Abe the Wizard - Chapter 539

Chapter 539: 539

A smirk emerged on Abel’s face . He knew this immortal raven was that clever one . It did not disappoint once again . It managed to come through at the exact moment .

The immortal raven kept pecking, and soon the blinding effect had been ignited . A spell pattern emerged from Andariel’s skull, and it fell towards the ground .

By this point, Abel had also stopped dropping back . He directly unleashed a charge towards her head and followed up with another shield strike on it . Then, the stabbing began again .

This time, he carefully kept his eyes on the crack between her eyes, but it seemed like Andariel had already used up all her energy just then . Her skull did not resist at all .

Her body was held down by the 4 spirit guardian knights . Although it kept shooting out green poisonous balls, those spirit guardian knights kept replenishing themselves with Abel’s Full Recovery Potion as they flashed in purple light .

However, this balance was suddenly broken . A wave of green glow blasted out from the 4 scorpion tails of Andariel simultaneously . The poison concentrations immediately shot up a few times .

The druid soul could not react fast enough; all the spirit guardian knights were killed other than the spirit guardian knight captain .

Another flash of purple light flashed upon the spirit guardian knight captain, and it was back to normal again . It could sense that the end was near, so he still clung on to Andariel’s body, no matter what .

Andariel had lost her scorpion tail from this . This meant she had lost the ability to make a poison attack . On top of the fact that she was badly injured, her strength had grown weak . By this point, the spirit guardian knight captain could assert full dominance over her .

Abel could not even remember how many times he had stabbed Andariel . His strong arm had grown stiff . Suddenly, a blinding light emerged from Andariel’s skull and pushed him out .

At the same time, her body began to glow as well and pushed the spirit guardian knight captain away .

Just when Abel thought something bad was about to happen again, Andariel’s body turned into a shadow of light . Within the shadow, Abel could see countless lives struggling and screaming in agony . There were knights, Rogues, children, elders, and all kinds of nonhuman beings . They were all terrified .

Slowly, the shadow of light began to expand, and those countless lives blasted out in sparkles, dancing around the 4th floor of the underground tomb . Soon, the screaming began to settle, and it seemed like they were free from now on .

The sparkles also soon stopped flying around . They all gathered in front of Abel, and did a universal bow within the 3 worlds .

The whole world had grown quiet, and these countless life sparkles began to thank Abel in their own unique ways of freeing them . Slowly the sparkles faded, and he heard someone singing emerged .

Although he couldn’t make out the words, a sense of gratitude arose within him . He suddenly realized this was the song of life, and countless souls sang it for him .

Abel knew these souls were pure human souls, not the soul of hell creatures, since his Horadric cube did not budge .

For respect for their lives, Abel bowed back at the souls . With this bow, the last bit of sparkle vanished .

It was finally over . Abel sighed as he stared at Andariel’s rotten dead body .

The weird thing was that he couldn’t find Andariel’s soul . It was almost like Abel had just been fighting with a dead body all this time .

Abel then looked towards the only survivor of this battle, the spirit guardian knight captain, and the scattered bones on the ground . This was the most intense battle he had ever fought .

He had lost a lot more than he could ever imagine, even with a full inventory of Full Recovery Potion .

Abel couldn’t understand how Andariel became so powerful . He had never seen god, but Andariel seemed like one .

She could change the force of the world by just saying a few words . That was not normal at all . Even the demons from hell couldn’t do this .

If Andariel had this power when heaven and hell were still in control of the Dark World, there was no way Andariel would willingly be trapped in this underground tomb of the temple .

Abel just couldn’t understand, but the battle had ended nevertheless . He would just try to get what he could . Afterward, he stepped up towards Andariel .

Soon, Abel’s face had turned atrocious . He had sacrificed so much . And this Andariel literally had no gear . Even though other bosses might not have gears as well, they at least had a soul that could turn into a Power Potion .

Abel just couldn’t accept this reality . He felt like he had been scammed . He lost 7 spirit guardian knights, countless Full Recovery Potions, and all he got was a dead body .

Abel was speechless, the longer he looked at Andariel, the angrier he got . Afterward, he pointed at the dead body and drew out a pattern . Death qi gathered, and bang . Andariel’s body was blast into pieces, and an abnormal skeleton stood up .

It was abnormal because, unlike other skeletons, it had 4 scorpion tails on its back .

It was the first time Abel had summoned an abnormal skeleton . But Abel hadn’t got many chances to summon skeletons anyway, so he didn’t even know he could summon abnormal skeletons .

Abel then summoned a spirit wolf, and this abnormal skeleton automatically walked towards it . Soon, the two began to merge . The half transparent substance of the spirit wolf formed a layer of skin and muscle on the skeleton .

A spirit guardian knight with 6 arms was born just like that . The 4 scorpion tails look just like arms being wrapped in that half transparent substance . The most interesting thing was that the substance had formed a hand on the end of each scorpion tail .

“I’ll call you naga!” Abel thought about that sea creature with 6 arms .

Fiery excitement began to erupt in Abel’s heart . Since his skeleton resurrection could summon abnormal skeletons, and there were still 6 skeletons he could summon, he would try it out with all the dead hell creatures on the ground .

He summoned 6 skeletons, but by this point, he was sure Naga was special, maybe because of his karma .

He had just freed so many souls, and they sang him a song of life . Although he didn’t know the point of that song, it should at least increase his luck by a little .

The skeletons were turned in to spirit guardian knights one by one . The magic gears left over by his previous spirit guardian knights were still in good condition, so he told these new ones to put them on .

Soon, Abel’s scary team of 8 spirit guardian knights had reformed again . That was the power of the skeleton resurrection . Maybe no Deity in the Holy Continent was using these traditional summoning techniques anymore .

They would rather maximize power and turn the body of a powerful warrior into a powerful skeleton .

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