eased slightly upon seeing this, and he released several dark blue talismans out of his sleeve before applying them to his own body.

Several bursts of blue mist instantly flowed into his body, and his complexion quickly began to improve as he cast his gaze toward Han Li with killing intent flashing in his eyes.

Right at this moment, the crimson wyrm pounced directly toward Han Li as countless scorching beams of light.

Two of the weapons in Han Li's hands disappeared, and he made a hand seal, upon which a giant golden beetle appeared before him.

The beetle then transformed into a shimmering golden shield in front of him, and the scorching beams of light struck the shield like rain falling upon a banana leaf, but they were unable to do anything aside from inflicting a series of shallow indentations upon the surface of the shield.

As Han Li was focusing on defending himself, a shadow flew out of thin air like lightning, completely disregarding his protective spiritual light as it hurtled toward the middle head of his three heads.

Han Li's other two heads rotated inwardly, and a third demonic eye appeared on the glabella of each head.

A pillar of black light shot out of each demonic eye to strike the shadow with unerring accuracy, and in the instant that the pillars of black light struck the shadow, a house-sized black hole appeared behind Han Li.

The black shadow was instantly wrenched into the black hole, and at the same time, Ma Liang suddenly threw his hands onto his own head as he let loose a loud roar with an agonized expression.

A derisive look appeared in Han Li's eyes as he cast his gaze toward Ma Liang. It was truly a show of Ma Liang's arrogance that he had dared to attack Han Li directly with a fragment of his soul.

That soul fragment hadn't been destroyed by the spatial power unleashed by his demonic eyes, but it had been thrown into a spatial rift, and having left its host, it would dissipate soon enough.

With that in mind, Han Li's central head opened its mouth to release a ball of silver flames.

The silver fireball then transformed into a small silver Fire Raven with countless golden runes all over its shimmering silver feathers.

Han Li pointed a finger at the Fire Raven, and it spread its wings as its body instantly swelled to over 1,000 feet in size at his behest.

The giant Fire Raven then let loose a clear cry before swooping down from the heavens.

The crimson wyrm immediately opened its mouth without any hesitation to release an extremely thick pillar of crimson light that struck the Fire Raven in a flash.

However, the golden runes on the Fire Raven's feathers flashed, and the crimson pillar of light was drawn into its body, upon which it expanded even further.

"Those are flames of essence! This is an Essence Fire Raven!" Huo Xuzi immediately exclaimed upon seeing this, and even a hint of fear had crept into his voice as his prior composure completely disappeared.

The silver Fire Raven didn't allow him any respite as it flapped its wings and reached the crimson wyrm before unleashing a wave of scorching silver flames.

The crimson wyrm let loose a thunderous roar as it transformed into a gigantic ball of crimson flesh with countless feelers thrashing around on its surface, conjuring up a crimson light barrier to protect itself from all directions.

The silver flames came into contact with the light barrier, and an impasse immediately ensued as silver and red light intertwined.

Han Li nodded to himself upon seeing this, as if he had anticipated this turn of events.

This Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven was naturally able to devour all types of spirit flames, and following its last evolution, it had become extremely potent in suppressing fire-attribute spirit beasts, so it was perfect for handling this Huo Xuzi.

Meanwhile, Ma Liang finally removed his hands from his head, and the pain on face slowly faded as he cast his gaze toward the silver Fire Raven with a remarkably calm expression. "I didn't think that you'd possess flames of essence and Law Destruction Eyes of such a high caliber; it looks like I have no choice but to make a gamble."

"Hmph, go ahead and bring out any other trump cards you have," Han Li harrumphed coldly as he lashed out with his golden weapons once again.

Ma Liang's body blurred as he vanished on the spot, and when he reappeared, there was a shimmering golden pill in his hand that was giving off a sandalwood aroma with white Qi swirling all around it.

"I never thought the day would come when I would have to take a True Soul Pill. I'm not going to allow you to die right away; I'm going to put you through all of the most horrendous types of torture," Ma Liang spat through gritted teeth before taking the pill.

In the next instant, he let loose an almighty roar, and wisps of white mist surged out of his body to completely inundate him within a huge sea of mist, while the aroma of sandalwood surged through the air.

Han Li immediately appeared near the sea of mist amid a burst of spatial fluctuations, then unleashed five pillars of light toward it.

A dull thump rang out, and the five pillars of golden light tremored within the mist as if they had struck something, only to be immediately repelled.

A hint of surprise appeared on Han Li's face, and he blew out a breath of air, releasing a burst of fierce wind to disperse the sea of mist.

As a result, it was revealed that Ma Liang had been joined by a dark-skinned young man who was completely identical to him in both appearance and attire.

One of the young man's arms was twisted into an abnormal state, and he was in the process of withdrawing the arm.

It seemed that he had just used that arm to stop the five oncoming weapons.

"How useless do you have to be to have been forced to summon me just to deal with a being from a lower realm? Seeing as you've made some decent offerings to me during the past years, I'll help you again and take care of this brat for you," the dark-skinned young man said as his arms returned to normal amid a string of cracks and pops.

"Make sure to leave his Nascent Soul for me. If I don't get back at him for this, my mental state will be affected, and it'll be very difficult for me to make further progress in my cultivation," Ma Liang said with a vicious look in his eyes.

"Haha, that's not an issue," the dark-skinned young man replied with a smile.

At the same time, blue light flashed within Han Li's eyes, and he exclaimed, "You're a Heavenly Devilish Monarch!"

"You guessed right, but unfortunately, there's no prize!" the dark-skinned young man chuckled coldly as he shot forth toward Han Li, reaching him in a flash like a speeding arrow.

Han Li let loose a thunderous roar as he lashed out in retaliation with his golden weapons.

A string of eerie cackling rang out, and inky-black devilish flames surfaced all over the young man's entire body.

In the next instant, it passed through the five weapons as if they didn't even exist, then flew directly through Han Li's body.

The five golden weapons were instantly shattered, and a huge black hole was blown into Han Li's abdomen.

Inky-black devilish flames erupted out of the hole, and his entire body was immediately set alight.

Ma Liang chortled with glee upon seeing this, but right at this moment, a cold harrumph rang out within his ears, instantly striking him with a burst of excruciating pain, as if a sharp spike had been driven into his head.

He immediately let loose an agonized, and he doubled over involuntarily.

Almost at the exact same moment, a projection with three heads and six arms appeared above him, and a ball of golden light was conjured up in each of its five hands before hurtling through the air.

The five balls of light then converged to form a massive golden vortex that released a burst of fearsome energy fluctuations to encompass the entire space down below.

As a result, Ma Liang was instantly immobilized.

Right at this moment, the final arm of the projection a wooden sword through the air, and the world's origin Qi tremored as a thin green line surged through the air, slicing through Ma Liang's protective spiritual Qi before decapitating him in one fell swoop, following which his headless body slumped down onto the ground with a dull thump.