Abyss Domination - Chapter 445

Chapter 445: 445

Chapter 445: Chapter 91 the Battle of Killing Gods

In the face of the Slaughterer, with its huge size and weighing more than 8000 pounds, the defense formation of the Paladins was seemingly nonexistent . No one could resist this kind of monster, and the power to suppress the body size was too obvious as well . This kind of monster had a stronger crushing ability than the Balor . It had a huge body size and was very fast . That kind of abnormal matrix-like high-speed movement combined with terrifying lethality made the Paladins suffer a heavy loss in the blink of an eye .

But this was only the beginning!

During the exchange, the Demigod Vampire fought and retreated at the same time for a while; then he immediately broke into the formation of the Paladins .

Soran could not determine the profession of the Demigod Vampire even until now . He could only confirm that he had the racial bonus of the Vampires, extremely high moving speed, the powerful fighting prowess, and all kinds of terrifying magic abilities . When a vampire was an advanced professional, they would have a racial punishment . Therefore, his own professional level would not be too high, but if he added his vampire’s racial talent, as well as the abilities and the Divine Title, gained after ascending into godhood, then his threat level was higher than that of the Hellpoemer .


A terrifying strong light broke out in the dark underground space . No matter the Paladins, the Demigod Vampire, the Hellpoemer, or Soran, they were all affected by this spell .

But obviously, the enemies were more seriously affected!

Clank .

Accompanied by the rampant power of Sunburst, a Paladin who had been restraining himself since the start rushed out . He pulled out his sword at his waist in an instant and directly dived towards the Slaughterer in front of him .

——”Smite Evil!”

A holy radiance emerged .

The sword seemed to be covered with an indescribable force . In a flash, half of the Slaughterer’s body was slashed open into a shocking wound; even the internal organs could be seen clearly .

Holy Avenger!

The penetrating power of this artifact was enough to ignore the resistance of the Deformed Demons .

The Paladin was holding onto the Holy Avenger – Carsomyr was so powerful! Every time he attacked, he would leave a terrifying wound on the Slaughterer . At the same time, the power of the artifact would automatically add-on the ability of holy damage after hitting the enemy, and would also produce a legendary level Dispel Magic effect .

The world was still very much in favor of the Paladins .

Two of the most powerful artifacts in the material plane were exclusively used by paladins .

One was the [Holy Avenger], the other was the [Pale Justice] .

The fifth-grade artifact was enough to crush the higher level demons, and the Slaughterer was injured more and more heavily, while the Paladin holding the Holy Avenger under cover of his companions was not injured at all . The battle situation was being reversed bit by bit . If the summoned Slaughterer was killed, the Paladins, who already had a clear advantage of numbers and still held onto the artifact, would definitely win . Moreover, the Paladins were naturally able to restrain the evil energies, and the ability restraints in the battles had made up for some of the gaps in strength .

But, In the face of such a situation, both the Demigod Vampire and the Hellpoemer were not panicking either .

Even they were approaching a little bit, especially the Demigod Vampire who was fighting with the Warden was taking advantage of the high-speed movements and bringing the Warden closer to the front of the Paladin’s formation . The distance changed little by little . The Vampires were even closer to the Dawnbringers, and the Paladin holding the Holy Avenger was even closer .

This distance .

Soran could not help but be led to think of something bad happening!


Soran suddenly seemed to have felt something . His entire body rushed out of the shadows, and his figure flew out . It seemed that he was ready to rush into the battlefield at this time .


It was too late .

——”Divine Domain: Time Stop!”

Soran did not know if these Paladins in front of him ever had the experience of fighting with the Avatars incarnated by gods, but from the current situation, they should not have much experience . The way they fought was obviously the way they fought against ordinary legends . Even Vivian could cast the legendary spell “Time Stop . ” As one of the most powerful Son of Fear, it was impossible Vampire-Rhinehart could not master one or two legendary spells after the ascension .

Time Stop .

Time had been stopped! What was there left to fight!

The rest of the people present were all shrouded in silence, both the Warden and the Dawnbringers; they all stopped in their original spots . Even the Hellpoemer nearby remained motionless and was at his original spot .

He was not a Demigod!

No matter how strong a legendary was, they would not be immune to the effect of Time Stop .


The Demigod Vampire performed a burst of strange laughter, and his figure flew out with residual light . The first target was not the Paladin holding the Holy Avenger, but the Spellcaster standing behind the defense formation .

A powerful magic glow exploded!

However, these active defense fields all broke like an eggshell . The Demigod Vampire easily broke through all these defense spells . In a blink of an eye, he dug out a beating heart from Dawnbringer’s chest .

It was impossible for the Paladins that were all affected to survive until the end of the spell . The attacks by the Avatars could easily break their defense . Even if the Demigod Vampire was a weak and small god, he was still a God after all .

The second target was the Paladin .

A pure physique, or a strong immunity, even a legendary physique, or Epic Toughen, in front of the Demigod Vampire in his Avatar form, these were just those who could hold out a second or two longer .

Within the spell effect of Time Stop, he could finish the battle easily!

A cold light flashed .

The Vampire even easily injured the Paladin holding the Holy Avenger again and was ready to take the other party’s life in the next attack .

“Since you incessantly annoying people want to die! Then I’ll naturally fulfill your wishes! ”

The voice of the Demigod Vampire just fell, suddenly a cold light stabbed out from behind him, Soran’s expressionless figure appeared, and the Curved Sword Icingdeath relentlessly stabbed at the critical parts of the heart of the other party . A Vampire’s racial talent was so perverse that they could only be killed by attacking certain positions .

“How could it be?!”

The Demigod Vampire’s face was full of shock, an expression of disbelief . With the cold light, Soran directly broke his energy defense field and stabbed the enemy’s heart with his sword . But at this moment, it seemed that the Demigod Vampire triggered other defensive abilities . The second energy defense field directly separated Soran’s attack .

It didn’t break!

In the Avatar form, there were a large number of trigger defense spells .

Soran, who had expected this a long time ago, and did not hesitate to stab again .


In the face of Soran’s relentless attacks, the figure of the Demigod Vampire suddenly turned into a blood-red gas, and then it was suddenly out of his attack range .

——”Gasification Form!”

The gas recovered into a human’s appearance with astonishing speed, the Demigod Vampire’s face was startled and went: “Who was that?!”

So far, he has not seen how Soran looked like .

——”Evade Sight!”

Soran retreated into the shadow instantaneously when the enemy became gaseous, and the “Cloak of Proof Against Detection” that could rival artifacts made the Demigod Vampire unable to see his existence with his eyes .

“Immune to my Time Stop!… . . Who is it?… . . Are there any other gods around?… ”

The Demigod Vampire’s expression became a little suspicious, and very carefully widened the distance . He could not see any traces of the enemy, which went close to him quietly, but he could not detect . Every single point told the Demigod Vampire that the enemy was not simple . With just one blow, he could break his energy protection field . The enemy had the ability to seriously injure or even kill him .

Soran disappeared on the spot .

But at this moment, he did not continue to attack the Demigod Vampire but turned and rushed to the Paladin, who held the Holy Avenger .


A divine light emerged .

Soran’s palm, which took hold of the Holy Avenger had a burning pain, which seemed to seep into his soul, making his entire body tremble .

But it was all just a blink of an eye .

Next moment!

Soran let out a low roar, holding the Holy Avenger with both of his hands and turning into a stream of light and slashed towards the Demigod Vampire in front of him .

——”Omnipotent Hands!”




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