Abe the Wizard - Chapter 598

Chapter 598 Birds Die For Food
As Head Commander Craig yelled, his body merged with his war horse and sped in front of head commander Bodley in an instant. Flame engulfed his sword. With his fire combat qi, head commander Craig had unleashed his most dangerous blow right from the start.
Head commander Craig had thought this through very well. He knew as long as he could hold down the strongest out of the bunch, head commander Bodley, Bodley would not be able to save the others.

Head commander Bodley sighed and blocked with his metal shield; the only sacrifice he had made was making his war horse take a few steps back.

In the past, his weakness was defense, but this was no longer the case ever since he had swapped his shield out with the one Abel had given him.

Every fire combat qi head commander had their weakness in defense; it was the nature of fire combat qi. Fire combat qi was specialized in attacks, so they would mostly rely on their shields for defense.

Against fire attacks, normal magic shields would often take a fair bit of damage. And it’s element could get damaged after many powerful strikes. Therefore, a head commander’s shield would often take a lot of damage during an elite level fight.

However, this was not the case for head commander Bodley. Both his magic sword and magic shield were made with condensed iron. It was very hard for a head commander to even leave a mark on this material.

But at the end of the day, both of these two men were head commanders of the same rank, and Head Commander Bodley had gotten some injuries on his body.

Still, he was very happy that such a small amount of sacrifice could stop the charge of a head commander of the same rank.

Head commander Craig was well known for his strength among head commanders, and a charge was the most powerful attack of a head commander. If head commander Bodley could block it so easily, it meant that head commander Craig basically had no chance against him.

“Craig, you are going to die here today!” Head Commander Bodley yelled. He had completely counteracted the charge of head commander Craig and now was ready to strike back.

He was full of confidence. His powerful weapons had dragged out the distance between these 2 similar skill level head commanders.

A ray of horror flashed in the gaze of Head Commander Craig. He couldn’t understand how Head Commander Bodley could counteract his most powerful strike. He didn’t feel so well about this; he just hoped the other 2 Head Commanders could end their battle quicker and give him a hand.

Head Commander Bodley’s knight sword began to strike back at full force. The big sword of these 2 head commanders kept making contact as their fire combat struck upon the bodies of each other.

However, the way these two head commanders felt was completely different from each other. Head Commander Craig had taken a little bit more damage with each strike of fire combat qi from his opponent. Although this damage was not dramatic, it built up throughout time. Still, he was not worried. He believed Head Commander Bodley was going through the same thing.

But with every strike, Head Commander Bodley felt a stream of warm energy rushing towards his body. He was actually absorbing the fire combat qi of his opponent to heal his own combat qi, and even his small injuries began to heal.

He was getting stronger and stronger as his knight sword absorbed more and more life force from head commander Craig.

This was the power of Abel’s knight sword. Although it couldn’t absorb a lot of life force, it could make a world of difference if a head Commander was fighting someone of the same rank.

Meanwhile, the others also began to fight. Young master Anthony unleashed a powerful force by ruthlessly throwing out spells, simultaneously holding down both k3305 and k3308.

The arrows of Joey and Basil were basically hopeless against the defense of the 5 commanders. It seemed like victory was just at Anthony’s reach, so a sense of relaxation began to emerge from his face. His 2 head commanders had also unleashed their ‘charge’ towards the masked Wizard on the mount wolf king.

A cold flash emerged in Abel’s gaze. He couldn’t understand why those people had unleashed an attack on a mount wolf king. He couldn’t understand why they were willing to risk their lives for wealth.

But in a deserted place such as the lawless Mount Budapest, the word adventure meant to sacrifice certain things in exchange for something greater. Abel had 2 Kong Kong Spirit Portal bags and a mount wolf king. That was worth risking lives for.

As Abel began to concentrate, the 2 charging head commanders began to slow down under his gaze. With his current rank, killing a head commander with spells was not easy, so he decided to use physical attacks nevertheless.

The 2 head commanders did not use a combat qi armor. You couldn’t blame them; every knight had their combat qi limit, and engulfing your entire body with combat qi could be very draining.

In a seemingly easy battle like this where 2 Head Commanders were facing a beginner wizard, it would be laughable if they had put on their combat qi armor.

Abel brushed against his waist, and light swords appeared in both his hands.

At that moment, the 2 Head Commanders were already right at his face, their weapon struck down with combat qi with a sound breaking speed.

During their charge, the legs of their war horses had already accelerated to the point where it was unseeable by the naked eye. At the same time, the force of their attack would double, and not to even mention their combat qi attribute. For a beginner Wizard, who could not flash away, it was basically impossible for them to counteract this strike.

But the world was not as black and white–just like this case. As the flaming swords of those head commanders struck down, Abel did a little twist and completely avoided both the strikes.

Those 2 head commanders felt their heart drop. They were fully confident in themselves; how could they miss? Horror began to arise from within. By that point, they could only keep attacking.

Abel’s body was like a little boat against massive waves. No matter how big the wave got, he could float on top of it unaffected.

Viciousness flashed one of the head commanders as he struck his sword towards the mount wolf king under Abel. He was not expecting this at all.

Attacking a mount was extremely rare in the battle of this world. Even wolf riders would not initiate an attack on a human’s Mount. This was like a mutually agreed upon rule.

Normally, mounts would only get injured by the excessive force of a spell or a weapon. That was why there were 50 or more mount wolves leftover in Abel’s past battle.

Since Abel had just gotten this mount wolf king, he could not control it perfectly. Although he had moved his Mount Wolf King away in time, a long blood vessel opened on its body.

“Nice, these are the knights of the Brown family!” Abel mumbled coldly.

Abel then sent the light sword on his left to a head commander’s sword holding palm and the light sword on his right to the other head commander’s palm. Those 2 head Commanders watched as their palms made contact with the light sword; at the same time they weirdly felt like they were the one who was plunging their palm towards the light sword.

“Dong Dong!” The two head Commanders dropped their swords. In a shock, both of them instinctively held the shield on their other hand upward.

However just as they started to move their shield, the light swords on Abel’s hand struck out again and directly penetrated the armpit of their shield holding hand. By that point, those 2 head commanders had started to lose their sense of touch.

The skin piercing cut slashed off the archeries and combat qi vain of those 2 head commanders’ arms.

Just like their long swords, their shield dropped to the ground in a crisp sound as well.

At that moment, they suddenly remembered their combat qi armor. As they yelled, fire attributed combat qi rushed out, and a faint combat qi armor engulfed their bodies.

It was at that moment; a light sword plunged into their open mouth. Immediately, their fire combat qi began to turn in to fire sparkles and scattered away along with the wind.

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