Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Money-Laundering Snipe Operation (Part one)

It didn’t matter if he technically won this round or not, Qianye Zhenyi felt no different than if he had lost . Because he had just played the shameless card in the previous round, if he were to throw a tantrum again this round, then he would not only lose the game but also his integrity .

So, he could only glare at Xu Cheng furiously as he opened his mouth with difficulty, “There are indeed many coiling dragons and crouching tigers in Huaxia . I accept my defeat, and I’m a man of my words . ”

Then, he just left the casino and never looked back .

Master Qin’s entire face sunk, and he could be completely sure that Xu Cheng would not give up today! But, he definitely couldn’t allow Xu Cheng to stay here! He must leave because with his skills, he would very likely mess up the entire money-laundering operation .

Just as he was battling in his mind on how to possibly get this guy to leave, Xu Cheng took out his wallet,immediately terrifying Master Qin as he thought Xu Cheng was going to start gambling money now . “What do you think you are doing?”

Xu Cheng paused for a moment, and he looked back at him and replied, “I’m just grabbing a cigarette, why are you so nervous?”

Then, he put his wallet back after taking out a cigarette and lit it up .

“Officer Xu, you have to remember your identity . If you get reported for gambling, then it would be a big problem . ”

Xu Cheng laughed . “Gambling a little is entertaining though, I can’t even gamble with a hundred yuan?”

“No!” Master Qin immediately rejected . “You already saw what’s going on at the event here today . There’s no problems here at all, so you should leave now . ”

Xu Cheng shook his head and sighed . “Fine, since you don’t welcome me, then I will just go . ”

Then, he put down his wine glass and walked out of the casino .

Behind Master Qin, a bodyguard came up to him and coldly whispered to him, “Master Qin, should I get someone to kill him?”

Master Qin immediately scolded him, “Kill him? Before you, a professional hitman group took the job, and now the whole team is having tea at the police station . I don’t even know if they sold us out or not yet . Don’t forget, he also killed Gate Master Yan of North Gate, can you fight him? And, now he’s not just a patrol officer anymore, but a team captain of the criminal investigation department . If he dies, the police would only suspect us . Just let this thing go, as long as he doesn’t set foot in our casino again today . Go, take the documents I gave you and get your eyes on those gambling pros that came here today that could potentially screw up our operation . The moment someone’s winning amount exceeds ten million, immediately arrange one of our pros to go over and deal with them . ”

“Okay . ”

After Xu Cheng left, he immediately said to Shen Yao, “Begin the operation . They will lower their guard after I leave . ”

Shen Yao listened but didn’t reply, because it may look suspicious to others if she looked like she was talking to herself .

Xu Cheng directly went back to the office building across the street, which was now their temporary command center . Right after he came in, those officers all looked at him admiringly . “Captain Xu, how did you catch all the cards?”

“Captain Xu, can you make a fifth ace card appear like magic?”

Xu Cheng flicked the guy asking about the fifth ace card on the head . “Magic your a-s . How’s the surveillance? Everything normal?”

“All good, the whole casino is being monitored by us too now . ”

Xu Cheng: “Very well, get me info on who’s gambling in the VIP area . ”

The technician already had the data collected and replied, “All here . There’s a middle-eastern gambler here for the poker tournament . He’s a bit suspicious because he’s not a professional yet he’s here for the tournament and he’s playing at the high stake tables . There’s also a big boss of a long-distance freight company in the country . We suspect both guys might be here for money-laundering, and the local police station have the freight company guy on record linked to a potential smuggling case . ”

Chapter 113: Money-Laundering Snipe Operation (Part two)

Xu Cheng: “Cut to their table’s surveillance, let’s see the amounts they are playing with . ”

The technician immediately switched to that table’s camera, and when Xu Cheng saw that they were all playing in the millions, he immediately said to Shen Yao, “Go play at the 32nd table in the VIP area . ”

After hearing that, she found the 32nd table and sat down .

The moment she sat down, the staff said to her, “Hello Miss, this is a restricted gambling area . ”

Shen Yao pretended to be a bit unsatisfied . “Since you guys are open for business, why are you turning away customers? You think only you guys have the money, and I don’t? What’s the big deal as long as I have enough money to play with you? Look at the two empty seats, why can’t I join? What’s so fun with playing with just 3 players on the table . ”

The eyes of the guest from the middle east lit up upon seeing Shen Yao’s face and body, and he immediately got h—y . He said to the staff with a smile, “Since this beautiful lady wants to play, then let her join us . ”

Then, he turned to Shen Yao, smiled, and said, “Beautiful lady, the stakes we are playing are a bit high, are you sure you want to join?”

Shen Yao revealed her charming smile . “Of course . ”

The guy then shrugged his shoulders . “Then let the lady join us . ”

On this table, there were a total of 3 players, with Shen Yao being the fourth one . The main character of this table was this client from the middle east . According to his deal with the underground money house, during the tournament over the next three days, the casino will let him win about 950 million US dollars, and this would be done by the dealer giving him as many good hands as possible under the table .

Xu Cheng sat by a window and directly used his penetrating vision to see what was going on at the table . When he saw the dealer consecutively giving the middle-eastern guest good cards, he said to Shen Yao, “The dealer’s cheating and giving that middle-eastern client good cards . Don’t follow in the next few rounds, just fold and listen for my next order . ”

Shen Yao heard Xu Cheng’s voice from the earpiece and directly folded .

The middle-eastern guest saw this beauty directly folding for a few rounds straight and thought she didn’t know how to play at all . He immediately felt his chance had come . “Beautiful lady, do you want me to teach you how to play? Maybe you can leave your phone number with me, and we can get something to drink tonight?”

Shen Yao stroked the hair near her ear elegantly and replied with a beautiful smile, “I really don’t know how to play, but I’m slowly learning . ”

Before the next round of cards was dealt, Xu Cheng already saw that it would actually be Shen Yao that would have the best hand . Originally, the dealer planned for only 3 players at the table, and Shen Yao’s sudden appearance did mess up their plans a little . Next to Shen Yao, that gentleman from the middle east had the second best hand, and the other two players also had okay hands . There could be an intense fight this round .

Xu Cheng immediately said to Shen Yao, “You can bet however much you want this round, just try to get the most from their pocket . ”

An alluring smile immediately appeared on Shen Yao’s face . The four of them each looked at the two cards they had faced down, and when the dealer dealt the third card for everyone, the other three players also didn’t hurry to fold .

The middle-eastern guest trusted the dealer at this casino too much, and he confidently threw in 5 million right away . The dealer would try his best to give him good cards, but he obviously couldn’t guarantee that the middle-eastern guest would have the best hand every time . After all, there were other players, and he wouldn’t try to ruin the casino’s reputation . At most, the dealer would try to remember the cards as he washed them, and then give the guest a look if he would be dealt the best hand that round . However, there would also be times the dealer remembered wrong .

The middle-eastern gentleman threw in the chips and then looked at Shen Yao with a big smile . “I’m always very generous, especially towards beautiful girls . ”

Shen Yao: “Oh really? But I don’t think 6 million is generous . ”

As she said this, she threw in a big pile of chips . “I bet 10 million . ”

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